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Oct 31, 2015 at 5:14
by Paul Aston  
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Check-Out is an article that gives you a glimpse at items under $200 that have crossed the desks here at Pinkbike that we've not had a chance to review yet, but feel that you may want to take a look at.

Julbo Dust

• Wide, vented lenses
• Prescription lenses available
• Photocromic anti-fog lenses
• Weight : 34g
• Colors: Blue / Green - Zebra, Shiny black / Matt black - Zebra, Blue / Orange - Zebra Light
• Price: $170 USD
Julbo glasses

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesDust is designed for mountain biking and outdoor racing enthusiasts. A snug fit on the face is ensured with grip nose and grip tech temples. The slim and flexible frame can be slipped comfortably under a hat or helmet. The wide field of vision is combined with excellent venting thanks to the design of the suspended lenses.

77des guide

77designz Freesolo Chain Guide

• Capacity: 28-34T
• Material: AL 7075 T6, PA66, Titanium
• Colour: Black
• Weight (incl. mounting hardware): 17 grams
• Price: €52.95 / $55.11 USD

77designz Crash Plate

• Chain ring: 28T-34T
• Material: 7075 T6 Aluminium
• 7 Colours
• Weight (incl. mounting hardware): 36 grams
• Price: €34.95 / $36.38 USD

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesThe 77designz Freesolo chain guide is amazing; it's super light, mounts in no time and meanwhile quite affordable. It's designed in Germany and was tested during many enduro and downhill races in all over Europe. And of course, the freesolo also works fine with 1x10 drivetrains as long as you use a clutch-type rear derailleur and a narrow / wide chainring. The 77designz Crash Plate comes in black anodized only and fits exactly to your 32 tooth chain ring. It mounts in no time and is made out of super strong 7075 T6 Aluminium.

Vaude pack

Vaude Path 13

• VENT-TEX suspension system
• Green Shape Eco Product
• Reflective elements
• Rain cover with safety light attachment
• Weight: 995 grams
• Volume: 13 litres
• Dimensions: 43 x 26 x 16 cm
• Price: £80

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesAll terrain touring specialist. Downhill mountain bikers will relish our Path, the body-contact backpack built specifically to meet their needs. With a large main compartment in which you can stow essential gear. The side straps designed to hold your helmet and knee/shin guards can also double as compression straps. Further extras: rain cover & left and right hip belt pockets. With 13 liters of carrying volume.

Green Shape is your VAUDE guarantee for environmentally-friendly products - made from sustainable materials, resource-conserving manufacturing and fair production.

Superstar Rotors

Superstar Alpine EVO Rotors

• 6-bolt fitting
• 7075 aluminium / 304 stainless
• Weight: 160mm - 124g, 180mm - 147g, 203m - 210g
• Colors: gold, black, orange, lime, purple, blue, red, white
• Price: £24.99 to £29.99
Superstar pads

Superstar Artic Kevlar Pad Kit

• Includes 4 pairs of pads and 2 sets of fins
• Sintered - Yellow: a hard pad for long life in abrasive and extreme conditions.
• Kevlar - Orange: a soft race pad for ultimate power with Kevlar fibres for extended life.
• Available for most Shimano, Avid, Magura and Formula brakes
• Price: £29.99

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesFresh out of the box, the latest high-tech feature packed Alpine EVO rotors. Our Arctic cooling technology alloy radiator fins, help dissipate heat build up from epic descents. Based on our original Alpine rotors we have lightened the alloy carrier, increased the brake track material all around improving their awesomeness! Perfect for going big and stopping fast.

Arctic Technology heat dissipation pads from Superstar Components are a perfect way to upgrade your brake system to cope with hardcore riding and epic descents. Using a custom made, CNC'd, aerospace specification aluminium fin which the pad slots into, Arctic pads run cooler than basic pads and the replaceable pad inserts mean that you can keep your fins and replace only the pad element, making for low-cost replacements in the long term.

Sahmurai S.W.O.R.D

Super Wicked Original Repair Device
• Secure your tire plugs inside your handlebars
• Includes 5 plugs
• Weight: 40grams
• Price: $35 USD
Samurai SWORD boot kit

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesThe SahmuraiSword is an easy-to-use, simple-to-store and, most importantly, safe, way of carrying a tubeless plug system.

