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Video: Darren Berrecloth & Kenny Smith Ride Massive Slabs in 'The Granite Fringe'

May 19, 2022 at 14:10
by Outside Online  

Darren Berrecloth and Kenny Smith travel to their backyard to an area that’s been on their radar for quite a few years. As a helicopter pilot, Kenny had seen the area by air and Darren from afar a few times from his boat in the Salish sea. The goal of their trip was to explore an unknown area in the hope of finding some massive granite freeride lines.

The Granite Fringe and lots of other original MTB content is available on Outside Watch.

The Granite Fringe

Produced by Calvin Huth
Directed by Alex Hogue
Photos by Allan Sawchuck

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 Kenny Smith is underrated and we don't see enough of him. He's been absolutely killing it for years.
Also seeing these two guys shredding in their 40s (I think?) makes me feel like there's still hope for me in my 30s!
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 Dude where are you from? Haha . Kenny is a local legend . In your 30s you are in your prime buddy !
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 Kenny Smith is easily one of the gnarliest riders out there, his section from From The Inside Out and his Screaming From The Sky edit feature hun doing stuff that very few other pros would do, never mind with such conviction
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 Would love to know what the temp was there, it looks warm enough after a days riding and that water sure looks inviting...
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 @DHsender4life: I can't even remember what this flag is lol, but I'm not from wherever it is Wink
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 I grew watching Kenny Smith as a kid in Prince George. He fueled the fire for guys like Kyle norbraten to progress and move down south to be part of the scene. Kenny has always been a rider who pushes limits
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 "A new zone?"

I don't even think this is the first time this zone has been on Pinkbike.
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 Yea I've seen this zone before too, is there a trail that goes to the bottom do you know ?
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 Maybe they mean a zone thats new to them.
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 @DHsender4life: Go find out for yourself. Only kooks ask for location disclosure.
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 @Chrisgus: I already know where it is jackass. I'm a trailbuilder wondering about the low part of the mountain . You ever build anything ?
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 New zone for us, first time I saw it was on Pinkbike years ago!
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 @claw: I believe this is the same zone Lorraine Blancher did a number of years ago? Queendom she called it I believe? And then my friends Matt Yaki and Ryan Creary did a couple seasons ago as well?

If so, this zone is incredible! What an amazing piece of geography.
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 Yep! That's the Queendom! Wildland media and I first took our bikes there in 2016. Pinkbike, Bike, Vital and few other media outlets shared the story.

I'm stoked others are getting back there!

Women's freeriding is finally getting the support and recognition it deserves - hopefully the same can be done for women who explore!


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 Did we just witness the advent of Backcountry Downhill Bicycling? I'm getting Jeremy Jones vibes here. Once again GenX pioneering what all the cool kids will be into for years to come.
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 With scenery that epic, they needed Peter Jackson to film it Smile
sorry no disrespect to the camera crew - it was awesome!
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 Lord of the granite . Great trail name .
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 Two legends of Freeride Mtb out in epic wide open BC. The riding and filming were excellent. Well done boys!
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 I see a couple photo of the year contenders right here!
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 This is epic! Definition of Freeride. Would love to ride there. Rock slabs, purest water, crisp air. Dreams!
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 That rocks
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 Looks hard!
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 I was puckered the whole time watching that. Everything was literately a no fall zone.
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 outside watch?
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 what the hell is that? and what happened to the BETA articles, did they disappear? I've been missing having to skip over those.
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 @konadan: outside just killed beta. guess this is just part of the media transfer process.
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 Doing these hikes with their heavy freeride machines was the most impressive part. The rest wasn't too bad either
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 big mountain for big guys, badass!!
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 What bike frame is claw riding ?
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 Still running a Caynon Sender
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 Just awesome.
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 Haven’t even pressed play and it’s already a banga!
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 Faack ya boys !
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