Video: Pure & Simple Hardtail Shredding

Jun 22, 2022 at 12:40
by Orbea  


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 Love my hardtail, everyone should have one in the stable.
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 100% least as a reliable backup for when something happens to the full suspension.
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 Totally agree, I picked up a honzo just to chase the kids around town and now I'll always have one in my stable. It's made trails I never enjoyed fun again.
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 Totally agree! I have a specialized Fuse such a Fuse such a a fun bike.
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 absolutelty. I ride my Chromag more than anything else
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 Totally agree yet I sold my Cotic 3 weeks ago. It was to be a keeper but lately my ankles have been suffering so it's gone.
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 My stable is a hardtail, has been for years!
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 @Tambo: God bless Tambo! Same here. Hardtails keep all trails as spicy as you want them to be.
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 95% of people on my local trails are over-biked in a serious way. Modern hardtails are fun, capable, and simple. I've got a Pivot LES and a Chameleon and each gets more usage than my FS.
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 Love hardtails, but (1) steel, (2) decent brakes with big rotors, (3) more than pumptracks and jump trails - the way the Brits ride 'em in the muddy woods!
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 also (4) Modern geometry (long and slack).
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 There's something so simple and fun about a great hardtail.
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 there is nothing eles like it
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 Hardtail shredding brought to you by Orbea.
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 they have to, as they are known for the bmx background really....
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 cracked the frame on my FS and its going to be awhile until the warranty replacement arrives....I've since dusted off the hardtail and it'll be my primary for the time being. Haven't ridden it in about a year...first few outings were rough....but last couple have been fantastic. Its a completely different riding style, once your muscle memory adjusts, you can shred almost as hard...and its nice not having to deal with all the maintenance and cleaning my FS required.
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 Apart from the shitty brakes it’s actually quite a good spec.
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 Not sure about all the skidding.
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 Notice how they titled the article something else on the homepage other than this Orbea advertisement.
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 @Orbea Any way the kids version of these will ever be available in the US? (Particularly with that Manitou JUnit Expert fork...not super keen on the comp at that price point considering Nukeproof has the expert)?
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 If you want us to believe that you shot on super 8 then you have to add grain. And making it look like 80's video in some places doesn't sell it either LOL. Just embrace digital or shoot the real thing FFS!
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 There's a whole category of bikes that do this, what are they called? Oh yeah! Dirt jumpers!?!
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 Party Riding in hoodies and jeans is the absolute best.
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 that was fun to watch
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 My Yeti Arc is my only bike and it crushes. This vid makes me want to get out and ride even more!
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 Love my 2020 Laufey. The thing rips corners and these days tends to be my 1st choice rig.
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 Looks so fun. I want one.
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 Hardtail and 160 mm rotors ? ...
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flag Lokirides (Jun 23, 2022 at 7:08) (Below Threshold)
 let's be honest, most people on a hardtail aren't going to be going fast enough to need anything bigger.
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 @Lokirides: 100% not true...I have a 203mm rotor on my hardtail. Always flying through the rocky rooted chunk here in the PNW.
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 @pnwgnarnivore: You are not "most people" - and I think all these downvotes prove I touched a nerve ;-)
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 @Lokirides: fair enough, after I wrote "100% not true" even I was second guessing that statement...and yeah you know us hardtailers, we're a salty bunch ;-)
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 @pnwgnarnivore: I run a 203mm front and a 183mm rear on my hardtails. Not over braked at all. Though I did run 183mm front and 160mm rear and they worked pretty good, except on long, fast downhills. That's why I switched. And, you can ride a hardtails fast and rowdy, contrary to popular "opinion".
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 @oldschool43: same here...and it works like a dream.
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 Depends on the wheelsize. I rode my 26" Cotic with 180 front and 160 rear, but now I switched to a 29" Pipedream I run 203 and 180. Feels about the same.
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 @dennis72: well not just wheelsize, rider weight makes a difference as well. I think terrain is is the determining factor too; if you're just riding pump track, jumps, or just live around rolling hills...your demands are going to be much different than living where it's steep and rocky and rooted.
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 Totally agree hardtails suck balls literally
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