In Memoriam: Florian Goral

Mar 24, 2017 at 7:02
by Pinkbike Staff  


Koblenz Germany. Photo by Matt Wragg.

bigquotesIt's hard to talk about Flo without talking about what he accomplished. He was the man who put together the Canyon Factory Enduro Team. That team was his heart and soul. They managed to find that rare balance between performance and fun. They expected results, they worked hard, but they were welcoming, fun and kind to go with it. As much as it was the collection of people who made it that, it was Flo that brought it all together, chose those people and it's those same qualities Flo lived by. I feel lucky I came to consider him a friend over the past couple of years and it is hard to make sense of a man so young, so full of energy, determination, and ambition leaving us so suddenly.Matt Wragg

In Memoriam- Colorado USA. Photo by Matt Wragg.

In Memoriam - Fabien Barel celebrates the team victory with Flo Goral during Enduro World Series round 6 Whistler Canada 2015. Photo by Matt Wragg.
In Memoriam- during Enduro World Series round 4 Samoens France 2015. Photo by Matt Wragg.

In Memoriam - Team podium during Enduro World Series round 4 Samoens France 2015. Photo by Matt Wragg.

bigquotesWith deepest grief and shock, I have the unfortunate task to inform you of the passing of our dear friend and colleague, Florian Goral, who succumbed yesterday to the effects of a blood infection. The shock and sadness of this unimaginable loss hits not only me personally, but also numerous other Canyon employees. To those of Florian’s family, as well as to those who have worked closely with him over the years, I want to express my deepest condolences.

Five years ago I hired Florian as my personal assistant. I thus had the good fortune to work very closely with him. I greatly appreciated Florian for his reliability, and came to know him as a person of the highest integrity. Florian was a person of incredible curiosity, and was always open and flexible. He was a doer, a high achiever – and despite his youth, he was incredibly mature, conscientious, and aware of his responsibilities.

In his time with Canyon Florian built the Mallorca Canyon Base from zero: he hired the employees, and brought the concept to the successful operation we know today. In addition, Florian built up the Factory Enduro Team with enormous success, and as Senior Pro Sport Manager MTB he was always on the go and traveled the world in support of Canyon teams and athletes. In his heart and soul, Florian was 100% there for Canyon. Sport and Canyon were Florian’s life! I am incredibly thankful for everything that Florian did and accomplished for us. As a human being and a colleague, I will deeply miss him, and am endlessly saddened by his sudden death.

We do not want nor will we ever forget Florian. Florian leaves behind an unfathomable void, not only as a member of the Canyon Family, but much, much more as a friend and inspiration. I wish us all – Florian’s family and friends – much strength in the difficult times ahead.
Roman Arnold, Canyon CEO and Founder

In Memoriam - during Enduro World Series round 6 Whistler Canada 2015. Photo by Matt Wragg.

In Memoriam - during Enduro World Series round 5 Crested Butte USA 2015. Photo by Matt Wragg.
In Memoriam Florian Goral Photo Matt Wragg

In Memoriam - during Enduro World Series round 6 Whistler Canada 2015. Photo by Matt Wragg.

In Memoriam- EWS round 8 Finale Ligure Italy. Photo by Matt Wragg.
In Memoriam - during Enduro World Series round 5 Crested Butte USA 2015. Photo by Matt Wragg.

In Memoriam- during Enduro World Series round 4 Samoens France 2015. Photo by Matt Wragg.


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 Easily one of the nicest people you were ever likely to meet on the racing circuit. He was a consummate professional and showed the upmost respect to whoever he was speaking to. Flo, I always looked forward to our paths crossing and I am in complete shock. Today I will go for a ride in your memory.
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 Flo Goral was something else. I raced with him in Trans Provence 2014, he did really well and I was just a mid pack fella, however, at the end of any trail we saw him he cared more about how your day was going and how you were enjoying things than himself.

In the years since whilst my wife has been racing the EWS he has always stopped what he was doing to offer me a coffee, a chat or even play with our dog, regardless of what big names are in and around the pits. I was just a small time rider who did the occasional race, but Flo made me feel like I was a million pounds/euros/dollars. When a man can make others around him feel like they are special for a brief moment, then he is a special kind of person.

