Fire Breaks Out at Shimano Factory

Mar 26, 2018 at 12:00
by Pinkbike Staff  

According to multiple news reports, a fire broke out at Shimano's manufacturing facility in Sakai, Japan, on the afternoon of March 26th, forcing the evacuation of 200 employees. No injuries were reported, and more than 20 fire engines responded to the call. The fire is said to have started in the section of the factory where anodizing takes place.

As one of the world's largest cycling components manufacturers, Shimano operates factories throughout Asia, including location in Malaysia and China. Shimano has yet to release an official statement, but when that time comes this story will be updated with any additional information that emerges.


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 It was probably their front derailleur factory.
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 Best comment.
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flag High-Life (Mar 26, 2018 at 18:08) (Below Threshold)
 Yup. Those puns above are weak.
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 xtr di2 electrical fire
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 I think its a sign they gave up on the ice tech.
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 @scott-townes: "Intense testing destroys Ice Tech Facility!"
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 Nice one
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 Black Kashima Edition!
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 Tomorrow on Pinkbike: We tour Shimano's factory and get a glimpse at their new heat treatment process!
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 looks like they're going to need to shift production into high gear to compensate for the loss
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 I think they will likely take a brake in production before they can roll out of the gate like you described.
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 The fire brigade would've got there sooner but they thought it was a crank call.
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flag ratedgg13 (Mar 26, 2018 at 13:48) (Below Threshold)
 The fire department thought it was a crank call
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flag freeriderayward (Mar 26, 2018 at 14:13) (Below Threshold)
 One of the factory workers was reported to have said "We can put the fire out with all the boost hubs we have!"
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 They're gonna have to do some smoking hot deals to shift the damaged goods!
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 Whoever put out that fire is a real Saint.
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 They are going to have to shift the work to other factories and get geared up for extra production.
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 everyone had to xt the building
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 Competitors are gonna be fired up now
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 Shimano products are so hot right now.
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 Expect a Rapid Rise is parts costs
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 Shimano cast a statement today: "We are reeling from the line of events that lead to the fire. We will need to lure in new investors to help make the rebuilding snag free. We also have more damaged rods than Furkashima".
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 @Boardlife69: Nice one. They don't just make bike parts, after all.
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 So those ice-tech rotors aren't as cool as they make out.
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 I only buy them because they look cool
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 And out of the ashes rises the Phoenix, the Eagle competitor! Jokes aside this is terrible, glad that no injuries were reported.
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 you mean the M9999?
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 Assuming (and hopefully) nobody is hurt, this would be a brilliant marketing piece actually.
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flag vinay (Mar 26, 2018 at 23:28) (Below Threshold)
 Yeah sorry, I have no humor and am not yet ready for all the jokes here. No matter how big the company is, this must be a huge blow for them. I hope everyone stays safe (firemen included) and they'll be able to get the whole place back in working order.
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 Oh, they must have gotten my mix tape!
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 spontaneous combustion when Shimano engineers tried to squeeze 12 cogs onto standard freehub
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 Fire Sale at Shimano Really Mad
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 The sales go through the roof!
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 The UK and US have now started deporting all SRAM employees...
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 You deserved at least one up vote for that mate, that's semi-genius! I'd like to think that no one else is quick enough, but it's more likely they got bored before reading this far down.
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 You evacuate a building not a person. To evacuate an employee means to make them have a sh!t .Haven't you seen The wire?
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 Accidents at Japanese manufacturing facilities are responsible for 100% of all Godzilla births. Think about it.
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 I hope all the workers are safe.

Is that a green roof? Almost looks like a giant incoming air filter, though the roof would be a bad place for one of them.
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 Factory was ' made in china' .
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 the roof the roof the roof is on fire!
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 We don’t need no water let that motherf#%*er burn!!!

Sorry... couldnt help myself...
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 I just love those Japanese fire brigade helmets! I was totally waiting for a giant monster to burst through the roof.
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 There was a fire in the factory building's three-floor plating system. It was dealing with sulfuric acid. It was close to 90 meters to the residential area, but there were no major gas leaks.
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 Mysterious rumblings on the Pacific island-nation, unexplained fires and smoking warehouses, and the crazed ranting of a half-mad factory worker - dismissed by local authorities - of an enormous 13-cog beast with a range of 1000%, compatible with standard free hubs, but only 29 inch wheels. An apparent swathe of destruction cutting its way across Asia, in a path that experts believe will pass through Germany and ultimately to 1000 West Fulton Market in Chicago, Illinois. Accounts have come in claiming to have heard a deep growl, the only discernible word being, "eagle." Beware, a new Shimano drivetrain is coming; witness the birth of Gojira.
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 Great now they have an actual excuse for shit taking forever to get to bike shops... God dammit
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 When XTR DI2 12 SPD decides to have have a Note 7 moment and XTR DI2 "PHOENIX" 13 SPD RISES from the ashes... ????
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 I wish no ill fate on anyone. Just hoping for a fire sale on XT and XTR!!!
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 Their new 12 speed groupset is fire!
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 ice-tech 2 rotors did not make the cut for production yet. Mr. Sohot burned his hands and hit the fire alarm!
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 Most probably this factor is for the fishing equipment that shimano sells. The bike stuff I believe is manufactured in Malaysia as the labor is significantly cheaper
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 I thought XTR, Dura Ace and Saint was produced in Japan. Or is this no longer the case (before the fire started)?
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 It's a fire in a three-floor surface treatment facility.It's all working on Bike parts, Fishing parts.
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 These comments are comments of ignorant assholes! A fire isn't funny at all. It is a dangerous situation. People could have died. Fuck that. Some real fuckers here.
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 Burn the whole f*cker down. Good riddance $hitmano. Probably on purpose to try an insurance scam 'cuz they scared of gearboxes.
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 di2s batteries shorting?
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 Toking on the roof on breaktime? Put them roaches out!
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 Man I hope this doesn't effect us at European workshops to much regarding spareparts when the season is just about to kick off. But I'm happy to hear everyone got out safe!
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 Looking at the ashes and embers, the foreman told his workers that the decision to shift gears and crank up production on fishing rods is now reel.
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 the freaking jokes are making me die
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 meanwhile sram are being questioned....
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 Shimanos part should be a lot cheaper if their components are being made in China and Malaysia
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 The fire marshal stated "It appears to have been a chain reaction". I'll see myself out...
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 Looks like a grass fire to me!
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 Maybe shimano's answer to Sram's mtb e-tap isn't going to well...
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 Save the new XTR!
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 1 xt shifter came back on a warranty and the factory workers commited suicide by fire in shame. Thank fook sram workers don't do that or the whole planet would be on fire
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 Fire Sale address please?
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 Ill keep my cable actuated gearing thanks!
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 Prepare for price increases! Hopefully nobody was injured.
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 Dual controlled burn to make rising rate room for 13x
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 SRAM's business tactics are getting out of hand!
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 Hope everyone is safe!
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 Ebike prototype?
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 Yes well does that factory make, e bike bits? Blame the russians or Uber?
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 Or, as us 80s-90s people believe, it was iSIS. I've already called a taxi.
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 Box Components?
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 She's hot, she manoes!
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 Now an even longer for the 12 speed!!!
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 Hahaha beat me to it!
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 Never mind the puns. Fuck walking around on a roof that's on fire!
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 With a really powerful hose on the edge
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 Di2... so hot right now.
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 Perhaps due to the overheating of the brains that design the 1x13?
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 Hopefully no one got hurt! That black Kashima is gonna dope though!
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 It wss the Russians
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