Results: Slopestyle - Crankworx Innsbruck 2017

Jun 24, 2017 at 3:05
by Pinkbike Staff  
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Crankworx Innsbruck Slopestyle final results 2017

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 Rogatkin, the slopestyle fidget spinner.
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flag kevinfrenzel (Jun 24, 2017 at 5:56) (Below Threshold)
 his bike is his fidget spinner by that many tailwhips..
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 You need a better comment.
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 That was insane. The judges were right either way, I don't know how anyone could judge that. Best comp in years.
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 @scott-townes: Yeah, I think it just comes down to which style you like more. Both Rheeders and Rogatkin(g) runs were amazing.
But personally, when I see Rogatkin throw down his runs it hypes me up. While Rheeder has clean, smooth amazing runs, it feels too serious...
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 @enej46: I love Rogatkin sending it, always been one of my favorites to watch and also Rheeder's smooth style with perfectly done tech tricks. That unnatty cork 7 to reg cork 7 barspin was probably the best looking combo ever done in MTBing.
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 Hard one to pick. Nicholi rewarded for anew trick. Both awesome. The best slopestyle ever!
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 Yeah, you could tell Second place was not gonna be good enough for either one of those guys. So sick!!
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 When Nic went I had trouble comprehending what I was watching, then Rheeder comes and the degree of fluidity almost makes it look easier.
Would the scoring look different if Rheeder went first? Either way those runs were pure talent on full display.
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 Two completely different styles both executed near-perfectly... Would be tough to be a judge today. My heart is still beating fast from watching Nicholi's run so that has to say something!
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 That has to go down as one of THE best slope deciding runs of ALL F**KN TIME.
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 Rheeder done his tricks perfect but Nicholi done some unbeliveable tricks which nobody has done yet.
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 Rheeder is doing a switch cork 720, no one is doing that and its a new trick. Then a Cork 720 bar, no one is doing that either (besides brandon) and stomping it... The versatility and style over Nicholi man!!!!!!!! So hard to judge but I think Rheeder had it.
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 @alaska2: innovation and style from Rogatkin, has Rheeder beat!! But both were the best runs I've seen in a LONG TIME!!! Would have been stressful being a judge!!!!!
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 All Rheeder needs to do is to get a opposite cork 720 tuck no hander in his run like Godziek does and then that would have taken care of Rogatkin... Godziek's cork 720 tuck no handers look so sick!!!!!!!
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 The overall impression of Nicoli was more exciting- going bigger with more speed -- that extra edge got him the win - - both dudes won
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 @alaska2: torquato testa is doing the switch cork 720 too.
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 @fatfingur: but does it follow/connect to a regular cork 720 like Rheeder?
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 @DigRenno: Well, that's not the point. You were claiming that only Rheeder can do that specific trick but you are wrong.
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 @fatfingur: if I have it right Rheeder is the only one that puts the regular cork 720 to the opposite cork 720 back to back.....
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 @DigRenno: i think i heard down the grape vine Chubes can go both ways but not back to back. Also to the guy that said Rogatkin and Style in the same sentence; you gotta take a moment to think about what you said
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 @zede: because he killed it
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 @Niko182: yeah i understood afterwards, i was wondering if i missed a part where he was sending his bike in the crowd or something similar lol
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 @zede: with the tricks he's thrown, it could have easily happened that ahah
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 Rogatkin run was insane! Goosebumps! has the DH already been on? Did I wake up too late?
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 Broadcast has been canceled I think.
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 Shame they didn't both tie on 96 and take it to Whistler for the finale.
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 That's what I thought, too.
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 I was going to post the same thing - both deserved this win and, in my mind, they're co-champions.
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 Amazing finals!! Rogatkin is gettin so tech now! and Emil's run was siiiiickk coming up with such progressive tricks one after another you didn't know what was going to come next jump... still soooo amazed with the triple truck to downwhip :O
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 That was a nail biter. Rogatkin and Rheeder are so talented, but when is Matt Jones going to catch a break.
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 Objectively judged? Rheeder improves a lot and only obtain one point for this? I'm confussed...
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 I think the same... He added switch tailwhip, bar back and one more barspin to 360 from the drop.
