17 Rider Invite List Announced for Crankworx Innsbruck Slopestyle

May 18, 2021 at 21:03
by Official Crankworx  
Photo Kike Abelleira
Johansson, the reigning King of Innsbruck Slopestyle. Photo: Kike Abelleira

It's been a long time coming. The first Crankworx FMBA Slopestyle World Championship contest since March 2020 is set to launch in one month.

June 16-20, Crankworx Innsbruck will bring the action to the world live on Red Bull TV. Saturday, June 19, all eyes will be on Slopestyle.

For riders, that means chill backyard sessions are starting to get next-level. New tricks are getting dialed while new setups are being put to the test. Custom paint jobs are being unveiled. Travel plans are getting locked in.

Backyard sessions, and Instagram feeds, are going off.

For fans of freeride, the countdown is on...

Today, the list of invited riders who’ll be competing in the Crankworx Innsbruck Slopestyle was released.

Ready to drop in from the top of the start ramp will be:

• Alex Alanko (SWE)
• Paul Couderc (FRA)
• Erik Fedko (GER)
• Max Fredriksson (SWE)
• Thomas Genon (BEL)
• David Godziek (POL)
• Lucas Huppert (SUI)
• Emil Johansson (SWE)
• Lukas Knopf (GER)
• Tomas Lemoine (FRA)
• David Lieb (USA)
• Garret Mechem (USA)
• Nicholi Rogatkin (USA)
• Torquato Testa (ITA)
• Jakub Vencl (CZE)

Alternates on deck will be Timothé Bringer (FRA) and Tom Isted (GBR).

A detailed rider list is available here: crankworx.com/results/start-lists/

Photo Kike Abelleira
Putting the band back together... Photo: Kike Abelleira

One to watch will be the Swedish phenom who’s won the last three Crankworx Slopestyle contests. And while Emil Johansson has now won every Crankworx Slopestyle contest there is to win, the full roster of competitors was not in Innsbruck to challenge him in 2020, most notably two-time event winner Nicholi Rogatkin. Due to the travel restrictions in place at the time the event was sanctioned as a gold-level event, instead of the usual diamond-level associated with SWC events.

A win in Innsbruck this year would bring the Red Bull rider the full pull of diamond-level Crankworx Slopestyle wins.

bigquotesI’ve been trying to get some outdoor riding in, to get the blood flowing again after a long winter riding indoors. The pressure is definitely there if I want it to be, but in a way there is no difference going in to this contest than any other contest in the past, so I am stoked to get back to Innsbruck again!Emil Johansson

Brandon Semenuk once said the young Swede was on track to be “unstoppable.”

The course that awaits riders is one with four years of history behind it. Johansson is its most recent conqueror, preceded by Brett Rheeder (2019) and Rogatkin (2018 and 2017).

With Rogatkin and his countrymen back in the mix, this year’s contest will feature the deepest field of American riders to hit the Crankworx Slopestyle scene in recent memory. This includes the SWC debut of Garret Mechem. Mechem earns his spot on the invited rider list as the 2020 Red Bull Rookie of the Year.

bigquotesI feel very good heading into my first SWC event. I’ve been on the bike a ton, in the gym a bunch, just trying everything to be as ready as I can. My mindset is simple: don’t stress myself out. Stress for me leads to uncharacteristic riding, so I’m just trying to be as confident as I can, telling myself every day that I’m here for a reason. This is a big dream of mine and has been for a long time…I’ve been working towards this for the last six years. I’m stoked I’m finally here.Garret Mechem

Mechem has competed and podiumed in other disciplines at Crankworx, but never Slopestyle.

Photo Fraser Britton
Mechem (right) has a long list of Crankworx competitions under his belt, include podiums in Speed & Style, but this will be his first time competing at this level of Slopestyle. Photo: Fraser Britton

All the action from the Crankworx Innsbruck Slopestyle will be live on Red Bull TV. In total, five events will be broadcast live over the four days of the festival.

Preliminary rider lists for the Specialized Dual Slalom Innsbruck, Rockshox Pump Track Challenge Innsbruck, CLIF Speed & Style Innsbruck, and deuter Downhill Innsbruck presented by Raiffeisen Club will be released one week from today.

A list of invited riders set to take on the Official European Whip-Off Championships presented by POC will also be released, with highlights of the event available after the champs have been crowned.

Full schedule and details for all live events to come during Crankworx Innsbruck 2021: crankworx.com

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 Sorry I only follow secret events that aren't on social media these days.
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 Those are still invite only, though. #inclusivitiy
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 It feels a bit shitty to find out I've not been invited via a press release. A heads up would have been nice
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 First time?
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 Well after I wasn’t invited to the World Champs I kinda figured I’d be a sure thing for this, guess I’ll be back to work tomorrow after all.
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 Good to see Paul Couderc in the list. I hope he'll be at 100%.
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 @Clem-mk yes!! i feel couderc could pull a podium, if not a win. that man is insane
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 Did they tell him that he only gets two runs though?
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 @BMXJJ327: lmao brilliant
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 Thomas Genon is from Belgium, @pinkbike Wink
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 Yeah that's my bad. Fat fingers strike again. Sorry Tommy G.
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 Nah, he's ours now.
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 *double checks list for Fest riders*
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 Man if I was a @TransitionBikeCompany @YTIndustries @evocsports or one of the other fest founders sponsors I would be SO PISSED to find out that they were comming to such a horrible event that goes against the dedication to the art of riding bikes and building trails - things that are far more important than how many views or likes a video gets on social media. Man they are super lucky for the opportunity to put thier brands behind riders that don't stoop so low as to have an active media presence.
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 No Canucks. I sad.
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 They've transcended.
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 For Covid reasons, I'm suggesting, we plea bargain this out for everyone's "safety".

