MRP Ribbon Fork Now Available

Mar 21, 2017 at 16:07
by Pinkbike Staff  
We first caught sight of MRP's new Ribbon fork at Eurobike last year, and it's now ready for its official debut. Many of the details remain unchanged from what was originally announced, although the addition of a 160mm 29" option will be welcome new for riders on the latest crop of long travel 29ers. Once we get one in for review we'll be sure to see how it stacks up against the other big names in this competitive arena. Read on for the details from MRP.

Press Release

MRP Ribbon

For 2017, MRP set out with a seemingly impossible goal: to craft an all-mountain fork with the highest performance, most adjustability and features in its class, and deliver at jaw-dropping weight. The result is the Ribbon, the new benchmark for high-end suspension. Designed, tested, and built in one of the meccas of mountain biking, Colorado.

Like all MRP products, the Ribbon was designed and prototyped in house and thoroughly tested on local trails - and we're blessed with some of the most technical in the country, right out our back door.

Among those, the namesake Ribbon trail offers riders a variety of terrain from slow, techy moves and near-vertical rollers to slickrock slabs where speeds can reach in excess of 50mph. The trail tests a rider's prowess while approaching the limits of traction, their confidence to let-off the brakes and "pin it" at eye-watering speeds, and their courage to drop into daunting, seemingly impossible chutes. The new fork was built to handle everything trails like the Ribbon can throw at you, and it became the de-facto test track, so it was only right to pay homage with the name.

Ribbon Details
• 27.5" Travel: 140, 150, 160, or 170mm
• 27.5+ / 29" Travel: 120, 130, 140, 150, or 160mm
• Weight: 4.15 lbs. for 27.5", 4.2 lbs. for 27.5+ / 29"
• External Adjustments: Positive air-spring pressure, negative air-spring pressure, 8-position low-speed compression, 16-position Ramp Control, and rebound.
• Internal adjustments: Travel (in 5mm increments)
• Colors: All black chassis with 9 decal color options.
• Wheel size options: 27.5" or 27.5+ / 29”
• Boost spacing - 15x110mm
• MSRP: $989 USD
• Contact:

MRP Ribbon

Today’s all-mountain and enduro riders need a supple and extremely high-performance ride for a variety of terrain. The Ribbon offers a new design, inside and out, that provides the highest level of personalization offered in a suspension fork. Here are the highlights of the new design:

MRP Ribbon

Air Spring
The new FulFill air spring offers independently adjustable positive and negative chambers, giving you more control than ever over your base setup. You can personalize the tune of your fork to achieve the desired feel based on your style of riding and the type of trail. Whether it’s an unbelievably supple or highly supported off-the-top feel you desire, you can have it. The one-size-fits-all negative spring setups found in other forks is deliberately absent in the Ribbon.

MRP’s popular and critically acclaimed Ramp Control technology lets you isolate and tune your forks behavior when subjected to the most violent, demanding high-speed hits. It’s a robust and convenient package that simultaneously adds speed-sensitive ending-stroke and bottom-out force control on-the-fly; finely adjustable by a 16-position knob. You never have to install or remove tokens again, and you don’t have to sacrifice the initial and mid-stoke feel you want to get the bottom-out support you need.

Once you’ve found that perfect for you air-spring setup, you can keep it feeling that way courtesy of a helpful little addition that’s a first of its kind outside of dedicated downhill race fork. Experienced and discerning riders know that elevation and temperature changes can build up pressure in your lowers and radically alter the feel of your stroke. To mitigate this, PSST valves were added to the Ribbon’s castings allowing you to bleed it off quickly with the press of a button. You may still personally suffer at nosebleed-inducing elevations, but now your fork won’t.

MRP Ribbon

“Twin-tube” has been a suspension buzzword for a few years, and with good reason. Despite its notoriety among suspension aficionados, it's seldom been implemented in forks - until now. The Ribbon’s EssenTTial™ damper, twin-tube dampers offer advantages in performance, ride control, space-efficiency, and durability that open bath and mono-tube dampers can’t touch. Furthermore, the EssenTTial™ damper utilizes an exclusive low-pressure IFP instead of a bladder - a stiction-free design that also provides more reliability and consistency over long-term use. And once service time finally does arrive, appreciable details like cassette-tool interfaces on the top caps and external bleed ports make the process stress free. On the rebound side, a speed-sensitive shim stack responds magnificently to trail events and obstacles of all varieties, shapes, and sizes.

