2016 UK Enduro Series Cancelled after Three Rounds

Jul 5, 2016 at 4:25
by Pinkbike Staff  
2016 UK Enduro Series Cancelled after Three Rounds
No one wants to be the bearer of bad news, but after a confusing start to the 2016 enduro season, the UK Enduro Series has pulled the plug on its 2016 series after only completing three of its seven rounds.

This is shocking news for the race scene and a terrible blow for the organisers, not least because they now have the mammoth task of reimbursing entrants...

The announcement from UK Enduro's Facebook page earlier today:

With deep regret we have to announce that the UK Enduro Series is stopping. There will not be any more rounds.

If you need to contact us please do so through the website and refunds will be looked into over the coming weeks.

We have to go through a process of finalising the series.

UK Gravity Enduro round 1 at Triscombe. Photo credits Doc Ward
2016 UK Gravity Enduro Series: Round 1 - Triscombe. Photo credit: Doc Ward

It could be argued that from the outset, two competing national series was never going to work. With the UK Enduro Series and the British Enduro Series, riders were faced to choose between the two series, which for all intents and purposes, looked very similar, at least on paper. On the one hand, the increased choice posed by two national race series was amazing, but the reality was that it only diluted the field and increased confusion towards this burgeoning race format. And while the storm may have beaten the UK Enduro Series into submission, Si Paton's British Enduro Series is weathering it...

Si Paton, Event Director of the Cannondale British Enduro Series, announcement regarding the closure of the UK Enduro Series:

"It is with great regret we hear the news today that UK Enduro is to close its doors. Competition is always good as it offers a choice for the riders to choose between the competing organisers. Those organisers then strive forward to deliver the best service and experience at their events possible, all for the benefit of the riders and the sport of enduro.

The only downside to this is the two national level series competing for riders. This means entries have been diluted, putting a financial strain as you can imagine on both organisers. The British Enduro Series - The BES will continue throughout 2016 with thanks to the generous sponsors that support the series. As well as being in a unique position to pull resources from its sister company the British Downhill Series - The BDS.

British Enduro Series - Round 3 - Afan
2016 British Enduro Series: Round 3 - Afan.

We have spoken at length today with Neil Delafield of UK Enduro and offered him our full support and assistance at this difficult time. We would also, therefore, like to offer our support and assistance to riders who have entered any upcoming UK Enduro Events even though we have no affiliation with that company. Therefore as a gesture of goodwill, the BES would like to offer those riders a free entry to round 4 of the Cannondale BES at Eastridge on the 13th and 14th of August.

The format will be three different stages each day with practice in the morning and race on the afternoon with transition times no more than 30 minutes long for the average rider. Race support for all riders from Shimano, SRAM, Hope Technology and Crankbrothers. Bike Wash, Air Hoses, and Lube Station all courtesy of GT85. Live timing on all stages with podiums 5 minutes after the last rider down"
- Si Paton.

So what's next? We've reached out to Neil and the team at the UK Enduro Series, but as you can imagine, they have a lot to deal with right now working their way through a mountain of emails, so we'll have to be patient and wait for the official word. On the plus side, Si Paton has extended one hell of an invitation and one that you'd be crazy to turn down.

To take advantage of this opportunity please forward a copy of your Eventbrite receipt to any upcoming rounds as proof of purchase to si@pinkbike.com by 18:00 on Monday the 18th of July 2016.
For more info: british-enduro-series.com/rd4-eastridge/


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 Si Paton being gracious in 'victory' with his offer of free race entry. At the end of the day race organising is a business and somebody was always going to lose here, it was unlikely to ever be Paton. Cant be a good thing for the organiser to have to deal with now, I hope they dont bear any financial ruin from it, I can imagine a lot of money from entries has already been spent after all.
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 Someone should start up the UK Mountain Bike Race series. Any bike you want any wheel size any amount of suspension and a course that has a bit of everything to deal with.
That's how most of UK do it.

Really bored of how pigeon holed the sport is getting.
150mm forks oh you can't xc, 800mm bars oh you can't fit through trees so can't Enduro, (780mm you'd be ok because UK forest plantations work to a 20mm error margin for seeding obviously)
No dual crown forks? You couldn't possibly hit a DH run... And on and on

Do a race series for the real riders
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 I would happily race a bike with a single crown and 150mm forks at a Downhill or XC race. Remember people it's the Indian that makes the difference, not the arrow. Anyone that tells you otherwise is either not worth your time or wants to sell you stuff. Ride your bikes people.
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 You dont need dual crown forks to race dh - plenty dont at local races. Stupidly wide bars are plain silly in tight trees, racing doesnt change that. You can XC on 150mm forks but it may be faster if you didnt. No race series stipulates wheel size. Sounds like made up problems to me, if you want to race in the UK there are loads of ways of doing it on pretty much any bike possible, you may not win but you could have a good time.
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 Raced enduro on a 140/130 travel bike. Raced it on 160/150 bike. There where guys hardtail single speeds, one guy on a rigid but I don't think he was having fun lol. Run what you brung and have a good time
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 @Racer951: you clearly missed the tone of the message.
Not 'made up problems'
I was simply demonstrating the feeling of many mtb'ers feeling put off by perceived pigeon-holing classes of bikes and riders. Propagated by the MTB media and companies.
In efforts to sell more and more expensive stuff they are destroying the stuff that binds us mountain bikers together - regardless of discipline.
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 @kelownakona: I dont think I am missing the point at all, I think your whole outlook is a made up problem.

