Central States Cup Announces 2014 Schedule

Mar 31, 2014 at 14:52
by Mike Estes  
We're stoked to announce to all Colorado, Utah and New Mexico gravity racers that you have a series AGAIN!

A team of dedicated folks have come-together to organize and spear-head DH racing from a grassroots level. This is only the beginning. 4 events to begin starting in New Mexico at Los Alamos, followed by a stop at Crested Butte, Colorado. The CSC returns to Taos, New Mexico and finishes the season at Telluride, Colorado. Make plans to attend these inaugural events. You won't be disappointed.

Schedule for the Central States Cup 2014 Follow them on Pinkbike http www.pinkbike.com u central-states-cup bookmark centralstatescup.com

Follow Central States Cup HERE on Pinkbike.

Central State Cup 2014 Website.


Want to be involved in this? Brand growth? Create foot traffic to your valued retailers in this region! Contact Grant Ingram at grant@centralstatescup.com

For General Racer Questions- Contact nick@centralstatescup.com. If you have registration questions- hit up cat@centralstatescup.com.

Follow Central-States-Cup here on Pinkbike bookmark the website for race dates at www.centralstatescup.com


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 I must have been cornering wrong all this time! Check out that form in the ad!
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 Yes elbows dropped and sitting down, must be tired lol
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 Uh... Get the Utah riders excited for nothing...
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 Yeah, I thought the same thing. Frown
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 I mentioned you guys because its helluva lot closer than the Pac NW Cup..........and you guys are known to make the trips for a good race. Wink
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 Well, we definitely will travel, but we also have some amazing venues here that would be awesome to race on a bigger scale -- our local races seem to get quite the turnout relative to the size of the events, and there are plenty of resorts here that seem pretty open to the idea of a larger-scale race.
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 No kidding! I'm moving back to Utah this summer so this post got me stoked... then my chub went away when I seen the listed venues.

The opening sentence should read: "We're stoked to announce to all Colorado and New Mexico gravity racers that you have a series AGAIN!"
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 Thanks for your editorial insight Keystone5. I'm sorry that these venues are not easily reachable for you. Utah def needs a stop and its possible 2015 could offer that venue. Keep it on your radar at least. Wink
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 There used to be more stuff in Utah and Idaho than there currently is Frown And the races that I know of, that are still going on, are not on Pinkbike.

Living in Eastern Idaho, I have to do a lot of searching online for races, and the communities out there need to find better ways to get their information out!
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 You know about the www.allgravityseries.com don't you? They just held a DH and Enduro in Spokane last weekend.
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 Should be there for the CO events as long as the entry fee isn't insane. I love DH and like to race with my friends, but I don't need to prove to myself how fast/slow I am enough to drop $200+ in a weekend. Maybe I'm just not a racer anymore and I need to stay in the park??? But racing used to be fun for me when it was $40 a race though. I probably have 200 number plates in my garage from the years... First plate I kept was from a NORBA national from '92.
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 Here's a rough Pajarito Race Course Preview. Note that the new upper half of the course has been broken in more and worked on since this video and the end of the course will go into a new finish line jump or two beyond what is shown in the video.

Upper Half: www.youtube.com/watch?v=9h5BjPqcD6o&list=PL6KRvWRj8ks9Ur4YYmeNCul5pe8twTroH&index=3

Lower Half (starts at 1:30 into Muy Loco): www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2OPafHvctQ&list=PL6KRvWRj8ks9Ur4YYmeNCul5pe8twTroH&index=4
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 And the race website from a couple years ago (to get updated soon for this year!):
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 So stoked! Welcome back to the greatest state for DH biking, COLORADO BABY!
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 new upper section near bone crusher looks sick! Surprised at the choice of Muy Loco, I guess I prefer the old race course. Glad to see Taos in there... never ridden. Now let's get some angel fire going in here!
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 I really hope this isn't another april fools joke.
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 Its not.
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 I spy a missing word in the title...
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 it's actually the sentence under the title..oops...
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 And that is done by PB Admin- not I. Its actually a head scratcher to someone who likes good grammar on his posts. Wink
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 I like good grammar but I am also not to good at it myself...Wink
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 I let the heads inside the super computer at PB World HQ the tip. Hope its corrected soon. Less eye's on that, better for me. Wink
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 I guess it's close enough for Utah people. My boss isn't gonna be pumped about the time off i'm gonna be asking.Big Grin
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 He will be pumped on excited, motivated employee's who had a great time, who can possible earn a podium, yet alone an overall title. Good for business when employees are jazzed. Wink
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 Who's running this series?
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