Results: Downhill Presented by IXS - Crankworx Les Gets 2017

Jun 16, 2017 at 11:47
by Pinkbike Staff  
Crankworx Les Gets 2017

Pro Men Results

pro men results - crankworx ixs dh 2017

Pro Women Results

2017 Crankworx Les Gets downhill presented by iXS - Women s results

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Slopestyle, Sunday 18 June:

• 3:30-6 PM (Local Time)
• 2:30-5 PM (UK Time)
• 6:30 AM (LA Time)
• 9:30AM (USA, NY Time)
• 11:30PM (Australia, Sydney)
• 1:30AM Monday (New Zealand, Auckland)

MENTIONS: @officialcrankworx

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  • + 39
 Needles is a GREAT commentator. Get this guy on red bull to
  • - 5
flag brajal (Jun 17, 2017 at 10:13) (Below Threshold)
 is not bad but should avoid mentioning the wheel size... same for Warner .... they all seem brain washed
  • - 12
flag stacykohut (Jun 17, 2017 at 15:48) (Below Threshold)
 brad j with needles combo is waaaaay better than warner and who ever........ these two, brad j and needles deserve a shot at wc.
  • + 5
 @stacykohut: I didn't watch all of the runs but of the ones I did, Brad added literally zero insight in to anything. Occasionally reading out a split time or asking a Needles a question hardly constitutes great commentary.
  • - 5
flag stacykohut (Jun 17, 2017 at 16:56) (Below Threshold)
 @el-nombre: dude.

know your shizz.

brad j is the host, he is the mainstream man, the presenter of times and talkin points, its what he is paid to do. what do you think a hosts role is?

its the color commentator who brings the hardcore knowledge and in sight.

colorman is there for you and your buddies
host is there for your parents and those that don't ride.

a host is the glue that keeps it together and moving forward.
brad j is the best host in the mtb world.
  • + 6
 I want Warner with Needles please redbull make it happen
  • + 12
 @stacykohut: f*cking joke. Bradjay is a kook...we're not stuck in the 90s bro era any more. No, I didn't say I was better. Commentating ain't my profession...but if you're getting paid to do it, you should know what's going on. Comment upon comment on article after article complaining about brad j. Sorry Stacy, you're in the minority.
  • - 4
flag stacykohut (Jun 18, 2017 at 7:31) (Below Threshold)
 @SeaJay: you do know the difference between brad j and brad ewan don't ya?

you sure you just ain't a bandwagoner?

you do know that brad j has extensive history as a top host with such gems as, x-games, dew tour, la clippers games, his own radio show............?

you sure you just ain't a bandwagoner?
  • - 4
flag stacykohut (Jun 18, 2017 at 7:49) (Below Threshold)
 @SeaJay: besides ....

who is he stacked up against in the 'best mtb host' category?

warner?....thats a laugh, he comes across like an ex alcoholic who lives with his mom. wait a minute.......

warner could be a good colorman, but host? hardly.

pat parnell?...... gimme a break, leave him with slope please.

so who is it then?

whos the best on air host in the mtb world?
  • + 1
 @stacykohut: is this what you do with your free time? Lol. I'm one of hundreds that have complained about him. I know who I'm talking about. I had to block him on pinkbike when he started sending me defensive and threatening messages. I don't have answers to any of your questions as I didn't make any statements about them. I do know brad jay is a bro knob and there are enough who feel the same way that somebody else deserves to have been given a chance by now.
  • - 1
 @SeaJay: your complaining about comments directed to your comment in a comment section?
  • + 2
 @stacykohut: Warner brings so much excitement to the UCI DH races. I won't say negatives about Brad but he doesn't provide anywhere near the excitement as Warner.

Warner and Needles would be a sweet combo IMO. I guess it just depends on your taste. You obviously prefer more mellow commentary with a little less excitement factor. That's cool.
  • - 1
 @doakwolf: no dude, i prefer people who act alil more professional behind the mic.

dh deserves it.

warner and claudio are doing nothing to help get the dh sport to the next level of coverage and mainstream acceptance.

unless of course its your and their dream to keep the dh scene small and the income of racers who risk their lives low.....

plus it would really suck to see dh on tv would it?


the sport is ready to grow up, warner and claudio ain't.
  • + 2

Dude get over it I'm sure Aaron Gwinn gets along just fine and can afford his post-win ice cream. Call me selfish all you want but I couldn't care less if the industry gets bigger or not. These guys are racing for the right reasons and IMO Rob is doing an awesome job he even changed his style to accomodate more "mainstream" viewers.
  • - 2
 @mollow: yeah dude.

