Crowdfunding Set Up For Jared Graves With #StrengthForJared Campaign

Sep 14, 2018 at 12:58
by Pinkbike Staff  
back in the mix and only 11 seconds out of the lead Jared Graves was happy with his day.

Jared Graves' friends have set up a GoFundMe campaign to help with the logistics of his treatment and the uncertain financial future he faces. While it's too early to know exactly what his needs will be, Jared released a pledge to donate any additional funds directly to brain cancer research. The campaign also released more information about his condition and the battle he faces.

Click here to visit the #StrengthForJared GoFundMe campaign.

Campaign Update:

He's represented Australia at the Olympics, he's an Enduro World Series Champion, taken podiums at Downhill World Cups and apart from being a top bloke, Gravesy is widely regarded as the best Four-cross racer of all time taking the World Cup title three times.

Now Jared Graves faces his biggest challenge yet.

September 5, 2018 - Jared's Enduro World Series Year was over.

Back home in Toowoomba, Australia, Jared collapsed, waking up to Paramedics by his side.

This is what Jared said in his own words: "In Whistler I suffered a seizure, and woke up from one last Thursday morning to paramedics taking me off to hospital, where tests and scans were done to discover I have a tumor growing in my brain."

This is a ride that Jared Graves and his wife Jess never expected.

And Tuesday, September 18 - is at the starting line of a new challenge, as Jared will undergo life-changing surgery.

You might be wondering why we have launched #StrengthForJared?

Being a Pro Athlete - while you can be insured for crashing on track - there's no income protection when something like this arises.

These are the cold, hard facts Jared's facing:

• The location of the tumor is positioned closely to a vital area of the brain which has the potential to paralyze the left side of his body.

• Craniotomy surgery to remove the tumor - Jared will be awake for part of the surgery as the Neurosurgeon attempts to remove most of the tumor and perform motor function tests.

• Only then can his medical team work out the best course of action. It could mean physiotherapy and up to seven months of chemotherapy - starting with specialized radiation treatment five days a week in Brisbane - around an hour and a half from family and friends in Toowoomba (Jared is temporarily unable to drive a car due to his recent history of seizures).

And the real kicker - the reality of no income as the EWS 2018-year finishes for an athlete whose sole career has been based on racing bikes professionally since he left high school.

Jared's ongoing care is not just about the "now", it about what's ahead for both Jared and Jess.

When faced with the fact that across all Australian Brain Cancers, the survival rate after five years is only 22% - the reality hits home hard.

This is all unfolding as Jared's Pro Riding career finishes mid-season.

With #StrengthForJared - we know Jared has got this!

And all going to plan with Jared back to full health, Jared and Jess will donate to the Charlie Teo Foundation to help support their ongoing research into Brain Cancer.

Jared released a statement about the crowdfunding effort on Instagram.

Jared Graves weaves his way through the slippery jungle.

From all of us at Pinkbike we wish you all the best and a speedy recovery Jared.



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 Hey guys.. Thanks for supporting where you can. Regarding his sponsors, I am sure there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Just because they aren't pledging on GoFundMe doesn't necessarily mean they aren't offering support. Ease off on the hate, spread the love and spread the word. Cheers.
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 Exactly lets focus on what we can do instead of saying someone else should step up. I'm sure specialized and other sponsors will do what they can.
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 Sponsors have stepped up in the past for fallen athletes but not for publicity, which is why you'll never hear about it. Just because you don't see/hear about it on the internet, doesn't mean its not happening.

Heal up quick, Jared!
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 I agree. Two examples of sponsors continuing to help after life changing injury/illness are Animal with Martin Ashton and Fox with Lorraine Truong
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 The text in the announcement can be interpreted as if Jareds sponsors will back out. Some people on the internet assume the worst, instead of assuming that people (in the companies) can be good by nature and do the right thing without being told to, especially in such shitty way. If I was to assume the worst I could see some virtue signalling sissies who want to come out as great warriors for the great cause. But I won’t because it doesn’t get us anywhere. Look for good in people.

