How To Ride Pumptrack With Jill Kintner

Oct 3, 2017 at 11:27
by Pinkbike Staff  

Hitting up a pumptrack is the best to build some really key skills on your bike in a short space of time, and there's no one better to teach you than Jill Kintner.

Dominant in any Crankworx Pumptrack event, she's even competed in the Olympics. Why not enjoy some advice from the best in the world?

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 Practice makes perfect. Skills are easy to understand, but to execute or master them could be another story, just practise!
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 You don't get good at something by thinking about it...
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 @Allen82: but you get good by taking your chain off, right?? Razz
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 Practice means nothing without good technique. Practice something wrong for 10,000 hours and you'll be an expert at sucking. Will take you 3 times as long to unlearn your shitty technique.
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 @Allen82: Actually, I disagree to an extent. I rode BMX a lot up to age 17 or so when injury took me out. I came back to it in my late 30's. I learned quicker in my 30's as I took the time to think about what I wanted to achieve, observed those with the skills I wanted to aquire and asked them questions. I also thought more about what would happen if I were to crash, and so crashed less.
Athletes visualise their moves. So should we. So "do", by all means, but "do" thinkfully.
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 @Allen82: what you think, you get.
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 @DarrellW: Very true. But I was thinking more along the lines of, you don't get good at something by sitting at home in your pants wanting to be better. You still need to put those thoughts into action and practice.
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 @dicky1080: OK cool, I'm going to spend my day thinking about winning the Lottery. I'll send you a fiver when I win.
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 @Allen82: You get good at thinking by thinking...
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 @Allen82: do that, think about it the right way and you just might Smile
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 That's one of the things on my bucket list: skills clinics with Bryn and Jill. I just hope they will be in Bellingham/ BC area when i finally get my arse there.
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 I always see them giving those clinics up at Steven's pass. Jill is super friendly, she even told me she likes the colors of my bike in the lift line =]
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 I was there a few weeks ago and saw Jill and Bryn coaching a group of little rippers on the local pump track as we rode by to the trails. Looked like a lot of fun for the kids and their two coaches. Kids were killing it too.
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 @wakidesigns If you rode your bike as good as you talk smack you'd be teaching the class
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 @properp: I'm quite fine, thank you
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 @WAKIdesigns: you're entitled to your opinion even if it is wrong
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 @properp: I like it how you bring it up at this occasion
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 @WAKIdesigns: just trying to get you all pumped up
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 @properp @WAKIdesigns this conversation is like the Crankworx pump track race, but the early elimination heats before the fast people get started.
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 @properp: you'll need a motor to turn me on
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 Mastery of most sports is down to timing and practice, watch a pro kick a football or hit a cricket/baseball or a runner in slow-motion and it's all about max acceleration at the critical instant. Minimum effort for max returns which is why it looks so effortless.
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 At first I was like: "2 minutes long? Meh..."
But then I was like: "That was actually all right."
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 Jill showed me several times how fast she is on a Pumptrack? amazing skills!
Hats off!
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 Yes!!! Learning to pump is so good for your riding skills!! Thanks for breaking it down Jill!
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 I guess I've been using too much arms for pumping and not enough legs. Thanks Jill!
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 Sweet! Going to the new pump track today they built in Blackfalds, Alberta. Stocked!
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 maybe one of the most useful videos i've seen lately...
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 Just had a big bowl of shitty this morning yeah?
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 @jefe I'm with ya. Practice makes permanent, not necessarily perfect.
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 Cheers Jill. Some great tips there
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 Do the pros ride tubeless on pumptracks?
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 Pumptrack specific tubeless tyres are the new craze
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Pumpduro Bro!
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