Chassis Design
The redesigned Outcast™ arch is an instantly noticeable feature, implemented for both practical and artistic reasons - look no further for proof of our "outside of the box" approach to the project. On the practical side, the forward-facing weight reliefs mitigate mud build up in the arch, a feature that will be especially appreciated by those who aren't fair-weather only riders. With the weight reliefs no longer hidden from view, the engineering team at MRP was forced to carefully sculpt every non-essential bit of material from them and holistically blend that shaping into the fork. That attention to detail in the casting design went a long way to achieving the feathery weight of the Ribbon (Under 4.2lbs, with uncut steerer, for both 27.5” and 27.5+/29” models). On the artistic side, the Outcast™ design stands out in a sea of homogeny and complements both organic and contemporary frame designs with aplomb.

Custom Options
A bolt-on axle option is available for a weight savings of over 30 grams from the QR axle. Each fork comes with 35mm of spacers and simple instructions for adjusting its travel – and you’re not just limited to 10mm increments, 5mm adjustment is possible, unlike any other fork on the market. And finally, the Ribbon will be offered in 9 decal color options – chosen to match today’s most popular colorways – so that your bike can maintain a clean, uniform look.

MRP Ribbon

Tested Every Step of the Way
Through development the Ribbon accrued thousands of hours of machine testing in addition to extensive trail testing. The fork was repeatedly torture tested in the lab under conditions far more extreme than would be faced in regular use. As with all MRP forks, each Ribbon is built to order, by hand, at our facility in Colorado. Unlike competing forks (where dynamometers are used only in development or, in some cases, batch testing), every MRP fork is dyno tested to ensure the compression and rebound ranges are exactly where they should be. Whether you're an EWS contender or just bitten by the cycling bug, you're getting our very best.

The Ribbon may be purchased through any of our fine distributors, dealers or direct from us. Ribbons are also available with the following bike brands: Banshee, Canfield Brothers, Guerilla Gravity, Lynskey, Pyrenatic and Reeb.


  • + 50
 Never thought I would read this sentence in a mountain bike article. " On the artistic side, the Outcast™ design stands out in a sea of homogeny and complements both organic and contemporary frame designs with aplomb." We're still talking about bikes, right?
  • - 64
flag onemind123 (Mar 21, 2017 at 18:39) (Below Threshold)
 What an absolute load of marketing bullshit.

F@ck you mrp. Take your homogeneous statements and shove em in yer a$$.
  • + 98
 @onemind123: Cheers bud! Glad you like my work.
  • - 49
flag onemind123 (Mar 21, 2017 at 18:47) (Below Threshold)
 @NoahColorado: sorry Noah, but all the crap that the industry has been spewing - you were the last straw fer me. I had higher hopes.
  • + 14
 @onemind123: You work in a capitalist market, you gotta play the game. If you don't like the marketing, then try the product - and I think we all know that people buy MRP because they make some of the best in the business. So it's not just talking the talk, they walk the walk too.
  • + 40
 @onemind123: In the design process of the Ribbon I looked at all of the forks on the market and - unless you're a real bike geek - they all look the same. I sketched up a dozen or more distinctive arch designs and even played around with modeling clay. I tried to strike a balance in the design that would compliment the futuristic frame designs of Evil, YT, and similar brands as well as the traditional metal designs of some of our close OE customers, small frame builders.

So the sentence above may sound like marketing crap, but it's part of the Ribbon's story.
  • + 25
 @NoahColorado: I think the arch looks wicked.

Nice work MRP. Some good innovation coming out of your shop.
  • - 3
 @NoahColorado: is it your work or are you just the brand manager?
  • + 0
 @NoahColorado: Also - just to silence the haters with the reverse facing arch - could you make a tiny bolt on carbon front plate? Add say 10g of weight in a bolt on each side and a simple carbon plate with MRP stamped on it.
  • - 17
flag onemind123 (Mar 21, 2017 at 21:02) (Below Threshold)
 @ratedgg13: never said I didn't like the product. I said the blathering on about the homogeneous sea of design was marketing bullshit.

