Orbea Fox Enduro Team Announces 2024 Roster & Gear

Mar 26, 2024 at 8:13
by Orbea  

PRESS RELEASE: Orbea Fox Enduro Team

Martin Maes, Flo Espiñeira and Edgar Carballo are more determined than ever to reach the top with Rallon and Wild. As we approach the 2024 season, the Orbea FOX Enduro Team once again gears up to face the pinnacle of enduro racing. Following Flo Espiñeira’s nearly flawless season, having won the E-EDR circuit on their Wild, they return this year wanting more. Martin Maes and Edgar Carballo have prepared this season with the same focus, more excited than ever to give their best in EDR and E-EDR. Throughout the winter, the team has been training and testing equipment in various conditions, fine-tuning their bikes to suit their individual needs and objectives.

2024 Orbea Enduro Team Team Camp Finale Ligure Italia

bigquotesEnduro has evolved in a way where every fraction counts, which is why all the details are important and we must pay attention to them if we really want to fight for victory. This preseason, we have worked a lot on adapting the Orbea Rallon for Martin and Wild for Edgar and Flo, and we believe that we have reached the perfect settings for each rider.Primož Štrancar, Team Manager for the Orbea FOX Enduro Team

2024 Orbea Enduro Team Team Camp Finale Ligure Italia


In the EDR category, Martin will use the newly updated Rallon, featuring new geometry and increased travel. These modifications make the Rallon an even faster, more capable bike at the highest-level of racing. As usual, Martin will configure his bike with different options depending on the course and conditions, including 29” front and rear wheels or Mullet option, an air or coil shock, and other possible configurations.


For E-EDR, Flo and Edgar will once again rely on Wild, the most winning ebike in the industry to date. Both riders will continue to benefit from features such as the Bosch CX-R motor or Steep N Deep technology, which will complement the bike’s lightweight maneuverability. FOX remains a pillar of this project and has equipped the team with a FOX 38 fork on both Wild and Rallon. Oquo wheels also returns as a fundamental team sponsor for 2024, showcasing their performance and reliability even in the most challenging usage conditions.

Alongside these brands, Race Face, Bosch, Maxxis, FI’zi:k, Bluegrass, Met, Galfer, and Crankbrothers are essential for the continued success of the Orbea FOX Enduro Team. Another crucial component of the team’s success is its staff. Primož Štrancar will continue to lead as Team Manager, supported by mechanics Eneko Prado and Gilles Frank, physical therapist Gregg Combes, and filmmaker Sandro Szukat.


2024 Orbea Enduro Team Team Camp Finale Ligure Italia

2024 Orbea Enduro Team Team Camp Finale Ligure Italia

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 So Martin Maes will be running 29 or 27.5, air or coil, or other options, hopefully he can at least decide on ORbea
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 Heh, my academic AI scanner has flagged that the article is written by ChatGPT.
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 If that is the case, at least ChatGPT got its pronouns correct!
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 Double checked- he's right, its pretty much all AI generated.
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 @adamconradx: Where did you go to check?
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 Grande Floooo!!!!
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 Where is Vid Peršak?
  • 1 0
 on his IG he is in a Union Sinter Jersey
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 Unfair on bike academy. Evan & Emmet clearly have done well. There big break came from BA. Flo's results needs no further comment. Just hope that if it runs again, offer the place to the fastest rider (assuming the prize is a slot with a race team)
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 Another year Edgar forced to race an E-bike, someone needs to race them within the team i suppose and Maes has more of the spot light. Good luck to team!
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 Orbea rallon witch strut-mount suspension designee and Fox DHX2. It will probably snapp.

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 But where is Tori?
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 Tori Amos lives in Cornwall, UK
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 What’s happened to the haute savoire edr and e edr race? It’s been deleted from uci website?
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 je dirai meme plus : Go Martin ! ( joke for tintin's lector )
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 Where can I actually watch enduro racing for free?
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 Edgar el Rey de Canarias!!! jajajajaja
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 Is that a 180mm front rotor on that Rallon?? :O
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 Go Martin!
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 Bring back Pinkbike Academy Big Grin
  • 18 1
 I’ll pass on that. Shit was like American idol. Literally season 3 was pointless, Tarmo was the clear winner and most well rounded athlete. But they gave it to Max because he had the most IG followers. Which means Max was guaranteed to win day 1.

And if pinkbike cares about cutting cost, why don’t they get a Canadian frame manufacturer. Like We are One, Rocky Mountain, Devinci, etc.

I would rather have Wakidesign unbanned than for another season of pinkbike academy
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 @kroozctrl: Flo is the only success story from the whole shambles.
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 @ponyboy24: Emmett and Evan haven't done too badly out of S1?
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 @Jblack89: did either of them get the riding gig with Orbea? I don't think pinkbike academy changed their career, they are just talented riders.
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 @kroozctrl: Totally tracking with you until that last sentence. But I'd love to have a restructured PBA season.

Maybe get two or three bike brands to send one of their brand ambassadors to manage a team of three or four riders to compete for team and individual points. Each event has points, so no judging involved. Winning team/individual gets $, gear, and exposure. Great for the brands, viewer engagement should be high given it seems more authentic.
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 @Jblack89: Emmett is season 2 runner up. He was sponsor less for about 3 months after the finale and then got WAO.

Tarmo got a new frame and team sponsor. It’s a new company in EU. Nice looking “sessions.”

Flo, is quite literally the only winner that matters thus far as she is still with Orbea, unlike Max. Now there is a chance Max is with WAO. As he promotes them like he’s sponsored by them.

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