1st: Johansson
2nd: Rogatkin
3rd: Godziek
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 Fantasy slopestyle please?
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 We've got something exciting coming for this!! Stay tuned.
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 @officialcrankworx: Awesome can’t wait to not win this too, like all of the other Pinkbike comps I’ve entered
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 Stoked to see Lieb and Meachem finally make list.
  • 9 1
 Why is Brett Rheeder missing out?
  • 7 1
 Said he won’t be competing in 2021
  • 1 0
 @freeridejerk888: Ah no way, how come?
  • 27 0
 @Joebohobo: following the semenuk formula for freeride success
  • 51 1
 @adrennan: he prob took up rally, his transformation into semenuk is almost complete.
  • 11 0
 @manhattanprjkt83: I once called him Logan when he signed a cap for me a Crankworx, it was a weird time when I couldn't tell Rheeder from Peat or Norbratten from Strait. Anyway, he signed it and smiled. Nice fella, I wish him every success.
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 No fork or shock, so no ride...
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 @hisroyalgooseness: makes me feel less cringe for calling tyler mccaul 'cam' at l2a crankworx 8 years ago
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 I feel like there should be more riders.
  • 3 0
 @scott-townes: 17 riders doesn't seem like much, how are we supposed to get better riders when the field is so small?
  • 5 0
 @dualcrownscottspark: You're welcome to look into how the FMB tour functions which has been around for years now.
  • 6 0
 @dualcrownscottspark: It's more riders than usual for a slopestyle contest of this caliber. There's usually like 14 or 15.
  • 5 0
 @dualcrownscottspark: Pretty well defined formula of winning in the bronze => silver => gold events to gain points to qualify for a diamond event like this one. There's definitely a reason we see the same elite group at the top events, but everyone else can climb the ranks too.
  • 1 0
 @plyawn: If only there where events to attend! :'(
  • 1 0
 @mitch1616: I'm sorry to hear that. That seems to be the natural progression of judge-based disciplines of any action sport.
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 @mitch1616: can say I have never heard of a slopestyle event near me expect from at highland which is quite the drive.
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 I hope Max Fredriksson isn’t really Mad.
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 Again with the fat fingers. But hey, Mad Max Fredriksson is a pretty sweet nickname.
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 "And while Emil Johansson has now won every Crankworx Slopestyle contest there is to win, the full roster of competitors was not in Innsbruck to challenge him in 2020, most notably two-time event winner Nicholi Rogatkin"

Please, @officialCrankwork. We are all fans, we know the peeps riding, and we which are at the top/most popular. No need for this sensless drama. That ^ is pure fluff.

Yah Crankworx!
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 Lots of new mountain bikers this year. Gotta get them up to speed!
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 Tommy G !!! and lil Moine hell yes !!
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 Needs Marcel Hunt! Hes been killing it lately.
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 I think Garret Mechem is the only name I don't recognize! Even without Brett and Brandon it looks like a really strong field.
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 FMB Rookie of the year, SO they get a wild card into the first CwX event of the year,
  • 2 0
 Learn it. The kids an animal. He's proven to be very competitive in other events already. Were it not for an ill advised double tail whip a couple years ago people would have been hearing about him even sooner.
  • 3 0
 @onemanarmy: I know Garret, he kills it. He deserved the Wild card.
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 Can`t wait to see what new bonkers trick Johansson has learned over the winter months
  • 5 0
 Where’s Diego?
  • 3 0
 I'm home, just after tom isted in the ranking
  • 3 0
 Dawid Godziek spells his name with a W.
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 He's been spelling it with a V on social these days so we stuck with that.
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 I know he's good, but Fredriksson's name aint Mad... it's Max
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 So no UK riders then, apart from the reserve Tom Isted?! Disappointed.
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 it'll be like the usual HAM-BOT-VER with ROG-GOD-JOH.... but having a 3 way battle is better than two!
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 Booya. Stoked.
  • 2 3
 What's with the short rider list...? looks pretty lame if you ask me not really a proper competition when you don't invite all the top level athletes.
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 Riders list is 3 riders more than normal, just saying...but let me know who’s missing in your eyes
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 David Lieb!
  • 2 3
 Matt Jones retired?
  • 9 1
 Matt Jones hasn’t ridden contests in a hot minute...
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 Busy advertising Square Space
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 @Allen82: hahahaa! good one, his videos are killer tho!
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 @OneMTB: yea he just getting back to competitions he couldn’t make this one though
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