I don't care what it looks like, as long as it is fast.

Stop making excuses for how it looks and let the product do the talking
  • + 12
 @weebleswobbles: We're a pretty small team, so we all wear a lot of hats. I sketched up the concepts and our wonderful engineering department made it a reality.
  • + 6
 @NoahColorado: Hahaha people are getting triggered by words they don't understand! If you put some effort, it's "too much marketing" but if you don't put enough, it's boring and flies over everyone's heads. I'd like to see that nomind123 guy try to make a paragraph for a product release.

Anyhow, super interested in the twin-tube damper you guys put in the Ribbon. Diagrams and more articles, please Big Grin
  • + 3
 @NoahColorado: right on! Cheers! That's what's up! I can't wait to try it out! Looks and sounds like a solid contender for my next fork. I still have an old Dh 200 white brothers fork,and just found the service manual on your site. Do you guys still have any old white brothers parts laying about? I would love to rebuild this thing.
  • - 10
flag AZRyder (Mar 22, 2017 at 9:52) (Below Threshold)
 I was just about to say, that's one of he slickest arches I've seen and it caught my eye for sure. On the flip side, all those recesses in it are great places for dirt to stick to and never come out again.
  • - 7
flag Wouldhaveletmego (Mar 22, 2017 at 11:04) (Below Threshold)
 You can tell if a writer has any idea about what he's writing about based on the amount of these fluff words. This writer has no clue.
  • + 6
 @NoahColorado: F the haters, man. I've been an MRP fan since around '00 when you were the only source I could find for higher quality springs that saved otherwise poorly performing shocks. Over the years I've ran MRP chain guides and now a friend has a ramp cartridge in his Yari which makes for a great low cost upgrade for that sleeper of a fork. I hope to get the opportunity to take one of these for a spin. Plus, you guys use Banshee for your demos which is one of the best small mountain bike companies out there. Keep up the great work!!!
  • + 1
 @NoahColorado: @NoahColorado: Just ordered a Trail Pistol from Guerrilla Gravity and am going to throw one of your forks on it too! Its so cool that there are smaller companies out there that are innovative, passionate, do everything in house, and actually ride! F all the haters out there!
  • + 32
 Not sure about the look of the arch.
  • - 19
flag jmartinbiking (Mar 21, 2017 at 16:29) (Below Threshold)
 looks like something off of a target kids bike tbh apart from that it looks promising and I cant wait to see a full review
  • + 74
 They made it like that to help stop mud getting stuck in it, something that all of the bigger manufacturers either haven't thought of or are too concerned about ascetics to bother with doing
  • + 30
 I get that, and practically it makes a lot of sence. Ascetically it's a bit odd, but not something that would stop me from having one.
  • + 3
 @abraconn192: but it takes 2 seconds to wash my arch out with my hose if my fender falls off.
  • + 5
 Looks like the fork is on backwards
  • + 11
 Arch is ugly, but that is purely for functionality...No one needs an extra 200grams in crusted dirt hanging around in their arch, this fixes that problem..Im sure they could have designed something to improve the aesthetics though...maybe a carbon plate to cover the ugliness, at that size it wouldnt add much cost but could be used to add rigidity and save weight if it was designed well...I always wonder who is actually in charge of these designs, there really is not anything very innovative coming out of bicycles these days.. Boost..hah
  • + 7
 @radrider: why not do it the normal way and put a plate on the back?

Nevermind, I have a fender that keeps mud out of my arch and my face.
  • + 4
 Definitely not aero.
  • + 16
 I dig the look of the arch! One of the few I guess.
  • + 11
 I can only assume I put my fender on in reverse too ?
  • + 3
 Have used electrical tape to cover up holes in back of arch with great success. Much cheaper than novel backwards arch with possible carbon cover to hide ugliness of same.
  • + 1
 Ugly and I run a fender all year anyways so it won't save me any mud build up.
  • + 0
 @radrider: Manitou did that back in the day with the Mars C, great concept but the rest of the fork was flexy. Frown

