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Qualifying Infractions - Fort William World Cup 2016

Jun 5, 2016 at 4:53
by Paul Aston  
The UCI were hot on enforcing the rule book this weekend, but why are the women's fines less than the men's? Here's the list of infractions from qualifying. Will there be any more fines dished out during finals?

FWIL C06 DHI Infractions


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 In a sport where athletes barrel down a rocky side of a mountain at warp speed with rocks, jumps and god knows what on a bicycle, it makes me sleep easy at night knowing the UCI is keeping them safe by punishing those who wear the wrong jersey
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 who gives a shit what they wear except for their final run, I love seeing the Vanzacs in t-shits with kittens on them lol
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 Haha at least it's only a penalty. I have a friend who was Banned forever from NICA (USA high school mtb series) for not wearing the leaders jersey hahaha
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flag vernonjeff (Jun 5, 2016 at 8:09) (Below Threshold)
 @mtbracer4098: This industry has come a long way from where we started. a bunch of idiots on a crappy modified bike throwing themselves down a hill with no helmet hoping for the best.... usually drinking... but always fun.. I for one am glad they are sucking the fun out of it so we can weed the jokers out who want ot wear kitten shirts.

I guess once the prices go to the point of taking out a loan for a bike we have no option than to take ourselves super cereally..
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 Imagine as a sponsor you pay someone big bucks to race for you and the uci says your rider can't wear your jersey. There goes any advertising that your paying for.
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 @mtbracer4098: Are you serious?? Ive always wondered what would happen if one of my team mates didnt wear it.
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 @RLEnglish: it only has to be the sleeve.
Gwins is done up like the American flag.
Trots the Australian flag and so forth.
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 some people were not satisfied with FMB, so they created FEST.. more and more people are not satisfied with UCI would be interesting to have DH series created by riders, I cant imagine it properly, but it would be definitely interesting to have something like FEST DH series,every rider would host the contest and the whole DH FEST crew would ride his hometrails or supersick trails that he built for the others. Gwin -California fast dusty and rocky trails, Brendog/Bryceland-super slick technical trails in the UK, and so on..(sorry for my english)
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 @darren853: @darren853: As cool as that would be!... I think the FEST was started more because the FMB is actually really just slopestyle and dirt jump (apart from rampage), so all the freeriders created the FEST series so that there was an actual event for freeride. I think...
But yeah A FEST DH could pretty sick!
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 @sosickdude: yes you are right,Fest guys just wanted something else. When it comes to DH, DH will be the same,but UCI makes it uselessly complicated with the rules like this one..they should push the sport to the right direction and if they wont, then the scenario may be just like it was with the FMB and FEST Smile
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 @darren853: they would be more like the Redbull Hardline for sure
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 Hey, UCI.......................GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!! Sincerely, The entire mountain bike community
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 @dgeahry: if you go to watch the world cup races, you will see just exactly how much brilliant work the uci do... Yesterday's event was ran incredibly smoothly and there was nothing to fault.
Rules are rules, no matter how stupid they might sound and they all have their purpose
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 @darren853: Remember the DH1 initiative from 2011? (though leaded by freecaster, stated as coming from team managers demand, then not directly riders)
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 @RLEnglish: if that was the case, wouldn't (and shouldnt) a sponsor be aware that you'd have to wear a certain jersey when racing? (not that i condone fining them at all, js tho)
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 @HutchJR: It WOULD run smoother without UCI, IT IS NOT UCI THAT MAKE IT WORK, But Rare Management that make the event so good, UCI get most of the credit though
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 @darren853: Isn't the EWS independent of the UCI? If so that works pretty well.

It would follow that a DH series run by riders would also work pretty well. Also there could be more races in the season which would be good for the fans.

