Finals Start Lists: La Bresse DH World Cup 2018

Aug 24, 2018 at 6:51
by Pinkbike Staff  
Myriam Nicole will have to push extra hard this weekend if she wants to move up from her current 5th place raking.


Elite Women Start List

Elite Men Start List


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 FASTEST QUALIFIER IS LAST DOWN THE HILL!!!! I swear we need to get on UCI's back about this, it's propped bs, they want the racing to be more exciting by not giving out any points to qualies and extra points for final. Well I have another idea for exciting racing uci... How about you do it as you always have and let the fastest qualifier go down last!! Was so looking forward to gee going down last.
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 You’re right it is proper bs. Gee is 21st rider from the end, so the run is not even on the live Red Bull programme (unless they change things). Same for Joe Smith, Mike Jones, Martin Maes and others who had standout rides but won’t get ont telly except highlights maybe cos they are outside the last 20 to start. As well as crap for fans of DH, what about their sponsors who are ultimately paying for the whole shebang?

To whom do we rant?!
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 Confusion is their biggest strength. What ever the order that is one hell of a list of rippers. Can't remember ever seeing soo many contenders all over the board.
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 @aps62: i think they always extend the coverage to the 20th qualy time. he will be in the livestream for sure.
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 @ShempHoward: the strength in depth is a very cool part of DH. So many contenders, and so many shaping up to be future contenders
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 This probably has to do with no points being awarded for qualifying..... hence no reason for the guys who know they will qualify easily to push it and risk flatting/crashing. So essentially if the old format was followed, going fastest in quali would result in earning you zero points and get you the worst track conditions for your race run.
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 @Idaho: good point. For this final race of the year perhaps it is best to see the overall title contenders. For all other races I still would like to see it in quali order to ‘reward’ fast chargers with airtime. Anyway, whatever the case, enjoy the show! ????
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flag aps62 (Aug 25, 2018 at 4:46) (Below Threshold)
 @Idaho: ... lol that ‘????’ Is supposed to be the horns emoji... new here clearly...
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 Lmao at the podium. UCI/Red Bull are retarded
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 Stupid order. Fastest down the hill in qualifying goes last, it’s not a hard concept.
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 UCI have really f*cked this up, Gee and co. Earned their place yesterday in the start list. If it ain’t broke ‘en all that.
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 If the fastest qualifier barely scrapes into the live feed then there's something not right with the format.

Wasn't the reason for the change to make the live feed more exciting? Seems to me it's just so the bigger teams with the money get the air time.
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 Who do you think lobbied with the UCI to get the start order changed for this season... It's funny to see all the hate towards the UCI in the comments here when it was actually the teams themselves that f*cked this one up....
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 I want gee to go last. that would be awesome
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 Hahahahahaha!!! Top 20 riders for sure loves this new rules, they don't have to work hard to qualify. Too bad privateers and minimal support riders will now struggle to get redbull airplay even if they qualify top ten. Great rules to help support up and coming riders. Hahaha, seems they only care for big team riders.
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 True, also whats up with the new "protected" racer rules..also making it hard for up and coming Privateers.
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 I agree. Gee earned his spot and fought his way through injury, grief (Which he never publicly displayed. He and Chainsaw were friends and rivals from what I recall.) and the inevitable psychological battles that go with participating in this sport at the top levels only to have some dumbass UCI rule rob him of the honor of being last out of the start gate. What is UCI’s problem anyway? They should break up the UCI into different divisions for the differing disciplines and have people sitting on the board that understand and have participated in said disciplines at the top tier levels. Instead it seems like the organization is run by a bunch of ex roadies who’ve done one too many hits of EPO!
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 I haven't seen a single rider speek out for the new rule. Only a bunch who publicly spoke out against it. Why don't they protest the rule? No one starts untill the rule is thrown where it belongs. In the garbage.
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 i hope theres some change with that bullshit next year. Yes DH is an action sport, but foremost a sport and not a tv show. I just hope it helps Gee to deal with the pressure and that he will have some serious hot seat time
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 Elite Women Start List needs changing. 10. august MSA, Canada
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 Protip: f*ck the UCI
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 What happened to Luca Shaw?

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