All the best recovery vibes to Jared
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 @WAKIdesigns: nevertheless there is sonething wrong in the system when someone like jared has to hope for support by fans and his employer. In middle and probably northeuropean countries this problem would not arise. Speaking as a german labour lawyer - in germany you would get paid for 1.5 years + all medical bills would be covered. That a side, support jared!!
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 @optimumnotmaximum: that’s superb to hear and another reason why Germany is ahead of the UK with work / life balance. Here you would be lucky to get 3 months pay at a maximum, employment contracts changed drastically over the last 20 years here. Back in the 80s / early 90s it would of been the same but now not so much, you only would get statutory sick pay also which (I think) is £13 per day , hardly enough to live off. Either way , best wishes to Jared, donated
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 @optimumnotmaximum: why do you assume that his “employers” will not keep supporting him or even increase their support? With all due respect he is not some kid who got into a major Freeride event with potentially dramatic consequences and didn’t think about insuring himself with explanation: I can’t afford insurance or find anyone who would insure me but fk it I wanted to live a dream, progress the sport... it’s Jared, one of the most professional and responsible athletes out there
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 @optimumnotmaximum: Healthcare in Australia is pretty good, the goverment will cover a good chunk of the cost. If you go through the public system it will cost next to nothing, private you can pick where you go and who you see, costs a bit more. There is a limit to out of pocket expenses too. Income protection really comes down to your employer, whether you have insurance, and whether the insurer wants to be a jerk about it... (see Banking Royal Commission going on here at the moment).

That said, it would be the fear of the unknown, having money there knowing you got a cushion to deal with anything that comes up is going to take a measure of stress away. Last thing he needs to worry about is $$$, just kicking cancers arse. I donated.
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 @WAKIdesigns: i dont assume- in fact i do and can not know. But its a difference if you are entitled to something or reliant on good will.
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 @sewer-rat: actually the employer (it does not matter if your a racer or a bluecollar worker) pays 6 weeks. After that you get 66% of your last net income grom the state, for 1.5 years.
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 @optimumnotmaximum: that’s brilliant compared to here my friend
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 If someone is close to the family, here are three people that might be worth getting in touch with for advice while going through his treatment and recovery.

Andrew Scarborough in England (on Twitter @ascarbs ) who has been through a similar situation.. Dr. Gary Fettke in Tasmania, (on Twitter, @fructoseno ) also been through brain cancer. And Dominic D’Agostino (on Twitter @DominicDAgosti2 ) an American researcher with knowledge in the space.
Jared is going to need more than just financial resources to get him through. These three guys may have some insight that can help him.
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 @scott-townes: True that - privacy is a sin these days it seems - all the best on recovery and if your sponsors want to sleep at night they'll help in anyway they can and I'm sure have already extended their offerings. We're the MTB community and that means stopping on the trail to help a fallen rider, point someone the right direction on the next trailhead, offer a tube or chain when you're down and out on the trail. This is no different - we step up and we lend our hand to help....All the best Jared and your family and all others dealing with such traumas in life.
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 Jared, you are the 22%! You've got this.
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 The luckiest number there is.
  • + 67
 For Jared: Please remember that in discussions about survival rates, side effects, etc, those numbers are for normal humans.
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 Also, statistics don’t matter too much to the individual
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 Yeh, you are gonna kick this in World record time!
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 Cancer, you've picked the wrong guy, you'll soon be on your way home, without your lunch money and without your front teeth. Fvck you.
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 Cheers to that
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 Ran into Jared in Whistler this past June. Told him his win at EWS Whistler, when he lost all air pressure in his fork, was an inspiration and has reminded me in multiple races to never give up. His diagnosis has been on mind since announced and we all know he will win this race too. Thinking about you Jared and will be donating today!
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 Hey Specialized, this is time that you can step in (being the massive Corporate that you are) and cover Jarred’s back. Pretty sure Jarred’s name alone is worth so much more than a year off from racing.
  • + 48
 Same with Monster they have deeper pockets than Specialized.
  • + 19
 I agree with you both, however, every cent counts so don't be a tight arse and donate a fiver or whatever you can afford.
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flag RedRedRe (Sep 14, 2018 at 14:14) (Below Threshold)
 Specialized has never moved a finger to show support to people that were involved in significant ways with the brand.
  • + 34
 Hey this is probably not the time to step in and point fingers. Be the example you want to see. And this gets “mad props” What the f*ck is wrong with you people?!
  • + 30
 Specialized do a shit ton of trail advocacy work, dontate to loads of charities like the kids on bikes one, support countless grassroots local races.

I bet they do way more than most and definitely more than the direct brands who most tards have a semi for even though they f*ck over the LBS's and the local trail scene that they ride in.

