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nicolasyanncouturier seb-stott's article
Oct 25, 2022 at 5:50
Oct 25, 2022
First Ride: Canyon & Liteville Debut 'KIS' Self-Centering Steering Technoloy - Tech Week 2023
The "no more flop" and "capsizing" issue kind of makes me think about that
nicolasyanncouturier sarahmoore's article
Jul 18, 2021 at 2:34
Jul 18, 2021
Check Out: Iridescent XC Shoes, Wireless Earbuds, POC Knee Pads, & More
+1 on that. 7idp Sam Hill are great L2 knee pads that work perfectly for long pedalling rides. Only minus being they're quite tight around the knee (tried both M and L without seing any significant difference on that point). Top strap stays perfectly in place and the pads too. Not overly warm either. Wish there were more body armors with L2 on elbows and back too (only found the POC VPD 2.0 vest and 100% Tarka)
nicolasyanncouturier sarahmoore's article
Jul 18, 2021 at 2:25
Jul 18, 2021
Check Out: Iridescent XC Shoes, Wireless Earbuds, POC Knee Pads, & More
Been trying these ones (POC Osseus) on a 1000vm+ pedalling ride and they stayed in place on the knee throughout. However, I found the top strap to settle slightly more down the thigh than wished, just above the knee and the grippers be uncomfortable enough at the back of the knee that I re-sold these. The top strap should be 5cm higher up the thigh like on the 7idp Sam Hill. Also, sizing will work for prople with not too much size difference between the thighs and calves. I use medium on about almost everything. And these in medium were tight around the thigh but at the limit of being too loose around rhe calf which made it impossible for me to go to large to solve the issue of the top strap being uncomfortable. Finally, you can't remove the insert when washing these: hand wash in cold water only which is rather impractical. Otherwise good finish and materials. But the 7idp Sam Hill take the win here.
nicolasyanncouturier nkrohan's article
Jul 7, 2021 at 0:49
Jul 7, 2021
Ridden & Rated: 5 of the Best Convertible MTB Helmets for 2021
For long and warm (think 25˚C+, 30km+, 1500vm+) enduro race days where you are not allowed to remove the helmet on the transitions without risking disqualification, convertible helmets are a good solution. I have a Fox Proframe for casual riding (meaning I unbuckle it and slide it up on my head on the gravel roads up) and I find nothing beats it in fit/comfort/ventilation/ease-of-use (thanks Fidlock). Now, for the aforementioned races I've tried 2 of the convertibles in this test (56cm head circumference, shaved head): - Sweet Arbitrator in size S/M: ---- - uncomfortable at back of the head right behind the ears where my head would contact the plastic (again, no hair to cushion and for some reason the outer plastic shell wraps around from the outside into the inside of the helmet at that spot where other helmets would only have EPS on the inside facing the riders skull), ---- - the double retention buckles are a real faff to stash away when switching at the top and bottom of every stage (think 6 stages means 12 times faffing around with that, it's only a few seconds but becomes annoying quite fast, plus one ends up stashing the half shell buckle correctly half the time...) ---- - the locking mechanism at the back is not super smooth and may require some force/faffing ---- - feels heavier and less ventilated than a Proframe ---- - chinbar does not flex and feels stout (dunno if it's a plus though) ---- - chinbar once removed is a "full circle" which it convenient for "locking" it around your backpack but something to keep in mind space-wise ---- - padding is comfortable, especially on the plastic head adjuster (there's some padding on the plastic bit that one tightens at the back of the head) ---- - there is no possibility to put the chinbar back on the helmet without removing it from the head Re-sold it after 2 rides. - Leatt MTB 4.0 Enduro V21 in size M: ---- - lacks padding at the back of the head: the plastic head adjuster has sharp edges directly in contact with the skull (shaved head, again...) and feels like it could lacerate the skin in the event of a crash; feels much better once you cover these up with a silicone lining or some extra padding ---- - sizing runs big, I could probably have gone for a S; this feels especially true when in half-lid mode where there's a big gap at the back between the EPS shell and the head, though it does not wiggle if the head adjuster is properly tightened ---- - chinbar can be put back on the helmet without removing it ---- - padding inside the chinbar feels cheap compared to the Proframe ---- - chinbar is quite flexy which worries me, a bit like on the Bell (seen a guy faceplant a Bell super, break the chinguard and cut his face open reaaally bad, requiring a lot of stitching and lifelong scarring) ---- - fidlock buckle system is definitely the most convenient ---- - well ventilated ---- - does not feel heavy on the head / feels well balanced ---- - nice with the grid on the chinguard to avoid eating dirt and insects (which happens on the Proframe) I'll keep this one for now. I can only wish Fox came with a convertible Proframe. That would be a killer of a helmet.
