$5 Custom Evil Undead - Cancer Fundraiser, 3 Days Left

Sep 19, 2014 at 12:21
by Pinkbike Staff  
Evil Bike

Donate Now

There are only three days left to donate and October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month...

Last year we raised over $58,000 USD in the quest to FCANCERUP (In the three years that we've been working on this campaign, we've raised close to $125K) and this year we want to break that. Up for raffle is an exclusive FCANCERUP Evil Undead clad in nothing but the best & a host of other prizes. Donate what you can and know the 100% of the money goes directly to the 501c3 non-profit Young Survival Coalition. Doing something good while getting a chance to win some sweet prizes… a win-win situation!

What you can win:

Grand Prize:
An Evil Undead specially built to generate resources and raise awareness for this epidemic & to help cancer victims.

This bike is supported by and is loaded with:

FOX 40 with Kashima coating & custom pink decals
SHIMANO Saint group
PRO Components Thomas Vanderham Signature Series Bars, Stem, Saddle, Grips and Seat post.
ENVE M90 wheelset w/ Custom Pink Graphics
Evil Undead - in your choice of size. (Visit Evil-Bikes.com for more info on the coveted and hard to get Evil Undead.)

Evil Bike

Other Prizes:
4 x Shimano Sport Cameras
3 x Pinkbike.com prize packs
2 x Anthill Films Movie Pack

Shimano Sport Camera

How it works:
-For every $5 donated between September 22nd, 2014 & Midnight of October 15th, 2014, you will earn one chance to win this bike and other prizes. So if you donate $25 that is 5 chances at a bunch of prizes.
-The winner will be selected from a magical spreadsheet using random.org.
-The winners will be notified by e-mail.
-We will ship worldwide ... Customs fees and other applicable taxes will be the winner's responsibilities.
-For a free F&CK CANCER sticker, visit www.fcancerup.com/stuff

Donate Now

Your contribution will:
-Fund support and education programs for young women affected by breast cancer.
-Help support YSC’s mission to ensure no young woman faces breast cancer alone.
-Raise awareness that young women can and do get breast cancer.

Evil Bike


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 An awesome bike for an awesome cause
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flag peanutbuter (Sep 22, 2014 at 4:18) (Below Threshold)
 It's not an awesome cause cancer RESEACH just won't our money cannabis oil cures cancer google rick simpson
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 peanutbutter- personal opinions aside, you really need to work on your grammar, punctuation and general sentence structure my man.
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flag peanutbuter (Sep 22, 2014 at 5:18) (Below Threshold)
 its not a personal opinion its a fact why do you want to give your money to a company that earns 5 billion a day when they know loads of cures they just want money www.youtube.com/watch?v=0psJhQHk_GI
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 Peanutbuter, holy Gawd are you a nut job or what! Let's see you happily passing on the best multi-million dollar MRI machines and top-ranked doctors for your hemp smoothie when God forbid you (or your kid) gets the bad news.

F**king moron.
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flag peanutbuter (Sep 22, 2014 at 6:01) (Below Threshold)
 watch the video
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 You're an idiot.
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You need to be really careful. You know how many people refuse treatment for an otherwise curable case because they put their trust in ineffective alternative medicine?

These people are in an incredibly vulnerable state, and I think it's very sad that people like Rick Simpson will try and convince them that he know best to sell a few bottles of cannabis oil.

You're right that medical science is a multi-billion dollar industry. You also have to bear in mind that there is no discovered cure, the CEOs of research companies still die of cancer like the rest of us.

Be careful of what you present as truth.
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 I'm sorry Peanutbuter, but you sound like a massive peni5. Judging by your spelling and poor grammar, I'm going to hazard a guess and say you're not that well educated. However you seem to believe that by reading 5 or 6 blogs on the pros of cannabis and watching streams of YouTube videos on conspiracy theories, you're now an authority on the correct treatment for one of the worlds most amazingly complex diseases... a disease that people dedicate their lives to finding new ways to fight, and that nearly everyone on the planet is touched by at some point.
Honestly, people like you make me sick. To quote Bertrand Russell: "The whole problem with the world is that the fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and the wiser people are so full of doubts."
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 because everything on the internets is truth hey Peanutbuter?
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flag peanutbuter (Sep 22, 2014 at 7:12) (Below Threshold)
 im not a peni5 my mum had cancer 1 year a go and refused chemotherapy 1 month later she started taking cannabis oil went vegan and resting a lot and she cured it 8 months later lets just agree to disagree
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 Hey douche - there are hundreds of thousands of people that beat cancer every year thanks to expensive cancer drugs. Please don't point to a single example as proof of anything. Anyway, this bike looks amazing, and I would even put up with a beer with peanutbuter to ride it!
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 I'm going to go outside and do a rain dance to make it rain. It worked before so it must be true.

You do know cancer goes into remission all by itself right? You should do some reading by some real credible scientists, not dudes with youtube channels.
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 If that was true, you would have been quicker to quote your own experience (more likely than not, in your first comment), not link everybody on here to that f***ing scam artist's YouTube video.

Now that your under attack for being an idiot, you cook up some bullsh*t story about YOUR OWN MOTHER, in a vain attempt to validate your ridiculous comments.

Shame on you.
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 I'm very happy your mother made a full recovery and I wish her all the best.

That is one example out of literally millions. There is such a thing as spontaneous remission, and it's possible for cancer to simply "cure itself". Often you find people who have had a miracle recovery will put their recovery down to the fact that they did something differently. Unfortunately they will often then try and sell that item.
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 steve jobs refused proper care for just a little while after he got the news, and even that little bit of negligence cost him his life. my granddad had pancreatic cancer and he went to MD Anderson in texas. they got him another 2 years before he bit it. to say the least peanutbutter, you are a silly little man.
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 I came to see if anyone had had the balls to say the thing nobody wants to hear and take the brutal ravaging from the offended. Peanut, I was you dude, angry, shouting at people who didn't get it, getting peoples back up. But fair play, at least you're trying. I refer again to the three stages of truth... First it is ridiculed, second it is violently oppossed. Third it's accepted, as self evident. Looking at the thread I would say we are deep in the first two stages. Those of you who bandy around the phrase 'conspiracy theorist' and instantly presume ones view of the world was from a six minute YouTube video should learn what a conspiracy is, learn what a theory is, realise how much of your life is controlled by both and then start using your fucking brain. Yes he went about it wrong, he's frustrated. And yes, everyone kicked off because nobody likes to be told that they're being tricked or that they're doing the wrong thing. Supporting cancer is sadly often used now as a banner of personal morality. And hand in hand with 'charity', they've bloody got you. And they know this, they know they won't have to do much because you lot will attack people who expose the reality of the human farm. Hardly anyone dares challenge it. If you think cannabis is useless, go and have a little look at governments around the world struggling to contain the lie and clammmering to develop the synthetic PATENTABLE version before the curtain drops and people cut big pharma out the game by growing their own medicine. You don't need to go anywhere near a theory to see what's occurring. Keeping you sick is a big business. I'm sorry if you don't get that. Don't blame peanutbutter and don't blame me. We are your fellow men. If you think people with bank balances that look like phone numbers give a shit about you or your pink ribbon, you are kidding yourself.
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 I'm not trying to say that cannabis/hemp doesn't have it's uses.. in fact, next to corn, it's probably the most useful natural resource the planet has.. and no-one is trying to say that big pharma aren't a bunch of corrupt, and evil SOBs... However to say that Cannabis Oil cures cancer is a gross and reckless over simplification.. Plenty of extremely wealthy people die of Cancer too.. Steve Jobs had over $10,000,000,000.00 in his bank when he died. Too bad he couldn't afford Cannabis Oil huh?

