Video: Olivier's Vision of Enduro Looks a Lot Like Freeride

Sep 18, 2018 at 0:42
by Olivier Cuvet  

Nothing has changed in Olivier’s mind. Enduro is still limitless. Those who want to categorize it are wasting their time.

A stunning forest, handcrafted trails, tacky conditions, a custom painted bike and few jumps. Those are the prerequisites of a proper enduro session!


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 Enduro, you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. Impressive skills by the way.
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 Hmmm... I didn't see any timed stages or race plates....

People who use the term "enduro" to describe trail riding on all mountain bikes are such goobers, regardless of skill level. That was some great style though.
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 @scott-townes: before enduro became competitive it was just the ability to ride very varied terrain for a long time, which is just mountainbiking
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 I don't know everyone, helmet matches the bike, most enduro thing I've seen all day
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 @danielhfranks: no hip belt... not enduro enough! but don't worry, he's like totally breaking the mold cause he don't care about labels... or mislabeling things.....
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 Is this is enduro,Ken Block's Gymkhana must be rally.
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 M o u n t a i n B i k i n g!
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 That’s a good name for it! :-) we should all adopt it!
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 I don't care what this type of riding is called. Maybe the title is just trying to say 'this is supposed to be an enduro bike but look what this dude can do with it, it is sick'. Anyways, as long as Olivier is riding, I enjoy watching.
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 Oliv and VinnyT videos are always fun to watch. They changed the title so nothing to complain, just enjoy the vid guys!
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 "Nothing has changed in Olivier’s mind. Enduro is still limitless. Those who want to categorize it are wasting their time." - And yet here, riding a bike is being given the label of "Enduro". Dude might be the kind of person who enjoys the smell of their own farts.
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 This video made me buy a 160mm travel bike, now if that isn't enduro I don't know what is.
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 Enduro is more of an event than it is just solo freeriding? Great skills. But the anitvist statement seems to be trying a little hard to break the mold. Props for the edit though
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 Its ironic he is riding a banshee bike, the pinnacle freeride bike. Plus this is freeriding, if your going off big jumps and hitting massive tricks (which is happening here) then its freeriding at its finest, all we are missing are some steezy stunts to put the cherry on top.
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 Just because he's on a single crown does not make going exclusively downhill, hitting jumps, and doing tricks enduro. I think if something is going to be called enduro, you need to be pedaling uphill and riding a really long way
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 Is that a custom colorway banshee?
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 Yup, but there has been so much demand that it will be launched as a limited edition colour very soon.
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 @BansheeRiders: Very very soon Smile And it looks awesome!
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 @magiko9: cool!!
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 That is just MOUNTAIN BIKING. If you want to be more specific, then it could be considered 'Freeriding'.

"Enduro" is simply the name of a mountain bike racing category.
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 almost any bike can freeride as long as youve got skill
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 This's the kind of article where I skip the content and head straight for the comments.
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 Had nothing to do with enduro.
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 sparkling wiggles that was rowdy.
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 water bottle please
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 oh, you better save up now, spitty with a bottle is on the way!
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 endure bike on flowy jump trail..... IS NOT FOCKING FREERIDE

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