Video: Colony - My Backyard Is Special - Istvan Caillet

Dec 7, 2012 at 9:15
by Jean-Baptiste BAZZARINI  

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One day edit with Istvan Caillet from COLONY, in his own backyard!
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 I think the "rich boy" comments are a little presumptuous. Who knows? maybe he drives a '98 hatchback and used the rest of the money for the ramps. If you've got the skills to build them yourself (and the help of some friends), then the actual cost of pallets and ply isn't that much really (provided you've got somewhere to put it). I wonder how many people on PB ride 2k rigs and drive 3k+ cars?
Just depends what your priorities are I guess?
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 Who cares if his parents worked hard and made a lot of money? It is their money to spend, and if they want to spend it on their sons passion that is fine.

Just because you are poor or lazy doesn't give you the right to make fun of those that worked hard and have something to show for it.
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 Seriously. I live in an area where no one has this kind of space to build and the average home costs well over $1M dollars. Most of of the people here are considered to be wealthy and no one has ramps like this. Go to bum-f*ck Ohio in the middle of nowhere and you can get property like this with loads of space (without ramps) for closer to $500K dollars, and your neighbors won't give two shits if you built ramps in your yard. It's all about perspective, where you're from and what your situation is like. This guy is lucky to have these ramps, but he probably built them himself and obviously uses them to their full potential. Sick video, the riding is great, just because you can't have a Dave Mirra super compound does it really mean you're having any less fun on your bike?
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 I drive a £300 1996 Ford Fiesta Si. I use it to get to different places to ride. A couple of times, I've had £12,000 worth of bikes in, on the back and on the top of it.

My car is just a tool to me.. I think it's clear where my priorities lie
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 I wasn't aware that being a BMXer was in any way related to being rich. If I were to assume anything it'd be the other way around. Sounds to me like there are some dumbasses in here. What I see in this video is a hard worker workin' hard, wearin' a helmet!!!! Nice job Istvan!
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 I have a $3k bike and I dont even own a car...
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 I;m struggling to pay my internet.
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 Damn straight!!! Go ride your bike, this kid rips!! Use it!! Hell, there was 4 generations of freeriders and dh'ers where I live that built wherever they could before we got a place to build and now I'm building whatever I can imagine!! I ain't rich and i'm struggling to pay my internet, but we have access to 700 acres of land to build whatever we want!! Its all in who ya know and your work ethic....
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 all the people saying "daddy paid", "rich" etc, do you even see something else than the ramps? the gate and "mansion" doesn't scream whealty imo.. passion and contacts in construction/recycling may very well build you that for cheap.
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 people seem to overlook these amazing people called sponsors too. A lot of times, they see the benefit of putting in some money for proper training grounds/equipment for their riders since they know it can end up helping them both in the long run.
People on here are too quick to make assumptions and judgements about every little thing possible.
Just watch the video and get stoked to ride. thats what they're for.
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 Just to be clear, Istvan is working everyday from 4am to 12am to be able to buy the wood he needs for his park. Him and his brother built everything by themselves. There is no "rich parents" or whatever I've read in this feed...
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 A little bit more of his backyard:
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 Perfect video for a friday afternoon!
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 Great riding man! And as far as all the comments about .....ooooo the ramps and money this and parents that!.......maybe one day when y'all grow up and have kids of yer own and yer able to build something like this for your kid cuz when you were young you wished you could'ah had I'd build that for my boys any day! Props to that kids parents if that's even where it's at.
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 I think that video was nicely made. I liked how he fell on those first tricks and, as the song changed to an upbeat, positive tune, he then landed the previously failed tricks. Great job

Also, if THAT'S your backyard....can I come over :p
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 Nice to see someone throwing down a decade, old trick but it still looks so dam cool!
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 nice mellow vid with some epic riding....perfect for another wet Friday in the uk
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 wow that was incredible!
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 I'm a hardcore mountain biker, and rode BMX in the 80's, but shit man these BMX guys really push the limits of what can be done on a bike. I can remember eddie fiola back in the the day pullin 8 foot can-cans out of the big pipe in Upland California, and that was sick.
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 Hah! Eddie Fiola. Man, you're taking me back!
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 nice foot jam nose man. you dont see many of those
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 Amazing setup, well done to the brothers!
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 i just saw that he did flair with a tailwhip... so would the name of the trick becomes flair-whip? Big Grin
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 the last frontflip... crazy!
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 do you want to be my friend?
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 Sick riding!! What a sweet backyard.. Props!!! Good vibes on the edit..
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 Get Colony bikes at Faction Skate & bmx in Kamloops. There I said it.
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 Great vibe and amazing riding...keep it up!!
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 Oh my, what big dog you have... Ah, it's a horse. They usually aren't seen in bike videos. Nice riding!
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 Where does he live?
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 Im jelous x
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 dudes smooth.
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 song anybody?
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 on top of the world by imagine dragons
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 Thats an awesome set up.
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 Wow! So cool!
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 pretty sweet, there have been better bmx edits out this week though.
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