Video: NorthStar Bike Park Opens June 6

May 27, 2014 at 10:47
by Northstar California Resort  
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Northstar's Mountain Bike + Hike Parks open June 6th, 2014, weather + conditions permitting.

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 Park Director to Cameraman, "Make SURE you get a good long shot of the one sprinkler!"
  • 16 1 it for dogs? NorthStar Bike Bark Opens.
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 It is BARK!!! Arf Arf Arf ! Open arf yeah!
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 Affirmative! dough!
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Race Dates + Results

#1 Jun 15 - Dog Bone (Vista Short Course)

Start just above Tryumph/500 Road, finish at the bottom of Vista Chair
Pro/EX - Dog Bone top to bottom
Sport/Beginner - Speed Control to Pho Dogg

#2 Jun 29 - Boondocks

All classes will run the same course
Start at top of Boonies, finish TBD

#3 Jul 27 - Sticks & Stones

Start near the Sticks/Karpiel split, finish at the bottom of Vista Chair
Pro/EX - Sticks & Stones top to bottom
Sport/Beginner - Sticks to Speed Control (via Twigs & Berries connector) to Lower Sticks & Stones

#4 Aug 10 - Karpiel

Start at Drop-Off (winter) timing shack just below Karpiel/Sticks split, finish at the bottom of Vista Chair
Pro/Expert - Karpiel top to bottom, Waterfall to Vietnam
Sport/Beginner - Karpiel to Speed Control to Pho-Dogg

#5 Aug 31 - Livewire Classic

Livewire top to bottom, start at entrance to Zone 1, finish TBD
Pro/Ex - must hit Zone 3 step-up to step-off
Sport/Beginner - Zone 3 step-up optional
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 too bad the series point rules are absolutely lame
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 So looking forward to spending all of opening weekend there. A couple bits of 2 cents:
First I just want to say to anybody unfamiliar with the trail Gypsy, probably one of the funnest trails there (besides the tech side of the mt) but I want to warn anybody unfamiliar with the go Pro future. It's the wooden feature with wooden turns on both sides with a ramp in the middle. That ramp in the middle is pretty dangerous in my opinion. I watched quite a few people fly over the bars because they weren't expecting it to kick them so hard. Be wary.
Yes the vista side with all of the good Rocky tech stuff will be closed but you can still access it where where it counts w a ride down the fire road that crosses paths with live wires first section!
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 Lol thanks bro can't wait to camp this weekend
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 Thank you trail crew for building such a rad bike park!
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 We will see how they do this year. They sucked ass last year spent to much time and money on that stupid gypsy feature and paved rock garden section. I bet it was upwards of 300,000
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 I hear mixed things about Northstar. I have been itching to ride there ever since I did a mud run there last year. It HAS to be better than Mammoth but plenty of people have said it isnt. It's got to be worth it just for the fantastic Lake Tahoe area.
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 I'll give my review as a non-frequent visitor and if you want none of the advice, down-vote it so you don't have to see it! I have no experience with Northstar's trail riding but as far as lift-access gravity riding goes, I've never had so much fun in my life. Yes, it is probably going to be extremely dusty but the variety of trails there more than makes up for it. My personal favorites are as such- for a fast, flowy trail with a little bit of tech, head to Boondocks it's INCREDIBLY fun. For some primarily technical and gnarly stuff, head over to the other lift area (DISCLAIMER: the second lift [vista lift?] is only open on weekends, so plan accordingly) and hit Karpiel and Dog Bone. Dog Bone is very narrow and technical at points and was a great challenge for myself and my riding buddies.

En total: I went into Northstar with a strictly-DH mentality and had a blast, I think many others will too. But one mire snippet of advice is that if you need to rent a bike AVOID the Northstar rentals, they've always been a pain in the ass for me and I found a shop in Truckee that rents out Rocky Mountain Flatlines for cheaper with full Shimano Zee components!

Sorry if this is too much info....
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flag preach (Jun 2, 2014 at 12:39) (Below Threshold)
 meh...I prefer Mammoth...but both have the issue of the "upper" and "Lower" parts of the Mtn....Northstars 2 lift system is a bit cumbersome and the west part of the mtn isn't lift accessible during the weekdays, but then again at Mammoth you have to hop on a shuttle bus if you go all the way to the bottom. At both places I just stayed on the top parts of the mtn so I could get on the most convenient lift and spend more time riding than on a lift/shuttle.
But for scenery...Mammoth all day long. Northstar got the short end of the stick in terms of Tahoe views...
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 Warren, In my opinion its way better the mammoth. Both have way different terrain and dirt. mammoth is gravel sand which I love but you won't find the rock and tech anywhere closer that they have at northstar. Rad jumps are at both but If you're hearing about ns from a rider that doesn't like tech, they're going to like mammoth better.
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 Bondocs, Karpiel, Sticks and Stones....these are close totechincal World Cup level! See you opening day!
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 Considering N* is the closest true bikepark for the majority of the Bay Area/SF, it's a good bike park that offers tons of lift-assisted DH runs of various terrain, style, and skill-gaps. Mammoth does give some good alternatives with some great scenary and enviroment, but for Bay Area, it's 5 Hours+ vs. ~3 Hours to N*.