If you've got a string of letters after your name, or have a massive amount of published material on the subject, then yes... you are an authority and should be listened to. But if you're some who says, he says, she says parrot regurgitating 'facts' that haven't been substantiated, and actively trying to usurp peoples life's work because you read something on the internet once, then you're an idiot.. and shouldn't breed.

Oh yeah and while I'm at it.. New World Order, Illuminati, Knights Templar and Norbs got robbed (although he actually did)
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 Bertrand Russell: "The whole problem with the world is that the fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and the wiser people are so full of doubts.

So you agree we need to swap present governments for wise people then? Because I can think of shit loads of applications of bureaucracy having zero doubts and actually your average intellectual in the street doesn't have that many doubts bud. They're pretty sure of themselves. As you all seem to be sure that peanut is wrong. No mention of intellectuals with good grammar, who look down on people with lesser English like you do, in that quote. But you're in there, if he's the fool, the rest of you are fanatics. Because 'wisdom' is not saying 'government and scientists said so'. It's your esteemed 'education' as you call it, that is the problem. Frankly it's always the intellectual who's chosen an extra high level of indoctrination (university) who can waffle all day long about complex economics, banking practice and derivatives but yet cannot grasp, and often melt down, when questioned about the basics of interest applied to money created.

Look up the term goyim. Then don't be one. They're laughing at you. They laughing at all of us. Having a 10k specialized will not exclude you.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.
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 Guys, it's not Peanutbuter's Fault, he smokin too much of the wacky tobacky... P.S. 2 T's in butter...
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 Wow, I'm out. Divide and conquer in full effect. And the violent opposition is brutal. Step back and look at the infighting people. Most of you are acting like a f*cking medieval lynch mob. Pretty apt really #evil undead lol
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 peanutbutter/tobias - You f*cking morons are arguing about research and alternative medicines. Clearly you didn't read the post. This isn't raising money for cancer research, but support and education programs for young women.

So buying a raffle ticket with your tinfoil hats on doesn't support big pharma per say, but it supports helping people directly affected by cancer and giving them additional support networks to move forward.

Now would be the perfect time to simply shut your f*cking moronholes up. Regardless, big pharma and cancer research have saved untold lives, and until there is legitimate research into cannabis oils as treatments, you're just hurting more people by spreading unsubstantiated information. What to help, encourage people to seek traditional medicines while also educating on the possible positives of cannabis. Or simply shut your mouth.
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 Be careful of what you present as truth.

"to sell a few bottles of cannabis oil"

Simpson doesn't wish to sell you anything bud. He doesn't even sell a machine to make it. He simply wants to help people.
Pharma wants to sell you stuff. The irony is hilarious. Snakeoil salesmen have to actually try to sell you something in order to qualify.
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 Haha - tinfoil hats!!
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 If you read Tobius' comments as Rage Against The Machine lyrics it's pretty fun. I used "People of the Sun" as a template.
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 *Begins popping popcorn* Dis gon be gud.
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 a bit over the top and disrespectful to the cause to rant on about cures here. whatever side of the aisle you wanna be on is topic for a different article/discussion. I lost my younger bro to cancer and small support groups like this helped very much emotionally for all involved regardless of their medication/treatment plans. the only truth being presented with the article is that they are asking for help for young women going thru and coping with the disease and also the ability to provide education about it to and for younger women.
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 Oi scary1.. who said you could make me laugh? I'm trying to be serious.

I used to listen to RATM. Maybe you're onto something.

Anyway, love you all, gotta walk away from the scrapping and name calling. It's very playground. And if anyone says challenging ideas is childish they must go back to understand the very concept of a nanny state. It doesn't just tell you what to do. Wink adios. We all love bikes, remember that.
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 ...and our loved ones. no matter what fckcncr
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 I don't know enough to say cannabis doesn't have its place. But, cancer research is definitely not a waste. SCIENCE, SCience, science.... The full series is amazing, by the way. www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWAnLIWZ13E
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 Everyone on this tread arguing over this subject should be ashamed of them self. The Fundraiser is to help the people that need it NOT to start a war on who thinks what is right.
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 Conspiracy theorists:

Don't believe anything put forth by "the man"

Never question anything you see on the internet

Now THAT'S funny.
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 I have some questions....Does this make me a crazy conspiracist Wayne? I went to their website, couldn't find any breakdown of how their donation money is spent. How much their board of directors make in salary. What they actually do to 'help' young women. I guess i'm crazy for wanting to know where the donated money is going before giving it away. Why is this info not stated clearly on their website (link in article)
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 you ain't crazy. that's smart.
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 This is Pinkbike not WebMD
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 Yh that's what I think. Like they may well be using the money 100% for the right causes but if I was in charge of a multi billion dollar foundation I would have everything set out very clearly for everyone to see, then have whatever results and whatever tests are being conducted there on display for people to understand better how they are helping the cause.
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 Tobiasmaximum: The more I read your posts, the more I think you are a very intelligent person. Its a shame people find it so hard to have an actual conversation rather than a simple minded slanging match. Especially on the internet. Much respect to you sir.

Peanutbutter: Your heart is clearly in the right place. And yes big pharma is not free from corruption. Not at all. But be careful of taking the view that anything that is not "on the fringe" is free of merit. I have a good friend who has devoted her life to curing cancer. She has a list of PHD's and knows her shit. She certainly puts huge energy into researching hemp based cures, AND she puts the same energy into more "mainstream" cures. I often argue with her (usually whilst sharing a spliff) over the merits of big pharma and I must admit she knows a shit load more than I do. She thinks their methods have some merit and as much as I like to play devils advocate, I believe her.
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 As for the conspiracy theory stuff. I am of the opinion that there is often no smoke without fire, but there are also a lot of nut jobs out there. There are even perhaps people paid to make truly nutty claims, just to make the more reasonable conspiracy theorists who have genuine points look stupid.
Whatever may be true, it is good to be suspicious. It is good to believe only what you have found out yourself and take any information forced upon you from either camp with a pinch of salt. Always think, never just believe something cos it is accepted by the mainstream, but at the same time be very careful not to fall so far down the rabbit hole that you start to believe EVERYONE is corrupt. That no one who gets paid is to be trusted.

Remind yourself daily that 99% of people out there are quite nice really. Misguided perhaps, but not evil. Even some people in government...less of them perhaps, but there are still some good eggs. It is sad that there are some total bastards out there, and a lot of them have huge quantities of money. It is sad that capitalism often favors a bastard. But it would be sadder still to live in a world where noone trusts anyone. You make your own world, don't make it a lonely one. Be the change you want to see in the world. I think Ghandi said that? Then some bastard took it and ran with it. Whatever, there is still some truth in there.
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 also stan marsh and matt hoad. I could not agree with you more if i tried. many many +props
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 Im a little late to the penh butter party but loo., @penubutter I'm sorry about your mom having cancer if it is true. But cannabis oil doesn't CURE cancer. If it did then every one who got it would take it and feel fine like your mom did if again it is true. People die from cancer and also live through it to tell the story from various causes. Not all because of cannabis oil
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 Annnnnd back to mountain biking. Sweet ride.
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 you know nothing of cancer my mum and grand dad had cancer it is terrifying knowing if the treatment fails you will die that is why more money needs to be donated so cancer can be beaten ONE DAY WE WILL BEAT CANCER!!!!!!!
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 @tobiusmaximum: The Harm That Good Men Do is one of my favorite Russell papers.
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 for every $5 you donate, assuming their info is accurate:

$3.74 goes to actually helping people with cancer
$0.51 goes towards fundraising
$0.60 goes to paying staff (excluding the CEO)
$0.17 goes to paying Jennifer Merschdorf - Chief Executive Officer

I am also assuming your donations do not get taxed or anything.