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 It's not like scoring runs is an exact science. The judges compared the last 2 runs and decided Rogatkins was the best one (just). The actual scores given are pretty much incidental at that point.
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 It was a hard one to call. Best event I've seen in a long time
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 Only one complaint wish Emil Johansson would have done and got what he deserves.... maybe at Crankworx Whistler!!!!?
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 Yeah thah guy maan 360 tripple bar to downside whip WTF?!?!? Insane next time hopefully!!
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 Lemoine was like 15 points overrated,wtf...
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 Just no dude, watch it again. Godziek was slightly overrated, and johansson was underrated. the rest was fine imo
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 @zede: watch it again, and yeah, my bad, his run must be 10 points lower. Simply compare trick-to-trick with Genon run. Lemoine run is same to Genon, but overall it's no variety at all. Not a one opposite trick/flip from flat drop/bonerlog, no fronties or cork7. So if 82 for Genon is ok, Lemoine with his run and super sketchy last trick must be like 79.
Same with Godziek, he must have same as Lemoine +- (compare trick-to-trick again)
Johansson lose 5-7 points with feet on the ground, so he's ok (especially in fact that he hasn't too much variety at all)
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 @Hyperx: seriously watch it again. 1st jump 360 (genon) vs 360 barspin(lemoine). 2nd : simple double tw for genon vs nice combination for Lemoine. then it's fairly similar. Then wood exit (7th jump) : 360 barspin for genon - 360 double barspin for lemoine. Last jump : genon does a cashroll (near crash) vs backflip double tailwhip with perfect landing for lemoine. it's really fair i think. Maybe he is like 2 points overated, but still he would have the same ranking
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 @zede: the it looks to me after replaying Lemoine's run to Tommy G.'s run.... tommy g. should have got 3rd and Lemoine 6th.... Tommy G. robbed!!!! Frown Genon's cashroll may have been sketchy but Lemoine about wiped out in his run to!!!! Frown So....
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 @zede: what the hell you are talking about? You clearly don't see anything.
That how it really looks like.
1 - switch 3 from Genon vs truckdriver from Lemoine. Nearly the same, but swtich 3 is more original and in a run genon repeated it only once (Lemoine repeated truckdriver in different ways 3 times)
2 - SIMPLE double tw?are you kidding?You probably can't do even one whip, if you say this...I can say flip bar-tuck is easier, but pretty sure that really it's nearly the same.Also another barspin from lemoine...
3 - 360 tuck bonerlog vs 360 unturn - hard choice, but I think this go to Lemoine
4 - switch 3 switch table vs 360 tuck to bar. Another original one from Genon, another barspin combo from Lemoine. Nearly the same, I guess (if trick-to-trick, but in a run, when Lemoine did barspin on pretty much every jump (except 2) - Genon must have more points)
5 - triple truck vs 360 unturn to bar. Lemoine's combo obviously stronger, but it's another f*cking 360 with a barspin (yeah, you know, that originality...). And that's firsts barspins from Tommy G.
6 - twhip vs bar to ugly tuck - Genon stronger, and yeah, another bar from Lemoine.
7 - truck vs double truck. Lemoine stronger for sure, but F*CK, it's another 360 with a barspins...Tommy G also repeat/partly repeat his trick (only 2 repeats of basic tricks (truck and whip) on such a big course is incredible)
8 - cashroll vs supersketchy nearly dying backflip double tailwhip. Not so obviously, but Genon trick was much cleaner.
So, we have pretty much similar runs (trick-to-trick comparison), but Genon repeated/partly repeated his tricks max of 2 times and have much cleaner last trick.
F*ck off judges, YOU said that you didn't like too much identic tricks and than 3rd place go to a guy, who did barspin in a pretty much every jump, who did too much 360 with a bars, who didn't do any opposite tricks.
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 @Hyperx: I said simple double tw, because at their level, IT IS SIMPLE, i'm not talking about me haha.
I do understand your point on the similar tricks from Lemoine, but on the difficulty side genon is under. I used to like Genon, but the last two years he didn't really progress and i'm bored of seing the same thing all the time.
As for the last trick, it was a nearly failed cashroll vs a lucky clean backflip double tw so advantage Lemoine.
In the end the only one that got robbed is Johansson.
