Win a €12,000, All Expenses Paid, Ultimate Adventure with Bikester

May 2, 2017 at 7:51
by Pinkbike Staff  
Bikester contest

Are You the Ultimate Adventurer Enter to Find Out

Win the bike adventure of your life!

Fancy joining us as we boat and bike around the fjords of Norway?

The desire to disappear off the beaten track and discover the great unknown is something that appeals to many of us. Every biker is aware of the allure of the wilderness, and we’re no different here at Bikester. We’ve teamed up with Pinkbike for something we’re calling the ‘Ultimate Adventure’. Over the course of four days, we’ll take in the breathtaking scenery of the Norwegian fjords whilst tackling some unique biking trails which will see us navigate some of the highest mountains and valleys.

We’re offering two all-inclusive tickets for you and a friend to join us! To be in for a chance of winning, all you have to do is prove to us you’re the Ultimate Adventurer – that’s easy, right? Send us a slideshow or video demonstrating this and our judges, alongside the Pinkbike community, will pick a winner.

Photo for Ultimate Adventure
Photo for Ultimate Adventure

Photo for Ultimate Adventure

We’re all set to go - how do you get on board?

A bit of creativity and imagination is required to secure your spot on the Ultimate Adventure Challenge. With our partner Pinkbike, one of the largest bike platforms in the world, we’re asking you to prove how hungry you are for an adventure! Make it fun, epic or action packed – produce a photo slideshow or 1-minute video showing us how your adventurous lifestyle demonstrates your love for exciting experiences.

In June, our jury consisting of top filmmakers, professional riders, and industry insiders will come up with a short list of their favourite 16 entries. They’ll then put it to the Pinkbike community to vote for who they think deserves to be an Ultimate Adventurer!

Photo for Ultimate Adventure

Photo for Ultimate Adventure
Photo for Ultimate Adventure

What can you expect in Norway?

We promise it’ll be a unique bike adventure. We’ll immerse ourselves in the breathtaking fjord landscape of Norway and hit the countries legendary trails hard. Bikester’s Ultimate Adventure truly is exactly that – everything is included!
Winners receive:
- A round trip to Norway for you and your bike.
- A shuttle to the starting point of the Ultimate Adventure.
- 4 days on board the M / S Gåssten as part of a 10-person crew
- Meals provided by an onboard chef.
- Access to top knowledge from professional guides who are on hand to show you the best trails in the area. A film crew will also be present.

To get an impression of what it’ll be like to be part of Bikester’s Ultimate Challenge, take a look at the following clip:

About Bikester

Cycling enthusiasts and avid mountain bikers alike know where to get their gear from. In addition to excellently priced bicycles, Bikester’s range of products also includes clothing, accessories and bicycle parts from more than 500 brands. Excellent customer service is ourfirst priority: all orders are processed within 24 hours, and qualified experts are availableto helpour customers. Bikester is a company of internet stores GmbH.

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Bikester contest ultimate adventure
Bikester contest ultimate adventure

Bikester contest ultimate adventure


  • + 52
 If I don't win ill just follow behind you on my bike. My aunt has a rowing boat so you guys could just tow me around. Sounds like an adventure to me.
  • + 43
 I hope I win as I couldn't a-fjord to pay for such a holiday Smile
  • + 18
 Norway that will would be scandilous.
  • + 31
 So the people that can win this can already afford to go on ultimate adventures as they can prove it with photos which will win the competition, where as the people that would genuinely love to do something like this but can't afford to aren't in with a chance of winning. Great.
  • + 14
 Yeah, ironic isn't it. I was wondering if a non-biking adventure counts? Because I have never been on a biking holiday or adventure due to cost restraints, so I'd have to use just any adventurous photos I can find for this.

Yeah, we heard you like adventure holidays, so show us photos and videos of your epic trips and holidays so we can send you on another one for free... great!
  • + 4
 I had precisely the same thought process...
  • + 4
 precisely, i'm downloading some kayaking, heli sking and some Rampage footage, i should be able to make a pretty decent video, may throw in some muay thai as well,jobs a good 'un
  • + 2
 Totally agree with you!
  • + 2
 You're obviously not a dentist
  • + 1
 I say it's almost entirely the other way. The less you have the more you have to work to make the adventure.

Join a few bridleways together, get out of the comfort zone and camp, take proper food or go posh and sleep in your car. And be amazed at where you end up, what you see and how you feel.

Packaged tours, trail centres and biking websites all have their place and can still be adventures with the rough bits smoothed out.