Aside from the CEO making $132,453 a year, which seems a little high compared to say minimum wage, I'd say that all seems pretty above board.
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 oh wait, i got it slightly wrong
$0.60 goes to paying overheads and non CEO staff
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I'll happily admit i've done no research whatsoever on Rick Simpson. If he is simply trying to inform the masses, that gives him much more credibility than i've given him.

I stand by my words: You have to be careful what you present as truth, if cannabis oil was a flat out cure for cancer we'd see it heavily publicized by social media. I really think it's dangerous to preach about alternative medicine, in a manner so absolute as Peanutbuter has.
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 Read the first comment, this one, and then nothing below that. F*ck Cancer. Opinions are like a*sholes.
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flag Stealthtrain (Sep 23, 2014 at 3:04) (Below Threshold)
 Look guys go easy on him and his lack of knowledge He's clearly a little Slow...Hell I would be if I rode a 04 stinky
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 right. no valid point to make so just chuck in an insult and feel good about yourself
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flag Stealthtrain (Sep 23, 2014 at 3:40) (Below Threshold)
 Drugs are not good for anything except contributing to lack of motivation/clouded judgement/and ruining lives...valid enough for you little guy ?
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 Sad peanutbutter is right but you sheep just keep bah bahing the same shit your all morons for neg proping him and not believing in marijuana and it's medicinal benefits
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 Hey pal I smoked that rubbish flat out for 11 years and the best thing I ever done was leave that junk behind....here's a little fact that anybody with half of braincell should know, Smoke of any type is bad for you it promotes cancer And breathing problems Simple as that
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 wow, stealthtrain you are quite the angry person arent you? and you make a lot of presumptions based on, err, i dunno, guess work? seems to me you need to chill out a bit.

In answer to your comment, drugs are in fact quite useful. They can make you better when you are ill. I assume from the context that you in fact mean psychoactive drugs? In that case, psychoactive drugs can also be useful when trying to fix not only mental but also physical health issues. Pain killers for example. Or antidepressants. Just as two widely accepted mainstream examples. Personally I avoid both of those myself wherever possible as i think there are better solutions to be found.

On a side note, do you drink at all?
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 you smoked flat out? well thats not good for any body now is it? If you were to take Asprin "flat out for 11 years" you would also suffer some serious health problems. Hell if you were to ride your bike flat out for 11 years your body would show some serious signs of wear and tear (I know my knees areFrown ), and I think we can all agree riding a bike is generally good for you.
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flag Stealthtrain (Sep 23, 2014 at 4:30) (Below Threshold)
 That's why I packed it in 6 years ago...and as for angry Well I have no idea where the indication of that shows? Also my comments were in relation to the cannabis topic Not riding bikes and taking pain killers Wink anyway regardless to this I'm all for fighting Cancer and think it's a great thing PB is doing to promote the battle Smile
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flag peanutbuter (Sep 23, 2014 at 5:36) (Below Threshold)
 @stealthtrain my stinky is sick
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 peanutbuter, cancer comes in many different forms and some can be much more aggressive than other's, this is why it takes a lot of money to research treatments, my wife is a nurse on a children's haematology ward and has to care for kids suffering from cancer every day, many do not survive, I'm happy for you that your mother came through it but please do not berate or insinuate that cancer charity's are only in it for the money,
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 Wether I drink or notis it relivent Gabrielle and if you know so much about man made substances being good for the human body then maybe you aught to read a little more...jokes and opinions aside look up FOOD MATTERS DOCUMENTARY and watch it, then come back and tell me the same thing...it's a real eye opener for anyone and the truth and facts are all there for you. The pharmaceutical drugs company is worth multi billions and it wants to be kept that way. Keep it real if you want to appeal
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 Guys ... you should not lambast peanutbutter for his opinion. Sure its perhaps a "bit strong" but the reality is that for anybody who has done any research on cannibis, they will realize there is quite a bit of merit behind its use. If your confused over what the words/acronyms THC, CBD, Indica or Sativa actually means, perhaps refrain from commenting, as your vision of a pot smoking stoner is stereotypical and not quite accurate in this day and age. There are hundreds of cannabis strains with different effects. The reason why its not "studied further" is because big pharma cannot patent it for sole distribution and profit, and hence the reason why studies are not carried out to PROVE its merit one way or another. He is not wrong ... just his approach could be a bit more compassionate.
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 Cricky, in the words of Ron Burgundy, "that escalated quickly"
  • 3 2
 Props Tobias, mad props. I dont know about cannabis curing cancer. I just haven't obtained enough knowledge to stake an optionated claim there. But what I can say is I know about big pharma. There is no money in curing people, it's said to say but it's the truth. There is money in it for trying, there is tons of money in it for saying your doing this or that to save people and support us yayadada.... it's as sick as cancer itself. What I feel is the biggest problem is people having to understand the true meaning of life. 50 percent of life is death, all the stuff that happens in life, big, small, happy or sad is part of the cycle. People, other animals, plants, whatever, we are meant to die, we are meant to have to say goodbye at some point. That point is what people can't swallow, the fact that death is always around the corner is blindly forgotten and ignored. I don't blame people for not wanting to die, I don't blame people for wanting there family members to be around for more years to come. But I think it's silly to think that we control the outcome, its silly to think we control life to the extent that we are fighting to live past our time every which way we can, I'm not saying treatments for various diseases are wrong, I'm just saying accepting death as part of life isn't what people want to face in there everyday lives. We are dying from the moment we are born.
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 Umm, so does that mean you like the bike or what?
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 jibber jabber about jibber jabber... Easy to say drugs are all about making money and are not necessary and it's only a business and these fackers are profiting off of peoples misery and all that until you need them...
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 if i had $5 for every post on this thread...i'd own that bike
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 Whether you drink or not is not irrelevant Stealthtrain. Alcohol is also a drug. It just happens to be legal. Its also f*cking bad for you, and doesn't have many health benefits apart from a slight reduction in blood viscosity which can help with heart conditions. It should be illegal by modern drug law standards, and would be if it wasn't A) so ingrained into our society, and B) a massive source of revenue for the government.
I'm not one of these "Weed is awesome, weed cures every possibly ailment and anyone who says otherwise is working for the man!" types. In fact I don't really use it myself any more. But a little perspective is a good thing. And weed CAN help with many many problems. Including cancer. Dunno if it can cure it. But it can certainly help. That is almost unquestionable these days. In fact if you eat it raw, rather than smoking it, it is incredibly good for you whether you are ill or not.

As for the "man made substances being good for the body" comment. I don't think I actually said that anywhere. In fact I believe I said I avoid medicine where possible. I will take it when necessary, but always as a last resort. People who pop a pill every time they have a headache or "feel a bit funny" are wasting their money and their liver. A good diet will fix most things.