It would be interesting to know the reasons that DH is under the UCI rather than being independent.
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 @mtbracer4098: I've gotten a 5 minute penalty for doing a wheelie at the start of a race.
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 I raced the Fort Williiam world cup 2 years ago. There was a japanese kid there for which it was his first world cup.
When qualifying time came around they refused to let him start!! Any guess why? He didn't have a plug in the end of one side of his handlebar. And he was running lock on grips so it doesn't even matter! I get it if you run slide on grips it can be dangerous but not with lock ons. Also these plugs do fall out sometimes, when do you notice that? This kid came from the other side of the world, and the uci wouldn't have let him start. Evil f***ks they were. The kid was just begging them to let him start but they didn't even move a muscle on their faces. Nope, rules are rules!
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 @RyanC318: rekcless driving??! Wtf that sucks.
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 @sosickdude: is fest not just a bunch of dirt jumps, albeit on a larger scale?
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 @redfire: Yes I agree. But a jersey is the best advertising space available.
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 @dgeahry: Hey UCI stick one finger in your mouth and one in your ass then rotate them
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 dear mountainbiking..... PLEASE get rid of UCI. Its about time for that.
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 Couldn't agree more!
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 I scheduled my entire 2016 race season to avoid all UCI races. Its too bad because there are some excellent venues among UCI sanctioned events. Drop the UCI and I'll be there!

Amateurs have to pay for a UCI license and get nothing in return. Pros pay and get harassed by pointless rules about what to wear on their backs as well as where they can race their bikes. Shouldn't the sponsors make those calls?
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 Hey. Hey UCI. Yeah, you... GTFO!
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 ...and it works pretty good without them -> FEST series, 4x Pro Tour, Enduro World Series
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 Fuck the UCI a bunch of politicians.
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C'mon, we don't need this crap. Ditch the stuffy old gits.
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 @alcheval: i miss the word "corrupt" here
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 The riders should be happy they were only fined for wearing the wrong clothes. Just read the rules they didn't follow, and if you modify any of the WC jerseys in a non-UCI regulated way, you'll end up with fines up to 100,000 CHF.. The people at UCI are completely insane.
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 @Keepiru: its implied with the word "politician"
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 @MaxDeutsch: that makes sense. Smile
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 at the same time can we get rid of British ( we dont give a f**k about MTB ) Cycling ?
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 @JohnPaul11: hell yeah.
the best kind is british (dont give a f*ck about anything) mtb
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 Who would organize the entire world cup circuit and world championships then.
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 @ryansimonovich: Simply put, somebody else.

The riders themselves could (should) create a union of their own then work from that position of strength (because IT IS a strength) to either make certain demands of the UCI, do it themselves, or find or create a separate union to take care of it.

The sad truth is that the UCI makes merchandise of the riders and clearly does so without any real consideration.
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 @BDKR: I don't see it happening anytime soon. Would take big effort from all riders, teams, race promotors, and sponsors.

Beside that, we are all just arm chair quarterbacks here on PinkBike. We have never raced a world cup. It would be interesting to see the rider's stance on this issue of the UCI.
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 @ryansimonovich: Check your history. While it may not have happened in the MTB world, similar has happened in other sports.

* Formula 1 has the GPDA ('_Association)
* There is a current push in MotoGP by Valentino Rossi (Don't know where that is at the moment)
* There is the current USGPRU which get's 5h1t done.
* NASCAR has a drivers council.
* and more....

As for the riders stance, who know, but I'll bet they would agree that they should have, at the very least, significant say on the status of the track they are racing on. Whether or not the feel parts of it are unsafe and even where the tape is placed (tapegate at Leogang?).

Lastly, believing nothing can get done is the first step to getting nothing done.
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 It would be much better for the sport and our athletes if the UCI dealt with head injuries and concussions rather than worrying about what colour someone's top was.
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 Apparently money is more important than longevity or quality of life.
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 @BDKR: actually wearing the wrong jersey is proven to shorten your lifespan, result in crippling CTE and endanger a small African orphan
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 Paging Gary Bettman to the open mic.
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 @dlford: that man wrote the book on money first, second third and fourth. Followed by many other things and at the bottom of priorities comes player wellness. Sad but common and true.
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 @cinnamon140 and all of this coming after they did the amazing tribute run for Stevie Smith. This is a very Bettman-esque move...
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 they have f*ck FIS stickers in snowboarding and freestyle skiing, we should produce f*ck UCI stickers... Big Grin
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 Make it and they will come.
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Dude is serious!
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 Lmao naughty Gutierrez.Caught out by the uci. Such trivial things to get busted for
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 Trivial, but not a trivial fine, at 500 CHF, or £350 GBP, $512 USD, or 1.5 million Colombian Pesos, which is about 3 months salary for your average Colombian....