ProForm Tyre Tool

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesThe ProForm Tyre Tool makes changing tyres easy. Using the Patent Pending 'Easy-Fit' system, even the toughest and tightest of fits can be conquered, all at the side of the trail.
Pro Form Tyre Tool

• Makes tough tyres easy to fit
• Kind to carbon rims
• Never pinch a tube while fitting again
• Check out the 'How To' video
• Price: £9.99
ProForm Tyre Tool

All Mountain Style Om Stem

• CNC machined from 6082 T6 aluminium block
• 31.8 or 35mm handlebar diameter
• 45mm offset, 0º rise
• 30mm stack height
• 55mm wide handlebar clamp
• Anodized and laser engraved
• Weight:121 grams
• Price: €135 / $145.25 USD
All Mountain Style 35mm stem

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesDr. Duncan "Om" MacDougall was an American doctor from the early XX century who was determined to measure the weight of the soul, determining after several experiments it was 21 grams. At AMS, we were as obsessed as Mr "Om" with the weight of our state of the art stem, so we decided to name it "Om". Coincidence or not, the Om 45 stem in 31.8mm diameter weighs 121 grams.

And if you need a much stiffer option, you can get the oversized Om with a 35mm handlebar clamp. But we warn you: once you shift to an oversized bar diameter, you'll never come back.

MENTIONS: @JulboEyewear / @SuperstarComponents / @AllMountainStyle


  • + 61
 If that tire tool actually makes it that easy to fit an old DH tire, I'll buy it right now
  • + 12
 If the mountain bike scene picks up being gangster like skiing did 10 years ago, I'll be pretty stoked too.
  • + 14
 ive got one and its bloody excellent only found the lever to remove the tyre was a little weak but it does make putting tyres on a doddle. they give them away in the prize bags at the local grassroots events nice to a local product make the pinkbike front page
  • - 17
flag deadtime (Nov 15, 2015 at 5:30) (Below Threshold)
 Punctuation. It's not that hard.
  • + 38
 I've got one and its bloody excellent, only found the lever to remove the tyre was a little weak, but it does make putting tyres on a doddle. They give them away in the prize bags at the local grassroots events. It's nice to see a local product make the pinkbike front page!
  • + 50
  • + 46
 Being the grammar police on pinkbike. Apparently not that hard.
  • + 28
 Pinkbike should be capitalized.
  • - 9
flag dropoffsticks (Nov 15, 2015 at 7:39) (Below Threshold)
 It's actually spelled PinkBike, bishopmike Razz
  • + 7
 Superstar components does know how and where to put bling
  • + 6
 @Triber66 " it's bloody excellent... " Wink
  • + 9
 "I've got one, and it's bloody excellent. I only found that the lever to remove the tyre was a little weak, but it does make putting tyres on a doddle. They give them away in the prize bags at the local grassroots events. It's nice to see a local product make the Pinkbike front page!"
I actually like mrcoley's style of writing with lower case letters and lack of punctuation; it shows individuality. It's cool that he apologized for it though.
  • + 4
 Ha ha nice one drjung. It has never been my strong point.
  • - 2
 apparently people don't understand sarcasm
  • + 17
 kind of sad how little $200 will get you...
  • + 7
 The Julbo Dust sunglasses are currently on Steep and Cheap for 37.99. FYI
  • + 32
 The soul apparently weighed 21 grams. By coincidence the stem weighs 121 grams.
WTF coincidence is that then? The one of two totally different weights.
  • + 2
 Are they implying the stem is the soul of a bike? Sorry my Monday morning brain doesn't follow their logic.
  • + 2
 I just realized than the 77designz is lighter than the soul!! Haha
  • + 4
 But what if you have a heavy soul? Surely the weight of your soul is proportionate to your body weight?

