Andrew Neethling Announces His Retirement from Racing

Jan 17, 2017 at 4:23
by Pinkbike Staff  
Earlier today Andrew Neethling announced his retirement through his Facebook, thanking everyone for the past fourteen years of racing, and hinting as to what's next for him following his decision to retire from racing.

Andrew Neethling had a strong day and is looking to shake off some bad luck that has followed him around all season.

bigquotesDidn't know at the time that this would be the last time dropping into the finish area of a World Cup season ... It's been an amazing 14 years racing around the globe. All good things they say must come to an end. This was no easy decision let me tell you that! I have decided to hang up my racing boots... well sort of... I will take a step back from racing and transition into a new role in the industry and with a brand I have been a fan of for a while now. I will very much still be riding and at events and shoots... Very excited to release the news and upcoming projects soon. On the side, I am very much trying to grow the sport and get more people into riding via bike parks and building projects which has become a passion.

There were ups and downs, podiums and victories which were not even in my dreams as a kid, broken bones, life lessons, sacrifices, laughs and friendships which I will cherish forever. There is a list of thanks so long it won't fit here but let's try. First off my Mom and Dad who supported me when I made the choice to go racing! Without them this would never have been possible. My brother, Jonty Neethling for a kick in the ass when I needed it, riding partner and then wrenching.

My close friends! All my previous teams and sponsors: Global Racing - Martin Whiteley giving me my first ride and support, Honda/ Turner, Mongoose, Trek, Giant, Polygon UR. All my former teammates. Everyone that supported me, gave me a lift, let me sleep on their couch or housed me. You all know who you are! Sven Martin and Ridehousemartin for housing me and giving me the chance to live out my dream.. in the early years. Let's not forget the fans and industry people that supported me along the way. Here is to chasing a dream!
- Andrew Neethling

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 i raced in 2015 my first IXS EDC in Schladming, on last lap of practice before qualification I pass Andrew who was resting in part to the track but in 5 second he catch me again (of course) I heard him to my shoulders until the arrival and I apologized to him if I ruined the final run.. and quietly he said, as a masterclass gentleman :"no problem mate, there's no clock right now".

Thank you so much man, you represents real downhill!!
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 lets hope he continues to rep real dh by taking cladiou's place beside warner in the announcing booth .the sport needs needles behind the mic doing real color commnetary.
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 @stacykohut: I agree but the kids think Claudio is amazeballs so prepare for the downvotes.
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 I agree he'd make a great replacement or addition to the booth. It would be cool to see former pro's in and out of the booth like CG, Peaty, Palmer, Barel and etc.. Does anyone know if the brand he is talking is Specialized? I think he had a custom color in the 2FO shoe line, for a while.
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 @arnoldtm2: Could the hashtag be a clue?
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 @jclnv: Love Claudio's course previews. Do not like his booth commentary. Time for a change.
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 Thanks for the inspiration and fast shredding Needles! I will never forget the stoked look on your face at the CWX Whistler Air DH when you first realized you were the first racer to beat Lopes in that event in many, many years!! Good luck in your next chapter bud!!
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 Needles! You were always one of my favorite riders, since the days of clay Porter's early films. Your style and skill always had me stoked to go ride. I particularly remember all your interviews in hypnosis. It was you and the rest the boys that had me hooked. Thanks for your inspiration! Style never gets old!
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 This guy has style. Seen him in morzine last summer with Eddie masters and remy morton, getting involved in bikemorzine's rip off whip off and killed it
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 So there's only allowed to be one whip off?
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Well no, there are many whip offs, but the event organizers literally named their event "The Rip Off"

So @dmrrider1989 is just calling the event by it's name.
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 Oh right, my bad
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 Great racer, good luck with future plans!
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 FLOWY, One of the best styles out there!
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 I was there when you won the 2005 Schweitzer NORBA National. Still remember you pinning it through the open grass turns at the bottom with your DHR fully leaned over and committed to your line. Thanks for all the entertaining years of risking your shit!
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 It was a pleasure and an honor to have you on the team, nonetheless be one of our first ever athlete. You can be proud of what you've achieved, and we thank you for everything you have done for us. !ee you at the races! #proudsponsor #ride100percent
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 Wish him the best
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 Neethlings shoulder buzz tabletops. The steeziest ever done! Good luck for your next adventures, legend!
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 First Harry, now Andrew... this blows
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 I think the reason Harry leaves UCI WC DH racing is more comparable to that of Sam Hill and Josh Bryceland. Which is more alarming in a way, that the circuit is shifting in the wrong direction. Something similar happened to UCI WC 4X racing so it is reason for concern.

To me Andrew is a different story, more comparable to Steve Peat. He's been competitive and consistent for a fair while, an inspiration for fellow countrymen. Yes on a different scale but remember it is much harder for athletes from the southern hemisphere to make it to those WC races. So if he's happy about his past and future, to me that's positive.

Has PB reported about Harry Heath? It's been a couple of days already, but I haven't seen it here.
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 @vinay: Harry Heath complained its becoming too corporate and money driven. Which means athletes can get paid better. This surprised me he said its the reason for him to retire. Surely an athlete is like the rest of us and wants a decent days pay?

Im going to project that like Sam Hill there were other frustrations that were at play in the motivation ie poor results.
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 Great guy and great rider. Good luck with your future endeavors!
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 I've been pretty worried ab him since he didn't announce joining another team.. but I just hope he still in the scene n that his projects n dreams actually come true. Thank you so much Andrew for everything you did to the sport!!
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 Good luck Needles. The only thing I ever had over you was that my DHR looked better than yours and Sven's and Sarges.

I'll always point that out. I am way slower, but had a prettier rig. Props to @turnerbikes for throwing all the resources they could at the Turner/Honda project to help guys like Needles keep on rockin!
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 Be a shame not to see needles charging wc dh courses anymore, as long as we get to see him charge in edits. Such an controlled awesome rider best of luck in the future.
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 I remember seeing him walking down Lourdes track with his rear wheel totally destroyed! Had a few words with him after the race, he seems to be a very cool guy!
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 What are some of his career highlights? He was around for a long time so I was surprised to not see any career summary.

Best of luck to him going forward! Wondering which brand is next!
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 Such a great guy, i always thought that he truely represents the character of a good and composed racer, so humble and always smiling. Hope to hear from him soon!
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 Cheers Needles, looking forward to your future projects!!
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 Bye bye Andrew, you will be missed. All the best for your future projects!
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 Met him and Lopes in WC Maribor 07. What a cool guy!! All the best in the future, Needels!
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 Cheers to living the dream! All the best Needles
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 man gutted to here needles is hanging his boots up such a shame and a great guy
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 Maybe he just didn't have any offer from any team.. either way it's pretty fuckin sad
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 Hey man, old-guy DH bike rider here. Been a fan from the start. Good luck with your next project, whatever it may be. Thanks for the good times
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 all the best, my boy!
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 best wishes to such a great rider! hope we can see you in some enduro races may be!
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 Look for him to turn up at Transition.
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 seems like such a rad guy. All the best, Needles. You'll be missed from the race runs but I'm stoked to see what's next!
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 love you man
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 Lekker Needles!!!!!!! Jy is n legend!!
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 best replaice for propain racing team
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 Thanks for the awesome racing Needles! Good luck in what you do!
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 and then......his racekit will be donate?
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 No more needels!
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