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White Style 2017 - Recap

Jan 29, 2017 at 13:47
by Norbert Szász
Welcome to Leogang! Stunning view and blue bird.

Once again, the slopestyle course at Schanteilift in Leogang, Austria, was on fire! Especially fiery was the Italian winner Torquato Testa, who threw down the biggest tricks and earned the White Style crown for 2017. Frenchman Simon Pagès took the second place and Nico Scholze from Germany landed in 3rd. The winner of the GoPro Best Trick was Diego Caverzasi from Italy, who properly sent it with a backflip opposite triple barspin.
Annual sled race.

“Torquato Testa aka Toto threw down the biggest tricks at White Style. With a opposite cork 720, flip tuck over the boner log, double flip and a regular cork 720, he absolutely deserved the win of his first White Style title! After Diego Caverzasi winning last year's 26TRIX, and now landing the best trick, the Italian Slopestyle Mafia is scoring again big wins in the FMB World Tour”, commented the sports director Tarek Rasouli.
Simon Pages 360 bar from the boner log

Simon Pagès, having shown a strong run in front of an overwhelmed crowd of spectators, placed second at this year’s edition of White Style. The 20-year-old Frenchman sent a Flip Whip, a 360 Whip at the boner log, an opposite double whip at the step-up and a flip opposite whip at the last jump. Nico Scholze from Germany, who did a 360-whip, tail whip at the logride, a double flip at the step up and his signature Tsunami flip at the final jump, was the third rider to cover the podium.
Freddy Pulman represented UK with solid tricks.
Anton Thebonger
He had a mechanical issue so he didn't ride in the contest.
Keep your eyes out for Mr Tourquato Testa they year
Adolf Silva and the new prototype YT slope bike.
Huge 360's and double backflips from the spanish gun.
Szymon Godziek easily tweaked double whip from the boner.

“This year’s course was similar to last year’s, but even trickier. The level of the contest was insane. Torquato came from Italy, spinning in every direction with his cork 7´s and double flips. He spin it to win it, and absolutely deserved the first place,” commented Szymon Godziek, winner of White Style 2015 & 2016.

Markus Hampl, head judge and course builder:”The trick level this year was unreal, we saw at least five guys double-flipping when compared to last year there were maybe two riders. Torquato Testa was insane, his run had everything. So many new kids are coming to the competitions, and they are really raising the bar.”
Bienvendio Alba and his signature nacnac
Nuno Baroso was insane. 360 tuck no hander
Tourquato Testa was riding really smooth during all day.
Snow? Soil? No matter for Diego Caverzasi. Big front flip bar spin for the judges.
Anton Thelander
White Style o'clock
Bienvenido Alba front flipping tuck
Szymon Godziek and his new 360's downside whip
Adolf Silva was flipping from sun to sun.
Nuno Baroso
Petr Andreev grabbed third place at the Best Trick
Nico Scholze and the tsunami backflip
Diego Caverzasi - Flip bar to late whip
Nicolas Terrier
Szymon Godziek
The man of the day! Tourquato Testa opposite ark 720 on the last double.
Big enough? Szymon Godziek was on fire during the best trick session
Best Trick podium:
1. Diego Caverzasi
2. Szymon Godziek
3. Petr Andreev
White Style 2017 podium:
1. Torquato Testa
2. Simon Pages
3. Nico Scholze

Another highlight of the event held at Schanteilift was the Scott Snow Downhill Race: while the slopestyle stars were warming up for the finals, about 60 ambitious Downhill riders participated in the race, keeping the spectators at it. The top racer was Andreas Kolb, followed by Boris Tetzlaff and Marcel Ziegler. Paula Zibasa and Viktoria-Luisa Fischler were the two female Downhillers who amazed their fans.

White Style is the most established slopestyle contest on snow. The one-day event held at Leogang since 2006 is a registered Silver level event of the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour (FMB WT). The event hosts are already looking forward to the summer when they will be presenting the prestigious Out of Bounds Festival on June 8-11th: this legendary festival caters to every gravity fan’s taste – from the FMB Gold contest 26TRIX to the UCI Mountain Bike Downhill World Cup to a multi-faceted side program.

White Style 2017 results:
1. Torquato Testa
2. Simon Pages
3. Nico Scholze

4. Szymon Godziek
5. Diego Caverzasi
6. Freddy Pulman
7. Nicolas Terrier
8. Remy Cara
9. Nuno Barroso
10. Petr Andreev
11. Michael Meisel
12. Paul Couderc
See you Leogang!

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