Video: Norco Bicycles Announces New Range VLT E-Enduro Bike

Sep 11, 2019 at 15:54
by Norco Bicycles  

PRESS RELEASE: Norco Bicycles

Our new Norco Range VLT is a monster of an e-bike – there’s no denying it.

If taking-on tough, burly trails, navigating slippery rock faces, and generally going big is your thing, then this is the electric mountain bike you’ve been waiting for.

We’ve given the Range VLT the ultimate combination of our progressive handling and advanced long-travel suspension in a carbon e-MTB platform engineered to tackle the same trails as our non-electric Range – but the e-assist adds an extra helping of mayhem in the wild.

The fully-integrated, efficient Shimano STEPS drive system and custom 630Wh or 500Wh in-tube battery – plus optional 360Wh Range extender battery that adds up to 72% additional capacity – lets you cover more terrain quicker and have as much fun powering the Range VLT up climbs as you will sending-it off jumps and screaming down descents.

The Shimano STEPS E8000 drive system, custom 630Wh in-tube battery and optional 360Wh range extender battery (sold separately). When the range extender battery is not in place, there is enough space for a full-size water bottle.

The new Range VLT is also a great example of the new Norco design language – the carbon frame features straighter, faster lines, contrary to the curved tubes Norco has used over the past decade. The engineering and design features don’t stop with aesthetic details, however.

Bridgeless carbon seatstays provide additional tire clearance and allow deeper seatpost insertion into its straighter, steeper seat tube, and the burly aluminum chainstays add torsional rigidity.

In order to make space for a full capacity water bottle on every available frame size, and room for the optional range extender battery without compromising standover clearance, Norco’s engineers devised a special shock mount adaptor and offset rocker link that mounts the coil-sprung piggyback shock off center and rotated 90 degrees in the frame.

The Range VLT will be available November 2019 as three complete bike options in M, L and XL with 27.5” wheels.

Find out more about the 2020 Norco Range VLT at:


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 Looks awesome to me....? Traditional shuttle and spend 2/3's of the day in a truck burning old dinosaurs or.... maybe pedal via e-bike all day. Huh... Something I never thought I'd be contemplating.
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 I agree. I don't have any real need for a bike like this at the moment, but if I lived in a place where I was shuttling a big bike all the time, it would seem like a good option to me. And bikes like this have a lot of potential for enabling liftless bike parks, though I think I'd prefer a smaller, removeable battery. Overall, I'm really only interested in ebikes for situations when I wouldn't be pedaling up anyway, and it's the superenduro-DH class of bikes that really fit that profile.
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 ...or a third option, get an enduro rig. I've been riding mine at bike parks, and techy steep DH trails. I either ride a chair lift up, or pedal myself to the top.
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 My wife has a Pivot Shuttle ebike (based on the Mach 5.5), she uses it to keep pace with me.

I have ridden her bike a couple times to shuttle a long climb to access a downhill and it works surprisingly well, BUT, you can feel the additional weight and bulk on the ride down, it makes a lightweight trail bike like the Mach 5.5 feel more like a DH bike but without the travel; ebikes also rattle a fair bit.

Not gonna comment on access issues, it is what it is, no reason to get your panties in a wad.
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flag jclnv (Sep 12, 2019 at 13:40) (Below Threshold)
 @mikeyrides: Absolute insanity! Don’t you realise companies need weak fatties to market this shit too?
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 @nurseben: I have a Levo. It does not rattle at all. But the extra weight is felt when slowing down.

My regular bike always feels like it is 20lbs after riding the Levo.
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flag highfivenwhiteguy (Sep 12, 2019 at 15:56) (Below Threshold)
 Where do you think the electricity comes from that charges the ebike? You idiots will tell yourselves anything to justify making pedaling easier...
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 @highfivenwhiteguy: They just love the child labour cobalt mines.
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 @jclnv: shit dude, with that high-horse attitude I hope you've never owned a carbon bike before.
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 Disagree @jclnv:, I have number of friends who are in great shape and top 5% Strava rider on downhill and up.

A number of them are now riding ebikes as bike #2 depending on trail and other factors. I’d say anyone who doesn’t like ebikes shouldn’t ride them their not for you. Stop complaining it’s getting old.
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 is your city on 100% solar and wind? if it isnt, then youre burning old dinosaurs to charge your moped.
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 @owlie: your probably burning a mt of coal charging your dildo, so we're even
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 @prodicker: I tell you what will get old, having a load of goons on eBikes saying “can I get past please” on every climb.
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 @highfivenwhiteguy: The solar panels on my house or the hydroelectric damn that powers my local grid. Any other awesome questions?
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 @jclnv: How’s your phone, tablet, laptop doing?
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 @Chuckolicious: Same as everyone else’s. However, I don’t need massive batteries to go mountain biking.
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 @won-sean-animal-chin: its #moron, you canadien. And its for your sister anyway.
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 @Chuckolicious: Ha ha hydroelectric... those are going away fast and aren't really that great of an option. Nice work on the solar though.