Sure Marcelo probably earns a fair bit more than that from his sponsors, but its kinda ridiculous to have to pay a fine equal to 3x the monthly salary of your average countryman, just for wearing the wrong jersey.

Seems that like many things in the world today, this is just be about greed and money. f*ck you UCI.
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 @Naaronson: and he did it again on the main
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 soo no fine when they all rode a memorial train in tshirts with longlivechainsaw during practice? UCI, do something about it!!
Now for real,the riders didnt wear the jersey they should? So what? please UCI, stop doing bullshit like this and try to push the sport in the RIGHT direction instead
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 Memorial run was before track walk I believe. Therefore before the event had started. So uci has no say.
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 i think it was after the practise,but I may be wrong, anyway, it was meant to be a sarcasm Wink
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 Haven't they got bigger things to worry about? I mean jerseys? really UCI, go back to trying to ban discs on road bikes since it's the only thing you seem to actually care about
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 Did I miss something? Is Sep Blatter now in charge of the UCI?
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 Uci = Unorganized Cycling Idiots

Nothing says progression like blatant sexism....
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 Hey Brian Cookson! Ram a turnip up your arse and squeeze your tits!
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 Do the women get the same prize money for winning?
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 no, much less
it's not discrimination, I see it like commission. the harsh reality is they don't bring as much business, like in a lot of sports. try this
yeah they're roadies and none of em should be paid whether male or female but the female clan get less coverage because there isn't a demand for it, if people aren't interested then there's no business to be had and
no money in it and it's reflected in the prizes.
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 Women now get the same prize money as the men at the UCI road world championships.
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 @LeDuke: So if they make the same money then the fines should reflect that.
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 @a-r-c: That's on the road. I have no clue what the prize money is at DH world cup races. If it is the same, I agree, the fines should be the same, but I haven't seen any prize lists for DH racing lately.
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 @LeDuke: Prize money should gender equal across all disiplines. Aren't the fines?
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 @a-r-c: But prize money isn't necessarily gender equal. Observe page 10 of the linked document. Minimum prize money for first place for men: 1200E. Women: 930E.
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 @a-r-c: For the sake of arguing......Should gender be relevant as oppose to sex which seems more relevant? If I'm a male and identify as a woman that may mean I could have an unfair advantage if I'm recognised beyond my sex in the sport.
If men and woman have separate competitive races because of their sexual differences why do we recognise equal prizes?
If all things were equal would we have men and women in the same race?
Or are we not equal? Have we ever been equal? What if we force equality rather than presenting equal opportunity?
Interesting subjects I don't want to get too far into, I fear it'll just divide people even more through negativity.
**What if Rachel is found out to be really the 3rd Atherton Brother and that's why she's so
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 All riders should be in the same race regardless of sex. Each rider should be tested for how much testosterone they have. For the winners, the lower your testosterone is, the more prize money you win.

Ha, obviously kidding Smile
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 Women are human and therefore they need to eat, sleep, travel to races, and train for years to reach the top level - regardless of how many people they 'draw in'. Until imbalances are made to disappear imbalances will exist.
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 @browner: I agree. equal pay for equal work...thats what women have been fighting for all these years....but there is a double stantard in that as well.
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 Playing devil's advocate for a moment but 1. Rules are rules however you look at it. 2. If I was good enough to earn a national jersey you'd never get me out of it. They should be wearing them with pride.
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 Yeah but I think it's because the sponsors don't like it, they have their names on the jersey but not the national - I believe this was the case in AUS which ended up with sponsors telling the guys not to win on purpose, waiting at the start line so they didn't win.... I can understand since they are paying etc Secondly it may be a rule but it's a dumb rule that the UCI needs to change, end of.
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 Point 2, 100% agree with you.
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 @oli99: you are right, Aussies did do that for that reason.
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 I'm not one of those anti-regulatory types, but I do respectfully disagree with the "rules are rules" point of view. Rules should serve a purpose, like ensuring a level playing field and enforcing fair play, promoting safety, among other things. Perhaps a UCI representative should jump into this discussion and provide a compelling rationale for why they dictate what racers wear, as well as where they can race.
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 @mountaincross: Perhaps the UCI wants to help keep sponsors in the sport. If companies don't get what they think they deserve for their money, that's one less team in what is probably the poorest sector of a sport that is quite poor as a whole.
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 @LeDuke: i think thats what hes arguing for. If UCI wants to keep sponsors, it would make 0% sense to enforce this rule, considering sponsors DO NOT want their sponsored riders to wear the jerseys. Doesn't make sense. I wouldn't say it is the poorest section of the MTB sport, sure it isn't as cash fuelled as something like road racing but DH isn't dead!
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 @oli99: In this situation, particularly with the juniors, their sponsor DIDN'T pay for them to attend the race. Their national federation did. In that case, yes, they should wear their "sponsor" jersey, i.e., the national team that sent them to race. If these kids don't like it, they can foot the bill themselves.
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 @LeDuke: If true, then that is a compelling argument and I agree the racers who are being financially supported by their national federation should be required to pay if they neglect to represent the folks paying their way.
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 Fuck nations. This is nazi.
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 mmmmmm.....perhaps the UCI officials are staying in a posh Hotel near Ft. William, and their bar tab was getting rather large, and they knew it would never fly on their expense report???

