Replay: Dual Slalom - Crankworx Rotorua 2020

Mar 2, 2020 at 11:11
by Pinkbike Staff  

Broadcast times

NZDT Thursday, March 5th, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
PST Wednesday, March 4th, 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm
CET Thursday, March 5th, 4:30 am - 6:30 am

20:42pm PST: Bas Van Steenbergen leading against Greg Watts after the first of two runs.

20:44pm: Mistake by Billy Meaclem, Tomas Slavik leads after first of two runs.

20:45pm: Matt Walker against Mick Hannah. +0.07 advantage to Matt Walker, closest heat yet.

20:46pm: Cody Kelley vs. Adrien Loron. Mistake by Adrien when he was out front at the end of the run and Kelley takes the lead by +0.13 heading into the second run. Was Loron on the wrong side of the gate? That would mean a max differential. Wait for timing and scoring to see if there will be a penalty.

20:50pm: Collin Hudson vs. Tommy Zula. Hudson goes first by +0.22.

20:51pm: Bernard Kerr against Keegan Wright. Kerr is +0.12 back after the first run.

20:52pm: Kyle Strait against Ed Masters, winner of the Giant Tao Enduro just a couple days ago. Mistake from Eddie on the same flag on the black side as Loron had trouble with. Kyle Strait leads after first run. He will have to make up +1.5 seconds on the second run due to a penalty.

20:56pm: Austin Warren pushing it, goes +0.18 ahead of Luca Cometti. Makes the difficult flag.

20:57pm: That's the first run of two for the men done.

21:03pm: The men are back at the top of the hill again for the second round. Bas Van Steenbergen moves into round of 8, Greg Watts is done for the day.

21:04pm: Billy Meaclem heads home while Tomas Slavik moves on to the next round.

21:05pm: Matt Walker wins and goes on to the next round while Mick Hannah heads to the showers. The ruts are starting to grow deeper on course.

21:07pm: Cody Kelley moves on to the round of 8 despite Adrien Loron crossing the line +0.42 ahead due to that maximum penalty on Loron's first run.

21:09m: So close for the US teammates. We'll see Collin Hudson move on to the round of 8, after eliminating Tommy Zula.

21:11pm: Bernard Kerr is eliminated by Keegan Wright as Wright moves on to the next round.

21:14pm: Kyle Strait advances while Eddie Masters is done for the day.

21:15pm: Bubba Warren moves on. He'll go up against Kyle Strait in the next round. We'll moving on to the women now.

21:21pm: 5x Queen of Crankworx Jill Kintner won the Air DH yesterday and is leading ahead of Martha Gill in the round of 8. Martha Gill struggles with the last gate, will it be a penalty?

21:24pm: Anneke Beerten against Vaea Verbeeck. Vaea leading after the first heat.

21:26pm: Kialani Hines crosses the finish line first ahead of Danielle Beecroft.

21:27pm: Kialani Hines gets a penalty for crossing a gate and is now behind heading into the second run.

21:29[m: Casey Brown with an impressive run and the lead over Mathile Bernard.

21:33pm: Now into the men's round of 8. Big mistake by Slavik and he'll have the max differential of +1.5 heading into the next run of 2 in the round of 8 against Bas Van Steenbergen.

21:34pm: Matt Walker has a +0.37 advantage over Cody Kelley after the first run.

21:36pm: Collin Hudson with the advantage over Keegan Wright heading into the second run.

21:37pm: Super close between Austin Warren and Kyle Strait. Kyle Strait +0.08 behind Austin Warren after the first run.

21:41pm: Halfway through our round of 8 for the women. Moving into the second of two runs, starting with Jill Kintner and Martha Gill.

21:43pm: Martha Gill pushes it and crashes. Jill Kintner is the first rider to advance to the round of 4.

21:45pm: 2019 Queen of Crankworx Vaea Verbeeck moves into the round of 4 despite almost crashing. Anneke Beerten is done for the day.

21:46pm: Kialani Hines is out despite winning the second run by +0.83 after a missed gate in run 1. Danielle Beecroft goes into the round of 4.

21:47pm: Casey Brown moves into the round of 4. Mathilde Bernard is done for the day. She'll be going up against Danielle Beecroft while Jill Kintner goes up against Vaea Verbeeck.

21:48pm: Back to the men and the second of two runs in the round of 8.

21:49pm: Bas Van Steenbergen secures a place in the round of 4. Tomas Slavik is done for the day after he couldn't make up the time from missing a gate in the first round.

21:51pm: Matt Walker with the advantage after the first run of 2 against Cody Kelley. Cody Kelley wins but not by enough and Matt Walker advances to the round of 4.