Here's an awesome question, why are you so confident for someone who is so ignorant? Anyone who hasn't had their head in the sand for the last 30 years knows hydro is on it's way out and for good reason. And your "whataboutism" claim of "I have solar so your entire argument is wrong" is just classic. My apologies, your one specific situation completely derails my argument that the majority of electricity worldwide is generated from fossil fuels.
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 @owlie: Ha ha did you mean #ironic?
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 @owlie: The energy used to charge a battery is a tiny fraction of what is used when driving a truck for shuttling. Shouldn't that just be common sense?
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 @slayerdegnar: doesnt mean youre not burning "dinosaurs". Just less. Same argument with all electric cars.
six and one half dozen.
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 @highfivenwhiteguy: Woah, you went waaaay off the rails with that one. Let's review, shall we? You asked a question: "Where do you think the electricity comes from that charges the ebike? You idiots will tell yourselves anything to justify making pedaling easier..."

I answered simply and civilly. And you now respond in a terribly triggered, antagonistic, off-topic, internal narrative fashion. Why is that? Are you ok?
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 @jclnv: @jclnv: Well, you don't really need any of those things either, so those children mining cobalt are not giving you a free pass. See how that works?
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 @Chuckolicious: My point was that claiming that ebikes are a green alternative to shuttling based on them not using fossil fuels was a false claim, and anyone who knows anything about power generation globally knows this is the case. You respond with a single scenario and a shitty comment ("any more awesome questions" is not a civil comment). My follow-up point is that using your personal experience as an argument against power generation sources being mostly fossil fuel based is poor debating. You having solar panels is great but does not change the fact that most electricity worldwide comes from fossil fuels. You associating hydro power with solar as a green alternative is also incorrect, hydro is in no way considered "green" and hasn't been for quite a while.

