Freestyled in the mid to late 80's, raced BMX 2 years in 90-91, bought my first MTB in 91.

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oldschool43 Tajlucas's article
Jun 28, 2020 at 7:41
Jun 28, 2020
There's a Reason They Don't Let Me Write the Tech Articles - Sunday Comics with Taj Mihelich
@guyonabike407: I remember the Onza's. I asked the sales rep about the cold, because I rode an elastomer Manitou suspension fork in the cold. Well, in the cold it was mostly rigid. He said they would be fine. My friend ran Onza's and on one winter ride tipped over 3 times, I had to twist his foot to get him out of the pedal once. Just couldn't leave him in the woods... ;)
oldschool43 MTB-Strength-Factory's article
Jun 20, 2020 at 11:43
Jun 20, 2020
Video: In-Depth Analysis of Flat Pedal Efficiency with the Strength Factory
Believe it or not, street riding on a BMX bike is where I got my flat pedal knowledge. Jumping off a flight of stairs, bunny hopping, sprinting to hit a jump and jumping in general. You kinda learn how to hold the bike under you at some point, then it sticks. I would pick a ride with little stunts, small drops, small jumps, skinnies and if you can, play around for a while. Even learning how to bunny hop or doing stupid stuff off a small jump, one footers, turndown, tables, jammin' salmon, with flats will help you "feel" the contact of the pedal. No shame in staying clipped in until you're comfortable with flats. I always find if you make it fun to learn, when it comes down to it, you keep your cool because it's just riding a bike. If that makes sense.
oldschool43 MTB-Strength-Factory's article
Jun 20, 2020 at 5:17
Jun 20, 2020
Video: In-Depth Analysis of Flat Pedal Efficiency with the Strength Factory
I can ride both, but prefer clipping in. Started in flats, bmx freestyle in the 80's for 8 years. Then when I switched to mtb in 91, I ran toeclips, which were actually not horrible if you ran them loose, you could quickly get out to dab most times. Switched to clipless in 93 or 94. Went back and forth a bit with flats a few years ago, but prefer clips for everyday use. I don't think one is better than the other for everyday trail use, it's what you're comfortable on. Types of riding, DJ, trials, skinnies, I would use flats. As long as you ride, doesn't really matter.
oldschool43 jamessmurthwaite's article
Jun 15, 2020 at 18:46
Jun 15, 2020
The Moorhuhn is an Additive Manufactured Frame Hoping To ‘Make Steel Sexy Again’
@jomacba: What's your stance on deconstructed riboflavin?
oldschool43 brianpark's article
Jun 8, 2020 at 9:43
Jun 8, 2020
Race & Accessibility in the Mountain Bike Community
@radek: As the founder of this website forum, supporting Waki and his methods of communication, you need to have an outside party explain why it is wrong if you don't see it. I have seen him attack multiple users many times. From bike prices, bike set up, bikes preferred, wheel size, etc. He was a cyber bully. Plain and simple. Told people to have sex with their relatives, made fun of riders new to the sport with practical questions, loved references to Hitler, personally messaged me with some drivel about wanting to kill his daughter and punching his wife. Yeah, protect that guy. There is open conversation, like this. Waki's response would be,"You're to dumb to understand the complexity of conversation to even have a voice". I saved that! He made that comment to ME!! I asked some basic questions about bar/stem width/length. When asked "why go wider though?", Waki came back with that comment! What fun new website I found. So do you condone this type of dialogue? This is how someone new to the sport should be treated? Someone asking questions that would get an understanding being treated like that? Seriously, I would like a response.
