Melamed Out of Finale After Career Best Result in Whistler

Sep 25, 2017 at 14:18
by Pinkbike Staff  
Riders and teams are already arriving and getting their wheels into the dirt at the final Enduro World Series event of 2017, Finale Ligure. The Finale race and trails are a favourite among the riders and the fans that line the sides of the course are no doubt a contributing factor to the race being so fondly thought of. Unfortunately for Whistler's Jesse Melamed, he won't have the chance to ride through the crowds this year and will likely be joining the fans on the sidelines after a crash during practice resulted in a number of injuries.

Finale hasn't been kind to Melamed, with injuries and illness plaguing him at this location over the last few years. He finished a solid seventh in 2016, despite not being able to ride at one-hundred percent thanks to illness. With that in mind and coming off a win at the Whistler stop, Jesse had to have been one to expect to see at the top of the results sheet this weekend, leaving a spot open at the top of the results for another strong rider.

With Jesse out of the race, things also heat up for the team overall, with the Rocky Mountain Urge BP Rally Team currently second in the rankings, only 41 points behind the Ibis Enduro Race Team. It will be difficult for the team to take that number one spot without the help of all their riders, especially with the top guy on the team not being able to take part.


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 "Melamed Out of Finale After Career Best Result in Whistler"

What an akward title.
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 That career best result in Whistler really did some damage.
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 "Melamed Out of Finale After a Delicious Breakfast of Baked Beans on Toast"

Some information is best left for the article.
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 Agreed. I clicked just to see WTF they were talking about.
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 @kit-nz: funniest thing I've read all day (still laughing).

Bummer about Melamed though, he's been ripping.
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 I'll be pissed they cut my USD99.99 branded jersey.
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 @chyu: didn't cost him that
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 Just a speed bump in the guy's bright career. He's consistent as fuck and I'm sure we'll see a ton more wins in the future.
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 I guess many people won't agree on your measure of consistency, otherwise the world would be much more lovely place!
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 Based on his stat. Not that consistent.
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 Sorry to hear about Jesse. Remi's gonna pick up the slack though! Don't forget our boy got 5th in whistler!! Go team Rocky and get well soon Jesse! got this!
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 He's out too.
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 @Jokesterwild: Are you sure? I haven't seen anything on his social media. I think he's in for the W, gotta pull of the slack with Jesse out!
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 FAKE NEWS. @Jokesterwild:
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 @mdhorner: correct it is Andréane Nadeau who is also out from rocky
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 @Jokesterwild: I think ALN is just in school. She wasn't on the full program until she killed it in Ireland. I wouldn't be surprised if we see her at all the EWS rounds next season though.
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 @mdhorner: could be. Rocky just mentioned her with Jesse in an announcement.
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 You the man Jesse! You'll be back for that top spot next year!
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 Re: "I feel like I need to say sorry...": I feel like you don't Jesse! Great season and sorry to hear about the injury! It's been awesome following you the last few years and I'm super grateful for the entertainment and the way you have represented yourself, the sport and our Country. Hope you heal fast and don't experience too much discomfort in the process.
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 Well, he is a Canadian after all.
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 Haha really! Unless you deliberately steered into a tree I don't think anyone should apologize for a crash. If anything it shows he was pushing to the max!!! Awesome job and heal up!
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 It sucks that he is injured, but it is also a great reminder of how much progress he has made and what it means to his team and fans. I really don't know how it is for these guys, but teams pay a lot to see their racers perform throughout the season. I could imagine a certain pressure "to not get injured" vs. "don't worry and focus on doing your best". Like Keene is always crashing and I can't help to think that Specialized is updating their ROI spreadsheet every time. I don't get that impression here for some reason. Again, I don't really know, but I think this guy is going to come back in fire!
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 Bummer for this guy due to the points race.

That said I didn't think it was legal to practice per rule "Unless otherwise agreed by EMBA, official training should not be held for more than two days prior to the race."

What gives?
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 Only if the practice was on an actual stage. He could have been training on the other Finale tracks.
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 There are tracks in Finale for weeks. You don't need to train on official tracks.
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 He's strong enough to survive that kind of impact(s) so he it's very likely he can
return even stronger. Healing vibes to Jesse.
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 Sucks. But you'll be good in time for ski season and that's pretty important!
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 GAH! So bummed for Jesse, but I feel like he's getting stronger with every race and I have no doubt he'll be back to clean everything next year.
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 Shit!! These guys take big risks on every stage! This is testament to that risk. Heal up fast Jesse!
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flag mollow (Sep 25, 2017 at 22:13) (Below Threshold)
 He wasn't riding a stage dumdum
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 @mollow: beat it clown.
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flag mollow (Sep 26, 2017 at 20:23) (Below Threshold)
 @Golden-G: butthurt much, f*ckface?
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 @mollow: does your mommy know that you're using the internet?
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 There looks like a dying man in the background at the hospital pic.....he looks worse off for sure
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 There's always a couple of old guys lying around in hospitals looking in rough shape to remind you that your sprained ankle or sliced finger isn't that bad. The day when you're that guy is the day you're really in trouble...
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 How unlucky can one be
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 I'm pretty sure that's a corpse in the background of the first pic.
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 I'm not happy that Jesse crashed, but ... does this mean that Sam Hill wins the overall if he finishes in the top 10?
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 Heal up man, and come back stronger!
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 F&%*!!!! Sorry to hear and hope all heals up quickly for ya!
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 That Italian hospital looks a little on the grungy side
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 Quick recovery'll be back givener before you know it!
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 ok. so id dailly wins in finale ligure ( which i believe he will as he is local) then Sam Hill needs to finish at least 4th to grab overall.
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