Your next comment addresses none of the points myself or others made. I admit that I could have left out some of the spicy bits in my comments but with you using arguments on the level of Trump supporters explaining how they don't believe in science you were an easy target.
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 @highfivenwhiteguy: My god man, you've got such a hostile internal narrative going I don't stand a chance. Good luck, I gotta leave you behind, you're issues are way above my pay grade.
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 @highfivenwhiteguy: Unless you live in a 3rd world country, the power is already been generated for everyday use. There’s no special power requirement just for charging an ebike.
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 "The fact that so many of the sport's major brands betrayed our assurance that mountain bikers would be human powered partners of like-minded back-country users, is not going to be easy to explain away when we return to the negotiating table asking for trail access." - Richard Cunningham, "History and Deception," Pinkbike 9/30/16
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 eBikes are legal anywhere unassisted bikes are allowed.
US Secretary of the Interior
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 @dkidd E bikes have surprisingly gained access to a whole new load of trails, but I wouldn't be surprised if some trail access for normal bikes is lost because of the complications e bikes can present to trail systems. Especially if some areas start seeing an increase in liability lawsuits from e bike related accidents, local trail managers will either cut out e bikes or bikes altogether. You can now buy a gravel e bike that looks just like a normal bike, so it might be too hard to regulate and they just eliminate all bikes in some areas rather than attempt to regulate it.
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 @dkidd: Just In national parks, I believe
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 @Laymo: A buddy of mine just got an ass chewing from trail builder who intially confused his Pinion gear box bike as an E-bike. Trail rage is real...
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flag ride-pg (Sep 12, 2019 at 11:07) (Below Threshold)
 The new KTM SX-E Freeride blows most of these bikes away, it has alot more travel than most DH bikes, comes with plus sized tires, and the best thing of all you don't have to pedal you just twist the rider assist grip and away you go....I'm not a big fan of the color orange on my bikes but hey we all have to make sacrifices...its the way of the future.
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 @ride-pg: I prefer their gBikes. Same concept only longer range and more power for the $.
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flag DhDWills (Sep 12, 2019 at 11:11) (Below Threshold)
 @dkidd: Trump appointee in action! Deregulation is their game!
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 Unsanctioned (illegal trails) are at risk due to Ebikes making easier for ebikers to access. A lot of land managers turn a blind eye to unsanctioned trails because use is limited and those folks pedaling up to earn their turns are generally self sufficient and tuned into the "politics" of unsanctioned trails. Ebikes are putting these zones in jeopardy. Oregon, Washington and B.C. are all facing this reality. If you know, you know, if not, then this wont make sense.
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 @JDFF: Not totally sure but I think some of the trails in the promo vid are unsanctioned, and there's a clip of buddy climbing up a loamer. Awesome. Hope they got permission from the builders to use their work to promote ebikes taking unskilled/lazy (see comment below from "theredbike") deeper into backcountry/sensitive areas.
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 @H3RESQ: he will have one soon.
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 @gramboh: yeah, builders need to start a revolt!
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 @DDoc: yeah, right. Better chance of me getting Eblades. (Electronic roller skates)
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 Oops, that was meant for @h3resq.
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 @gramboh: You're seriously hoping they got permission from the builder of the trail who didn't get permission from the land owner to even build the trail?
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 @slovenian6474: Im going out on a limb and guessing that you dont get invited to ride unsanctioned trails?
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 I'd love to see some compelling evidence that e-bikes actually cause A. Trail damage more sever than a normal shredder causes. B. That E-bikes lower interest in the sport for the masses Bottom line is we are small group of enthusiasts. E- bikes allow people a better entry into a sport they may be intimidated by, hell Orlando Bloom rides an e-mtb. People see him on one maybe they get out and see what our sport is all about, give it a dabble, make a positive life change. We need the voices and we need the populous to support our sport so we can continue improve our stewardship of the environment and have the political leverage we need to be able to ensure a responsible and fruitful future for the sport and land managers alike.
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 @brappjuice: stewardship over the environment, by promoting toxic batteries over pedal that's a bit of a head scratcher for me but hey we all see the world in a different light.
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 @ride-pg: not to mention the absence of those irritating pedal strikes...
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 @dkidd: I know several national parks that do NOT allow ebikes.
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 @ride-pg: you are comparing an electric motocross/supercross bike to a pedal assist mountain bike. The bike above and all other e-bikes from mountain bike companies are exactly that...e-bikes. Bicycles with an electric assist, but still bicycles. You cant compare the two!
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 @gramboh: the rider is the builder :-P
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 @furnivalmedia: it will be interesting to see how these lines will blur in the not to distant future, as mtb bike companies put larger more powerful motors on the bikes to assist our pedaling....until hey, why do we have pedals on the bike anyway....just so we can call it a bicycle? the way I am not bashing e-bikes, it just seeems like this is the direction we are headed like it or not.
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 You all realize there is an unsubscribe filter option? Maybe it was missed as you aggressively scrolled down to the comments section to vent your rage?
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 @ride-pg: I don't think the lines would become blurred at all. One requires a license and a lot more work to certify and meet (additional) government regulations and the other is a bicycle. You also don't have the motor speed limitations on the E-MotoX bikes as you would with an E-bike... that alone I think is not worth the hassle for most companies selling ebikes at the moment.
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flag JDFF (Sep 12, 2019 at 13:18) (Below Threshold)
 @tripd: have to keep subscribing to E-bike content to keep tabs on the clowns.
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 @brappjuice: Are these low threshold people the kind of people we really need to add to our ranks?
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 @JDFF: I may or may not ride unsanctioned trails. Are you not seeing the hypocrisy of expecting someone to ask permission to someone who didn't ask permission themselves?
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 @slovenian6474: please refer to the last sentence of my original comment.
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 @ride-pg: I have the same worries about gravel bikes getting more and more offroad capable until one day, they're just mountain bikes. That will sure suck.
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 @JDFF: Well you've been wrong on your previous assumption. You're assumption that ebikes are putting zones in jeopardy anymore than normal bikes is also wrong. While riding said trails in WA, the only ebikers I've seen on unsanctioned trails were people that normally ride those trails anyway.
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 @slovenian6474: yep, Im wrong.
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 @slovenian6474: My ebike identifies as a regular mountain bike.
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 @furnivalmedia: how is bicycle that is not a bicycle a bicycle? If it is a bicycle, why don't you call it bicycle?
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 @gramboh: Dont place guilt on me for riding a ebike. I didnt ride anywhere I was not permitted access i just climbed to trails i normally don't and rode more than i usually do. I was also no more destructive on the ebike than i normally am. Unskilled is also a massive assumption. Do you complain about trucks that shuttle into sensitive areas? Do you personally know these trails or builders well enough to say the trail was damaged during filming? You might be surprised to find out the rider in the video helped build that trail. Do you build trails? You are making some massive leaps with this statement to support what is clearly a petty personal grudge. The only thing that could have made my ebike experience better would be if your tears could lube my ebike chain.
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 @bagoran: Thats exactly what I did call it "Bicycles with an electric assist, but still bicycles"
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 @ride-pg: YEs, my friend. I am with you.
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 @ride-pg: Trails have standard speed they are designed to be ridden. Most eMTBs are designed to assist with the climb and ridden down similarly to a regular bike. If you dramatically increase the power, speed and probably weight it will change the way the rider interacts with the trail and it won't necessarily allow the rider to go dramatically faster. I imagine when this happens those riders will stick to dirt bike trails or build new trails to make the most of the handling, speed and weight of the bike. Bikes are currently limited to prevent this line from being blurred
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 @ride-pg: comment of the day.
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flag streetkvnt-kvlt (Sep 12, 2019 at 16:06) (Below Threshold)
 @ride-pg: basically it's an electric motorbike then?
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 @streetkvnt-kvlt: Obvious facts don’t matter to these geniuses.
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 @AndrewMK: haha thats priceless. Heard grambot sucks on a bike. He probably couldnt make it down that trail anyway #sootriggered
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 @gramboh: buddy you spend to much time on pink bike.....
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 I’d also note @JDFF: that ebikes make it easier to build trails and get gear needed pack down dirt. Land manager typically don’t resources to stop unsanctioned trail building
or riders. Build fence knock it down etc.
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 @JDFF: Whatever man. I have a buddy who lost both his ankles at war & now eblades are the only way he gets to skate....
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 @tripd: Meh. Why miss an opportunity to mention ebiking isn't really mountain biking?
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 Did you just quote Richard Cunningham? Hahaha
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 Pedal assist IS human power.
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 @slayerdegnar: Yep, lazy and instant gratification generation, human power. You know, those types have to rest at the top of every hill and have been riding years but would still finish last in an XC race.
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 @jclnv: Just out of interest, have you ridden one of the new crop of ebikes (range vlt, sight vlt, turbo levo etc) on a proper ride? I have and I can say for sure it was not a lazy ride! I was pushing just as hard on the climb as I would on my regular bike, the difference being I was going 4x the speed uphill in 7/8th gear vs. spinning up in 1st/2nd/3rd. If anything I probably pushed harder on the climb on the e-bike because it was such a novelty going uphill so much faster than usual, I wanted to see how silly fast I could go. I was sweating at the top the same as I would be having climbed up on my regular bike. You realise you still have to pedal them right? Theres no throttle, they are not even close to motorbikes. Once at the top you drop in and its just like riding a normal trail bike, albeit a heavy one.

