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Feb 7, 2016 at 14:38
by Pinkbike Staff  
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Female Athlete of the Year Winner

Tracy Moseley

That 1 plate isn t going anywhere after another dominant performance from Tracy Moseley.

With over twenty years of race experience behind her, Tracy Moseley's resume is a sight to behold, full of first place finishes in World Cup downhill, and more recently in the Enduro World Series. There are even XC and dual slalom victories thrown in for good measure - Moseley is the epitome of a well-rounded rider, a formidable threat on two wheels no matter the discipline. 2015 was no exception, and after finishing second to Anne-Caroline Chausson at the first round of the EWS in Rotorua, New Zealand, Moseley went on a tear, winning the next six stops in the series and clinching the overall title for the third year in a row.

It wasn't just her race day performances that were impressive; her practice days were noteworthy in their own right, as Mosley often shunned the use of an uplift, preferring to pedal rather than shuttle her way to the top of stages. Her final stage of the season in Finale saw her suffer her only mechanical of the season - an inner tube got wrapped round her bike, forcing her to stop and pull it out mid-stage. Thinking she had blown the stage because of it, she came down smiling nonetheless, only to find out she'd still managed to lay down the best time.

bigquotesI think moments like in Ainsa where she was helping repair the rest of the field's bikes between stages as she was the best-prepared really speaks to her character. She helped keep her rivals in the race from her spares without a second thought. - Matt Wragg

After a spectacular year of racing, Tracy hung up her racing shoes in her own quiet yet classy way with a small announcement to the media on course at Finale. She'll still be competing in select events in 2016, but after years of putting it all on the line between the tape, she's taking a well-deserved break. For her achievements, along with her humility as an athlete, Tracy Moseley is Pinkbike’s 2015 Female Athlete of the Year.

Tracy Moseley announces her retirement to the media. In stark contrast to Fabien Barel s big announcement she did it in very much her own style - quiet and understated. Rather than seeing her departure as a loss to the sport she sees it as a chance to let the rising stars of the sport shine


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 Well deserved!
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flag GH29orBust (Feb 12, 2016 at 11:14) (Below Threshold)
 I cant help but think that she could be faster without the backpack, but what ever floats yer boat
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 She could always fill her backpack with bricks...... and still be faster than you.
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 GH29orBust: Precisely the reason that even Rache fanbois aren't crying foul here. Tracy loaded her pack up with enough stuff to get through any horrible scenario and rode "conservatively" and STILL decimated the competition. I love Rachel, but Tracy certainly won over my respect this year.
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 I swear, all these people complaining about the photos have nothing better to do. Because if this article had front on shots some one would go "why are you focusing on her body not her riding". This article is a good mix of showing what Tracy is about while still showcasing her riding, which is what we need in a world where sexism has recently started to become more mainstream. Whether that is in movies or music. Besides,In last years article for josh bryceland they didn't have any photos of his face. The closest thing to that was a close up of his helmet while he was on his bike.
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 Very well deserved by T-Mo. A part of me wishes there could have been a tie this year cause Pauline Ferrand-Prevot had a mind-blowing year with XC world champ, road world champ and cyclo-cross world champ all in the same year! Both amazing women who I look up to!
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 As dad to a teenage girl, I have to say there's a lot of very classy talent out there I wouldn't mind her emulating. Not just at the highest and pro levels - there are a lot of national and regional women riders who shred, and build, and teach, and organize, and build community. The sport has become a lot less of a sausagefest. A while back I was riding Galbraith and a group of four women came down Evo. It was fun to watch - great flow, whoops of joy. I later saw that same group helping a family lower on the mountain with a mechanical. This is becoming more normal, and the sport is better for it.
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 Hull Yeah!!! I cannot imagine how many potential little Tmos are out there just waiting for the bike and the permission to be a boss. I would be so excited if in the future the female talent pool justified men and women racing together.
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 Men and women will never race against each other in a sport where physicality gives you an advantage. That's just biology. But more women will create more competition. And the competition in the top ten of women's DH is just as exciting to me as the men's top 20. Not denying the EWS. Just better coverage in DH. In fact, I'm more impressed by a girl killing it on the trails than a man. So bring on more woman shredders.
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 @kubaner, over in the moto-verse, Laia Sanz has had three top 20 finishes in the Dakar Rally in a row. Admittedly having a motor involved might level the playing field a little, but really, how different is it from gravity racing? Never say never! Pro MTB is like 10% women right now, meaning we have a 10x slimmer chance of finding an out-of-this-world prodigy among our ranks--T-Mo and Atherton being obvious examples. I think as we see more women start racing, the level of competition will increase and the talent pool will get deeper--so like you said, even if raw speed isn't quite at the same level as in the men's events, it will be just as exciting to watch.
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 Can't forget that Manon is only through her sophmore year of racing WC, there will be much to see in the coming years. Very exciting stuff and women's sports should get more air time. Which ever the sport may be.
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 She is one of the greatest of all times
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 Yes I agrees
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 The GOAT - The greatest of all time !!!
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 Here comes the goat. Not really got a good ring to it............... I see what you did though.
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 O no no, I did not mean anything bad, only good thing. Actually motocross icon Ricky Carmichael called the GOAT and he was winning back to back and won everything there was to win. But come on, Tracy is a legend and more, She is such a nice person. Actually I met her, I am nobody, just mtb biker and asked she helped me with my bike setting. Actually she helps everybody!!!
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 Great choice. PB could have put a bit more effort into the article though. Like maybe the winner might like to have a decent pic of her face, or maybe more than just two pics, or say a bit of an interview?
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 Nobody more deserving of the honors, such an ambassador for the sport.
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 "...she was helping repair the rest of the field's bikes between stages..." Love this.