oldschool43 brianpark's article
Jun 6, 2020 at 8:15
Jun 6, 2020
Race & Accessibility in the Mountain Bike Community
@brianpark: I have been an active cyclist for at least 37 years. I was an accomplished bmx freestyler in the 80's, decent downhiller, XC and slalom in the 90's. A master mechanic, wheel builder, mechanically minded for longer. Only post what I have experienced. I have ridden at least one day a week for the last 37 years. Snow, rain, heat, drought, extreme cold, even with 2 freshly born baby girls at home, I found time to ride. Today, I'm riding with the 6th mtb generation of mtber's. Every 5 years or so, a fresh batch of 5-10 riders show up at the trail, I show them around. Every color, religion and even women. Even my girls, who are 21 and 19 years old now, showed up at the trail with me at some point. I have years of riding, years of knowledge, many people, famous and complete unknowns, I've shared the trail with. I have gained so many skills and held them for years. I've taught people some of my secrets and could probably have skills camps. I think I joined PB 10 years ago, but could be wrong. At first, I kinda read the comments, been around so long, I likely had an experience to share that was similar. And it was nice to see mtb was still a thing! In 2009, I could ride my local trails 3 days a week and only see maybe one other set of tracks that weren't mine. Today, it's a busy place again. My very first comment, I was attacked by Waki. About bar setup. I asked for clarification for the attack, tried to see his point openly. I mean, my brother and other bike shop customers had,"That shouldn't be comfortable" set ups, but it works for them. I always keep an open mind. Over the years, I tried to add my experiences to this website, always hit by Waki at some point. Then a few others creeped up. Some of them are gone now. I'm starting a personal bicycle journey in a few weeks that I always wanted to do. I was inspired by my Dad's passing 18 months ago. What I'm making will be attacked by Waki and others, but I'm just gonna do it. The thing is, at some point, I stopped commenting because it's just too much. It's been too much. I mean, I've dabbled, but I'm still pretty quiet. This should have been years ago. Glad you have plans to change the way things go. Maybe someday my product will be on here and I won't be called an idiot because of what works and is fun to me.
oldschool43 duncshaw's article
May 21, 2020 at 13:28
May 21, 2020
Video: How To Backwards Nose Manual Any Bike with Duncan Shaw
@audric: I have wanted to put my 26er back together... I have wheelies and manuals on youtube somewhere. But my idiot nephew titled them all weird and totally misspelled, so the location won't even come up. He can't even find them and I spent about 2 hour looking. If you find them, forward them to me. :)
oldschool43 cotic-bikes's article
May 21, 2020 at 13:22
May 21, 2020
Cotic Launches the New BFeMAX Hardcore 29" Hardtail
You should try a 29er. When 27.5 took over, hard to believe it was only 4 or so years ago, I was looking for a new bike. Read the science and data between 27.5 and 29, looked at tire/wheel weights and went with a 29er. I'm just under 5'8" and I can find a frame that fits. When I ride my 26er, I can feel the roll over that gets muted on the same trails with the 29. It's as fast or faster, just way more stable. I've done everything with my older Cotic Salaris 29er, even Ray's bike park and really I'm not missing the little bike.
oldschool43 duncshaw's article
May 20, 2020 at 8:55
May 20, 2020
Video: How To Backwards Nose Manual Any Bike with Duncan Shaw
I first saw this move in like 1985, Gary Pollick, Ceppie Mayes and Dizz Hicks, the CW bmx team. We got to street ride with them in Madison Wisconsin, they wanted to kick it with my friend's sister and her friend. Anyway, we were at the Capitol building and all 3 of them did them down the street. We practiced for months after. One day, I got it down!! My friend got it down not long after. I haven't tried one in like 10 years, I can see myself doing it, you become trained, like a manual or wheelie. But my nearly 50 year old brain reminds me that, I'm nearly 50. I did do a G-turn a year ago though. That said, it's easier to learn stuff on a BMX or DJ bike. Trying this on my long wheelbase 29er, that's a long way down if I have to step off.
oldschool43 mikekazimer's article
May 17, 2020 at 10:39
May 17, 2020
Shimano Announces New ME700 Clipless Pedals
Meant M530. Don't know where M320 came from..
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