Also I did 3 laps of the trails in the same time it would usually take to do one...not because the ebike made it so easy but because the ebike made it so fast! I can say for certain I got just as much if not more of a workout in than on my regular bike. More riding in the same quantity of time is a huge bonus for most people who try to squeeze in riding around a busy work/life schedule.

Finally, before you dismiss this all as someone blinded by love for e-bikes...I do not own an e-bike, but I have put in time on a couple and understand what they are all about. They are not just for lazy/old/crippled people.

This is probably all falling on deaf point is don't hate if you don't understand what they are or haven't even tried one out.
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 @furnivalmedia: please don't take this as bashing e-bikes. Heck I'm even considering one for myself as the area I live in is all shuttle or long climbs. But google HPC pro typhoon electric mountain bike. This thing has pedals but it is not something I'd like to see ripping up and down the trails, in my mind it is very motorcycle ish. This is where I was coming from on my blurred line comments....@dkidd if I had to ride on the trails with bikes like the HPC typhoons buzzing around yes it would suck.
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 @furnivalmedia: I haven’t ridden a latest 2020 model but I’ve ridden a couple of 18/19’s with Bosch CX motors. Yep I’m faster than a World Cup XCO racer on one. I can do 60km in a couple hours no problem or about 3x the trail damage of a normal ride. I’m also totally incompatible with the speed of the typical mountain biker and they either have to get out of the way on trails or sit behind them at 100W. Either way I’m pissing them off.

As you say, people want everything and instant gratification around the work and domestic shit they’ve created. It just blows my mind that people think they’re entitled to blast around on eBikes because they’ve got no time anymore. How about you just don’t ride as many trails? You’re still out on the forest for the same amount of time. Failing that, piss off and do something else.