I bet James Browns soul weighed about 50 grams.
  • + 0
 Assuming it shows up. Bike-discount has zero support if there is a problem. Had an order get lost in transit and they did nothing despite multiple requests. Finally paypal credited the money back after 2 months.
  • + 3
 Well for me living in Germany every single order arrived on the next 1-2 days and I did stuff like ordering 5 pair of shoes sending the ones that didnt fit back. I liked their support and its a shame if its different for US customers.
  • + 1
 thats shady. doing stuff like that only drives up prices. Ive ordered 3 grand or so in stuff from bike-discount over 6-7 orders not once had a problem, shipping ranged from 6 days to a month but thats probably customs.
  • + 1
 Everything was good for me until the last order. Sucks as they had great prices on magura and manitou.
  • + 1
 @carym ah that sucks!! my comment wasnt directed for you it was for ordering 5 pairs of shoes and returning the 4 that dont fit.
  • + 1
 That's actually not shady practice at all. Some online dealers actually encourage this to gain customer satisfaction. Things like shoes are hard to size if you don't try them on. MEC customer service actually told me to do this when I asked a question about sizing.
  • + 1
 I asked if it was ok to do that in advance and they gave me the ok to do so
  • + 11
 At $3 each, I'll be sticking with construction grade eye protection. They come in clear,tinted and yellow. No big deal when you scratch them or lose them. $170 for glasses?
  • + 5
 I rode in one of those $3 pairs today. Best thing I ever used. Wurth brand tinted. Try some.
  • + 8
 That chainguide bash combo looks sweet, particularly since the weight of both total a measly 53 grams. And not made of plastic.
  • + 2
 agreed! Much less expensive than many competitors and it's cool that it allows you to just run the bash guard if retention isn't needed.
  • + 1
 The 77 designz stuff is legit. I had their ISCG mount, thing sets up quickly and with optimal chainline consideration. Good, high quality product, for sure.
  • + 3
 We need a rotor shootout. I have been rocking jagwire cr1 rotors, I like them better than any ice tech rotors. Now those alpine evo look a bit heavy, but they look badass, and I would try them if they are close to the same weight as their competition(ie other heat fin rotors . I need to bend my rotors....
  • + 4
 I bought a nice pair of $70 prescription sunglasses from Walmart that tint to the sun, and they work amazing. I'd never spend more than that on sunglasses
  • + 3
 I tried on a pair of Flak 2.0 with Prizm trail lenses. Granted I don't need prescriptions but damn those are the best lenses I've looked through. If you can get over the mulleted 50 year old fat guy M-frame stereotype they are worth checking out.
  • + 1
 AGREEDand wells said! Spending big dollars on plastic (oops, I mean polymer) is stupid. Good ballistic eye pro that can be had now for pennies on the dollar, without some "I'm sexy and I know it " name moniker on the side, is common sense. It compares to paying $700-1000 USD on a Emerson or strider knife that you end up using as a screw driver to pry something open. All the guys will say "cool kit" than walk away say He paid what for that? $170.00 ? What a gerber tool!

P.S, I'll spend $65.00 on eye pro and put the rest to a good italian pie and a round of beer with my 3 friends.
  • + 1
 I paid to much for Julbo Dirts. Were not a great product. Fogged up when not moving. Lens had some kind of reaction after a while around their edges. Did not brighten up enough under tree cover.
  • + 1
 @ryan83 I started wearing Half Jackets when I started construction and have had a pair of Half Jackets 2.0 with standard lenses for nearly 3 years now. Best frames I have ever owned and even the non polarized lenses are phenomenal.
  • + 1
 How are they when there is full tree cover? I need some that almost go clear. It sucks to have to take mine off as I like to have a bit of eye protection. Safety glasses always seem to involve some distortion for me.
  • + 1
 @h-beck83 They work well and there is many different iterations of lenses with different amounts of % passing. Personally I use the "ice iridium" lenses for daily use and then throw in a clear or amber lens for riding.
  • + 1
 Right on. Thanks.
  • + 2
 @h-beck83 another shout-out to the prizm trail lenses. They are outstanding in very low light conditions and since they aren't polarized they are actually pretty affordable for oakley's. I picked mine up for $121 on otticanet. I have a pair of safety glasses for night riding and that's it. I owned interchangeable Smith's for years (like 10) but they are second tier built with average lenses.
  • + 1
 I have found the g30 polarized to be the best I have tried. Super contrast in red brown and just shy of too dark in the trees.
  • + 1
 Right on! Now I have some direction for my next pair. Thanks again.
  • + 1
 Oh, how are they with fog?
  • + 1
 My experience is that the smaller to medium size lenses that sit a little further than from the face do much better with managing fog than bigger lenses that wrap tightly. The trade off is a little wind protection so these may not be as ideal for road riding as say, the Jawbreakers. You should also know that I live in a dry climate so fogging is on the bottom of the list.
  • + 1
 Like Ryan with the Half Jack XLJ lenses that sit off your face a good deal I have never had issues with fogging. With that said my buddy who has chubby checks cant wear them with out fogging up!
  • + 1
 @h-beck83 I got a pair of DVX sunglasses, $70 from walmart as I mentioned above. Their tinted lenses go completely clear in low light. The prescription is spot on as well.
  • + 1
 @mtbrider256 - Damn, I didn't know wally world had sunglasses that steep. Still a lot cheaper than most though. I'll have to give them a look.

On a side note - how far is Port Allegheny away from Pittsburgh? Any good trails?
  • + 1
 Not many in this area, just a couple small local trails. But if you go up 79 to Erie then take 86 to Ellicottville, you'll find a huge number of trails. Most of them are XC/light AM and they're a blast.
  • + 5
 so according to that om guy, that top guide is lighter than my soul. sounds good to me.
  • + 2
 Anybody had any experience with those superstar alpine rotors? They have a similar design with jagwire elite cr1 rotors. The design seems to have mixed reviews. From what i read, not as good as xtr.
  • + 7
 Only that they look completely ridiculous!
  • + 1
 bling factor over 9000. but i bent for the bazilionth time my XT Ice tech rotor on my enduro, they are worth a try...maybe?
  • + 5
 Hope V2s my friend.
  • + 1
 Not used the rotors, but the pads are utterly brilliant, hands down the best I've ever used.
  • + 2
 @Dobbs59 got them on my DH rig Wink
  • + 2
 Yep. I have two of those rotors on my bike currently. They are pretty good and reasonably priced I think. Do they make a huge difference over non heat finned rotors? I'm not so sure, but they look great and aren't any heavier than anything else I'm going to put on my bike. The fact they are UK made is great (for me).