I also feel I should point out that purposely mis-spelling my name is another example of something that makes you look slightly angry. Relax man.
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 Last I checked we were discussing it medical benefits not whether you were a pothead in your past
  • 2 1
 Not to mention we are talking about the extracted oil and ingesting it not smoking it moron
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 who you talking to there mhoshal?
  • 1 0
  • 2 1
 just checkin'. kinda could have referred to what either of us had said, lol.
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 For all those harping on about "big pharma" they are forgetting the very simple fact that a huge amount of cancer research is done by charitiable organisations and universities - why exactly would a not for profit organisation suppress a treatment that would achieve their goal? I know people love to think of some terrible oligarch watching millions die a painful death whilst drinking baby tear martinis in his ivory tower but that simply isn't the truth. As is the whole "canabis cannot be patented claim"- tale a look at Sativex for instance, if cannabis oil was a cure for cancer pharma would be all over it like a rash (in fact they already are - patented forms of THC are being researched as treatment of memory, weight loss, appetite, neurodegeneration, analgesia, and inflammation - but no one seems to take it seriously as a cure for cancer). If Simpson wants to prove his claims then simply go through the same scientific process as any other medicine, a placebo controlled double blind study would quickly demonstrate how successful it is if it truly is a cure for cancer - Simpson claims his disappeared in a matter of days treatment. Without this Simpsons claims, no matter how well intended, are incredibly dangerous (you only need look at the MMR scare) as he is literally gambling with people's lives.
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 Interesting. I was under the impression that its antitumor properties were quite well accepted.
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flag tobiusmaximum (Sep 23, 2014 at 15:24) (Below Threshold)
 charitiable organisations and universities... why exactly would a not for profit organisation suppress a treatment that would achieve their goal?

Who are these institutions funded by? Not one individual martini sipping megalomaniac, sure. But who?

If Simpson wants to prove his claims then simply go through the same scientific process as any other medicine, a placebo controlled double blind study would quickly demonstrate how successful it is if it truly is a cure for cancer

He's tried. He's tried everything. He's been trying for years. He's approached governments, city halls, the press, live tv debate, you name it. He's been dragged through the courts, treated like a criminal. And turned down shares in pharma to work with them. Nobody will touch the stuff you can grow in your garden and make with a rice cooker. I wonder why. Well I don't actually. There are lots of reasons. None of them being 'everyone denying cannabis is a psycho working for the illuminati'. We can go through a few of the possibilities why people are so afraid of what's right in front of their faces. And why the whole bloody world looks to a man in a white suit with a clipboard working for the government before they engage their brains.
  • 7 1
 "Who are these institutions funded by? Not one individual martini sipping megalomaniac, sure. But who"

Cancer Research Uk for instance is mostly funded by the British people through legacies and charitable donations - are you honestly suggesting that cancer charities are suppressing a cure for cancer in order to curry favour with pharma companies? Seriously?

"He's tried. He's tried everything. He's been trying for years. He's approached governments, city halls, the press, live tv debate, you name it."

Sorry but calling BS on this one - a guy can raise $13 million on kickstarter for a cool box that plays music and you are telling me Simpson cannot find enough funding to test a free cure for cancer? He claims to have cured 9000 people - if each of them gave only $50 that's nearly half a million dollars. If his claims had any true validity he would have no problem sourcing funding - rich people get cancer too.

There is a very good reason why Simpson cannot produce the scientific data to support claims that he has a cure for cancer - and trust me it has nothing to do with people ignoring what's in front of theirs faces or differing to men in white coats.
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flag tobiusmaximum (Sep 23, 2014 at 23:04) (Below Threshold)
 Okay bud. Whatever you say. Can't really be bothered to get into countering all your points. Because it's not my job to convince you of anything. Lets just see what happens eh.
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 I'm sorry but I have to say...Gabriel go back on ur previous comments You make yourself sound quite stupid and bore me something rotten, I'm outa here
  • 8 3
 Great cop out tobias, and no one is asking you to convince me - if you are incapable of defending your views then so be it but don't dress up an inability to respond with "I can't be bothered" it's an insult to everyone's intelligence.
As for "we will see what happens" nothing will happen - Simpson has had over a decade and thousands of healed patients (according to him) to get his sh!t together - he claims 9000 healed - trust me a 9000 patient case study showing an incredibly successful healing rate would create huge waves in the medical community. Nothing has stopped him doing this. He is using "big pharma" as the whipping boy for his inability to produce any tangible evidence for his snake oil (which whilst he may not be selling it it is being sold for $154 for a two ounce bottle on "cureyourcancer" - so clearly someone is making plenty of money out of it - money that weirdly doesn't seem to be going back into research! Odd that, interestingly on the website for the producers of that oil it states "This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.")
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flag tobiusmaximum (Sep 24, 2014 at 0:28) (Below Threshold)
 Alright mate. Tell yourself that. Just because I can't be f*cked to hack my way through your propoganda and stockholm syndrome, I'm copping out. Of course. But I'll rest on your last bit about 'this product blah blah.. '. Do you know who the FDA and FTC are?
  • 4 2
 Stealthtrain, I went back over my previous comments. Found this:
"right. no valid point to make so just chuck in an insult and feel good about yourself"

Cya later man....

Paulski, here is some evidence of the inhibitive effects of cannabinoids on tumor growth:

And if thats possibly a bit biased due to the source, try this:

I am also done with this conversation. Only joined it to say that Peanutbuter didn't deserve all the unfounded criticism he was getting.

It's been fun y'all
  • 5 1
 Yes Tobias I do know who the FDA are having dealt with them personally. Also aware of the FTC - take a little look at this from the 5.20 mark, it ecxplains there function with regards to supplements in a nice light hearted way - www.youtube.com/watch?v=WA0wKeokWUU

That $154 product is selling itself on a website that called "cureyourowncancer" for Christ sakes - yet that warning is hidden away in the ingredients section - it is clearly associating itself with serious health claims and is allowed to do so because it is totally unregulated and untested.

And what "propaganda" is there in what I wrote? Are there Cancer Research charities that are pouring millions into finding a cure for cancer? Yes. Why would any one of these charities not fund Simpsons work if it was what he claimed - namely a free cure for cancer. Has Simpson claimed to have healed 9000 patients? Yes. So why hasn't he completed a case study report into this - if he was a driven as you claim he is why has he let 9000 cases proving his claims simply slip through his fingers? You seem to be mistaking "propaganda" with "facts".
  • 3 8
flag tobiusmaximum (Sep 24, 2014 at 2:54) (Below Threshold)
 Because, as I said, I can't be bothered to write the essay that addresses all you institutionalized responses, I shall cherry pick ones that jump out. Like this one:
Are there Cancer Research charities that are pouring millions into finding a cure for cancer? Yes.
Is this an opinion? Yes. Because you used the word cure. When earlier you stated treatment. Tell me this... If you don't see that a CURE that can be made in your backyard/kitchen threatens to end big pharma, cancer charities, cancer wards, the majority of the socialist health'care' (what a joke) and a great many things in between then what can I say? You're blind. Tell me this also... Since simpson has the data, but as was said by someone earlier.. IT CAN'T BE PROFITED FROM, then why don't the beloved benevolent cancer research UK do the study with the millions of pounds they're taking off the people under the guise of finding a cure? Many reasons. Number one? Survival. It would end cancer research UK in a matter of months. Tbc..
  • 6 2
 "Paulski, here is some evidence of the inhibitive effects of cannabinoids on tumor growth:"

In mice - sadly we aren't looking to cure mouse cancer. This is the first step towards proper research but "inhibiting tumour growth in immuno suppressed mice" =/= cure for cancer. As a side note that paper was funded by big pharma (I thought that didn't happen?).

You may also wish to take a look at this www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10861074 which states THC actually increases tumour growth in mice due to being immunosuppresive (this paper was not funded by pharma BTW) as does this paper too www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15749859 (also not funded by pharma).