However, a small lexan cover could be easily made and can be left clear or painted whatever color you want. Lexan is lighter than carbon, MUCH CHEAPER, and can be made with a simple vac-u-form setup. What I love about lexan is its flexibility and toughness, it just pops back to shape! When you paint it from the inside, scratches are a thing of the past. Custom fitted Lexan frame protection sounds pretty cool to me, and easy if you have the equipment(which can be cobbled together from a toaster oven, pegboard, and a vacuum cleaner). Wink
  • + 2
 @jmusuperman: because that's so important in mtbing.
  • + 1
 Looks kinda like brake booster
  • + 13
 Love my MRP Stage and cannot wait on the new Ribbon...locally tested in CO and made by great people with top notch customer service
  • + 7
 Loved my Loop (so much better than the Fox F29 it replaced) which has moved over to my adventure bike, loving my Stage currently on my GG Megatrail. Looks like improvements and added tricks would make this a next great fork. Maybe I will have to find a reason to swap the Stage in on one of my wife's bikes so I can justify a ribbon. Pretty sure I can get new end caps for my i9 hubs to make the boost spacing work for my existing hubs.
Waiting for ride reviews to come in to make any decisions.
  • + 6
 see how she shapes up over the upcoming summer. enough good forks out there already, gonna take something a bit special to relieve me of almost a $1000

this fork will outperform me no doubt
  • + 5
 I personally like damn-near everything I read in that press release, and I could care less what the arch looks like. If that fork works as advertised, I'll be one of many that will gladly pay the asking price. A U.S. company manufacturing a top-of-the-line fork in-house goes to the top of my list. I'm gonna pay close attention to this thing to see how it shakes out.
  • + 9
 Please, make 20mm axle great again!
  • + 5
 Ok, so CaneCreek concluded that a twin tube design in a fork makes no sense from reliability and serviceability point of view (let alone the option of integrating damper into stanchoins). So this means: A. CC are loosers, B. MRP will release a product with some serious reliability and serviceability issues.
  • + 4
 I will change my Pike for this fork, has been waiting since 2016 the release to make it, nice design and thinking of many aspects needed in a fork, great work @NoahColorado and MRP Team. What about a rear shock to compliment this fork ??
Best of all for you guys at MRP
  • + 7
 Who else tought it was a reverse arch fork when looking at the first picture?
  • + 7
 I think the reverse arch makes so much sense. Kinda funny it took so long.
  • + 3
 I can't believe people are more worried about the arch rather then the fact that this company is doing things it's own way and bringing innovation and quality products... my next fork is without a doubt a mrp... support innovation not imitation
  • + 4
 I didn't see it anywhere in the article but what is the stanchion diameter? Is it a Pike/34 competitor? Will it be used OEM on any brands over the next year?
  • + 9
 Got one OEM on my new Megatrail. 35mm stanchions.
  • + 4
 Did I miss something, or is there not a single picture of the whole fork in this press release? All we get are T 'n A shots... let's see the whole package!
  • + 2
 I don't mind the reverse arch myself, looks bad ass, but haven't integrated fenders and zip tie fenders fixed a problem that dosent exist anymore, just saying! The fork sounds good though, very competitive offerings right now! Good time to be looking at a new fork for this season! Choices choices.

Btw to those not familiar with bleed ports they have been on the Fox 40 for atleast 3 years now!

Still great to see MRP step it up for single crowns, nice work Team..

@ NoahC will you be offering a coil version?
  • + 5
 do you think these brands working with MRP are mere coincidence ? they know their least the first three....
  • + 2
 This fork looks the business, in a world of redundant mountain bike products this is a refresher. I like the reverse facing arch, no mud wil make its way in it, and super easy to cover up if one wanted. I don't understand all the armchair bike fashion trolls who have nothing better to say than a comment the looks of one part of a fork.

