How We Produce Crankworx Highlights in 24 hours - Video

Apr 11, 2018 at 12:50
by Pinkbike Staff  

How long does it take for the Pinkbike crew to produce highlights videos from Crankworx Rotorua? Well, watch this behind-the-scenes video, and you'll know precisely what goes into a day of filming and producing highlights videos!

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 Having been a part of the Pinkbike production crew, I can vouch for the time, dust/dirt, Red Bulls and late night banter that occur to get the highlights out on the world wide web in less than 24 hours. Royalty free music becomes the bane of your existence and sleep is no longer a priority. We do it because we LOVE it!
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 So, am I automatically DQ’d as a narcoleptic?
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 @macross87: Tippie an Scrobb need to do their own documentary - the life of Tippie & Scrobb - I'd watch it
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 possible side effects may include but not limited too: drowsiness, dizziness, feeling nervous ;mild nausea, upset stomach, constipation ;increased appetite, weight changes; sleep problems (insomnia) ;decreased sex drive, impotence, or difficulty having an orgasm; or dry mouth.
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 Temporarily cured with prompt dosages of Redbull
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 @macross87: worst of them all, coffee and power naps all the way!
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 @ryys: I do love my coffee and power naps!
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 I don't even remember most of it...
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 That's because you are part animal.
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 When can I start?
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 You’re gonna have to tie a bow on this and produce another video profiling how you produced this video.
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 Schmoozing Tippie is probably the funniest thing I've ever seen on PB.
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 I love the fact that Tippie wears the young guys down, he's probably double their age! The man is a natural phenomenon.
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 where is Nicky V?

also i didn't know my hometown boy Ryys was working for PB nice!
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 Oh yeah, that's quite fresh, only for about 5 years or more Wink
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 Nice work, fellas. Thanks for all your hard work and the great coverage!
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 Nice work boys ! I see Paul got even behind the camera, nice job ! we all appreciate your hard work guys ! Hope you got to ride your bike a bit too ... Smile
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 Ooof, I remember days like those. Having someone pre-edit and trim down trash clips as the cards drop would save you a ton of time, though, if that's an option.
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 Amen! 5 years doing these gigs and the pipeline's still the same...
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 No kidding. They should have one dedicated editor and someone running cards to them. This is inhumane! Now I understand how all the unions s came about in our biz!
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 Awesome with a dose of pride, watching it hopefully lets folks know what it is we do.....although i'm not on the PinkBike radar yet.....I'll be by the phone waiting for your call. Loving your work guys
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 Was fun, thanks for taking me along for the adventure. I always wondered what it took to make all that happen having never shot and done something that needed such a quick turn around.
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 The real MVPs.
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 Thank you for putting in all the hours and effort. Everyone I know that rides loves and appreciates what you do. Cheers!
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 Big thank you, guys!
Even though I doubt reading the comment sections is on the agenda at all! Big Grin
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 Huge props to all the media guys behind the scenes. Its insane the quality, quantity and speed that all the articles pop up.
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 Correction - Human skin is not waterproof. #fakenews
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 Not watching video. Answer: You guys work your asses off, that's how!
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 and the non featured media groupies, eh? hahaa
awesome work guys
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 Amazing guys, keep up the good work. Saludos desde Argentina
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 Massive props for all the work guys! Each and every time!!!
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 thanks to bring joy to world.. appreciate your work guys!! PB forever
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 Well, that looks like a shit gig. I hope you guys are paid well.
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 Pinkbike Sprokets. with Dieter! . "Im tired of you , now we dance"
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 LOL "scott is a man of few words, what he meant to say"
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 oh man that gave me ptsd flashbacks.... keep up the good work guys!!
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 I came here for Chricci, what a beast!
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 haha priceless ricci
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