Something I have noticed however. The inside fines are inserted rather than attached, so do move, and also at high speed the rotors whistle. Not issues, just facts that that I've encountered and would be interested to know if anyone else has had this issue.
  • + 1
 I don't own them, but it would be logical that the fins are loose. If they were attatched, the thermal expention of the steel and al are not the same, so there would have a chance of crack when the disk heat up. My two cent
  • + 2
 Hi the Proform tyre leaver is can be purchased through any DMR stockist with the distributor being Up Grade.
  • + 4
 Oh my! Actually awesome products for under $200!
  • + 2
 I've been running the 77designz bash guard and chain guard for one Season and they are fantastic. Perfect addition for Enduro racing.
  • + 3
 I had just the chain guide on my AM bike and it was easily bent back if the chain jumped off the teeth. Worked fine for a few weeks but once it had bent once it did it most rides.
  • + 1
 Did you use it with a narrow/wide chainring? Never happened to me. Hope it won't.
  • + 2
 Yep, N/W and clutch mech. Gone back to my old chainguide (Blackspire Einfachx) and it's faultless again.
  • + 3
 Hey @DaMilkyBarKid when did you bought our guide? To be honest our construction was weak in the beginning. But we made it 25% stronger without adding weight. So contact me at and we fix it. We don´t leave any customer disapointed behind that´s a promise.
  • + 1
 Bought it back in March this year, it's bent at the bottom of the slot for the guide bolt. Mail sent.
  • + 3
 $145 for an Aluminum stem. f*cking ridiculous!

You could also pick up a good chain guide for $30.
  • + 2
 Is 35mm handlebar diameter in aluminium so good? If you run it pls give advice.. (blackFriday dilema)
  • + 8
 I have a 35mm Atlas on my Capra, and a 31.8mm Renthal on my Tues. Can't tell any difference, and I ride both very hard.
  • + 1
 Yes but check out Steele industries , full cockpit stem and bars for £70 and the quality is great
  • + 2
 Anyone know where to buy the Proform Tyre Tool? I went to the page, but I cannot find where to order it.
  • + 3
 I will ask Alvar the guy in the video where to get it you can try a company called bikegoo they might sell it online and ship it to you
  • + 1
 No shipping to the US Frown thanks for the link though.
  • + 1
 email them they probably will
  • + 1
 @feardabeast yep, recommend you drop Dave at @bikegoo an email!
  • + 3
 Ello guys. Happy to send the tyre tools to the US. Please contact us if you fancy one!
  • + 1
 Ummm... weren't narrow wide chainrings and rear derailleur clutches supposed to eliminate the need for chain guides....? Suuuuure they did.
  • + 2
 Crazy how the light bicycle carbon hoops are never on here!
  • + 1
 aha sooooo true !!!
  • + 1
 Now now we can't let people know there's an option other than ENVE!
  • + 2
 Did I really just watch a tire lever video? Yes, yes I did.
  • + 1
 That 77designz chain guide-guard is really nice and well priced! We need more products like this.
  • + 2
 What is the reason to buy a 145$ aluminum stem?
  • + 2
 Vat Proform someone's finkin' there Eh guvnor?
  • + 1
 77designz Freesolo Chain Guide and Crash Plate, look lightweight and functional, any US vendors ?
  • + 2
 I ordered direct from their website about 3 weeks ago. Shipped to US, easy and quick.
  • + 1
 thanks addatx
  • + 1
 these rotors are so goodlooking, like the saint ones, but better
  • + 1
 I run them but amazing rotors for the price especially when they were doing 20% off all braking products last month
  • + 1
 The internal fins look like a much-less-functional version of the Saints. I'm probably wrong, but they look a little hefty for their usability. I like the Jagwire CR1s, I had some on my last bike and they were great.
  • + 1
 A part of me loves them, and a part of me hates them. Damn.
  • + 1
 Superstar doesn't ship to USA? I just tried to order.
  • + 1
 "We deliver to most locations worldwide, however due to shipping and product insurance issues we cannot currently ship to the USA, Russia and the Ukraine. For countries outside Europe we ship all items via UPS courier to prevent losses and to ensure your purchases get to you safely. "

That sucks, I really want some.
  • + 1
 More Atmosphere !

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