Oh and if you genuinely think that throttles eBikes won’t be common on eBikes in 3-5 years you’re deluded. EBike forums are already awash with firmware hack talk to get 50kph out of bikes. Next it’ll be throttles for that critical boost out of flow trail berms. Overall it’s a really sad direction for the sport to go.
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 @ride-pg: Same could easily be said for promoting carbon over aluminum. Have you read up on how toxic and polluting that industry is? I only recently learned about it myself. And knowing is half the battle.
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 @furnivalmedia: When people pick a tribe over another, they can and will do anything, no matter how nutty. It's almost like real-time devolution.
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 @ride-pg: In the US, the E-Bike class system provides a workable check and balance I think.
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 @JDFF: Collector of injustices?
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 @jclnv: bullshit much. You cant do "60km in a couple hours no problem". Climbing speeds vary between 10-18km/h(singletrack-fsr) on most pitches,unless its super mellow, when its not technical climbs. Technical and its a lot less. If youre getting close to your bs youre climbing on a mellow road and zero conflict . Decents are the same speed. If youre climbing a road like that chances are its being shuttled and shuttling will get you more laps. Do people shuttling get your panties in a bunch?
Next point: i havdnt pissed off anyone. When i come up behind them i say "hi" "beauty day" "no stress just wait til its wide and ill scoot by". If they chat, ill chat. Its evenly mixed at our bikepark so ive met lots of people now. Have a chat, a laugh and carry on. No biggy.
Next point(instant grat) see shuttling comment
Next point: your forecasting that thryll have throttles is bs. If youre going that fast ,with that added torque you need mega batteries, youll want more open trails like an enduro moto . Those heavy beasts suck on tight mtb singletrack
Next point: the people that are hacking theirs are people that use their class1 emtb for commuting to work and such. On the trail they still have the same tourque and are still limited by the steepness and traction related to that class1 tourque but their battery will go empty sooner when they get higher speeds on the road. Eebers want more battery not less, unless theyre commuting
Final point: youre not that fast. Get over yourself bud
Final final point: you often make little sense. Pretty obvious why you get mocked on nsmb. Just a slow ass carpenter thats a specialEd fanboy. Specialized fanboi says it all
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 @JDFF: Can you give any examples of it actually happening? Seriously, I'm curious. If it really is happening, has precedent and such, that's useful info.
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 @jclnv: That's some declarative hostility right there. Just say'n. "3x the trail damage". Can you provide some sort of science to back that up? "I’m also totally incompatible with the speed of the typical mountain biker" Wait, that's kind of a self-ding, dontcha think? I mean, you're saying you can't control yourself or interact in a civil fashion with other bikers. I'm pretty fast on the climbs and very fast on the downs. I have to slow down and nicely call out a pass all the time. Never seems to be an issue. What am I missing here? And for throttles, the US Class scale does a pretty good job of keeping things in line. Just because people can hack or mod their gear, then use it inappropriately is now supposed to be a ding on the whole segment? If so, how many other items, segments, activities, etc can be held accountable as well? Come on, man, that's just kooky. Look, I agree that the segment needs oversight and something of a critical eye to keep things reasonable. But that's a far cry from being intractably hostile. If you're too young to know, do some searching on the flack snowboarding took in the 80's. If you're old enough then you should know better. You really want to be remembered as one of those people in the funny 80's news clips bashing snowboarding?
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 @won-sean-animal-chin: Great post dude. I love it when the insults get personal. Honestly.

So when there’s a stream of lazy c*nts on eBikes saying “beauty day” are we supposed to be “yeah cool bro, sweet motorbike, please come by when you get the chance”. Nah f*ck that.

I can do 40km in 2h 20. I can double the speed on the climbs and another 5-10kph flat sections. Shuttling? Yep also lazy c*nts. Go to the bike park where they have trail crews.