We are a million miles away from comprehensive evidence and as such Simpsons claims are unfounded and dangerous.
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flag tobiusmaximum (Sep 24, 2014 at 2:56) (Below Threshold)
 It's ridiculous to think that simpson should bear the responsibility when half the bloody population is paying a company to look into these things. It's also ridiculous to think that someone selling the product should risk incarceration from a corrupt fascist government, under the banner of a pathetic war on drugs (haha alcohol??) , for less than 150 bucks given that you need the sort of volume of bud, to make that much oil, that would have you in prison for years.
And what propoganda? You're barking the establishment story and you ask me what propoganda? If you can't see imperialist corporate fascism slapping us all round the face, then I can't help you. Go and look for yourself. But you won't. After nearly fifty years of the establishment line, you're confident everything is fine, most of your friends make you feel safe in that. Tbc
  • 4 9
flag tobiusmaximum (Sep 24, 2014 at 2:57) (Below Threshold)
 People are afraid to medicate themselves, they wait for the man in the white coat to say 'it's really complex but the experts have saved the day'. They've been dumbed down and trained to seek expert opinion. If we didn't have the crazy laws, grannies would be growing it and curing their mates and cancer research would be over. And no, they're not risking lives. People are brave with empowering information, f*ck me what are people facing now? Radiation treatment that kills the cancer coz it's bloody radiation? I'd say people are being way braver now than they would need to be with the oil. Because confidence would grow, because oh look.. it works well on this, this, this, that and that and this. And they'd see that. Lets get behind giving people the CHOICE and see what happens. But you can't, because we live in fascism. There is no choice in fascism. Are you going to argue argainst peoples inherent right to heal themselves? Really?
  • 4 9
flag tobiusmaximum (Sep 24, 2014 at 3:17) (Below Threshold)
 Cannabinoid receptors all over the human body (read: not animals) and a plant with the keys to those receptors that has been around for eternity? Lets wait for government to tell us it's okay. More accurately, lets wait for the corporatocracy to make something synthetic that works and doesn't kill people, then tell us you can only access the control/treatment through a license and support of corporations. Hmm.
  • 6 2
 tobius - "Tell me this... If you don't see that a CURE that can be made in your backyard/kitchen threatens to end big pharma, cancer charities, cancer wards, the majority of the socialist health'care' (what a joke) and a great many things in between then what can I say? You're blind."

I can make penicillin myself from the contents of my kitchen - does that mean an end to the pharma companies that produce it? I can grow vegetables in my back garden - does that mean an end to farming and green grocers? I can produce rape seed oil in my back garden and run my car on it - does that mean the end of the oil industry? If you think that finding a cure for cancer would end pharma merely because it can be grown in your garden you are wrong. Sativex proves this - it was clearing over £10 million per year in 2012 with over 100% growth year on year - for a product you'd claim can be grown in your garden.

You openly claim that Cancer Research UK are actively suppressing research into this area in order to line their own pockets! Keeping it classy there. And how would it end Cancer research in a matter of months? Unless of course you are suggesting that cannabis oil is capable of curing all cancers out there.
  • 6 1
 " Are you going to argue argainst peoples inherent right to heal themselves? Really?" - you are confusing two unrelated topics - one is the legalisation of cannabis (which I have no issue with) the other is whether cannabis is a miracle cure for cancer.

"They've been dumbed down and trained to seek expert opinion" - possibly the dumbest thing I've read in a while - take a look at what that expert opinion has done for life expectancy. Your portrayal of Oncologists as bad people is so far off the mark - I have worked with these people previously - in Great Ormond Street to name but one, and trust me if this was a cure they would be all over it.
  • 4 9
flag tobiusmaximum (Sep 24, 2014 at 3:30) (Below Threshold)
 You openly claim that Cancer Research UK are actively suppressing research into this area in order to line their own pockets

Quote me please. Pretty sure you're putting words in my mouths. Factually, you are, because those aren't my words. Actually don't bother. Lets forget it. I've learnt to leave these things because they can go on indefinitely. Not because you've won. I can do this forever. It's just a waste of time. Just engage the other side of your brain. The one they're trying to keep you away from. Because humans are being used like programmable computers. FACTS DATA EVIDENCE FACTS DATA EVIDENCE. MORE INPUT!

  • 4 3
 " It's ridiculous to think that simpson should bear the responsibility when half the bloody population is paying a company to look into these things." - of course he should bear the responsibility - he is the one making the half baked claims who the bloody hell else should bear responsibility then? So I can make whatever claims I want to according to you without the needs to suport them? Yeah sorry but it doesn't work like that.

And your incessant rambling about "facist govts" are making you look crazy as its a totally unrelated topic - we are not sayin whether it should be legal but whether its a cure for all known cancer. Which it isn't.

"You're barking the establishment story" - where am I barking the establishment dstory? I think cannabis should be legallised - but that does not make it a cure for cancer no matter how much you want it to be. You do realise that Bob Marley - probably the most famous prolific pot smoker of all time died of cancer right? I thought cannabis could cure all known cancers though?
  • 4 8
flag tobiusmaximum (Sep 24, 2014 at 3:35) (Below Threshold)
 If you think that finding a cure for cancer would end pharma merely because it can be grown in your garden you are wrong. Sativex proves this - it was clearing over £10 million per year in 2012 with over 100% growth year on year - for a product you'd claim can be grown in your garden.

This is ridiculous. Sativex proves what exactly? That people don't have a choice?

And I think you'll find I stated that your beloved government stops you growing it in your garden. Where have you been? It's illegal. And you never managed to explain why.
  • 3 8
flag tobiusmaximum (Sep 24, 2014 at 3:36) (Below Threshold)
 Can you explain why? Without ending up knee deep in propoganda? I doubt it.
  • 5 2
 "Cannabinoid receptors all over the human body (read: not animals) and a plant with the keys to those receptors that has been around for eternity? Lets wait for government to tell us it's okay. More accurately, lets wait for the corporatocracy to make something synthetic that works and doesn't kill people, then tell us you can only access the control/treatment through a license and support of corporations"

You are right - instead lets have a totally unregulated industry for people to make whatever claims they want to and add whatever the hell they want to without any evidence to support their claims at all, rather than actually testing it in a scientific method and have it released in a monitored and controlled manner in order to ensure that there are no unexpected side effects and produced in a safe manner so that a couple of decades down the line you have an incredibly cheap and incredibly safe medicine that is readily available to all (you do understand the patent laws around pharmaceuticals right?)
  • 6 1
 "Quote me please. Pretty sure you're putting words in my mouths."

Here you go -

IT CAN'T BE PROFITED FROM, then why don't the beloved benevolent cancer research UK do the study with the millions of pounds they're taking off the people under the guise of finding a cure? Many reasons. Number one? Survival. It would end cancer research UK in a matter of months.
  • 6 2
 "This is ridiculous. Sativex proves what exactly? That people don't have a choice?"

Sativex proves that Pharma can make money from it - something you claimed is impossible - its being used in Canada, a country where you are legally allowed to grow cannabis for medicinal purposes. So even when provided the choice many will choose a medicianl product because they feel its safer. Like I said I can whip up penicillin in my kitchen - doesn't mean I'm going to though.
  • 4 10
flag tobiusmaximum (Sep 24, 2014 at 3:53) (Below Threshold)
 Totally unrelated topic?

This, forever more, will be the problem and the main reason they have you. It couldn't possibly be any more related. Step back. Join the dots. You don't live in a democracy. You've been tricked. Sorry about that, it's not my fault. It's absolutely related. How is the fact that an oppresive regime stops ME medicating MYSELF (not selling it to anyone, not adding anything to it, not risking lives) not related to the simple answer to whether it's a cancer cure, that being trying it!?
But I'm out, I'm wasting my time. Next thing you'll be telling me that imaginary unbacked fiat currency is not related to perpetual endless war because one is finance and one is defence.
  • 3 9
flag tobiusmaximum (Sep 24, 2014 at 3:57) (Below Threshold)
 Sativex proves that Pharma can make money from it Nooo, sativex proves you can make money from sativex. And guess what, nobody is taking it seriously as a CURE for cancer because it's not. It's sativex. They don't want a cure dude. Because then you'd be cured. It's really bloody simply, a ten year old could get that.
  • 8 4
 " How is the fact that an oppresive regime stops ME medicating MYSELF (not selling it to anyone, not adding anything to it, not risking lives) not related to the simple answer to whether it's a cancer cure, that being trying it!"