I see riding spots thriving and busier than ever. Ht class at local dh and enduro races, all kinds of bikes at trail centres every weekend - If anything trail bikes are so capable riders have more movement than ever between types of riding and all on the same bike.

These divisions are in your head, worry a little less and get out and ride more?

Of course the industry wants to sell a new bike to you, it is an industry after all! We have never had it so good with a huge choice of bikes at amazing prices - nobody is forcing you to buy them, just like you are not forced into buying a new car, tv, watch, stereo etc etc. Not denying new options bring anxieties out of new riders as to if they are on the 'right' kit but most soon work out what they like and only go after new offerings that will benefit them.

Anyway, this is getting off the subject of a sadly failed enduro race series, a series that provided exactly what you suggested, a race for pretty much any bike with bits of uphill and dh thrown in!
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flag kelownakona (Jul 6, 2016 at 0:47) (Below Threshold)
 @Racer951: how can they be in my head?
The whole industry is becoming more and more specialised for specific purposes! And the whole branding of Enduro proves the point!

You've just fallen obliviously hook , line and sinker for the marketing.

If you had read my post properly the race I am looking for is not an 'Enduro race'. Untimed climbs / timed DH stages whatever the format might be.

I am also not interested in stopping options or as you put it 'denying' chances. I am fully aware I don't have to buy what I don't want so thank you for that insight.

My point is a race series to encompass a wide variety of obstacles and trail conditions and length.

My other point was MTB industry and particularly media want to make you think you can't do something on one type of bike because they want to make you convinced you need another.
Especially true when you see bike review articles pigeon holing bikes due to stem length/HA angle/ travel/ stanchion thickness etc.

To the average rider who wants to race occasionally and rides for fun a lot if the rest of the time a 1 deg HA angle, 15bar length or 2mm on stancions is not that noticeable.

Also no thanks for you wasting your time posting truisms and cliches and completely irrelevant comments on how often I ride.
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 @kelownakona: You sound like you have worked yourself up here and you are the one fallen hook line and sinker for marketing - I am just getting on with riding my bike and enjoying new technology and products when I have the money / inclination to look into them.

You say Endro bikes are specific?! - They are the most unspecific bike possible and one of the best introductions to MTB riding over the last 10 years. You have a bike you can ride 30 miles on, go to the alps / mountains, race DH (though of course not as competitively as on a DH bike though ask Joe Barnes about that after is 3rd place on his 'enduro' bike!) You can pretty much do most things on a modern 'enduro' bike - Amazing you say they are so specific now.

So you want a race that encompasses a wide variety of obstacles and trail conditions? hahah, its called an XC or marathon race, and there are lots of them available, and you can do them on any bike (Though you may not win if someobody there is on an XC race machine and is fitter / better than you) Nobody is going to start a specific race for yourself which is in the exact format you crave!

I dont think the average rider is concerned with 1 degree changes in head angle, or the other tedious details you listed.

It sounds like you have bicycle choice anxiety, you worry you are not riding the 'correct' or most up to date bike - the exact thing you are accusing others of. Lighten up!
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 @kelownakona: pretty sure that Enduro mtbs actually move away from a specific bike for a specific purpose, given they are designed to allow a bit of XC, AM and DH capabilities in one bike.
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 Bravo @si-paton for offering free places in rd4 of BES
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 props indeed, i'm sure in the long run they'll get riders coming back from this offer but to offer free entry is excellent, nice one Si
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 It is a nice gesture but some of us (who live in the north) were supposed to be racing the northern round in Sheffield can't really justify travelling all the way to eastridge.
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 It's all part of being inside the MTB community, spread the love etc. Yes it's a business they're all running but the vast majority are doing it as they like riding bikes themselves. You could be a cynic and say it's a marketing push to tempt people in but I doubt it.
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 Neil also runs www.redkiteevents.co.uk which ran MTB "challenges" - epic ~50km rides across open countryside. I did a couple of these and they were pretty good. Unfortunately this also seems to have been closed down as the website was working on Monday morning, and now is not. There is/was a 50km ride scheduled this Sunday that I have paid an entry fee for. No idea if it's going ahead, and no contact from the guys at red kite.
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 Definitely not going ahead. I don't know what's happening with refunds but I think you'll need to be patient.
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 @Chrispo: I might have come across as impatient, but I'm not too concerned. I think they should contact people so they don't travel to a non event though. May I ask how you know it's not going ahead?
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 @JB151: I am/was on the UK Enduro race team... I don't know what's going on right now but I do know there are no more xc events this year. The Lord of the Trails thing was cancelled months ago to concentrate on the enduros.
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 @Chrispo: That's interesting, because the tickets were still on sale on Monday for The Devils Challenge. Not good.
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 Only 2 rounds raced, not 3! Not looking like I'll see any of my 'upfront' money for the whole series back either! Not to mention family holidays and work commitments planned around the whole thing. Sad thing is it's probably put me off entering any other series as this is my first experience.
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 BES WES PMBA WGES SES Tweedlove are all good and a safe bet they don't go bang.
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 "Shit" said the King, and a thousand arseholes twitched....best I can do
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 Forget the organiser, this mess is on his head. Its all the series participants that this is a real loss for. Losing both good races, time, plans and a sh1t tonne of money!
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 Such a massive shame, great races (his red kite as well as this years UK rounds), great locations and ideal atmosphere. gutted
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 There can only be one
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 I thought it was funny
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