Video: Stage 5 Crashes and the Root of the Cause

Mar 29, 2015 at 16:18
by John Colthorpe  
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 More like Rootorua -- am I right?!

Seriously, guys, am I right?
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 Yeah , pretty much !
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 You are all right... I guess.
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 Does rooting for them to crash make me evil?
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 I see what you did there...
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 they really went to the root of the problem.
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 You're on a slippery slope starting all these puns again!
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 I fell for it.
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 that section is bROOTal!
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 Slower was definitely slower here. All the guys/gals that kept it pinned looked to clean it up much better
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 Looked to me like whoever took the high line didn't fall off or dab a foot.... High line ftw!
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 Is it bad that this makes me want to race enduro more?
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 Not at all - it makes you bad ass!
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 Those trails look like so much fun. Getting me so stoked to ride soon!
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 Watching people ride with half lids and goggles has that effect.
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flag boyblue1973 (Mar 30, 2015 at 12:31) (Below Threshold)
 I ride a lot of sections like this in Canada, rocks, roots and ruts and etc, I don't think its badass, as a rider I like the fun stuff and technical challenge, but as a spectator, it looks stupid.
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 ^ A true sign you don't actually ride that kind of stuff that's displayed in the video.
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 If stupid = rowdy, then I agree with boyblue
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 When Sam hill is getting a foot out, you know it is a tough section.
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 I bet all that was going through his mind was "Thank GOD for flats"
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 That's what Tracy Moseley was thinking at 00:55. At 00:57 she was thinking "Oh F*ck, I'm not on flats"
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 Props to Iago Garay Tamayo (ESP) for clearing this section smoother than everyone else - as seen from 1:00 in orange. *thumbsup*
(he got 29. overall, in case you wonder)
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 I started the video and thought, that section doesn't look so bad, then there's Sam Hill dabbing a foot and I know I'm an idiot.
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 thought exactly the same, cameras are never fare when showing how technical a section really is.
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 It's a shame videos almost always fails to depict reality. I mean, it doesn't look that nasty on my screen, seems almost dry. Truth is, if you'd asked me if i would clear the section before i see the crashes i would have undoubtedly answered yes. Yet, virtually all of the best riders in the world aren't exactly at ease with the section so i think my pants would take the color of the ground even before i fall down.
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 This part is in fact dry. But its off-camber with dust-covered roots. And as the day went on, the roots got more exposed with the consequences you see above.
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 I wanna try; I think I learned watching the video
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 Me too, HIGH LINE Smile
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 That sh*t is crazy if all the pros are sliding on their butts. Between the roots, the monster huck drops and the DH course stage, NZ looks like an awesome place for the EWS to visit!
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 The video doesn't show justice to how difficult this section really is.
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 Last dude thought about getting back on the bike for a second then was like, you know what I'll just run this one.
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 After watching this and the other clips on Vital, one burning question I have is... 'Why wasn't anybody running [cut] spikes?'

Maybe one of the pro's who competed (and reads Pb comments) can chime in. I'm genuinely curious as it seems that all the videos I see, the riders' tires are just absolutely caked with mud and every one is sliding all over the place.
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 Jerome Clementz won on a Michelin Mud front.
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 Loads actually were but the native bush mud sticks to anything
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 Yeah, there were plenty people on spikes. Only stage 1 was really muddy. The section here is actually dry.
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 But if it was dry why was it slippery? just can't wrap my mind around it haha
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 Off-camber, and loose roots. Dry is also a relative term in the native forest Smile
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 @mbl77 aha think I understand a bit better now I´ve never experienced conditions like those so can't really imagine it but thanks Smile
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 ride this trail a bit and have raced it a few times and in full blown mud, its very very off camber and steep off camber, roots and is narrow where it is benched, its very undulating with minnie drops step ups over roots that will sap your momentum if you dont flow and theyre are many obstacles mentally that make that hard of you dont like off camber or roots, its one of the best legal trails in the forest though, everyone finds it tough first time, she does not give up her virginity easy, how it should be, the wide sections are the most off camber and rooty, u need to carry speed into those sections and stay high, almost high off the trail and drop back into the next section , both this trail and Katatore stage1 are all about entry in entry out all the way down the trail, so if the pros did not ride in practice much then they'd struggle, plus I think tire selection here is critical, too small a knobs when cut up would be tough, Minon Highroller or Magic Mary front minimum for, last few weeks conditions, mainly due to the rain the previous week and sheer amount of riders practicing and cutting up the trails. The trails or stages are pretty beat now, but theyres some goodness tougher than this and untouched, except by me haha beyotches!
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 Glad to see Nico Lau is human. Those other videos from this weekend made him look like a superhero.
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 that's Gerd going down at 1:21. Nico was wearing an fullface helmet all the time
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 No it's Nico Lau, look closely he;s running the number 4 plate, Greg was running number 16
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 @ConorCraig: you're right...
i mixed that one up... my bad
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 Wow, lots of top dogs having trouble on that section. Can't imagine how other categories managed
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 I could ride that easily! Just a whole lot slower. And there would probably be some swearing involved.
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 Slow reaction time on that by stander kid when the last guy comes down and nearly misses him by having the front time hit the tree! What a lucky break he had there!!!
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 Ha, that was me, kid. I caught a few bikes on Saturday. There was a reason we were all standing behind trees Smile
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 Hhahhah easy try doing the same amount of roots in the Scottish hills, on a enduro when its 2" deep in mud then you can complain.. lol
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 Very technical!
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 God damn do I hate roots. Props to the riders that sailed through, making it look easy!
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 I think those spectators must have been making things a little more exciting by spraying the course down with PAM.
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 Its visible that the ones who are committed make it through. Those that are trying to avoid charging the terrain fail
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 So much for THE wheel size debate
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 Arent full face helmets mandatory in EWS?
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 That one guy almost ground his nuts on the tire...
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 I wanted to hold back on that one, but honestly... there are downsides to wagon wheels. This is one of them.
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 Thank god those 29-ers at least roll more easy and have more grip Wink
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 Iago made it look easy.
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 Iago did very well, faster than Jerome in this section Go south america!!
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 ehhhhmmmm...sorry dude but Iago is from Spain.
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 R u sure...?? Shit
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 That one dude was a chick so she almost ground her taco on the tire.
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