I cannot medicate myself with heroin - doesn't mean that I cannot get access to opiates. To suggest that the only way to medicate oneself is to grow it in your garden is moronic in the extreme. In the US in 23 states you can grow cannabis for medicinal reasons - so there is now a vast opportunity to test your theory, I'm assuming we are going to see cancer rates plummet in these areas right? (and before you harp on about "the people are waiting for the men in white coats to tell them its OK" this bill has been brought in to allow people to self medicate cannabis - if your claim was correct the bill would never have been created because according to you people won't self medicate).

I realise you have swallowed the big book of govt conspiracies and want to spit out as many as possible, but no amount of govt conspiracy makes cannabis a cure for all cancers.
  • 6 3
 Gonna chime back in to say "^ This guy gets it^"
  • 7 2
 "They don't want a cure dude. Because then you'd be cured. It's really bloody simply, a ten year old could get that."

Sweet Jesus - obviously pharma does not want to cure right - I mean apart from Measles. And Mumps. And Rubella. And many other disease that have almost disappeared thanks to vaccines - a ten year old can understand that - now take a look at the number of cancer vaccines that are currently being developed and tell me that pharma does not wish to cure cancer. Take a look at the amount of research that is going into new antibiotics too - all from an industry that has no interest in "cures". I forgot to mention the gene therapy research as well - cures for SCID and ADA developed, and there is a huge amount more research going into this area - an area which in the most part creates "cures" not "treatments". So apart from all those examples you are almost correct!
  • 7 4
 @tobiusmaximum, you sir, have issues... Buy an island and live alone on it is my suggestion. The world is obviously too corrupt for you to live in it... Sick and tired of your propaganda bullshit. Seriously, you are delusional! Disappear Mr. facts of life. Nobody needs to hear what you think and frankly, it's insulting to everyone sane that you think that because we are not cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs like you are that we don't understand what stupid shit you are saying.
  • 6 0
 i hope the two points and all entities that are represented with them can one day truly work together to the best of their unbiased capacities so the end goal may one day be reached. but hey... egos are not our amigos...
  • 3 0
 well said fullbug
  • 4 0
 taking my bro to his treatments and watching him struggle and fight til the end, trust me i was also looking for ANY treatment, traditional and non, to help him. cancer is truly a f'd up non-discriminating enemy which may be why it has been so hard to fight. i know i was so confused trying to make sense of the options. anyone whose had to go thru it personally or with loved ones wish every argument here was the right one to fix it. i know i sure as fck wish it all was.
  • 6 10
flag tobiusmaximum (Sep 25, 2014 at 3:11) (Below Threshold)
 Scarygerry.. thanks for proving my point. Once upon a time people like me got ridiculed, now the violent opposition is here too and the mindless ridicule is disappearing. Stage three is coming. I'm glad my view of the world upsets you to the degree you have nothing of substance to say except a rant basically translating to 'waaaaa, I'm not happy'. Did you have a tantrum when you discovered Santa wasn't real?
Cognitive dissonance is rampant. You just proved it. Untwist your knickers. If you're so sane, and I'm so cuckoo, how come I managed to wind you up so much? Doesn't add up bud. Just admit you're vexed because the evidence for a different view of the world to the one we've been sold, is coming in by the bucket load. You're just getting angry because the dream you bought into is falling apart and it's harder and harder to convince yourself it's real. Monsanto.. definitely nothing fascist about a government creating a protection bill for a corporation right? Definitely nothing fishy about them buying Blackwater, the world's largest private army.
P.s. it's not my 'propoganda bullshit', try Edward Bernays. But you probably think propoganda died right after reefer madness and disneys support the war tax.
Anyway, good luck, life is gonna get really irritating if you can't handle an opposing view on reality.

Disappear Mr facts of life? How f*cking old are you? Grow up. You're a child in the playground going 'go away I don't like what you're saying'. Better beef up your bubble dude, because lots of people are carrying pins these days and the numbers are growing.
  • 7 4
 What the hell's the matter with you Tobias? This is a mountain bike site and you sound like a damn serial killer...
  • 5 8
 No, it's the internet. What's the matter with me? Nothing. I'm fine. Strange idea of a serial killer you've got..

I'm only responsible for what I say. I'm not responsible for what you understand.
  • 2 0
 Apologies as this is slightly off topic. However you might be interested in this Tobias:
nothing to do with cancer, but it does a good job of propping up the general argument you are trying to put across. And its also bloody scary if you ask me....
  • 1 2
 Oh bugger I just actually read the full web address. A name like that is definitely going to cause dismissal. Oops. All I can say is it was the result of a 5 second google search and i clicked on the first relevant link. There are probably more reliable sources out there. In fact I first heard about this last night in fairly mainstream news on my car radio. BBC I assume but can't recall the exact station I was listening too. It certainly wasn't anything like Alex Jones.
  • 5 6
 Thanks dude. At least you don't think exposing serial killers makes one a serial killer. And don't apologize for being off topic, criminals running the world into the ground is never off topic. Until there is another planet we can go to. The scariest bit is not what's planned for us, it's how many so called intelligent educated people can miss what's happening and as we see here, will fight to protect the system that enslaves them. Like I said, Stockholm Syndrome.

Hey, got a joke for ya....
Q:What's the difference between the mafia and the government?