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 @zede: your wrong if you think Genon's run wasn't as good as Lemoine's!!!! Lemoine had that super sketchy almost wipe out on that table to bar spin trick leading up the trick into the whale tale!!!! Johansson or Godziek were even better then Lemoine!!!!
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 @DigRenno: Godziek's run was completely overrated. Now Genon finally does something new ( he had same bag of tricks since 2015 but you talk about creativity and variety lol) and pulls a cashroll, but that cashroll looks shit compare to rogatkin's cashroll from 2014. And yes johansson's run was better or equivalent to that of Lemoine but i guess the last jump from Lemoine scored high in the judge's heads.
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 @zede: flip bar to tuck on the big jump is simplier than double tw. You talking like this cause you don't really know something about tricks.
I compare trick-to-trick, and u just talking bs.
Didn't really progress? Another one from you, you clearly don't see anything. You don't undrestand drop/bonerlog tricks, opposite tricks and many-many more.
Nearly failed cashroll?Are you kidding? It's pretty much clean, with a room for mistake, actually. And Lemoine missed the axis of flip doulbe whip, landing rear wheel heavy to flat.
Johansson didn't robbed. He touched the ground with his foot+ other foot not on pedal too. And he did only barwhip actually, I guess it's not good for final scores.
p.s. how the hell you compare Genon to f*cking sketchatkin? He does cashrolls 3 years now, and only now it's starting look not horrible, while Genon cashie is pretty new and looks almost normal. sketchatkin can't even keep his foot on pedals on the rotations, his tricks looking totally bullshit compare to ANYONE.Yes, it's superhard tricks, no way, but the hell he's most antistyle rider of all time - usually overrotated tricks, feet above cranks on every goddamn trick and etc. Just look how he did cashie whip, it's totally bs with BOTH feet catching SEAT...
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 @zede: @zede:
1) Godziek 360bar : Lemoine 360bar = even
2) Godziek superman double seatgram: Lemoine flip tuck to bar = Godziek
3) Godziek flip can: Lemoine 360 unturndown= even
4) Godziek 360 invert : Lemoine 360 tuck to bar = Lemoine
5) Godziek cork 720 : Lemoine 360 unturndown to bar = Godziek
6) Godziek double bar : Lemoine bar to tuck = even
7) Godziek flip bar : Lemoine 360 double bar = Lemoine
Cool Godziek frontflip barspin : Lemoine flip double tw = even

So the runs were pretty even, and they both got style but considering tricks variety Godziek smashed Lemoine so I'm sorry to be rude but seriously ... f*ck your "Godzie's run was completly overrated" and watch it again.
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 @bartzt: @Hyperx ok I get it, polish fanboys of a polish rider. Forget about what I said, you are right, Godziek is god, and he never won any major competition because judges are so mean, not because he's average.
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 Hyperx, the biggest Rogatkin hater is here again. I hope we see this guy ride slopestyle and compete someday so he could show us the best tricks on an mtb.
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 @zede: I knew you gonna mention my nationality so that's why I brought facts and lined up all the tricks... Maybe it's just you hating Godziek cause he's polish ?
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 @bartzt: except that you listed the tricks wrong starting with the first (only 360 for goziek vs 360 barspin for Lemoine). But yeah sure, you look so objective ahah
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 @fatfingur: lol
Actually, never ever seen a dirt rider who said some stupid things like rogatkin and style in one sentence.
And yes, he truly deserve that win, no supersketchy landings, banger tricks (repeating...but still bangers), so I'm objective, I think.
@zede I'm not a fan of Godziek, why do you think like that? Just trying to be objective.
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 @Hyperx: I'm still waiting for you to post your video with your perfect non-sketchy landings. You think you're better than Rogatkin? Come on man. Show us what you've got. Otherwise show some respect. Stop being a keyboard warrior.
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 @fatfingur: lol, I'm not a pro, and yes, you do not have to be a director to rate the movie. But if you talk about me, at least I have my feet back on pedals after tricks, when rogatkin doesn't give a shit about simply tricks even - he does every trick supershitty actually. And he looks on his bike like he could fall every second, so unnaturally, never seen anyone look so awkward.
But if you don't read (probably cause of the red shroud before the eyes), I really appreciate the level of rogatkin tricks. misty720 whip and misty1080 and triplewhip in the same run - it's incredible.