Oh and I'm sure Jared is happy with the money Specialized has payed him over the past years even though his results haven't been up to his usual standard. Maybe he had early stages of his illness while riding for Yeti? Perhaps they should help with his treatment? After all he had lots of success with them.

Clueless morons bashing Specialized is dull as f*ck.
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flag RedRedRe (Sep 14, 2018 at 15:26) (Below Threshold)
 @jclnv: you a the clueless m*.... can’t tell the deifference between a donation, a tax write off and a sponsorship.
  • + 8
 @RedRedRe: why are you so hateful and ill informed?
  • + 8
 @RedRedRe: Wow they run the company like a business. What a surprise.

Feel free to list the altruistic work performed by the brand of bike you ride.
  • - 3
 @me2menow: Actually he is not wrong. He didn't have to be a dick about it though. The trail stuff could definitely be written off as a tax write off. The only way to know their true intentions would be if you worked high up in their company.

I am not saying Specialized is or is not supporting Jared Graves in this (although it would be weird if they didn't), but I would suggest that they post on social media and encourage others to help Jared make it through this. Maybe they have, but I don't know for sure.
  • - 2
 @jclnv: hey, relax man
  • + 5
 @Chingus-Dude: any company thats donated to anything ever has included it in their taxes, so what is your point here? Do you know how tax writeoffs work?
  • + 7
 We are stronger than a corporation. Donate what you can for a good cause.
  • + 3
 @me2menow: yea people act like tax write offs mean that it doesn’t actually cost them any money. Anytime anyone donates anything, it still costs money. The tax deduction only offsets a portion of the donation.
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 I have a friend who had a tumor on his brain and he beat it. There are 100s or thousands of different types of course but it's not impossible. I'm cheering for Jared and hope he recovers. He's young and vital and the odds are not that grim in that case. Stay strong and think positively. There's lot of life still to live through Jared!
  • + 12
 @dirtworks911 @jzPV My thoughts exactly. 22% is roughly 1 in 4. Jared is one in a million! Best wishes!
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 Why do people always find someone to blame when a person suffers a misfortune? Especially when they don't know all the facts yet.

Jared is one of the most beloved individuals in the sport. I'm sure people and companies he's had a relationship with won't hesitate to offer any means of support. And it's not of our business if they make it public or not.
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 Everyone, man, woman, child who is passionate about cycling and MTB culture, who follows the current events of this sport, industry, lifestyle, is thinking about you and Yours Jared. Weather they can donate or just wish positivity, love, a healthy battle and recovery. When the battles get hard, dark, hopeless, because they will on somedays during this battle. Just remember. We your families, friends, team mates, fellow competitors, sponsers, supporters, fans. Are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. You got this! #f*ckcancer #stregthforjared #mtbcommunityisthebestcommuinty
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 Donated! Anyone know if there are "StrengthForJared" decals available to purchase? I seem to recall Super Bruni had a decal on his rear chainstay at the worlds.
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 Jared, 22 seems to be the magic number, you ran that plate three times in 2017, run it again in 2018. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery.
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 You got this brother
  • + 3
 Seems like somebody needs to put Jared in touch with ACC. She stomped her cancer and came back to race an EWS round just because she could. These top tier athletes are incredible people. Pulling for you Jared. Snuggle up with that pup of yours and battle this thing.
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 Definitly can't wait to see you riding in EWS . I send you tones of positive vibes for a speedy recovery .
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 Jared, I once shared the gondola at Fort William with you, you chatted with me all the way up, giving me tips on how to ride the course and generally being the absolute gentleman you are. I lost my old man to a brain tumour in 1994 so your situation really hits home with me. You are an absolute inspiration to so many Mountain Bikers so stay strong brother and get well soon.????????
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 Queenslander, Queenslander, Queeeeensslandeeeeerrr!! If there is anyone as tough as Trevor Gilmister it’s you Jared, you’ve got this Gravesy
  • + 2
 Definitely donating for Jared. Is he not still in contract with Specialized? Shouldn't they be paying him at least for next season still? Hopefully they do, as I can't imagine cutting someone's pay in a case like this.
  • + 3
 I see another Special Ed PR nightmare brewing. If they had half a marketing brain they'd raffle off a limited edition Jared bike or something similar with all proceeds going to Jared.
  • + 4
 @tcmtnbikr: Now that’s a great idea!
  • + 1
 @SCCC120: @tcmtnbikr: YESSS! @Specialized @pinkbikeaudience please please please! Jared bike... great idea!
  • + 2
 @SCCC120: somebody doesn't think so...who would downvote this?! Ha!
  • + 1
 @tcmtnbikr: Idk, I assume it was the way it was phrased? The idea is cool...
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 It breaks our hearts Jared but we know how tough you are.
The odds are on your side. No worries, you are a champ. Long before we learned about your tumor we all looked up to you and considered you a legend. Now, we all know that, once again J. Graves will win.
We seens it so many times. We loved it so many times. This time, it will be your greatest victory.
How many riders have been on podiums and champions, at the highest level in 3 different cycling disciplines? What are he odds of that?
Odds don't mater. Not when you are a force like Jared Graves.
Jared Graves wins, at all he does. We all no that. It wont be any different whit cancer.
We love you very much Jared. We can't wait to see you win again.
  • + 4
 It would be great if you also opened up a paypal-link, as some people (like me) might not be able to pledge via credit card.
  • + 3
 Why do most english speaking countries like GoFundMe so much better than health care systems?
I don't Get it...