Curious about the twin tube design and why there aren't high and low speed adjusters, if they're not needed, or somehow internally adjustable?
  • + 3
 We do have low speed compression adjustment. It sits on the top of the damper leg (right). Our Ramp Control actually works to provide high speed compression and bottom out on the air side of the fork. No need for tokens or adjusting air volume in your fork. The Ramp is a speed sensitive (based on shaft speed) bottom out/high speed compression. I hope that answers your question.
  • + 5
 Looking forward to getting mine out on the trail!
  • + 3
 Kudos on the relief valves on the lowers. Pressure builds there and the zip tie past the seal trick is just plain stupid for all others.
  • + 1
 I've been running a Stage for a year or so and have been impressed with it's performance. It takes a bit of set-up but once it's dialed it behaves very nicely. It's been reliable and low maintenance. I hope the Ribbon proves to be as solid. The lattice work arch is a good idea, although I've never been concerned with mud build up in that area.
  • + 1
 lot a new forks out this year....the mrp looks kinda promissing....i wont swap my öhlins for it, but still... i guess i will recomend them to my friends....cause the detailed options look very smart....kinda like that they offer different offset optiond....all thumbs up 4 mrp....the decals dont look sooo nice....but as i dont care for the looks at all... i dont mind....guess the white decals should mach best all around
  • + 1
 Cane Creek doesn't do a Twin tube. MRP "claims" they have a twin tube. Would like to see if this is a true twin-tube damper. No pictures of the damper or pictures of the compression adjuster??? All the pictures and the pictures on their website are angled just right so you can't see the adjuster.
  • + 3
 170mm travel, good weight, awesome adjustability, black stancions. I have a boner.
  • + 7
 are you describing the fork or your boner?
  • + 2
 The grams saves from mud not sticking in the back of the arch will negate any parachuting effect the reverse arch would create.
Parachute............come on. Seriously???
  • + 4
 Are these still made or assembled at MRP?
  • + 10
 Yes. One-by-one, as the order comes in, here in Grand Junction, CO.
  • + 2
 I do have to say those bleed ports are a very good idea. MX has been using these for a while now and i was wondering when they would make there way into mtb
  • + 1
 @NoahColorado: Would a vent not accomplish the same thing? Like a well placed 2mm hole? Seems overkill, hence my legitimate question.
  • + 2
 @HerrDoctorSloth: Open holes would be a problem because of the bath oil in the lowers. I believe they would also probably whistle on compression and rebound - as they expel and ingest air.
  • + 2
 @NoahColorado: and allow dirt in. And xfusion and manitou have the same release valves in their dh forks
  • + 1
 "On the rebound side, a speed-sensitive shim stack.." Wish there was a position sensitive rebound, like in Elka's MTB shocks (which comes by MRPs name these days).
  • + 2
 Speed sensitive rebound is position sensitive as well because the spring pushes back harder the deep into the travel you go.
  • + 2
 Can we see pictures of the lower half of the fork? It would be nice to see the whole thing
  • + 4
 We're still working on it. Smile
  • + 2
 Best fork everyone's ever ridden. Part deux.
  • + 5
 Everyone's ridden it? Damn, I missed out Frown
  • + 2
 Twin-tube damper design! @beeboo
  • + 2
 the backwards brace looks like they put the fork on backwards...
  • + 1
 Fork looks good. It would be nice to see a full image rather than all detail shots.
  • + 1
 Wow looks awesome! Offers everything other forks don't. Probably more difficult to get the right setup though.
  • + 5
 I honestly don't think so. For the most part the adjustments are independent, so there is a clear way to achieve any specific effect you're after. For example, our Ramp Control works independent of sag/air-pressure, whereas tuning with tokens requires a pressure change to achieve the same sag. Pressure change requires damping change, etc.
  • + 1
 @NoahColorado: is a non-boost option in the works or are you going boost only?
  • + 2
 @elesdee #DTC ha hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • + 1
 Instead of "reversing" the open ugly side of the arch, why not just make both sides smooth?
  • + 2
 Because the lowers aren't 3d printed or roto-molded.
  • + 1
 @spankthewan: manitou arch is smooth on both sides, as is a few others. It can be done
  • + 2
 @mullen119: You might want to take another look at the Manitou. I believe you're wrong. Nobody is going to engineer a solid arch with no structural bracing.
  • + 1
 That sounded like it was written by Kim Jung Il.
  • + 1
 This looks and sounds awesome!
  • + 2
 Stanchion diameter?
  • + 1
 @NoahColorado: Thanks Smile
  • - 1
 So ugly they could only show small sure it will be a great ride though
  • + 0
 Say what you want, that arch is ugly!!
  • + 0
 nice shit pocket))
  • + 0
 I wish it came in Black
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