WTF?? UCI officials, y'all need to pick your battles, and concentrate on things that matter, and make competitions (MTB, ROAD, or otherwise) better, SAFER, etc,
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 Thank you UCI !!! No it's a joke, who cares about jersey ...
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 The questions asks why the fines are different for Men and Women... I don't know the exact rule but looks to me like it has nothing to do with Gender but rather level of Jersey... Not wearing: Continental (50), National (100) and National Champions (500).
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 This is what I thought as well
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 Oh no, someone's done some research and I now can't wade in with an ill-informed, bilious rant; don't you know this is the internet?! Thanks for ruining the forums, @GuyAuger Wink
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 The uci is a bunch of ass raping road bike loving euro trash business man Non of them even ride . Same people who knew lance was doping but he was good for business so they let it go . Soon as he was done making money they hung him out to dry Down with the uci
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 BS money grab... lame.
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 who gives a shit what they wear except for their final run, I love seeing the Vanzacs in t-shits with kittens on them lol
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 just a matter of time before you'll see "f*ck UCI" stickers...
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 Come on, these kinds of rules are in every pro sport. You can't just step out on the court in the NBA playoffs wearing whatever. Where were the team managers on this one? They can't make sure their guys have the right kit on the day?
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 Rules are rules. As an organiser of Mtb events it's important to run by the rule book. One rider puts in the effort and does the job right and another doesn't then that's not equal. Every rider and every team knows the rules when they enter. If you sack off one rule then it's very hard for the Comms to enforce perhaps a different rule on another rider. As an organiser it's great for me to have a rule book - I treat everyone the same - everyone is equal regardless whether they're a seasoned pro or complete beginner. Shoot me down for agreeing but having the book makes life easy for me as an organiser and easy for riders as they are all treated the same
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 Keep the chiansaw memorial going and all riders rock a chainsaw jersey during qually in upcoming race. Make it like the custom mustache flag and all teams buy one from whomever makes it, then all riders sign em and auction off for stevies fund.
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 Equal prize money but smaller fines
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 So thats why i didn't remmeber Gutierrez because he was not wearing his jersey,
Thanks UCI for clearing up the mess he made. All the Colombians were confused too, becuase they thought their national champ should be at Fort William but they couldn't find him. Thanks for the penalty , very rude boy he is ....
Anyways f**k ur rules UCI.
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 It would be really cool if all the riders came together and wore long live chainsaw tees for their finals run
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 What a load of fuciking bullshit, yeah get rid of UCI!!!
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 oh shit the world is going to end because someone has the wrong jersey on.
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 When will they fine the riders who push the boundaries of what could be considered "loose fit"? I thought UCI had implemented rules for baggy clothes to keep the "hardcore/cool" look going (LOL)
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 I have access to a place to print up a batch of "F*ck the UCI" or similar. Depending on how many say they will buy one depends on how many I print.
  • 1 3
 Or to be a bit more PC, maybe "Mountain Bikers Against the UCI" or "MTB against the UCI" --just putting thoughts down
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 There's usually some logic of "why" behind every rule. Is there anyone knowledgable enough of UCI here that can explain it?