Talking only about N* now, the geography and such is going to differ vastly from your bigger AAA bikeparks. There are some similarities can be seen from lodging, layout, etc from say Whistler at best (Gravity Logic). But when it comes to trails and such, you get that classic geography, tons of rocks strewn about everywhere, mini-sandstorm of medium-fine dust, super dry-hot climate for the majority of your Summer riding. Since 2007, the Trail Crew and MTB division of N* has been heavily expanding and been receiving tons of support, which is great and evidently does show itself in a few ways.

So, the trails are pretty good. Lots of variety of trails. But imo, the rock-littered trails, dust, and climate is something you cannot really escape from, except for a few upper flowy runs. After that there are some highly technical runs and are something of a mixed bag if you aren't familiar with the amount of rockiness. From my local trails to N* you still get the same deal. Other than that, you really can't complain, it's a good AA Bikepark. It is something within it's own class and plenty of fun regardless.
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 I live up here right near n* and have ridden mammoth and snow summit a few times, but nothing other that whistler seems to beat it here. Maybe its cause its my home park?
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 Mammoth is like at least 3 times the size of northstar and and has at least 5 times the trail mileage. More elevation to shred. and sorry but I don't think it takes them 3 years to finish a trail. I enjoy riding both places though.
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 Northstar is good and will make you a good rider. I rode north* all year and when I got to Whistler in September we were killing it.
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 @Driveeight Northstar is nowhere near WC level of technical challenge. It has lots of rocky stuff maybe, almost no steep rocky stuff though. Flat rock gardens are generally not "technical". Boondocks is a pretty easy trail actually.

Mammoth is way better in my opinion. Way less awkward flat rockgarden trails, more steep chutes and big rock features, and faster main lift. Much more variety of trails. People who complain about the dirt at mammoth always confuse me. The pumice is awesome. Makes riding so much more interesting.
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 Well these replies are on point with my original comment. Everyone says the opposite of the last guy.
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 But check which got the most upvotesWink most people sided with N*
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 It doesn't really matter about upvotes and blah blah blah. Mammoth is cool in it's own regards, I personally like N*, but it's still relatively comparing Apples to Oranges. For me and the Bay Area, no one wants to go to Mammoth if it means another 2 Hours of driving during a single day trip, etc. Then vice versa if Mammoth is closer. Both good bikeparks and both serve their purposes. You really cannot complain about either though, they both have their advantages.
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 matty and the crew do a great job. obviously this place sees a ton of traffic. and I'm sure they take their share of grief. but the reality is north star is super dry and raw and it takes a ton of work to maintain that kind of terrain. you cannot compare to whistler; a place with perfect dirt and frequent rainfall. i look forward to riding laps regardless of how dry or beat down the trails get. lift access is its own reward. that and riding with buddies.
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 Such a garbage excuse. You can literally go across the street from northstar and find trails that have identical dirt and rainfall, get ass loads of traffic, and are in 10x better shape, yet people ride them for free. Northstar does NOT get that much traffic. Way less than the trails at Snow summit (which has even "worse" dirt in terms of maintenance) yet Snow summit manages to maintain their stuff. I mean come on. In the video the trail manager is excited that a trail they built back in 2007 is finally going to be open from top to bottom after being closed for a year. That's pathetic.

Northstar/vail just refuses to invest in their park. They are just milking it for whatever cash flow they can get for now. They haven't built a new trail since 2007. Unfortunately management lacks to vision to see that A. They are in the vacation capital of the western U.S. and B. They are 3 hours from one of the largest metropolitan areas of MTB'ers. If they had any business sense they would turn northstar into the Whistler of the U.S. and make a ridiculous amount of money. Sadly they have morons running their park. At least someone at Heavenly (Vail?) decided to finally get a clue last year and started moving forward on a bike park,.
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 Love it, mountain bikers doing everything but riding their bikes to the park. Perpetuating stereo types like a boss!!!

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 Imagine that, some dust on a mountain bike trail, are the trails bumpy too?
N* is a blast, go ride it. While you're in the area go hit Downieville and ride those dusty trails as well.
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 Downieville is money right now I've gone the last two weekends. No dust at all.
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 Except for the 2 downed trees at the top, that needs to be cut and moved. 3rd Divide is clear! Got 2 runs in same day, 7am and 11am/ $35 Double pack shuttle last Saturday!
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 Here's a suggestion build every burm out of wood. I'm tired of blown out turns that lead into awesome jumps with big ass boulders that have still not been cleared from last years snow.
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 Matty and his greasy hands make Northstar the best!
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 shatthew mcshinsplints....... wuddup chmelllllllllly!
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 So Stoked!
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 Yeah Graeme!!
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 graeme hucked some serious shit
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 Grom season about to go ham
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 The Gypse was an OK trail, i still like live wire more than it, the paved rock garden is absolutely amazing, they also have Giant Glorys to rent, I just used my V10
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 Need more info on the new woodwork/Lower Gypsey!!!!!
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 it's a kindof gay gimmick. I think they call it the Go pro feature or something. But the trail itself is super fun
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 Last year they built that stupid thing but I think he said top to bottom but we will see. I bet it won't be finished for months those lazy fucks
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 Northstar is pretty dope SOO stoked can't wait
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 Stoke meter turned up to the max. I can't wait for opening weekend!
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 I agree! we have dates but no trails to go with!
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 It's dog bone it's on their website
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 Havent been to northstar in almost a wasnt my favorite place to race back then but it looks pretty fun now..going to have to go check it out
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 greame killing it!! gapping the step on/off
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 Hehe, bike bark
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 I want to go to there.
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 You need sprinklers to make your mud? Up north we get it the natural way. At this point, a little dust might not be all that bad.

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