Do I really get talked about on NSMB? I can’t log in on anymore so I never go on there. Got any links?
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 @jclnv: well atleast you admitted youre full of shit. Thats a start, admitting it to yourself. We already knew
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 @Chuckolicious: this is not the format. I know locations in BC, Wa and Oregon. I happen to work for a land management agency and also work closely with folks in the timber industry (who manage private timber lands). Trailbuilder of 20 years.
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 @JDFF: Huh? What does that mean? Do you have examples or not? And just a point of order, built my first trail in '89, so while I laud your contribution, you did have the luxury of coming in after people like me had to fight the real fight.
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 @furnivalmedia: I know you didnt ask me specifically. However, i have rideen a 2019 Levo. I got cold on uphills, didnt like the speed governor descending or when motor switched off as I was pedalling into a jump. Not a fan of the weight, but recognize that a heavier bike isnt a bad thing all the time. A single battery wouldnt last enough for my normal rides. I dont give a frick about trail damage, and dont think thats a big deal with ebikes. The concern is goons getting into places they didnt used to and wearing out the welcome.
  • 1 0
 @Chuckolicious: it means that sensitive trails arent discussed on the internet. Not claiming to be the longest running trailbuilder or anything like that, just saying ive put my time in. And technically, I probably built my first jump line in the woods in 1987 and rode it on a 26" Bridgestone bicycle.
  • 1 0
 Up around Cultus in 89?
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 @JDFF: I'm totally confused. If trails have been closed off to everyone due to E-Bikes, why on earth would that have to be kept secret? Logic doesn't follow, but happy to be educated. And good for you, with your addition you now win old man bike contest, so then I have to remind you of the 80's and all the negativity towards snowboarding. Lots of the anti-e-bike tribalists here are likely way to young to even know it ever was a thing. But you should certainly know better. So I gotta ask, do you really want to be remembered the way those old kooks in the 80's news clips ranting about them dangerous missile boards are now? Gotta say, your cryptic warnings of trail closures and subsequent refusal to give details sure reminds me of those guys.

Since you claim you know trails in OR, then let me point to Alsea Falls. Was there in the early season just after they opened the top extension. Came across the Team Dirt crew polishing it off, and next to their trail building machines they had 3 e-bikes. Black Rock welcomes them too. Ashland, Oak Ridge, no issues at all. Down in NoCal, Mt Hough, no issues. So that's why I'm asking for facts since all I know is what I've experienced and I'm open to a reality that is greater than that, if it indeed exists.

Oh yea, I don't own an E-Bike yet. Demo'd a Kenevo in LA last summer for a week. Sessioned Skypark Bike park, did big rides in Santa Monica, and enjoyed it but didn't need the heft. Like a runaway school bus at the park for sure.
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 @Chuckolicious: Come on man. Putting motors on mountain bikes is a world away from Skis to Snowboards. A better analogy for that would be 26” to 29”. Something I was all for BTW.
  • 1 0
 @jclnv: World's away? Now you're just trying to protect yourself that I've called you out. Yea, it's a perfect analogy and time will prove me right. (kind of already is)
  • 1 1
 @Chuckolicious: They’re still banned on our trails thank the lord.
  • 1 0
 @jclnv: lol. Ebikes are one thing but a pedal assist ebike with a throttle, off to the motocross track/off the cliff they go.
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 @JDFF: Hey again. Did you see this? I'd genuinely be interested in your take.
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 oh look, a geometry chart. Where did I put that microscope...
  • 3 3
 No $hit. Who at Norco signs of on this and sends it out?
Just do larger font and black and white geniuses. People might actually want to look at the numbers.
  • 2 0
 ... has it all.
  • 4 0
 Might be small, but it's clear. I much prefer PB's use of fuzzy screenshots, or better yet, the fuzzy screenshot of their own hastily made Excel geo chart.
  • 1 1
 Maybe next to the mouse button you click to enlarge the image?
  • 5 0
 @johnbalz: my phone didn't come with a mouse.
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 I can understand those that pedal from home to the trail being put off by the technology assistance of an ebike making trail access easier for the masses, but anyone who is currently shuttling or using a lift has no grounded argument against these machines. An unsanctioned trail user and or builder is putting our sport in jeopardy to a higher degree than an ebiker using a sanctioned trail with the consent of the land owners and governments. This new Norco looks extremely well thought out! I love the shock mount thingy! This unit is at the top of my list for my first ebike ever.
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 I got to ride this thing and it was a awesome. Rode twice as many laps in a day and touched some trails that I was usually to lazy to climb to
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flag ride-pg (Sep 12, 2019 at 11:36) (Below Threshold)
 @theredbike if you liked that bike you need to try out the new KTM SX-E (YouTube it) I rode it the other day, it was killer this things got so much jam I was able to get air in some places going up....super fun
  • 17 5
 @ride-pg: Are you a KTM ambassador or something? Or just ignorant to the differences between an e-MTB and e-Motocross bike? Sorry, but it's got to be one or the other since you seem to keep promoting this KTM thing...
  • 6 7
 @handynzl: Everyones ignorant. May aswell send it on a real eMoto. That’s what I intend to do if eBikes become the norm on the local trails.
  • 2 0
 @handynzl: so where do you fall on the HPC 6kV ebikes? Totally different than a emoto or nah?
  • 7 1
 @jclnv: To me what makes ebike hate stupid is that the motor is only used on the way up / climb trails and maybe flats. If you pedal on the way down you pick up way to much speed and it gets very overwhelming very quickly. Because of that mountain ebikes descending is very similar to regular bikes and the motor is used as a instant built in shuttle. If you took a emoto on a regular mountain bike trails i doubt it would be much fun because the trail flows at a different speed and I imagine people would get hurt. I made a ebike for commuting that hits 60kmh on flats and things change dramatically over 32kmh
  • 3 1
 @SacAssassin: I think they are rad but you would have a better time riding on wide open trails or actual dirt bike trails. I think the standard mtb trail is usually to technical to carry the speed or manipulate the weight that one of those things has.
  • 3 2
 @SacAssassin: First impression, they look fugly.... They have throttles, therefore do not fall into the classification of pedal assist mountain bike. If you can generate roost from a standing start, then I would stand against them. I believe in the recent US bill these sorts of bikes were still outlawed for access?? I recall the bill having three classifications of e-bike, but can't recall which (or if all) were going to be allowed access.