Karma is good. In the megavalanche in 2010 Tracy broke her chain right next to us - we were spectating and waiting to ride the men's final on Sunday. The chain was a twisted mess but dude next to me took the chain off his bike and offered it to T-mo. I had a spare power link in my bag and in double quick time we had her bike functional again. Good to see Tracy passing it forward.

The race report from 2010 didn't tell the full story - Tracy was just behind Anne Caro when her chain broke.

"In the women’s race Anne-Caroline Chausson won with a fantastic time of 67 minutes and 40 seconds, which would have got her a top 20 finish in the men’s race. She was followed by Emmeline Ragot and then Meggie Bichard. Tracy Mosely managed 5th..."
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 If we only could enjoy watching T-Mo's great wins… Nevertheless well deserved!
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 I knooow. There is not nearly enough video footage out there of this face-meltingly fast individual.
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 Super Well deserved. Its obvious Tracy will continue to be a first rate coach and ambassador going forward, well its already happening with Evie Richards, under the wing of T-mo racing, becoming a world champion this year too...
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 I think she will end up as one of the greatest all time ladies in the sport of mountain biking. Amazing lady
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 she's been racing longer than i have been born. that says it all really, commitment and dedication are second to none, and the level at which she rides is simply awesome, well done!
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 Skipped to the comments to see how many people disagree with this.
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flag WasatchEnduro (Feb 12, 2016 at 11:57) (Below Threshold)
 Because you can't form your own opinion?
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 I'm guessing it's more to laugh at the people who disagree with everything all the time because it makes them feel special
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No frontal shot of her face?
You lot need to stop treating females like second class citizens.
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 Wonder how close it was between her and Rachel Atherton? Well deserved though.
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 Rachel won 6 for 7 World Cups and World Champs......thats unreal. Tracy had a great year, but who else has ever had a better season than Rach in 2015. I guess that 2nd at Lourdes was the reason she didn't win the award.
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 Third overall championship in three years helped as well I imagine
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 Well deserved win for T-mo. Been following her racing career since around 96 and she has always been one of the top Brits and a force to be reckoned with on the world circuit. Her long time battles with Ann Caroline are the stuff of mtb legend.
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 Now that she's retired from EWS, I'd like to see her return to UCI WC DH. Head to Head against Rachel would be just what the doctor ordered for women's Downhill.
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 Well deserved Tracey!
I take my helmet off to all those other amazing female riders out there too!
The worlds a better place with y'all shredding the way! Wink
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 Watching Tracy's skills racing and her captivating interviews were always a highlight of the EWS videos. I'm really going to miss that in 2016.
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 I can't see why anyone complains about the photos of her. That first of her with the foliage is a fantastic shot, hauling ass through teh brush. I think that photo has a composition worthy of Lincoln or Gandhi.
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 T-Mo ... The best by miles .
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 Read that then 2 articles above. Tracy smashes the Andes Pacifico Enduro... Impressive!
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 more than well deserved
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 yep no complaints, T-mo completely deserves it.
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 What? You mean it wasn't ... Rachel Atherton?!?!
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 Iuuuuuppiiiiii,well done Tracy ,best for the rest of your life ,keep living it.
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 EWS is far weaker without Tmo, racing levels above the competition.
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 Ya.......more info. on her, pictures, interview etc. , male of the year....way more detailed
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 I mean, obviously
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 Class act, well deserved, congratulations
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 T-Mo is such a great athlete. So well deserved!
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 HOLY FAWK ... PB got one right. Good work you guys Smile )
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 Well fought season T-Mo and well earned! Your a beast!
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 This makes me very happy! Tracy really deserves this honor!
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 Great! the right choice!
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 Sarah Konefal for 2016!!
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 There was no compassion.. T-MO all the way
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 No, there was compassion. Compassion for all her rivals when helping them to fix their bikes between stages.
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 Tracy is a legend. Fact.
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 What!? No Missy?
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 it's cos she rides 29er that she wins so much
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 Tracy I LOVE YOU !!!
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 i cant believe its not rachel throop.
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 She hasn't done shit except for being hot.
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 Haha, good note!Big Grin
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 Kate Courtney, proper sexy too.
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 Rachel Atherton course!
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