Video: Valentin Anouilh Is 'Lost In France' on the Orange Switch 7

Apr 24, 2023 at 7:41
by Orange Bikes  

Words: Orange Bikes

The new Orange Switch 7 is the de facto Orange Bikes Enduro World Series bike, built to deliver fast times on the world's roughest enduro race tracks. But as in life, all is not what it seems.

The Switch 7 features the new STRANGE power link which allows the chassis to have a considerably more progressive shock curve than we have used previously. It’s this shock curve which adds to the truly bottomless feeling that the Switch 7 delivers. It absorbs the roughest hits on the world's toughest tracks; built for performance and speed.

We gave Valentin Anouilh one of the first Switch 7 bikes to put through its paces on his local terrain, showing that it's not just a bike for going up against the clock and between the tape.

Photos by Le o Grosgurin

Photos by Le o Grosgurin

For those who may not know, Valentin Anouilh runs one of the best Orange Bikes shops in France in Murat, right in the heart of the Auvergne region - Bike Home.

Val has been on board with Orange as a team rider for over 6 years, and now also heads up the distribution in France for Orange Bikes.

All enquiries about Orange Bikes for France should be directed to Valentin at Bike Home, he can help with bike sales or demo bike rides.

Photos by Le o Grosgurin

Photos by Le o Grosgurin

Valentin also manages the Orange Bikes France team with:
- Elliot Lees (DH World Cup rider)
- Enzo Puissant & Pierre Real (EWS / French Cup riders)
- Karl DaSilva (freeracer and mechanic)
- Nicolas Vidal (Co-Owner and Bike Home mechanic)

You can also follow Valentin’s adventures over on his Youtube channel here and on Instagram here.

You can find out more about the Orange Bikes Switch 7 here on the Orange Bikes homepage.

Photos by Léo Grosgurin.Video by Louis Citadelle.

Photos by Le o Grosgurin

Photos by Le o Grosgurin

Photos by Le o Grosgurin

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 Valentin Anouilh: ex team rider, orange bike shop owner, head of orange distribution France, orange team manager, helps with orange demo and distribution and in house bike tester- suddenly I feel like I don’t have enough jobs!
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flag RedBurn (Apr 25, 2023 at 4:19) (Below Threshold)
 hahahaha too diversified = unqualified ?
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 Most important: he jumped above the Tour de France
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 An orange orange! Excellent.
  • 8 2
 I know they get alot of hate, but I just love the look of their frames! Elevated chainstays are rad!
  • 1 0
 I'm torn between thinking their bikes look patently absurd and pieces of metal art. I think the color of the bike, and the lighting make a big difference. That last shot makes the bike look pretty rad, in other articles with different colors and lighting I've felt the exact opposite. As some others pointed out seeing it in person probably makes it look pretty cool. Talk about a polarizing aesthetic when it induces split personality disorder.
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 I’m with you. I love the look of the front triangle too.
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 Lovely edit but not very Yorkshire. I’ve heard Orange have some fast lads in the Hebden / Halifax area that are overdue an edit.
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 Gabe seabridge and Henry Stephenson
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 "Lost in France"... Shouldn't be hard to find, just listen for the wanking.....

Disclaimer: Video was cool and the bike looks great (unique, but great). I've never ridden one but I'd give it a go!
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 Whew thanks for the disclaimer I wasn’t quite sure what to think of the video or if you’d ever give one a go. Gonna sleep well tonight
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 merci qui ?
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 Does "wanking" have a different meaning in the US compared to the UK...?
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 @carlitouk: I think he was beating the dead horse once more. (The skeleton in a biscuit tin joke.)
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 @orangebikes can you put a 29" on the back of this frame. Especially if it is the XL?
  • 2 0
 @vudu74 I run a 29er on the back of my Five Evo. Because of the long chainstays I'd say its a safe bet.
  • 2 0
 @zerort: yeah that is what I was thinking. But it seems weird that they don't specify it. Thank you for your response!
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 I came here to see their fake e-bike looking frame set trying to do some steezy whips… left disappointed that it’s not that ugly frame in the vid
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 I was riding one around the car park of a local bike shop a few weeks ago. Such a nice bike in 3D. Orange bikes always look awful in 2D. You need to see all the angles and folds. Considering they’ve just fed a sheet of metal into a hydraulic press it’s a real work of art.
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 y a-t-il un classeur dans ce vélo? bonne video.Smile
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 C'est pratique Google traduction... sauf quand la traduction ne veut rien dire Smile
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 @danstonQ: tout a fait
c'est un blague. Est ce qu'il y a un classeur(filing cabinet en anglais) dans ce velo? c'est peut etre plus juste/correct.
  • 1 1
 @hvmatt: a fiLLing cabinet with 2 L or a fiLing cabinet with one L?
Je dirais que c'est juste un "espace de rangement", ou un "espace de stockage", ou un trou dans le cul du vélo Smile
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 Ouais carrément c'est du format A4 !
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 @Cocorico: avec intercalaires 10 couleurs pour pas se tromper!

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