Anyway, most importantly get better Jared!
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 Forgive my ignorance, but what is the cost of cancer treatment in Australia? I found a study that cites a cost of $5000 in 2008. I can imagine it could have doubled by now. Do factory riders get health insurance from sponsors or are they more like independent contractors who have to provide they’re own insurance, with hold their own taxes etc.
Living in the the US it makes sense to me that someone would need to use a crowdfunding campaign to help pay medial bills. I didn’t expect that would be necessary in a country with publicly funded healthcare.
  • + 1
 Donations like this are usually more to do with supporting the person after the initial medical costs as they lose their source of income and often require assistance with time and travel of their support base who also have to make sacrifices. There will likely be on going care and rehabilitation that's outside what healthcare will support.
  • + 0
 Jared’s income has come from racing bikes since he finished high school my guy. He can’t race bikes during chemo and recovery so he loses his income.
  • + 6
 Fuck cancer u got this
  • + 2
 What’s the pathology? Not that it’s any business of mine. Just asking as a fan and Neurosurgery PA. Feel free to ignore me.
  • + 4
 Stay strong Jared, u got this. Fuck it and see you soon at EWS!
  • - 1
 I hope for the best for him. I do have to say though, there is a big reason why most of us choose jobs with health insurance, because these things can happen. Being a pro athlete is risky in more ways than just sports injuries.
  • + 2
 Add the link to ALL your social media and spread the word people!
You got this Jared!
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 With SUPER BRUNI on your side you'll kick that tumors ass Jared!!!
  • + 3
 Donated! Cmon Pinkbike get on this!
  • + 3
 Likewise! Jared if you read this, hold on tight, you're loved and are one of life's winners the future is bright #StrengthForJared
  • + 3
 Donated! Anyone else? Who's turn is it next?
  • + 1
 Anyone know what type of brain cancer he has? We are all praying for you Jared.
  • + 1
 Those are some f*ucked up odds, but he continuously beat worse odds through his whole racing career. You got this!
  • - 1
 There's no contractually guaranteed minimum thru the contract term to cover injury or illness? WTF kind of contract is that!!! Are all pro MTBers getting screwed or just Jared?
  • + 2
 Is there a way to donate directly instead of gofundme?
  • + 1
 any way to get extra funds is all good. Sure the #longlivechainsaw contributes to the foundation. Mint Jared is doing good.
  • + 1
 Pinkbike - would you Pin this on top of the Page a few days?
  • + 1
 Go Jared! You can beat this too!
  • + 1
 Absolutely. Beat this Jared !! Praying for you !
  • + 1
 #strengthforjared get well soon Jared
  • + 1
 youve got my support through.and through
  • + 1
 Yahh gravey
  • + 0
 could some car stickees be made too....
  • + 3
 Great idea, There will be stickers and other Merch dropping soon.
I went and visited Jared for a few hours today, and he is doing very well. The expenses are already mounting. Yes, Australia does have good public health. But obviously Jared can't drive, and is currently looking for accom near the hospital in Brisbane (1.5 hours from Toowoomba) that is near the hospital. As he will be based there for who knows how long. Accomodation in Brisbane city isn't cheap.
  • + 1
 Yes. Call your local screen printing shop.
  • + 1
 @ZelvyCarbon: what hospital in BNE and does he need permanent dogs or just while down here?
  • + 1
  • + 1
 see above
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