White Style 2016 - Results

Jan 30, 2016 at 3:18
by Norbert Szász  
White Style 2016

1. Szymon Godziek
2. Matt Jones
3. Pavel Alekhin

Best Trick: Pavel Alekhin - Flip barspin to barspin to tailwhip.

Stay tuned for a full report coming soon.

White Style 2016

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 Holy cow! Flip double bar to tail whip ON SNOW?! wtf dude?!!
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 I know right. What. The. Hell.
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 Video game shit
  • 4 0
 video please . . TY
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 Godziek did 720 cork can can in best trick
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 what?its stronger than flip barbar whip..
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 Wow somebody out-canned Semenuk
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 Why no live coverage/replay??????
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 Things are seriously going wrong at White Style. I heard Loek Quadvlieg qualified tenth place, and then later that day the judges decided they misjudged and changed his place to 11th, causing him to miss the finals. Really fucked up. Also the rider line up and coverage are simply not what it used to be.
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 isnt it only a sliver event? if it was on the diamond series it would get what you are all after
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 Was there every live coverage?

Also the lineup was still pretty strong. Szymon posted a helmet from his run and It's hard to imagine anyone beating it.
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 I'think there has nerver been a live coverage…sadly
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 @Mattin that's not that bad dude, stuff happens like that, just the way it is.

And the line up was world class, maybe you were expecting joy ride competitor list?
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 Not so long ago line ups included more big names then it had now. I remember also Pilgrim, Reynolds and Soderstrom competing for example. Vishneviy is one of my fav riders though and Godziek also belongs in that top-of-the-top category.
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 There are way more comps right now. That's why you see less of them. Not to mention I think I see Reynolds less overall.
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 True about more comps. Untrue about Reynolds, he is more on fire than ever. Storing high in the FMB rankings, best trick at Rampage, building for Pure Darkness 3 at the moment. It is rather Pilgrim who stopped riding contests and is more into making videos, aswell as Soderstrom who doesn't seem to be fully back yet since his crash.
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 look on Szymon Godziek's instagram Smile
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 nice one Szymon!
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 "White Style"????
Sounds Swiss
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 Leogang, Austria
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 Szymeeek !!! Pięknie, idealny początek sezonu ! Oby tak dalej.
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 yes Vishnevy ! Did it again !!!
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 Why is second place to the right of first place?
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 i think its the height that matters...
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 @DC1988, Podiums always have first place in the middle as the highest point and then lower in height outwards as it goes to 2nd, 3rd etc.
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 My point is that usually second place is on the left (as you look at it), it just looks wrong any different.
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 You sure about that? I've seen plenty of podiums this way too
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