Fantasy DH League Results: Who Won the Final Round & the Trek Project One Slash Carbon Grand Prize

Nov 2, 2020 at 8:36
by Pinkbike Staff  

The results are in for the final round of the DH Fantasy League. See who took home the prize for the best team this round and check out how you did in the Global ranking after an intense battle for the grand prize. We kicked off the Fantasy DH season with two rounds of Fantasy Trivia and we really weren't sure if we were going to see any live racing.

Then, we had an incredibly unpredictable muddy race in Leogang before four DH World Cup races in an insanely short period of time. No one could have predicted this season, but thousands of you that played along regardless. In the end, there can be only one winner, one that is both incredibly good at Trivia and incredibly insightful (and more than a bit lucky!)

Overall Winner: Fantasy DH League

Grand Prize
Season Overall

At the end of the season the overall Fantasy Downhill Champion gets to design a custom Trek Project One Slash Carbon to bring home kitted out with a RockShox Lyrik Ultimate, RockShox Deluxe RE:aktiv, a Bontrager Line Elite Dropper, Bontrager Line Carbon 30 Wheels, a SRAM X01 Eagle Drivetrain and SRAM Code RSC brakes.

Amplified Alchemy is one of literally hundreds of combinations of custom paints that @dolores gets to choose from with Trek's Project One program.

Final Round Prize
Lousa, Portugal

@Lanteans final round team was in a five-way tie.
The final round was a tight one with a five-way tie for fastest team on the line in Lousa with 1810 points apiece. After a draw, it's @Lanteans that walks away with Bontrager's Rally Mountain Shoe ($150 MSRP), Rhythm Mountain Short ($95 MSRP), Evoke Tech T ($40 MSRP), Race Merino Wool Padded Sock ($25 MSRP) and Blaze LTD WaveCel Helmet ($300 MSRP).

The Fantasy Downhill League is Presented by Trek.


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 unReal…, NotBad…, Not2Bad at all. I looked at each athlete's Friendster, MySpace, Club Penguin, and Tinder profiles From the Inside Out in Search for the Holey Trail. Encouraged by my findings I went Unchained; I had A Slice of British Pie, applied The Cackle Factor to The Law of Fives and took 3 Minute Gaps To the Limit Where the Trail Ends, then a Gamble, and finally Kranked a team with Strength in Numbers, a team who took me from out of the top ten to be Flying High Again.

I Won't Back Down, but now is The Moment to Return to Earth, eat A Bigger Slice of British Pie, rest, and wait for the Arrival of the next few rounds of Enduro Trivia, because this could easily go Downhill.

In all honesty; the bike will be in good hands. I started building my own wheels and bikes many years ago and have since maintained and serviced them on my own; many would not believe how old some of the components on my current bike are. Truth be told, not even a long time ago I jumped from 1x8 to 1x11-speed.

A big shout out to @bashhard who was the first to congratulate me, and a big thank to all the people at Pinkbike/RockShox/SRAM/Trek who made this Fantasy League possible.

Congrats to @Lanteans on the win, Reach for the Sky!
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 you forgot to thank Arnold
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 Congrats again man!
You had just the right amount of luck combined with a lot of research.
Now you have two top-end new bikes to ride, hope you ride them hard.

And I'll go on to ride my old bike till it's dead, maybe I don't lose out next yearWink