21:52pm: Keegan Wright is +0.38 behind against Collin Hudson after the first run. He beats Hudson by +0.36 so he misses moving on to the round of 4 by +0.02!

21:56pm: Kyle Strait makes up the time in the second run after a mistake in run 1 and so Austin Warren won't be moving into the round of 4.

21:57pm: It'll be Bas Van Steenbergen against Matt Walker and Collin Hudson against Kyle Strait in the round of 4.

22:06pm: Kintner and Brown take the advantage in the first round of the women's semi finals. Brown's place in the final is almost secured after Dani Beecroft takes a bar to the stomach and gets the wind knocked out of her.

22:10pm: Bas just pips Matt Walker and Kyle Strait nips ahead of Colin Hudson but it's still all to play for in the men's round of 4.

22:13pm: Top qualifier Jill Kintner is the first woman to book her place in the final, Brown should join her barring a disaster.

22:15pm: Yep, that's confirmed - Jill Kintner vs Casey Brown in the final. That's the first and second place qualifiers holding their pace through to the final.

22:20pm: The second heats go the same as the first for the men. It's close but Van Steenbergen and Strait maintain their advantages.

22:20pm: Your finals line ups -

- Small Finals: Dani Beecroft vs Vaea Verbeeck & Matt Walker vs Colin Hudson
- Gold Mdeal Match Ups: Casey Brown vs Jill Kintner & Kyle Strait vs Bas van Steenbergen

22:27pm: The small finals are first and Vaea Verbeeck takes the advantage in her heat despite a hefty case on the tabletops. In the men's bracket, Matt Walker keeps up the hopes of a local medal after winning his first heat by a healthy margin.

22:35pm: It's Canada vs USA in both gold medal matchups. It ends up advantage USA as Kintner takes 0.7 out of Brown while Strait forces a mistake out of Bas to take his heat despite a broken chain.

22:40pm: Our first medals are handed out as Vaea Verbeeck and Matt Walker hold their advantages and take bronze.

22:46pm: Kintner takes gold with a final advantage of +1.26 over Brown.

22:52pm: Bas has been handed a 1.5 second penalty after missing a gate in the first heat. It's still an action packed final as Kyle Strait nearly throws it all away landing on a take-off. He loses more than a second but can still take the gold medal.


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 I wonder why they only started reply with round of 16? I would love to see the first few heats if there is a reply stored in archive somewhere. Some of us were asleep when this all went down Smile
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 Seems like pulling up the front wheel across the finish line would trip the sensor later than if it was left on the ground... really noticed that on kyle straight vs buba warrens second run.
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 So... no fantasy crankworx this year?
  • 1 0
 tried to log in today and it said 160hrs remaining to choose team, had Jordi, Martin,... said it was already won by cork720. Maybe it will refresh when the event starts.
  • 3 2
 No Fantasy Crankworx this year.
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 @sarahmoore: time zones Frown this is why we can't have nice things
  • 3 1
 @peytodog: it sucks so much. Crankworx isn't the same without fantasy!!
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 NB, This works on my desktop but not on iPad or iPhone both with not current OS. On the devices it's just blank. Desktop comes up as a regular RedBull video. Maybe try off the RedBull website?
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 didn't see loron's mistake until the last replay. now i know. carry on and downvote this trash.
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 What happened? What minute in the video?
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 @kirat: kelley was quite a bit back then loron had a pretty big mistake going through the flags at the end and lost, i thought kelley just did some wizard steeze move and won. Then i saw the replay
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 Ahhhh I thought "Cam's call out" would be to call me out again for him misscalling cashrolls.

Got me very excited there for second Camcam.
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 pressing play doesnt work it says video start failure the video source could not be loaded
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 Hmm... Seems to work for me. I'll try to troubleshoot. In the meantime, you can also watch here: or on
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 hey pinkbike - halp please with the rest of the broadcast times for the different time zones !
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 Dude!!!Theres a count down!Be smart my friend and do the math.
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 @nug12182: Yeah but still.
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 @nug12182: "the rest of the broadcast"
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 The Red Bull TV link should show what time the broadcast will be live in your time zone. This is also a great resource:
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 "no valid source detected'
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 the video source could not be loaded is what it says
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 Strait beast
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 Are we going to see any dual slalom bike checks?
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 13 horas.. maldita sea
  • 1 0
 23mins and counting...
  • 1 1
 how do you get it working
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 press play
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 have you tried turning it off and on again?
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 sooo... can anyone explain why the "max differential" penalty is 90 seconds?
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 1 and a half seconds is the max penalty, 1.5 seconds. Assuming you are just asking about that and not why there is a max differential. For those who don't know why the max is 1.5 seconds, it's to make the 2nd run competitive. I remember having to explain the differential to soooo many people back in the day.
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 That was a good read.

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