A:The mafia doesn't have a 16,000 hour indoctrination system to teach you it's not the mafia! Big Grin
  • 6 1
 That article does nothing to back up the point that tobius is trying to put across though - because the point he is claiming is that cannabis oil is apparently a cure for all cancers - I love the focus on the US govt though - because obviously medicine only exists with the US and therefore one countries govt can completely control the entire medical community - remind me again why North Korea or China or Russia aren't using cannabis oil - obviously they absolutely love paying large sums of money to US and Europeans corporations.
  • 4 4
 I think you are purposely misunderstanding for the sake of argument paulski. Whats the point? I think for many many comments now tobias has been talking about how big pharma, and governments in general value profit over the well being of humanity. He has spent a lot of time referencing the usefulness of cannabinoids as an aid in treating cancer not being fully realised, as it is relevant to the article above and to peanutbuters original post. The amount of times you have ignored the point he is trying to make in order to nitpick, poking sometimes unimportant holes in his argument has become ridiculous.You clearly know what you are talking about to a certain extent, and you do indeed make good points, but you undermine yourself when you knowingly sidestep the gist of the argument in front of you in order to make a derisive and sometimes agressive quip. That is a trick politicians use, and is a large part of the reason people like Tobius have so little faith in them any more. For example when I referenced a couple of articles with evidence that cannabinoids can be useful, whilst obviously not a magic all encompassing elixer of life, your response was "yeah but we're not trying to cure cancer in mice". I am sure (based on some of your previous very knowledgeable comments) you know as well as I do that testing on mice and rats is a very good indicator of what will be effective in humans, so your decision to pretend you don't for that argument just makes it seem like you are more concerned with disagreeing and prolonging the argument than coming to any sort of amicable conclusion. It's tiresome, and I personally am not here to argue. If you enjoy it, carry on.
  • 4 8
flag tobiusmaximum (Sep 25, 2014 at 11:20) (Below Threshold)
 You sir, make very well formed comments. I take my hat off to you. Lets just stop, breathe. When I stand back I love Paul too, for making me try harder, learn more, strive to upset less people and get my point across better. He challenges me. And if he was honest he would agree, we all need people who challenge our ideas. Or we are definitely not getting out of this mess, conspiracy or no conspiracy. Try to imagine how these forums would go down if everyone was sat in a room together. With a load of beers. And probably some bikes to fiddle with. I love all of you. I don't want any of us to be shoehorned anymore.
  • 5 2
 jibber jabber masters... BLA BLA BLA WAAAAAAA WAAAAAA WAAAAAA as you say mister one reality one truth... YOURS!!! When you grow a brain cell, I welcome you back to society and the world of reality... Takes more than a hippie to get me rattled up...I'm just tired of your Mr. Know it all attitude and felt it was best to tell then to roll my eyes behind this screen like i have been doing for the past few days every time i read your BS...
  • 3 0
 we all gotta always be moving to trip over/discover things and each other to learn. standing still not moving as well as not looking while moving is a dangerous f'n move. ya never wanna dead sailor. somewhat heated but great read gentlemen. there is always hope when at the very least there is always discussion on all sides. well done.
  • 3 0
 ..look what time it is though!! BEER:30 thread ender.
  • 3 2
 How many of you are professional moral/ethical theorists? Everyone needs to shut up first and foremost because I am tired of being notified of every post to this thread. Second, your opinion is your opinion and vehemently defending it on Pinkbike is stupid. Great cause promoted by Evil, leave it at that.
  • 1 1
 amen to that...
  • 6 1
 We absolutely do need people to challenge us - that's the whole point - when people like Simpson inform highly vulnerable people that they should stop tried and tested treatment in order to take something that is totally and utterly unproved they should not go unchallenged - yes tobius and you have pointed to papers that SUGGEST cannabanoids may have a benefit with regards to cancer - but equally I have pointed to papers that also state that they may actually have carcinogenic properties. There are many many substances out there that MAY have benefits for cancer sufferers - but playing them up as some miracle cure for all cancers helps no one. Pharma are far from being the good guys - but equally portraying them as the personification of evil equally helps no one - as I demonstrated one of the papers you cited was funded by pharma. I am not nit picking his points - I am pointing out that no matter how corrupt pharma or the govt may be that does not by default make Simpson honest - that isn't how life works. Simpsons claims have the potential to cost lives - maybe I'm crazy for believing that if you are going to do that then you should have the evidence to support those claims.
  • 3 7
flag tobiusmaximum (Sep 25, 2014 at 13:36) (Below Threshold)
 You forget I lived in, (most of my life) and know, the one side of reality that you still live in, you arrogant, ignorant, *******. But I bothered to look at the other side in great detail. Have you done that yet? I doubt it. You probably voted for Harper ffs.
But I'm out. You don't even see a level truce and possible avenues for broadening your perspective. And you call me Mr f*cking know it all, you are being one sided. Summed up by your colleague who has truly granted his mind away by stating 'we don't need people who challenge us'. You're animals. No wonder we still need governing like cattle.
  • 1 1
 The only thing I got from your jigger jabber is and I quote ''I'm out''. I think that is wonderful. Lets see if you can live by what you even say... The rest was BLA BLA BLA...

look who's rattled now?
  • 6 0
 "Summed up by your colleague who has truly granted his mind away by stating 'we don't need people who challenge us'. You're animals. "

If you are going to insult me it would probably help if you learnt to actually read properly as I actually wrote the polar opposite of what you claim. The opening line if my post starts with "We ABSOLUTELY DO need people to challenge us" - perhaps if you weren't so incredibly closed minded you wanted misinterpret what people write in order to suit your own bias - I look forward to your no doubt forthcoming apology.
  • 5 1
 Tobius has said "I'm out" 3 times, in 3 separate comments now.. but he's still here..
He's either a liar.. or just lost
  • 8 4
 I actually work for (what tobius would call) "big pharma". Currently I am trying to bring a cure to market for some really nasty diseases, including cancer. I am not rich, or evil.

Tobias, the absolute drivvel you are spouting on here is offensive in the extreme, not only to me and the hundreds of thousands of researchers and healthcare professionals worldwide, but to anyone that has ever had cancer, or lost somebody to cancer.

That's quite a demographic to offend - maybe you should spend a bit of time thinking about that before posting anything else?

I'm not going to insult you, but please, just calm down and accept that maybe (just maybe) the thousands and thousands of intelligent people across the world who have been researching cancer treatments for decades actually know significantly/infinitely more about this than you do. Yes, yes.... they are all part of the system, puppets, victims of brainwashing from the medical-industrial complex. Yawn.
  • 1 2
 How can someone be soo extreamly uneducated??
Since some components might help to prevent or even to slow down the cancers process...what is far fetched, because the studies on marihuana are in their beginnings, it doesn´t cure it !!!
  • 2 0
 Cannabinoids have anti-tumor properties e.g induce cell death and inhibit cell growth Sativex is created using cannabis, it is a brand and will make a profit but it is not designed to treat cancer, it is to treat symptoms of multiple sclerosis. I don't agree with turning a natural medicine into man made, but not everyone with multiple sclerosis will enjoy or want to smoke a blunt or a bong
  • 8 5
 Arguing on the internet is like the Special Olympics. Even if you win you're still retarded.
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 ^winner by knockout.
ding ding (Y)
  • 3 2
 A bewildering amount of ignorance towards the hemp oil thing.
Terrible! Never seen so much ignorance towards something that HAS been proven repeatedly to HELP!! What the hell is wrong with you guys?!
So weird!
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 So where do even enter?
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 Donated $10 from me and the mrs, after the few sticker for our bikes, how can we get a couple as we're in uk?
  • 120 2
 My girlfriend just walked in as I was processing my donation. She asked me why I was giving money to a charity on the other side of the world for a cause that already receives hefty sums of funding annually.

My reply:

- Babe. The money goes towards improving the quality of care and the support for young women with breast cancer. Call me shallow but, since you and I have been together you know that not only do I love you because of your incredible character and your bad temper but you also because I am all about that natural boobage you sport on a daily basis that forces me to wear three pairs of briefs.

(Click Back to the Evil Bike Photo spread)

- Now look at all that neon pink... think about how insanely hot you would look riding that beast of a bike down our local trails. (Note the diversion tactic here as, if I were to win the bike she would most likely inherit my Yeti SB66 and I would violate that Evil bike until the carbon melted off of it)

Missus. - You know... you are right. Can I donate too?

Missus sits on me lap and breaks her card out for another donation.

Moral of the story: Love the boobage, love your bike as much as the boobage. Try and incorporate as much boobage in your riding as you can as often as you can. Contribute how you can to the destruction of boobage harming agents, be it poorly designed bras, minuscule genetic flaws in the recipe of awesomeness that all women are or even poorly justified plastic boobage.

Best Regards.

