Cinnabon U Want - Video

Feb 10, 2016 at 3:35
by Pinkbike Staff  

Mike Giese displays the versatility of the Push Industries ElevenSix rear shock on his trusty Evil Insurgent, and suitably tears apart the trails in this eye watering edit.

Evil Insurgent

MENTIONS: @PearlescentMedia / @evil-bikes / @ride100percent


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 Either that' some REALLY fast riding or he's in clear violation of the 3 second rule.
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 What's the 3 second rule?
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 ha. funny.
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 Watching this I was going to post a judgemental comment about videos that are all about how 'rad' the rider is - and that littering and colour-coding rims and shoes is really lame. Then I heard myself and thought - shut the f*ck up and enjoy life granddad!

Bummer that he ripped the alloy thread out of the end of his SixC cranks - warranty repair job??
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 I though it was 5 seconds?
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 no its defo 10
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 Depends what it is, and where you drop it...
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 deffinately 5 seconds!
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 I'm with @iian on the where you drop it. If it hits the bathroom floor it's done......and don't give me that look, we all take food into the bathroom (at home anyway).
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Hey granddad, he snapped the carbon arm where the SS inserts are. He's probably put those cranks through some gnar before this video and the cranks decided to break during a shoot. If he is given parts from RF, we will never hear or read if those cranks were new. There have been a couple pictures of this type of break on these specific cranks, but it's not common, it's just abuse.
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Took to long and couldn't edit OP. Took this from the video....
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 There's some truth to the 3/5 second rule boys! Check it out
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 convinced... i dont want those cranks :-)
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 Absolutely not at all
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 First Direct mount SIXC crank I've seen snap!
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flag RedBurn (Feb 10, 2016 at 6:14) (Below Threshold)
 raceface carbon is WEAK!!!! a friend of mine broke his bar right in 2 pieces while riding .... dont trust that please. go chester (alu)
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 Was it the pedal axle or the crank, though? I can't make it out from the picture.
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 Cinnabroke right there.
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 @mazze Looks like the pedal axle tore out of the crank itself ripping the hole open. So the crank failed I think
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 It's those shoes I don't want!
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 I had a pair of those cranks. All of the chainring tabs failed on me simultaneously while deep in the woods. Sold the warranty pair immediately.
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 Yea never seen those snap! Its terrifying to think this happens now.
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 @sngltrkmnd No you didn't have those cranks, because they don't have any chainring has a removable spider/chainring
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 @dugglesthemuddled The older model sixc had tabs and they did indeed snap off, was quite common with a ring mounted bash guard. They have been around for 6+ years... how do you not know this?
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 You are correct that the older ones had tabs, but my original statement stands - you did not have these cranks.
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 @dugglesthemuddled I had the set with tabs so....our original statements still stand?
  • 3 2 your original statement implied you had the crank in this video..which you did not...
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 And I'm just sitting here with my XO carbon cranks... equally as scared.
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 @Clarkeh don't you worry... There is no reason to be equally as scared with your XO's. You should be thrice as scared.
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 Convinced... I want a helmet Sherpa!
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 "Buy our awesome rear shock!"

*First corner, rear loses traction, Crash*

I know they're very good shocks but made me chuckle
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 Didnt notice the pedal broke off the crank arm, huh?
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 i assumed that was a result of the crash, not the cause
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 Yep, it seems like the right crank arm was oriented upwards, backwards, or in between when hitting the ground. So the damage comes from the crash
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 But how did he ride through that snow without a fat bike?
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 CGI obviously
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 @benarper, not a climb switch. It's the music switch mate. Very handy.
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 C'mon Push, when's the $299 (cdn!) version coming out?
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 Hell will never get that cold.
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 Really cool idea but a shock that costs 1200 US ?!??!?!?!??! I'd rather put that money towards a complete bike!!!
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 I think the correct answer is Fox DHX2
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 Love that DEVO song. I've been waiting for a video with it, but thought it would have a girl in it and not a dude eating food off the floor and killing that trail so wellSmile
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 I didn't know it had a climb switch!!!
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 its not a climb switch. It actually has 2 different rebound and compression circuits. So you can set the shock up with 2 very distinct settings and then switch between the 2 with that switch. so you can have a setting more suitable for climbing and one more biased to descending or jumping or whatever.
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 Just came for DEVO
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 If you're tossing a pancake and it gets stuck to the ceiling, does the 3 second rule still apply?
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 For sure. Ceilings are usually cleaner than floors unless you live in a cave or a mud hut.
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 I at 2 cinnamon rolls before i prerode for an XC race.... did not go so well.
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 Awesome edit!
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 I think he was fast cos he threw the food away. Otherwise it would be too much weight to carry!!!
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 Glad he went back for the center of it(Cinnabon), that's the best part!
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 decent edit, needed a b roll would've wanted to see some of the riding from a chesty.
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 Crazy how much more mellow those trails look on camera. #illusion
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 Hopefully he has trashed that crank like gazillion times before it snapped like that, otherwise i am screwed Big Grin
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 Great edit.
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 that was a mad sick edit, but jeezo! those bird noises were horribly fake haha Big Grin
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 the sound of crunching snow under tires gives me a hard on....
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 really cool vid!
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 Where is that trail?
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 Super secret location in Colorado Wink
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 Very Secret.
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flag bikerider4444 (Feb 11, 2016 at 14:46) (Below Threshold)
 Idaho Springs Dh? Secret? what planet?
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 @bikerider4444. You suck something fierce. Why would you just openly say that? What happened to just keeping your mouth shut?? My friends work really hard to maintain that area, and you just disrespected them. Not cool. Were we closer to each other, I would happily kick you to another planet. It would be my pleasure.
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 I've ridden there, people work on trails all over the place. You disrespect yourself with the words you choose to write. Secret special club? Eat a bag of dicks, what a world of people on dh bikes going to flood "your" public open land trails?
Your not cool.

Don't threaten me, threats are for kids who do in fact suck. Back at you 10, 000 percent. I can drive up to the front range to show you how to ride a bike if your feelings are hurt and want to be humbled. Oh snap. Bike throw down challenge.
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 Drive to Utah at Old Rampage Site, neither of us live there, huck challenge. Put your bike where your mouth is. Huck off. Explain why your even angry again? you live CO or just talk shit on behalf of other people who may or may not be offended. I'll dress up like a punk little girl (little person)painted nails skinny jeens, goth style and all and out ride you all day long. No internet, just Huck. Bring it. Did I put the GPS coordinates, directions or location to the trails? Or just the name of the town. > Did I f*ck any trail over, NO. Again Shit talker f*ck YOU. I hide nowhere. drive half way , What, I have to drive all the way up full gas to what get "beat up by some offended dick on the internet?" Half way, huck challenge, Use your bike where your mouth is. Violence is for weak people. Aliens won't hang with you buddy. Your cocking your self all up.

I fly regularly to other planets, and violence works on none of the planets, dicks aren't allowed. So eat you're Full bag of dicks. Your words are little, like your attitude Big Dick man. Ha ha #youweaksause
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 I just like reading your reactions. You're funny. Dumb, but funny.
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 I'll take that as a No, that you are backing out and can't out huck me, clearly I win. Again.

But if I keep typing I run the risk of making you laugh more. so no more. #eatabagofdicks

Oh and go and ride the idaho springs dh trails, they are decent tech.
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 This dude is in full yeast mode?
  • 3 3
 1 minute of this was entertaining. On mute.
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 Killer! And DEVO!
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 SixC crank snap Eek
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 why the odd kneepads?
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 He has a CTi brace on his left knee.
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