Flo Goral,

Thank you mate,

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 That's a great story man, thanks for sharing.
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 Rest In Peace sir. It's sad to see someone pass away so young.
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 Damn, that sucks. RIP Florian! Blood infections are serious business. I picked one up in 2014 from an innocent cut from a pocket knife late on a Friday night. By Sunday evening the finger was swollen and red I knew something wasn't right and I needed to go to the doc the next day. By Monday morning I felt like I had the flu, and it was already in my lymphatic system. I don't know the circumstances behind Florian"s contraction of a blood infection, but take care of yourselves people. The tiniest of things that you've done hundreds of times in your life can kill you if you let it.
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 How is a blood infection (Sepsis) treated? Just antibiotics? I think most people know that a minor cut can lead an infection of surrounding area, but most people wouldn't think a minor cut could kill them. Does using a topical antibiotic do anything to combat the possibility of sepsis?
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 @PHeller: A few years ago I pulled a little loose skin from between my toes, just a few mm. A few days later I couldn't stand on my feet from the pain, was swollen so hard I couldn't fit it into my shoes anymore and the area around the little wound was getting black. Your everyday antibiotics healed it pretty quickly, although I have friend who had had to spend two weeks in the hospital for the same thing.
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 @PHeller: When my brother got one a few years ago he was on IV anitbiotics for a week
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flag CaptainSnappy (Mar 24, 2017 at 8:36) (Below Threshold)
 @PHeller: While I know first hand there are MD's who read this site, you're asking MTB enthusiats how a blood infection is treated. You might as well go to a forum and ask how to mitigate stiction in your fork. Why?
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 @PHeller: There are a million ways bacteria can get into your blood stream, often times when people become septic it's from UTI, pneumonia, or another fairly benign-sounding infection. It's not really the bacteria that kill you, it's your body's inflammatory response to it that causes problems. One of the biggest problems is low blood pressure that results in organ damage due to lack of perfusion. It's super scary how an otherwise healthy person can become so sick.

I remember a few years ago EMS brought a 40-ish year old dude in to the ER I work in with an ear infection that had gotten into his mastoid bone and he ended up a cardiac arrest and died. The infection just went on a little too long.
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 It's a damn shame though, RIP dude. Thoughts going out to his family and friends!
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 @HardtailsAreGnarly: Same thing happened to me! Had to go back to the hospital every night for a week with an IV shunt in my arm.
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I actually managed to plunge a disc brake rotor into my shin after a practice CX race in Toronto about 8 years ago. Went to the ER, expected to get stitches but got glued instead. Crashed again a week later and essentially tore it back open. The next day was photographing a race and started to feel light-headed and sort of loopy. Went back to urgent care (at another hospital) and by the time I saw a doc I was shivering uncontrollably. Ended up taking some super potent antibiotics, then coming back every night for a week for more IV antibiotic treatments, followed by a round of oral antibiotics.

Definitely one of those "glad I went to see a professional" moments when I went back the second time. The doc was also super sceptical (not a septic pun, I swear) about the first doc's decision to use glue on a deep wound, also. Ugh.
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 @PacificNorthWes: When I put a hole in my shin last year a nurse told me they rarely stitch the shin area due to the skin/flesh being so thin. It can be done successfully for younger people but for many it can lead to tearing around the original wound.
Mine was just a pedal wound but it took 8 weeks to heal fully!
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 @PacificNorthWes: damn disc brakes on a cx bike 8 years ago? props my guy!

also yeah sepsis is bad
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 RIP dude. I am sure the Canyon team will race for you the next few days in Rotorua!
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 May you have everlasting happiness on the infinite epic ride you are on right now. RIP bro.
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 This guys energy, passion and zeal for bikes and racing was overwhelmingingly apparent in the Canyon EWS spotlight video last month. Shred in peace.
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 Some years ago, my Mom had a surgery. They "disasembled" her stomach due to cancer. While still at hospital, sie got a sepsis. It was a close call, but she survived. Then, some years later, they found something growing inside her. Before knowing what it is, she suizided.
She made the decision, to not go through this again. She did it clever. CO2 is doing a good job in this matter...
She had a reason. A understandable reason. However, sad but... ok. Acceptable.
It's now very close to one year, the best friend of my son suizided.
Suddenly. Out of nothing, nowhere, or anyhow...
I wouldn't call him "like my son", but for my son, he was definitly "like his brother"
Just about to turn 16 years old, he jumped in front of a truck... about 500m away from his bed.
Saying good bye to everyone bye WhatsApp, but no word about a reason.
However, like here with Florian, there will be the question without answer:
...i bet he's up there, preparing trails for us - together with Gazza and chainsaw.
RIDE ON forever, Flo!
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 2017, why? We thought you would be better than this.

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 2016 started with the deaths of legends, 2017 starts with the death of a man behind the legends. Why do these good guys have to die that young?
Shred In Peace!
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 It's called LIFE and it is never fair. 2016,2017,2018.....will all be the same. What isn't the same is the rapid notifications that social media has created.
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 He's now riding that endless trail
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 Sounds like he was a hell of a guy. The industry needs more like him, not less. Sad to hear he died so young. R.I.P.
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 I hope this is the only In memory piece I have to read this year God speed brother
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 Here we go with the deaths again,last year was tragic. First Kelly McGarry them Dave Mirra then Steve Smith are the ones that i early on the year and now we have bikers dying already...
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 Such sad news Frown Thoughts go out to everyone at Canyon and his close friends and family.
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may he be remeberd by evry rider in and outside the community
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 damn that's sucks, shred in peace man
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 such a shame to hear my regards and respect to all at canyon bikes and to all his family rest in peace
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 This is very sad news. Earlier today I heard on the news that Sepsis kills 1000 per day in the US. RIP, sir.
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 Ride in peace dude
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 God bless his family and friends . He Will be missed!!!!
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 Sad to hear. Condolences to the family. Big Grin
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 R.I.P. brother from another mom
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 There's nothing whats to say more than... Keep riding FLO ! Frown
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 Sorry to hear this. Very sad news.
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 rest in peace
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 RIP buddy!
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 RIP far out another..... Smile will this affect Brosnan? not good sad..
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