A shallow biking male nurse.
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 Yh they should charge everyone $/£5 to make a comment on this thread (obviously they would tell you first)
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 Fucking nailed it mate
  • 76 1
 I always thought if I won the bike I would sell it and give back generously but if I win this I might just sell my car instead!
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 Priorities, you're doing it right
  • 19 1
 yes can't wait to donate ! ... i'am an avid fan of this organization and donate ever time such a sic bike
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 that's not very saintly.....
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 @medievalbiking: I don't zee why?
  • 4 5
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 I enve your puns...
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 please stop this for fox's sake
  • 14 6
 you should boxxer over the head for that one
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 that was evil of you ....
  • 5 8
 Now that's just Evil
  • 11 2
 You two are Geax.
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 better than being a saint ...
  • 32 1
 I ate a fruit pizza once.
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 I just Hope i'm the winner...
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 i think were done here ... lol
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 You guys have singletrack minds.
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 Ooh a piece of candy
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flag JustWhipIt (Sep 22, 2014 at 8:09) (Below Threshold)
 These puns are getting crank-y why don't you all just muc-off?
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 this thread is undead .. it just wont die
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 don't try and start a Revolt now
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flag JustWhipIt (Sep 22, 2014 at 14:02) (Below Threshold)
 I genuinely despise whom that dislikend my comment.
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flag vroomvroompartystarter (Sep 22, 2014 at 20:15) (Below Threshold)
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flag JustWhipIt (Sep 23, 2014 at 8:29) (Below Threshold)
 Y'know what... fuck pinkbike.
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 lol you so trolled p.s i upped your last comment to keep the trollrolling lol
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 I take that back, I love everyone Smile
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 Alivio Guys!
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 Obamacare literally saved my mom's life (she had late stage rare cancer and no insurance). Please be conscious of political decisions that truly affect people's lives. Long live human rights and access to healthcare for all.
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 This a good cause and close to my heart but after the years of fund raising, im beginning to wonder if there is ever going to be such thing as a cure for cancer, or it could be a governments way to cull the population? ?? Either way my money is stopping in my pocket.i dont like the pink on the bike hehehe.
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 anyone know when they are actually doing the draw? im assuming its done already. but there's nothing there that says when they pick the winner.... i just want know know if i can stop check EVERY TIME i get an email!! derp
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 Donated! I am not just wishing to win the bike, but the fund-raising to help people! Smile
  • 24 6
 Wow bro you're an inspiration to us all...
  • 15 2
 if this is postive, thanx, if not, you what you should do Wink
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 Donated.... XL please..... thanks
  • 2 1
 Damn, you must be tall!
  • 3 0
 Yup 6' 4"!!!
  • 3 0

As a biker lover, anyone ever worry about testicular cancer and saddle time? Balls
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 I'd donate half my organs to however needs them right now just to ride that bike
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 No Paypal option again this year, thats disappointing.
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 PayPal actually charges the charity to withdraw the funds you donate. It increases the admin costs of the campaign so less money goes towards the actual programmes they propose.
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 I think its for a great cause, well done guys.. How does a charity prize warranty claim go about then?
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 Can we enter if we are based in England?
  • 2 0
 "We will ship worldwide" they say.
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 i think the tax will be very expensive if i get the bike.. but who care..just donate don't think the bike..
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 Evil is actually doing good! Beer
  • 1 0
 The right thing to do is, win the bike, sell it and give that money away to the charity! i would if i would win it! Great couse!
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 I'm not nearly cool enough to ride a bike that nice, but luckily for me you don't have to shred to be able to donate.
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 A lot of comments. But so does Dr. Gerson. (2cents)
I'm still going to donate....cancer sucks ass in general.....
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 I'm in, donate to the cause guys, it might save your ass one day or someone you care about. i dont care what components are on it, that bike is sick!
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 Customs fees and other applicable taxes will be the winners responsibilities...I don't wann to imagine how much for it...ahahaha
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 Cancer research charities are a huge scam. Cancer rates are going up while more money is being siphoned into these charities that never even touch up on Cannabis Oil - a treatment known to attack cancer cells, increase appetite and promote recovery.
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 Hey man, you've missedur thread, it's the big long one at the top of the comments
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 Two things this week that have given me a hard on,this bike and the bird with the tits video !
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 They have tablets for that bud Wink
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 so when are the winners going to be notified?
  • 2 0
 When are they doing the draw? I'm cheking my spam folder everyday just in case...
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 Such a great cause.......everybody on PB should donate. What an awesome looking bike too!!
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 I'm on the fence, maybe you can help. I can't find anything on their website regarding their financials. How much of my donation will actually go to cancer patients? It says above that they fund education programs for young women with cancer, but I can't find any actual info on what these 'programs' are. No mention at all!?!? I am very skeptical of charities so I always research first and after 20 mins on their website I am quite skeptical of this particular charity. (but damn i want that bike haha) So are these guys legit?
  • 1 0
 Anyone get confirmation of entry?

Awesome they can raise so much money out of the bike community.
  • 1 0
 Did anyone get a confirmation for the actual raffle or just a thank you for your donation?
  • 2 0
 Just donated 50$, how do I know that I'm in the raffle?
  • 1 0
 I'm in the same boat. Donated and have not received information on the raffle. Can anyone answer this?
  • 1 0
 Donated for the great cause + the thought that I may be riding that beauty in hafjell next season. Win Win
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 I love the part about how customs fees and taxes are the winners responsibility. If I wasn't broke, I'd donate.
  • 1 0
 Sad that the donation me and my family is giving ain't counting in this. =(
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 I'm just a poor college student... but this bike is telling me to donate! Donated 40$! Now that is a good feeling!
  • 1 0
 I wish i will win this one... just for once in my life something to win in a raffle
  • 1 0
 Done. But if I win I won't keep the bike, there are other things that I need, so if I win it will end sale Frown
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 Support the sport and breast cancer in the best way it can be done... /supports +1000
  • 6 5
 i'm so enve-ous for the winner of the bike.
  • 2 1
 "between September 22nd, 2014 & Midnight of October 15th, 2014"
  • 3 2
 No way that bike is only 5k
  • 1 0
 Where does it say that?
  • 3 1
 5 dolars not 5k my evil was 10k and i think this one is about there as well Big Grin
  • 1 0
 Haha my bad
  • 2 0
 Gonna donate Smile
  • 1 0
 They dont accept my credit card :-(
  • 1 0
 I have some F*UCK CANCER stickers left from one of the previous fundraise)
  • 1 0
 Can anyone explain what recognition name means on donation page?
  • 1 0
 A pat in the back in front of the digital press for being selfless and coughing up dosh for a good cause.
  • 2 0
 That ride is stunning!
  • 2 0
 Donation done.
  • 1 0
 Donated. Love supporting a cause.
  • 1 0
 hmmm.... Can I get that in blue? Great cause!
  • 2 0
 No PayPal?
  • 3 2
 How do we donate?
And that PeanutButter guy is a loser. Ill put up a $500
  • 1 0
  • 2 0
 No paypal option? lol.
  • 1 0
 I know!

I was going to throw down $25, but shocked there wasn't an option.
  • 1 0
 there was/is a blank field at the top...donate what you like
  • 1 0
 Thanks, but I was referring to no option for PayPal, not the amount I wanted.
  • 1 1
 Loool that old chestnut
I was acc going to donate £1000 but they didn't accept my card...owell
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 Lets just talk about bikes again... please.
  • 1 0
 Isn't Evil Saint an oxymoron? Sweet ride, I'm in.
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 That thing is beautiful!!! I want it
  • 1 0
 Awesome cause and awesome prizes!
  • 1 0
 wow some of you people are crazy
  • 1 1
  • 2 0
 I just dry creamed
  • 1 0
 Can I use stamps? Either stamps or I.O.U?
  • 1 0
 ^those arguments were hilarious js
  • 1 0
 And the $60,000.00 Goal has just been achieved. Awesome.
  • 1 0
 Oi, what a sh*t show. I love internet forums. smh
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 I want that bike so bad!!!!
  • 2 2
 When can we donate, can i at the end of the month
  • 1 1
 donated! and i dont even care about the bike!
  • 1 1
 That escalated quickly...
  • 1 0
 Done and done!
  • 1 2
 Already got one but donated anyway Salute
  • 1 3
 does it have 26 or 27.5
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