(side note: if you never competed in this or similar events you might not be aware that you sign an entry form agreeing to abide to the rules/penalty structure in entirety. Nobody is forcing anyone to run their events i.e. it's your or your sponsors choice. It also doesn't matter what organization sanctions an event, there are always people not happy with them who think starting a competing organization is the answer. In reality they just get their own personal flavor of koolaid served instead, but cycle just starts over again for someone who wants a different flavor still.)
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 wow you see i thought mtb was about mud and blood, having fun on two wheels. i see the dr.s and lawyers buying all kinds of clothes most probably in an effort to make things more fun. It is baffling that that type of behavior is an enforced part of competition. to me an infraction is when a race is coming up, a buddy busted his mech and I have a spare, and I dont lend it to him. if these ppl were riding naked I could also see that as an infraction. I did enjoy watching ft williams but had an even better time shuttling laps on sat.
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 They should have splurged for the Tuxedo jerseys...
  • 2 0
 CASH GRAB. if someone is not up to par then the UCI should giving out the proper jerseys to people, come'on help help out once ur stupid shallow LIFE.
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 Uci here s my shit for eating. Fu
  • 2 0
 Holy bullshit, batman! What, the UCI isn't squeezing enough money out of the venue, they have to steal from their top athletes, too!? Go home, UCI, you're way too drunk.
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 fuck off uci with your petty rules
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 Sorry is this the early 2000's again or something? Who doesn't understand that if you win the national jersey you wear it?
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 Two years ago I won the Dutch nationals, and a week after I raced a uci event in Pila. The Dutch federation didn't give me a jersey when I won, unlike every other Nation. And two days isn't enough to get one printed. So at the next race a DUTCH uci member is giving me shit, and threatening me with a 500eu fine for not wearing the shirt! Are you kidding me?? Seriously, who cares if I race with a sleeve or not? My sponsors don't, my country doesn't, its the Uci, so they get to enforce their stupid rules like the failed policemen they are. Its the arrogance these authoritarian a*sholes have that pisses people off mostly!
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 Does a flagged jersey sleave count?
  • 3 0
 This is why no one likes the UCI.
  • 3 0
 UCI - Useless Cretins Incorporated.
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 Fuck the UCI. Never served any real purpose anyway. One day all the riders will join together and walk. Form and run their own sanctioning body. The riders ARE the sport!
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 The Fest boys have it figured out. Riders are the sport! Probably get more watches on their videos than any UCI crap! And tons more respect for doing their own way!
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 what currency is CHF ?
  • 4 0
 Swiss Franc
  • 2 0
 swiss francs
  • 2 1
 Swiss francs
  • 3 1
 Francs suisse
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 Is everyone forgetting the fact that sponsors are paying for the racers to appear in these jerseys? Guess what, guys. If people don't live up to their sponsors expectations, they stop forking over money to the teams every year, or that rider goes away. The UCI is the middle man, charged with ensuring the longevity of the sport, which includes keeping sponsors IN the sport. Don't like it? Don't race WC DH.
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 Thats why i ride for fun and not for the win. Too many rules.
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 Well someone has to foot the bill for the caviar at Aigle you know. Those Putains de merde need their comforts.
  • 1 2
 Rules are rules !!!! Peaty is a huge star in the mtb world and he wore a national jersey at the first round as he didn't have enough points. With the UCI already hateing mtb why give them more ammo against it.
  • 1 0
 How long before Greg gets a fine for flying a flag not of his own country?
  • 1 0
 If you honestly believe in equality there would only be one classing group ....
  • 1 0
 Getting fined for not wearing a bloody jersey?Really UCI,really?
  • 1 0
 if he doesn't be more careful he'll look like a plate of dropped lasagna
  • 2 0
 what a joke ahahh
  • 2 0
 Such a load of crap
  • 1 0
 First world UCI problems.
  • 1 0
 Isn't "infractions" a great word though.
  • 1 0
 Another mindless cash grab, by those most usless in the world.
  • 1 0
 Did we need to know that?
  • 1 0
  • 1 0
 The UCI can suck it!
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