But, fugly....
  • 3 6
 @theredbike: Everyone is going to have a throttle eventually. Be prepared.
  • 2 0
 @handynzl: class 1 2 and 3. This being class 1. Class 3 having a max speed of 28mph.
  • 15 1
 Funny how people are fine riding a lift or shuttling but this is a big deal. Fuck off and let people ride.
  • 17 3
 63.5 degree HA, 78 degree STA. Yesss
  • 6 3
 Now we just need those 29” wheels.
  • 7 1
 Every one is too fired up about e bikes to even notice the geo. This is exactly the geo the range should have ! Progressive reach with a 500+ option and the sta gets steeper with the sizes
  • 8 2
 "Back in my day bikes didn't have motors! We ran that baby on good old American grit, sweat and blood. Kids these days are so lazy, and lack character". -me year 2067
  • 6 0
 where´s the 1.8 tapered head tube!? i want the bikes to look aesthetically pleasing, this needs the 1.8 steerer
  • 4 1
 Norco has come along quite a way...congrats just hope they embrace a full product cycle philosophy with recyclable materials
  • 8 0
 Great. Now release the new Sight already.
  • 5 0
 Awesome looking bike! That thing with a set of BoXXers would be unreal!
  • 5 0
 Ali Chapple is the man!! sending it !!
  • 1 0
 The higher capacity batteries are a game changer on these bikes. Bummed on the carbon only options on a 50+lb bike. Just makes it more expensive. No small size? Would love to know what the weight of the bike and extra battery is. Couldn't find any intel on the aux battery either on the norco website.
  • 1 0
 I too am interested in the wieght. I sent an email to Rocky Mtn. For a weight on there new e bike, but got no me this should be listed in the specs...its just as relevant as head angle, chain stays etc.
  • 1 0
 Is there one comment about this particular bike here or just another useless online debate about electric bikes?

Ill go, its a sweet bike but after the paint the VLT Sight received chalk white is looking really bland. What price point do you get colour?
  • 5 1
 I'm guessing this means the regular Range is getting a refresh next year?
  • 3 1
 Sweet looking ebike. But I'm not in a rush on the way up and enjoy the exercise, and I'll beat that and have more fun on the way down
  • 5 3
 Hey Norco, bike looks great! But no 29er version? At least give us the mullet option. I'll pass thx.
  • 1 1
  • 6 2
 Something to think about when you ask for taller wheels: clearance clarence.

Because an ebike already has motor at the BB, they tend to have clearance issues whcih is why the majority of ebikes have long chainstays.

If you make the ebike a 29er, you gotta make room for the tire, so the chainstay grows.

My wife's Pivot Shuttle has a 435mm CS, just right for a playful all mountain bike. The Norco has a 440mm CS, so if you bump the wheel size to a 29" then the CS will grow to something like a 445-450 or more.

So yeah, the best wheel size for an FS ebike is a 27.5
  • 1 0
*for a playful all mountain bike for a standard size M-L person.