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 Congratulations on your win and your acceptance comment. Enjoy. Beer
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 Winning fantasy league and winning the comment section!
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 So many bike knowledge for a 2019 pinkbike user! Juniors are coming this year for shure! Congrats!
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 I wanna drop a like but I also want to keep the upvotes at 69
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 Congratulations @dolores. Man could I have used just a tiny bit more luck. I hope your fancy new treks get thrashed hard.
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 Trivia round ruined the Fantasy this year. Don't do it again PB, please. Nobody should be expected to know what socks Peaty wore in 1932.
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 There was a trivia round? Explains my 2000th place finish...
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 @davidccoleman: Two of them, and in both the Enduro/DH one they had to allow more answers for some questions cause they couldn't definitively be answered. I get WHY they did it, but TBH I would rather PB have their staff race the hot lap trail and have us "Bet on that" rather than answer trivia.
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 Dolores again? REALLY,
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 Dolores is Brian Park.
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 well done in Antarctica! Great profile btw!
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 Their profile is so incredible suspicious.
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 @jptothetree: Seems probable they're somebody that works with some big player(s) in the industry, and likely attends World Cups in that capacity. If I were a guessing man I'd say a squid or wrench-type.
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 Hi @SmashySmashy: unfortunately, I can't service my fork or bleed my brakes if I'm not in an aerospace cleanroom with active filtration and complete control over temperature and humidity.
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 @jptothetree: yep i call bullshit. I want to see this guy post pictures of him actually riding this bike and the one he won in the XC fantasy.
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 @dolores: Most of us just keeping trying until we get it right. But you've left yourself no excuses!
Curious to know if you used anything more elaborate than a spreadsheet and stalking on social media to generate your predictions?
Congrats on your wins too.
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 Hi @SmashySmashy: I could post a detailed, step-by-step explanation of exactly how each team came up, but most people would think I'm showing off. Bottom line: lockdown time, I did a lot of research on each athlete.
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 @jptothetree: lots of experience in racing, films, words, etc, for a one year pinker. I wonder when is a way to make more fair in this matter...
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 @dolores: Hats off to you in that case. Well done again.
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 @brajal: come on, don't be so salty. Before I joined pinkbike, I was already browsing the site every day as a random user. Not everyone in the mountainbike world is a pinkbiker from the beginning
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 @bashhard: shame on you Smile and low profile credibility status in PB contests over the years Wink
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 Good luck in ever receiving all your prizes, may be a good advertising stunt for some of the brands but sending them out is another story.....
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 I have to say I got mine no problems.
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 Lost it in the last race because of Vergiers flat Frown
Good job @dolores !
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 He should gift you a Santa Cruz for that very reason !!
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 Wow to win this as well as the XC damn you are a lucky so and so! @dolores
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 60th in the Enduro too, definite time traveler, loosing the enduro was just to throw us off the scent
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 Dude seems to know his mountain biking. Proof that it's not all luck.
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 @jayacheess: 100% fair play to him!
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 @maglor: Chuck Norris,perhaps? Wink
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 Even with your points system broken for the mens you are awarding the prize??

I pointed out earlier in the week that the points from 10th to 15th are wrong.... so that should be fixed

POINTS FOR 12th and 14th ARE THE SAME!!
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 details for each Round.


10. 100, Vergier
11. 95, Daprela
12. 90, Coulanges
13. 85, Hart
14. 80, Pierron
15. Sehnal (not available)


10&13. 100+85, Pierron
11&7. 95+115, Suarez
12&35. 90+26, Norton
13&60. 85+1, Kerr
14&16. 80+70, Trummer
15&27. 75+34, Žabjek


10&4. Edmondson (not available)
11&11. 95+95, Revelli
12&8. 90+110, Suarez
13&13. 85+85, Maes
14&5. 80+135, Atwill
15&32. 75+29, Thirion

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Look at the 2nd last page of the T&C's - not trying to take it away from you in any way shape or form but the points on there were updated from the 2019 ones and are wrong
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 @Craigatdescentworld: You are right the points table you have linked has an error. We spotted this before any of the fantasy rounds this year and adjusted the points before any racing to the ones seen in this table.
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 Trivia definetely killed most peoples chances of winning I think, better luck next year.
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 on the pinkbike insta theres a link in bio for the review of deore 12sp but it doesn't seem to be working. Today pinkbike homepage is advertising sram eagle. Do I smell some strategic blocking from competitors or is my tin foil hat on the wrong way around this morning?
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 can pinkbike hire a part timer or intern to just manage the fantasy league? putting together a womens team was a challenge with so many names in the race not available to pick as well as a host of other issues that have been brought up many times in the fantasy news comments.

there are so many superfans of the sport, im sure someone would be happy to do it and we would love to see it!
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 This season was a shit show, trivia that no one wanted, selecting teams after qualifying, then not being able to select riders between the races. Whoever ran it this year dropped the ball big time. The incompetence was actually pretty funny to watch as it unfolded, every week I'm like I wonder what they're going to fuck up now lol
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 Bruh I got 1715, so close!
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 It did piss me off that I couldn't change riders between races on the double round world cups. Bad Pinkbike. Still 182 is my best position EVER!
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 You can give us as many explanations as you want but I don't believe in double winning with so many variables at stake Smile
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 Congrats, that's one fantastic looking bike!
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 Congrats on the win @dolores Lot´s of fun with the new bike

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