Video: Crankworx Rotorua Begins

Mar 24, 2015 at 12:44
by Pinkbike Staff  
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 Man i love Cédric!! cant wait to watch this wicked event
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 I 'll watch it too... but at 5am
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 Welcome to our world during World Cup season RedBurn. Normally watch races on Sunday night/Monday morning before going to work. Nothing like a broken sleep to start your week off.
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 Hahahaha I'm ok with that, just as you say, everyone has its own!
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 The scream at 3:38 caught me a little off guard
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 Cédric FTW!
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 kael 3:38 caught you off guard? then explain to me what the hell was going on at 48 seconds
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 if cedric would be sponsored by an energy drink company, he would probably die by hear tattack, cause he' already psyched up to 100 pc
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 Nah... That would be like putting 92 octane fuel in an alcohol funny car. You can't rev him up any higher. He could eat white drugs for breakfast.
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 On a side note I always find it strange that 92 octane is considered high in the states. Standard here is 95 and I use 99!. Why do they not have that over there?
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 100 Octane in Greece
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 @chris7271 The States use a different octane rating system to us. For example, their 94 AKI is equivalent to our 98 RON
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 AKI is the average between RON and MON ratings, so the same fuel will have both ratings. 94 AKI would be the average betwewn 98 RON and 90 MON ratings, or 96 RON and 92 MON.
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 Things pinkbike taught me
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 We need Tippie and CG together for a video/series.
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 Tippie, CG, Rob Warner, Cam McCaul, Claudio, Eddie Masters, Josh Bryceland
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 Sickest. Video. Ever.
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 Crankworx as the best thing that ever happened to mountain biking? And i thought it was a release of new 27.5+ wheel size....
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 Mentioning wheel sizes?

That's a bold strategy cotton, lets see if it pays off.
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 Cedric's coke addiction is an inspiration to me. No really it is.
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 Hey, Darren Kinnaird ! I am not general manager for Crankworx, but trust me, Crankworx keeps me up at night as well !And considering that most of the events are in the middle of the night for most people....I think Crankworx will keep loads of people up at night this week !
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 Won't be keeping me up at night. Finally it's I can watch it during the day. When I'm at work. I'll just watch the reruns at night.
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 Well...Darren is not able to watch anything cause apparently, his eyes do not like to point in defined stright direction ;] #cameraShy?
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 Guy looked a little tired, and considerably so.
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 Or....the camera operator was equipped with great boobs and he was doing everything not to stare on them...
C'mon Pinkbike, show us what's on the other side of that camera ;]
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 Did the Mayor slip CG some Kiwi juice or what?
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 "Watch everything unfold" as long as it's not the native dresswear the dancing guys are wearing
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 Very disappointed with Rotorua so far, it costs $75 just to get into the event area if you want to watch, which only has advertising tents selling things.

The bike park is NOT included in the crankworx and gondola pass.

It costs $25 on top of your crankworx pass for every 2 hours of uplift and only 2 easy trails (which are 1 minute long) are open.

As a veteran crankworx athlete and someone who came to NZ mainly for this event i'm extremely disappointed. It feels like a poorly organised cash grab.
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 is this different to whats on the website, sounds strange, this is in NZD or kiwi money

tickets, not involved but sounds strange what you are qouting, r u talking about your bike as well and riding recreational?
must be missing something here.

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 That is disappointing. Orginally the crankwork tickets were gong to entitle you to discounted gondola passes. But $25 for 2 hours to do gay-walker and simle jack (or whatever they are called) is definately a rip off.
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 If you dont like Skyline hit the red woods. There is soooooooooooooo much riding in Rotorua you could spend weeks there and not do it all. Get out on your bike and ride!
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 that chubby white guy in the haka (assuming thats what its called; feel free to correct me new zealanders) is not threatening at all.

i would not be scared to fight him in a battle haha, id probably die of laughter first
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 Yeah I bet he's popular with the ladies though
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 This is not the footage I was hoping to see
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 I was hoping for some slopestyle and DH practice photos ;(
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 Cedric is THE MAN!
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 Haaaaaaa, Cedric, he knows where it's at!
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 you may be born and raised in NZ, but you are in no way native McGarry hahaha. Frikin Viking
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 Your statement contradicts itself. I'm assuming you're confusing the word indigenous with native.
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 Native American... i am not a Native American am I? no. I am Mexican and European, my Nationality is American, but my ethnicity is not North American (Aztec's are Central American). Therefore i would not say i am a Native American. just as if i had children and they were born and raised in NZ they wouldn't call themselves Natives. they would be locals.
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 Just look up the word 'native' in the dictionary.

No, you are not a Native American in terms of the proper noun you used (see you even capitalized it) but if you were born in America, you are a native American (native used as an adjective). Now we don't say that out loud because it would get really confusing, but you can say you are an American native to take out the confusion.

What do they teach kids these day?
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 he is native in the sense of nationality. but i would not refer to him as a native New Zealander in terms of ethnicity. that was what my remark was about. i was not saying he wasn't born and raised there. i'm not saying that is his native land, i was simply joking he is not a Native New Zealander, as in he isn't Maori. damn, JOKES LEARN THEM!!!
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 no way I can sit through this whole video
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 dat tongue doe. On a real note, NZ is sick, some of the nicest hospitality and the best riding! Need to go back.
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 So THAT is how you pronounce Rotorua
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 MmmmmmcccccccGggggggaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahem- I'm done now.
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 Cook the man some eggs!
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 Has anyone else used that interactive map? seriously amazing
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 Awesone it's in Roto ...but I was more excited about NAHBS this year...gettin' old...
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 ^ That's bullshit! I'm stoked!
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 no way she is 22
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 looks 32.
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 hahahahahahah does Cam really need to introduce himself ????!!!!
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 ..and can we call him an athlete? ;] FuIsFun
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 Such a merry nice vid, and then there's CG Big Grin didn't saw it comin....
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 Does anybody know what events are being streamed?
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 Legend or not, he's getting kinda annoying now. Anyone?...
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 Where's Izzy?
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 te Puia to you too
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 onya steve
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 PIG face at 5:07
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 Cedric for president of the world!
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 Gracia for president
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