As an XL human these are perfectly acceptable geometry consequences. Most brands (Norco being an obvious exception) don't vary chainstay length by size and in many cases bikes have a major weight imbalance resulting from shortening chainstays on 29ers to make them maneuvrable for smaller riders which is ironic considering that 29ers offer an obvious fit improvement for taller riders but this is ruined by short chainstays.
  • 7 1
 I know it’s pinkbike but you don’t have to keep telling everyone that’s it your wife’s e bike. That just happens to be in your size with your favourite saddle on it ???? @nurseben:
  • 2 0
 @nurseben: so what? I'd prefer stays slightly longer.
  • 1 4
 @Freeridejohn: Hmmm,I suppose you must be right, everything in my house is my wife's as well as mine. So yeah, I'll own that bike and all her dresses, but that means you got to own up to wearing your wife's lingerie and sporting her double sided dildo Smile
  • 3 1
 @norcobicycles I really like the new design language and geo, but please give us the non-ebike version!
  • 2 0
 No small?!? What are us short people supposed to do. I've been waiting for norco's range E bike...
  • 3 4
 Or, hit up luna cycles and that old DH frame you never got rid of and put a 1000W motor on that sucker and the biggest, bestest ,heaviest battery you can find. More watts=more fun.
  • 1 0
 I'd love to have one, but I'm still going to wait it out a few years just to make sure trail usage gets sorted out.
  • 3 0
 me wants one
  • 1 0
 So much anger here. Get out and go for a ride guys, you'll feel much better!
  • 7 7
 a downtube sooo wide, you can mount the piggy back sideways, ewww. aesthetically it looks just wack
  • 4 0
 It is mounted sideways so there is room to install a secondary battery to improve ride time. Along with everything that @Loche mentions above.
  • 2 3
 @ccdb93: lol i understand why. im just saying aesthetically it looks abnormal.
  • 1 0
 Why is the shock mounted so wierd????????
  • 2 0
 Space for range extender battery and or a water bottle
  • 3 2
 I meant sweet looking moped
  • 1 0
 Bicycle with a motor, what will ever happen next!!!???
  • 3 3
 Piggy back mounted on the left side?
  • 5 0
 The shock is not centered in the frame so the piggy back doesn't stick out.
  • 6 0
 And offset hardware to keep it from sticking out too far. Interesting idea. It lets them put the piggyback at the bottom without hitting the huge downtube. But why does the piggyback need to be at the bottom?
  • 6 0
 @showmethemountains: presumably so you can run a dozen water bottles or enough battery to summit Everest.
  • 4 0
 @showmethemountains: So they can use that brillant shock mount, which greatly reduces lateral forces on the shock shaft and allow bigger/durable pivot. Assuming the Deluxe Coil doesn’t exist in perpendicular eyelets configuration.
  • 4 2
 @showmethemountains: I think it helps with the shock performance. If mounted on top, the piggy back and all its weight would be moving back and forth throughout the stroke and that extra inertia would diminish the shock sensitivity.
  • 1 4
 @kramerica5000: the extra weight lol...its an e bike......
  • 4 0
 @ride-pg: Which means weight is more important than on a regular bike for the people that buy them. Takes a ton of battery just to get these to go a few hours. Which is why they are adding bigger battery options and extended battery options. Many people buying these bikes can't even lift them (hence so many new racks coming out with ramps). Weight definitely matters here.
  • 3 0
 @kramerica5000: Technically you're right: any weight on the loaded side of the damper is unsprung weight. In practice, I doubt it's even perceivable on a dyno.
  • 2 0
 @Loche: Probably true, but a lot of little details like that can add up, plus it just seems more dialed :-)
  • 1 0
 It's not about the extra weight but the location of the weight (sprung vs unsprung).
  • 2 0
 @Loche: the shock is rotated to make space for a water and or the range extender battery
  • 5 8
 The more you bitch the more breath you waste. Like it or not. They are a thing and they are staying. "Can you change it? Yes... Change it. No? Deal with it!" Write that down.
  • 1 1
 Looks like you have to remove the motor to take out the battery??
  • 3 1
 Dont need to remove unless its broken.
  • 2 0
 @criscoe: Acctualy people do it all the time, for charging (when there is no place for dirty bike where the socket is) , storege (in winter), transporting on the rack (much lighter and safer), changing battery (when you have second one) etc.
  • 2 2
 This is what you ride after a few norcos and redbulls
  • 6 6
 Does the E in ebike stand for an elderly persons bike?
  • 1 1
 Still waiting for this to make naturally aspirated bikes cheaper
  • 6 8
 Call me old fashioned, but I like to pedal my bike and leave the batteries for my GameBoy.
  • 2 5
 It's pretty bad when you have to have most of your photos taken without the battery on, because it looks like an afterthought.
  • 5 0
 Thats just the range extender battery your talking about, which is an optional extra you can purchase to increase the range/battery life. The main 630wh battery is hidden in the downtube completely out of sight. Most people who buy this bike probably wont buy it with the range extender straight away, so thats how the bike will look to them.
  • 15 0
 @furnivalmedia: readin' is hard, hatin' is easy.
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