Crankworx 2014: Video - Enduro World Series Round 6

Aug 11, 2014 at 20:32
by Official Crankworx  
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1. Cecile RAVANEL
2. Tracy MOSELEY
3. Anne Caro CHAUSSON


1. Jared GRAVES
2. Nico LAU
3. Curtis KEENE

Video: Scott Secco, Max Berkowitz, Connor Macleod, Jasper Wesselman, Last Light Cinema and geebeebee media.


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 Thank you Pinkbike for these awesome videos and the ones to come in the future. You are good to us this week
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 Pinkbike should do this for every round of the EWS. Just make them longer with more interviews and footage of riding with Tippy explaining the stage.
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 CG.."Im just pissed cuz we missed happy hour at the bar"....HAHA!
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 He cracked open a beer within seconds of crossing the finish line. LOL
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 i think it was a Corona, actually.
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 I see what you did there...
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 This video is way better vs watching the live broadcast yesterday
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 So much knar.... I don't even understand how some of those sections of trail were even rideable. So much respect for all these riders.
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 knar....or gnar,,,,
  • 8 0
 gaffneys numerical assessment of radness...or Gnar
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 I'm the best enduroist on the mountain!
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 sick pinkbike awesome footage the live coverage was kinda useless only showing like 3 shots of angry pirate.. here we getta see a little of every thing
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 Easy enough sexley? LOL Then first 3 stages are probably the most challenging in whistler, with the exception of gargemel. Very challenging tracks for sure. Huge props to all the racers especially my friends who raced. Wish it had worked out that I could've been there as well.
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 I think he was being facetious.
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 Not likely. @sexley thinks enduro is a lesser form of mountain bike racing to DH.
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 ha - get a grip
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 I was gripping a lot yesterday.
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 Super stoked to see Jared get the win, what a champ! The bloke is super skilled and so down to earth, seen him riding at nearly every Enduro we've had this season in South East Queensland. Very cool having a world class rider supporting local races
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 Crazy that after all those stages the times can be that close...
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 Obituary for Microclimate.

Beloved Trail, beautiful ribbon of singletrack, provider of smiles for all who visited her. She passed quickly into the eternal afterlife in the mid-morning hours of Sunday August 10th, 2014. Birthed into the world over a three year labour of love, Microclimate was the Blackcomb-based communal lovechild of Paul, Dave and friends.As a young toddler, Microclimate developed rapidly, wending her loamy personality throughout the oldgrowth of her elders the coastal cedars. Very quickly she developed into a teenager, pushing away from her parents’ controlled development and seeking the attention of the outside world. She grew rebellious and expressed herself to the world through social media and fire-fast word-of-mouth. Her tender berms and flowing ruggedness became shared by all, and as she grew a few weeks older, she began to show her roots and settled into her smooth-flowing personality.
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 As Microclimate matured into adult trailhood, she experienced her first taste of the real world. Threats of closure, anti-Strava signs, and pushback from 'the man' about her very existence became a daily discussion amongst her community of friends and stewards. Just as our fine ribbon was reaching maturity and finding balance within her community, her fame swept her off her feet and she lost control of her life. As the downward spiral began, and even through her final hours, she succumbed to the impersonal nickname of 'Stage 1', a name that Enduro racers and commentators alike used in gleeful ignorance, a moniker she never quite took to, and to which her friends and builders all resented to the end. And in the end, it was her conception that became her demise.
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 Born on the wrong side of the tracks, a white child in a black neighbourhood, her early and chip-timed death may even have been foreshadowed by her creators. A small trail amongst bigger ski runs, she could not resist the hungry eyes of CWX, and succumbed to the fatal choking blows of mini-DH drifts, 650b, and those self-aggrandizing 'cheater lines'. Her gentle loamy skin may have been cutty’ed from her body, but it will never be forgotten by those that gently touched her during her few brief months on this earth. RIP Microclimate.
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 I know these are hard events to cover and these guys got some great footage but this vid shows about 1% of the epicness of this event.
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 It would take 100+ camera's to properly cover the whole course. Wish there was a way to properly capture it all.
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 If poutine or a buffet had been at the bottom sexley would have won hands down!
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 So happy for Keene. Local bro finally on the podium!
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 so wish I was goin out for a ride.
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 whats this cool track at the start anybody know ?
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 Nico Lau had a healthy lead going into the final stage? What? I guess somebody forgot to tell that to Martin Maes. He started the final stage nearly 1 minute up on Lau.
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 Seriously? I'm getting neg propped for paying attention? Here, add up the times for stages 1 through 4 yourself if you don't believe me, and you'll see that it was Martin Maes in the lead going into the final stage, not Nico Lau as stated in this video.
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 Love the panning shots of Top of the World. Great job guys. Get some sleep - next up Garbanzo!
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 Oh next year I really have to go there.....
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 So much for "No Strava" on microclimate, I guess that's out the window when the map gets posted on PB....
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 Why no Kyber this year? Is this trail not worthy?
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 Looks easy enough....
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 hold my beer....
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 at 2:05 O_o

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