2017: get a map, get your 'getup and go' and go.
  • + 2
 @clarky78: It's ridiculous! All places i can afford are pretty much the same woods Big Grin No mountain epics i could afford. Like you have money to go an epic trip... here have another one.
  • + 2
 @pigman65: Was looking at the officail rules and it seems that all footage used in the entry must be filmed and edited by yourself. Think there gonna find it hard finding some average joe with the filming and editing skills to produce something reasonable and also the lifestyle to make it intresting.
  • + 2
 You are getting it all wrong. It asks fir some creativity in how you picture yourself. If you are totally wasted anything becomes an adventure. I was thinking if doing an endurbro version of the prodigy smack my b!tch up video. Take any chance to abuse some substance and sexually assault anyone on your way to your KOM on your trail center loop and its parking lot.
  • + 14
 Does a guy rushing to work in his Audi, swerving past the all the suburban moms in their SUVs, in order to get to his dentist practice on time where he can make the 12k (flights not included) required for a 4 day guided bike tour of Norway complete with personal chef count as adventure?
  • + 0
 No. In pinkbike we all hate dentists 'cause they always have the nicest bikes...
  • + 1
 The Ultimate Guided Tour
  • + 1
 @giopk70: in Portugal that doesn't happen! They just have mid salaries
  • + 1
 Hey @unconvinced - flights are included here! A 'Round Trip' means flights there and back.
  • + 12
 12,000 euros. donate the 12K to share a ride...make not 2 adults happy but several less fortunate kids.
  • + 9
 that's not how this works. that's not how any of this works
  • + 5
 Dude 12k will only buy you like 3 beers in Norway maybe 4
  • + 11
 Does photos of my cleaning up my toddler's mess daily count as an adventure?
  • + 5
 No money = no adventure opportunity........ what pile of crock. Adventures don't have to mean 10k trips to foreign lands. Last week I did a 70km 8500ft ride in my local area hitting every hill that had trails on it. Today I'm cycling from the house for a mini 3hr epic. The opportunities for urban exploring and adventure are also limitless. Open years eyes guys, the adventure iis right under your nose
  • + 1
 Please accompany your application for the role of 'norwegian biking competition winner' with a presentation on the subject 'I am the Ultimate Adventurer'. Presentations may last one minute. Sounds more ike a job application than a competition entry to me...
  • + 1
 That is funny guys because the ultimate adventurer don't have photo's and videos of him doing what exactly? We are not near a plug for electricity we just have something for emergency with us because the other fancy gimmicks are just toys who get broken, to heavy or take too much space and we are just into it that we cant think of taking a pic.

I just don't understand it how this can be an adventure when you have your own chef? I say get a 30L army like rucksack with a bladder get 7 MRE a small tent for two , mtb clothing and enduro like foam protectors , mabye something like the dirtsuite for carp weather, some set of lazy clothes for the after ride stuff and a good sleeping bag with something to lay underneath it. f*ck you can now go on an adventure for a 4 long weekend trip. 4 days actually are nothing by the way.
  • + 1
 wow, your full of joy....
  • + 1
 @forkbrayker: haha if you think that, I am ok with that.
But your right , I enjoyed that very much ???? . I also enjoy the longer days off in middle of nowhere.

I say that you don't need that much money to get around and have a blast.
  • + 1
 So basically I could win a epic tour of my own backyard. Would you do a separate contest for Scandinavians so we could go somewhere exotic, like New Zealand or Wales even, I'm sure it would cost a lot less then 12000
  • + 2
 There sure is a lot of whiners in here!

World: 'hey who wants a free trip to go rip?'

PB commenters: 'i hate everything and would rather complain then go ride.'
  • + 2
 The ultimate adventurer already has ultimate adventures. It would be better for someone who wants to be the ultimate adventurer to win this.
  • + 2
 lol, can't really argue with that at its most basic way of thinking. hopefully the judges will be taking this into consideration for whos worthy. but i still stand by my view that regardless of your wealth you can have great epic days out.

who's more worthy ? - the rider that moans he has no time, a crap bike that doesnt work properly , no money to buy trail food and no paths to cycle along and no friends to laugh it all away with and stays inside playing COD on a sunny day

or the rider that that says, well my left hands gubbed, my bike needs fixed and i'm skint, its raining outside and i've only got an hours window before dreaded work...fukk it im getting my ripped shorts on and heading down to the canal path / industrial area / local plantation /whatever, for a quick blast, then phones their likely pals up to join him in riding along said disused railway tracks/whatever.

my point being everyone is the ultimate adventurer, you just gotta want to open the door
  • + 3
 I remember years ago, I was in a club in Dublin and we'd meet up every weekend to go mountain biking. One Saturday this lean French lad pulls up on a wrecked bike with slightly buckled wheels and almost no brakes...I thought 'who's this joker'. He came on an epic 60km ride on a bike he'd found in a skip that week after moving to Ireland, wheelie'd his way past me on a few of the routes, and climbs and ripped along the trails with the hard rubber (plastic) bald tyres...I ended up on many amazing rides with Alex, when he finally got the money for a 'real' bike but that day was a super adventure for all of us, thanks to his true sense of adventure..
  • + 1
 At 6,000eu each for a 4 day trip then I presume your not going to be roughing it much on this adventure.
  • + 1
 I hope not. I want my fjords polished for that price!!!
  • + 2
 It's unbelievably expensive in Norway. I'm vegan, but when we are in Lofoten, I eat fish that we catch, because the food in the shops is so expensive.
  • + 1
 @Braindrain: lul, what are you smoking that you think it is that expensive? Your chef could buy it elsewhere and just take it with him. By the way , a chef ? Really sounds more like a kind of an ultimate 10star Holliday resort eh?
  • + 1
 Well i think you can have an adventure outside of your home, its what you make of it. My vid is shot 15 minuts from home Smile

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