Results: British Downhill Series - Antur Stiniog

Sep 21, 2015 at 9:11
by Pinkbike Staff  
Results from the final round of the Rose Bikes British Downhill Series 2015 below. Full race report - including final overall standings - and video to follow.














British Downhill Series 2015 - Antur Stiniog - Legends Race Results

Title photo by the Hills Are Alive.

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 And there we go again Marc Beaumont proving he deserves a good sponsor deal!
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 Was just about to say , how the f*ck does he not have a team ? The life of the underdog
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 im here for beaumont gratitude aswell....the guy should do the whole series next year. unless he did this year...either way hes still clearly a ripper
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 Good to see him up there! Ahead of many, many sponsored world cup racers. I would love to see him on a team and racing the full circuit next season.
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 Maybe he can land a spot on the new Canyon team?
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flag chazfirth (Sep 21, 2015 at 11:23) (Below Threshold)
 As he wants 60k a year basic salary no wonder no one signed him up
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 Global Mountain Bike Network put a picture on Instagram saying:

''What did you guys ride at the weekend? Our very own @beaumont_slugger came out of 'semi-retirement' to take 3rd at the @britishdownhillseries''

So basically he is retired but still races for fun. Obviously still bloody quick though!! Would Love to see him back on World Cups
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 @ chazfirth - where on earth did you get this info? The stratosphere I presume?
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 He "retired" most likely due to the fact he was without a team to ride for at the end of last season. I'm sure he's got a good thing going on with GMBN, but it's still a shame to see talent wasted!
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 He's also a new father, so his time and talents will be stretched! Great result for him though!
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 That is a good point, I forgot about that @nickkk
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 Clarky78 absolute opposite of a farce for the legends. We weren't there to race but to ride, have fun with old friends and most importantly pay our respects to Jason McRoy who for the 'legends' was either a close friend or someone that was rider that we aspired to be. The final race run was aborted for all bar Warner and Bertram so that we could all have a beer at the tree where JMC's last ashes had been scattered earlier in the day, a mark of respect and also heckle Warner on his final run. I guarantee you that no one felt we had ruined the final race run but created a great moment in time.
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 " Great moment in time" to right. I was there with you all by the bridge and new trees. This moment in time will possibly be the best memory I will have from my years involved with riding, spectating and helping out on the DH . I have seen friends win world championships in Boxing, Rallying and Down Hill mtb , the atmosphere created at this moment we are talking about was brilliant , way up there.
Thanks to all involved no matter how small your roll was , well done .
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 Nice to see that Peat would've been in the Top10 in the Elite category. Pagey laying down a good time too.
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 Betram and Warner would have got a 23rd and 25th also
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 Was Longden's 2:38 done on his old rig?! I'd be seriously impressed if it was
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 Nigel Page quickest through the speed trap than anyone on course i think!
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 @ trialsracer, Nah, that was on a new Myst, he did get out the old Rocky Mountain for the final, but that stopped for all but Bertram and Warner. (all the other Legends stopped by JMC's tree for a beer and to see Peaty spread his ashes) It was a great day and awesome to see all my old heros in one place.
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 f*ck me ... how many categories ?
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 Every ones a winner
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 My first thought too! All those categories and only 4 Elite Women
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 What's your point?
We race in age categories as set by UCI and country's governing body, in fact for the 30+ categories they could break it down into 5 year categories, rather than the 10yr shown.
... and bigburd, come do a race sometime, you'll find out every one's NOT a winner and some older guys WILL be faster than you Wink
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 Did I say I was some super fast racer? No, I was just pointing out how silly it is that there is so many categories, I already know people.older and younger than me that are faster, I give no shits and don't need a stop watch timing me to prove my self to people I don't know or give a shit about
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 Why is it silly that there are so many categories??
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 To me I can see no need for more than 8 max , elites/masters/junior/groms , and same again but for the ladies , I can see no purpose in the other categories other than a chance for some company to sponsor it.
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 @bigburd, in any sanctioned race here in the states, at state, regional or national level, there's typically a pro/open/elite class for men and women, then a cat1-cat2-cat3 for eachage division from 19-29 to 50+ (sometimes they condense 50+ into two categories, and in smaller races cat1 19-29 runs with pro, etc). Sometimes, in big races (like cx nationals), they even separate into 5 year groups. It just keeps the racing competitive; it would suck to be a fast 20 something year old expert racer and always have to get smoked by the pros instead of being able to say you were top 5 or whatever among your peers.
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 Having so many categories is actually a PITA for the organisers as they have to find more sponsors for all the Cats, hence why they condense categories as much as possible. My category regularly gets amalgamated into younger categories, so I have to race against riders up to 23 years younger than me!!
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 Awesome to see the line up and speed of the legends still. Tim Ponting is still on it. Funny to see Farmer in his old kit and on that old Raleigh. Nice to see he resisted pulling a moonie at every opportunity like he used to. Andy Parks as well. Awesome to see him on a bike. Him, Longden and Wardell. The old MBUK team from when i started riding.
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 Im confused. Where are the legends results? I thought Nigel no wage Page won?
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 All the other riders - bar Lee who was first down - stopped off on track to shower Warner with booze on his way down. Look to the qualification results as the 'final' times.
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 So they all DNF on purpose then used the qualifying results?
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flag clarky78 (Sep 21, 2015 at 11:31) (Below Threshold)
 So they just turned it into a farce? It was for a good cause and they didn't even race?? I was interested to see the results. Surprised to see Dave Hemming so far back in the quali.
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 "SPANK Junior Men" Really!? Hahahahahaha
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 Is it true that the legends abandoned the final to stitch Warner up so he had to get a tattoo?
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 Kind of, whoever lost Btw Bertie and Warner had to get the winners time tattoo'd on their ass. The others decided to give Warner a 'guard of honour' to try and put him off.
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 Is that "the" Rob Warner in 8th. Sweet!!!
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 looking at the speed of the legends some have used crossers
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 I guess that a video of Warner getting his arse tattooed is coming soon...

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