you rock.

keep up the good work.
  • + 11
 It's not about the tires, or the bike.
  • + 1
  • + 7
 soo a roadbik would be fine
  • + 9
 Both Hannah's cracking the top 10. Great day!
  • + 6
 Where can I find a results page that isn't useless? One with more than 8 riders and spilt times.
  • + 1
 Just imagine Peaty, Rat 9, 10
  • + 1
 @Braddlie: 17th for rat and 40th for Peaty. pretty damn good for both.
  • + 6
 Well done Troy. Good to see you back on the winners podium.
  • + 6
 JR Men and Women's results?
  • + 2
 I like seeing more than the first page as well.
  • + 4
 Peaty and Barel beating on some of the World Cup field. Well done.
  • + 4
 Go Mark
  • + 2
 Well done Troy !
  • + 1
 Finn by over 3 min! Wow - nice work!
  • + 1
 Finn won the juniors by 3 seconds. Had a fast enough time for 11th in elite! Kid's just too fast
  • + 1
 minutes? oops - I meant seconds. Amazing run.
  • + 2
 where is Tahnee..
  • + 2
 I think she's competing in the BDS
  • + 2
 27.5 for the win!
  • + 19
 bikes ftw! I wish people would just get off wheel size. Who cares? Ride what you are comfortable on and what suits your riding. I went back to 26 a few years ago from 29, because I wanted something that would be super fun in the bike park. It was. Then I went to 27.5 to try it, and back to 29. I had a great time on every wheel size, and really the only issue I had was the left over tires I needed to get rid of each time a switched.
  • + 18
 @trialsracer: people care because we are tired of being force fed marketing garbage. At Ft William the commentators couldn't shut up about how 29ers are "clearly faster." Blah blah blah -- now crickets after the last 2 races. I thought it was supposed to be the mad dash for every team to make the switch... Obviously the riders are pushing back cus they are already starting to switch back to 27.5 (the ones that want to). I agree it absolutely doesn't matter if you want to ride 29 go for it!! But quit with the marketing hype feeding us total BS
  • - 7
flag deafdaddy (Jun 17, 2017 at 11:13) (Below Threshold)
 29er for the women's (Myriam Nicole)...
  • + 11
 @deafdaddy: No she was on her 27.5, after trying both wheel sizes on the track...
  • + 4
 @leftCoastBurn: good comments!

I'm sure it will be like Enduro racing. Some riders will prefer one wheel size over the other. Some riders will go back and forth depending on the track, etc. (team size/support allowing)
  • + 2
 @leftCoastBurn: you tell em man!!!!

leftcoastburn unit speaks the truth.
  • + 3

I'm not trying to stir up anything, but do you have actual concrete proof that Myriam was on 27.5? I only got a cursory glance at Myriam during her run, and from my aging eyes it looked like she was on the 29er. I couldn't hear the stream because as my profile name hints the "deaf' part.

I've done a little searching to verify which wheel size she used and the closest I got was this pic from Crankworx's site:

I could be wrong but with Troy's bike leaning against Myriam's, it appears to be a 29er. Ever since 29ers came into the downhill scene, it's been quite a polarizing topic. Bottom line is I agree with most of everyone that some tracks suit certain wheel sizes. Makes for a more entertaining venue, wouldn't everyone agree?
  • + 2
 @deafdaddy: I recall her saying this herself in the post race interview
  • + 2
 @deafdaddy: Needles said in the commentary that she had switched back to 27.5 this race, around 22 minute mark,
  • + 1
 @deafdaddy: Myriam said it and the commentators mentioned it several times. She is just small so the 27.5 wheels look big as well. one of the top male rider switched back to 27.5 as well
  • + 1
 @deafdaddy: If in doubt look at the fork lowers - Rock Shox 29er forks aren't branded as Boxxers
  • + 2
 Pivot Smile
  • + 2
 TB! Champion. Sik mate.
  • + 1
 bring on the slopestyle
  • + 0
 Sorry. Meant to say Warner is an English twat
  • - 1
 Needles much better than having to listen to warner constantly
  • + 2
 I would love to hear Warner and Needles together, Im sure they would have a great talk as retired World Cup riders. Also they´d bring many information from the pits to the viewers,mainly Needles, and Rob would keep the stoke level high.

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