Photo Recap From the Down Puerto Vallarta Urban DH

May 16, 2018 at 11:59
by Nicolas Switalski  

Down Puerto Vallarta:
Speed & Style
Words and images: Nicolas Switalski
Will White stretching out into the sunset, no podium for this guy but a crowd favorite!!! You could hear the crowd go wild everytime he threw shapes in the air!

For its second edition the Down Puerto Vallarta: Speed and Style event put together by Altius Events brought riders from all over the world down to one of Mexico's most popular beach towns. The track was again as last year laid out by Olly Wilkins, Duncan Ferris, Liam Mason and Christian Fairclough adding some new features to the previous track. A short but fun and technical track had riders tackling down the town's streets and alleys with full speed and style!

The jungle is quite dense here in Puerto Vallarta

You can see the ocean from about anywhere

Flags waving, start the race!

The Fast and The Furious

For the speed side, the race was comprised of one warm-up ride, and the best time from two runs would position the winners.

This field had a few surprises make the podium an unpredictable finish. Tomas Slavik a favorite and returning from Crankworx in great shape suffered a mechanical on his bike during the first race run that made him retire early from the race. Bernardo Cruz, another contender for the podium broke his chain a few hundred meters from the finish line, that cost him precious hundreds of a second that eliminated him from the podium.

In the end, Remy Metailler who has been training hard and getting quite the hang of these Urban events took the first place win, followed by Pedro Ferreira all the way from Chile and well accustomed to urban events considering Vaparaiso is another wild race. And last but not at all least, a very welcoming surprise for the Mexican crowd and specially for the local crowd, Guadalajara local Raymundo Fournier stepping into the last spot of the podium with a well deserved 3rd place with just a few hundreds of a second away from 2nd place.

Top 10 best times:

1- Remy Metailler (FRA) 01:21.41
2- Pedro Ferreira (CHI) 01:21.47
3- Ray Fournier (MEX) 01:22.26
4- Bernardo Neves (BRA) 01:22.62
5- Adrien Loron (FRA) 01:23.65
6- Fabian Alcantar (MEX) 01:24.94
7- Oscar Härnström (SWE) 01:25.62
8- Rayitas Ramirez (MEX) 01:28.01
9- Roberto Castillo (CR) 01:28.02
10- Antonio Villoni (FRA) 01:28.11

Bernardo Cruz right out of the starting gate styling it out on the first drop

Raymundo Fournier

Tomas Slavik had a mechanical on his first race run and had to pull out of the race, he was looking so fast though!!!

Nicolas Cantu

Ethan Nell in a hurry to get to the big jumps!

MacClayne Empey

Adrien Loron

Carlos Castillo

Oscar Harnstrom

Bernardo Cruz

Pedro Ferreira fro Chile charging into 2nd place

Remy Metailler had his eyes on the price since he arrived! 1st place for the flying Frenchman!

Raymundo Fournier is the first Mexican to step into an Urban Downhill event in a long time, 3rd place for this young and upcoming talent

Remy whipping into his 1st place

I could not leave Bernardo Cruz's last whip out, he has one of the best whips in the business! Bernardo broke his chain about 200 meters from the finish line and left him out of podium position

Steeziest Rider

A crowd favorite and street frenzy filled event! It is hard to believe how you can fit 30,000 spectators on a few hundred meters, and it is a special energy for the riders being cheered by such a crowd. Every time a rider booted of a jump the crowd went wild! This event was judged having the best combo on the three last jumps and for this, the judges had a hard time as always getting their scores out.

First place was for Antoine Bizet with a combo of flip tuck no hand - flat spin/cork flip table - front flip.

Second place for Adolf Silva with a persistent and effective combo of flip - superman double grab - front flip.

And third place for DJ Brandt with a flip tuck no hand - flat spin/cork flip table - front flip.

Patrick Robinson letting go mid flight!

Will White A.K.A. "Elastoman"

DJ Brandt

Patrick Robinson: I believe I can fly...

Antoni Villoni flipping the crowd out!

Adolf Silva

Signature Ethan Nell

Reed Boggs

Anoine Bizet took first place this year!

Adolf Silva

Mitch Chubey into the sunset!

DJ Brandt

Antoine Bizet

Ethan Nell

The Podiums

Speed podium winners: 1st Remy Metailler, 2nd Pedro Ferreira from Chile, 3rd local Guadalajara boy Ray Fournier

Style podium winners: 1st Antoine Bizet, 2nd Adolf Silva, 3rd DJ Brandt

Pirate ship sailing away into the sunset, most of its crew were the riders! See you next time DownVallarta!


  • + 26
 @nswitalski those are some master class photos, nice work sir.
  • + 2
 A W E S O M E Y E S
  • + 11
 .... podium girls...
  • + 2
 Exactly what i was thinking lol
  • + 4
 I'm sure it's fine, but that wooden drop off in the 8th photo looks seriously sketchy!
  • + 5
 Damn, that is a set of photos. Great work!
  • + 3
 *Looks at the last 3 jumps to the finish*

Yeah can urban enduro be a thing"....
  • + 4
 how is franz grossmann? any updates?
  • + 2
 He’s been up and about
  • + 1
 He's fine as far as I know from Instagram. Still recovering though.
  • + 3
 My run was flip 1foot, no look flip, 3 table*** -DJ

Sick photos Nico!
  • + 1
 Parabéns Remy, Bernardo só faltou fotos ficaram muito bem tiradas, parabéns para o fotógrafo haaaa....
  • + 2
 Rayitas ramirez Im your best fan!!!!
  • + 1
 Can anybody tell me why is Remy riding on normal DVO fork instead of the upside-down model?
  • + 5
 It's better.
  • + 3
 It's lighter
  • + 1
 Giant DH team is running the same.
  • + 2
  • + 2
 IS REMY FRENCH OR CANADIAN for focks sake ?
  • + 2
 @RedBurn: French living in Canada lol, like Yoann BARELLI
  • + 2
 @Aksel31: i guess his wife is canadian then ? i dont think its that easy to go there and live coming from abroad
  • + 2
 @RedBurn: I think they're both officially canadian now?
  • + 2
 Antoni Villoni flipping photo... sick
  • + 3
  • + 1
 Mega yeah
  • + 1
 Que gusto ver a Fabian en el top 10. Muchas felicidades Saludos
  • + 1
 Speed incarnate wins again
  • + 2
 Nice shots
  • + 1
 1st and 3rd same combo?

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