nicolasyanncouturier mattbeer's article
Jun 19, 2021 at 3:59
Jun 19, 2021
First Look: Formula's Prototype Dual Crown Enduro Fork & New Lightweight Brakes
Now not all enduro bikes can accept a dual crown without voidind the warranty and risking damage to the sides of the head tube in case the stachions come slamming in it (crash and so on). My bike sure can't: manufactuer said so in an email... Have 2 36s that's both been creaking (29" 170mm). I was considering a boxxer 180 (same AC). But can't... So I let some Loctite 290 seep in at the stanchion-csu and csu-steerer interfaces and it seems to have gotten rid of the creaking on one of them. Forks seems to feel more "stout" too (though probably a placebo effect of the now silenced csu).
nicolasyanncouturier mikekazimer's article
Apr 26, 2021 at 0:52
Apr 26, 2021
Tubolito's New MTB PSENS Tubes Have a Built-In Pressure Sensor
@won-sean-animal-chin: I was running Maxxis EXO / EXO+ DHR and DHF on a SB150, Stans race and Vittoria AirLiner (both front and back but superfluous up front so I later removed the insert up front and went with a DH casing instead of EXO). Both on RaceFace ARC carbon 31 and later on Zipp 3Zero Moto. It's comfortable to run low(er) pressures tubeless with insert but it actually began to feel too soft when pushing hard in corners. So I started cautiously with tubolito up front and Assegai DH. Worked perfectly. So I went with the back too in a DHR EXO+. Both the "plus" size tubolitos (the non-plus size really is too small for 2.4-2.5" tyres and above). As a result, the plus size tubos don't stretch as much and might then endure more abuse. Granted, the Zipp rims can take more of a beating than lighter weight carbon rims (in which case sticking with tubeless + insert might be preferable) (PS: no I'm not a dentist, just buy stuff only on discount and prioritize biking above all else.. very cheap car, very cheap apt, and so on...)
nicolasyanncouturier mikekazimer's article
Apr 25, 2021 at 23:02
Apr 25, 2021
Tubolito's New MTB PSENS Tubes Have a Built-In Pressure Sensor
If you went through the expense of buying these for the chip, you'd probably be wise riding them as-is first and give them a try. Been on tubeless since the very first Eclipse tubeless kits and I have now had my first season on tubolitos. Not a single puncture with DH tyres (better feel and damping of the DH carcass - though ymmv - and weight-wise about the same as enduro tyres + insert + sealant).
nicolasyanncouturier mikekazimer's article
Apr 25, 2021 at 22:46
Apr 25, 2021
Tubolito's New MTB PSENS Tubes Have a Built-In Pressure Sensor
Surely, when tubeless, the sealant plastic bottle is worth at least 2-3 tubolitos in mass. And I'd use at least one bottle a season between tyre swaps, punctures and sealant refreh. Been riding tubolitos front and back for a season and have yet to puncture, so it seems (and is advertised) more durable than your regular tubes and thus might not get thrown away as fast. Though, I'm sure it can be punctured and then the chip might make it hard(er) to recycle...
nicolasyanncouturier nkrohan's article
Apr 22, 2020 at 3:51
Apr 22, 2020
10 MTB Goggles Ridden & Rated
Availability of clear perforated/vented double lense should be one of the criteria of ranking or pros/cons. Too many brands do not offer it. It is the most basic and effective lens to avoid any kind of fogging. 100% and some Oakleys provide that
nicolasyanncouturier anthill's article
Mar 27, 2020 at 11:15
Mar 27, 2020
Video: Return to Earth Kids' Bike Park Segment + Full Film Now Streaming on Amazon Prime
Seems like Amazon Prime in Norway does not have the movie :'(
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