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 @Hyperx: so you are telling me you are better than Rogatkin? Still waiting for your video.
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 @fatfingur: what the hell is wrong with your eyes? I'm telling you that I'm keeping my feet on pedals (like most of mountainbikers, it's not bmx), and he can't do even simple tricks with feet on pedals.
For sure he's one of the best rider in the world, but his riding still looks like a unnatrual shit. That's called antistyle.
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 @Hyperx: there's nothing wrong with my eyes. Let me see your perfectly landed tricks then. Oh wait, there isn't any because you are just a keyboard warrior. grow up man. stop disrespecting riders. Did I ever say Rogatkin is stylish? I'm just saying that you keep on saying that he looks sketchy and calling him names like sketchkatkin. You are so big on words yet you can't post your stylish perfectly landed tricks. I'm still waiting.
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 @fatfingur: @fatfingur: haha. Because he's a total cocksucker man. probably he masturbates on all semenuk's shit coz he's the biggest retarded fan after all. And there he goes blabbering his fat-shit brain and making excuses about this so called "style". I wonder when i can finally watch him ride like what he types here on comments. I bet he cant even ride real slopestyle.
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 @fatfingur: hahaha lol! Did you already saw his shitty video trying to land his "super stylish frontflip?". I felt so pathetic man.. I hope I could help him someday because this retard needs medicine.
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 @fatfingur: Retarded s#itbr@in like Hyper-shit X is a deprived lame f*ggot. That's why he needs someone to blame for his frustrations & psychotic illness. And of course, Rogatkin is now on another level ahead of us all in this whole f*cking planet with his new shitty tricks.
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 @Hyperx: read all my comments very carefully @$$h0le. If you can't cure your retardationisis bullshitis then f*ck off. we don't give a damn shit about your opinions or whatever. If I tell you that i ride a shitty bike i got from a junkyard and watch other people ride & do their shit then at least show some f*cking respect. If however you could show us a stylish video of yourself then maybe i'll lick your a$$ but seems like you need to be bitchslapped
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 @zelkova: lol. calm down dude. let's not stoop down to @Hyperx 's level. Let's wait for him to post his video showing how to do a stylish trick with both feet on the pedals, and the perfect landings and what-nots. This Hyperx guy is the biggest Rogatkin basher of all.
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 @fatfingur: so true man. Honestly I was so happy when i landed my first antistylish tricks way years back. It felt shitty at the same time though compared to all the professional slope guys out there. Huge respect to all the pros who rode very very very hard against their limits more than 100%. Surely they must have invested a lot of blood, sweat, balls & maybe tears just to push the progression of our sport. And yet these so called "bitch-slapped retards" like @Hyperx fails to acknowledge all the sacrifices involved. This is not just about Rogatkin if you ask me. I'm just here to enjoy the show and celebrate like everyone else here.
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 @Hyperx: what the hell you are talking about? You clearly don't see anything.
This is how it should be
1 - a fullblown retard tries to persuade everyone that he's got better ideas around
2 - SIMPLE opinions of his shows that he thinks he's more qualified than all the judges.
3 - He painstakingly overanalyzes every trick and details like who's got the best style.
4 - Shows no respect to all. Clearly this shithead's got some social problems. maybe suffering from mental illness of a sort.
5 - can't show any valid proof that he's the authority of tricks. dream on f*cker!
6 - He keeps on insisting that the universal word is "STYLE" but he has no style himself! (lol)
7 - personally. I would really love to see him on a slope event one day. This guy's a big legend.
8 - Oh yes. @Hyperx If can't figure this out correctly, I'm willing to help you in any kind.
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 Wow. They both won. The abilty for both riders to bump up a 90. Well done rheeder and rogatkin.
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 Szymon is on a roll. I was rooting for front flip rail whip and thought that is an awesome trick...but then cashroll flip happened and well.... swept the day Smile
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 Rogatkin is on another planet. His tricks are breathtaking! Just based on his creativity and difficulty of tricks I thought he could easily have scored a 98. Will Semenuk show up and try to steal one in Whistler? can he even compete at that level?
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 Semenuk has the style. It's enough for the crowd here.
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 We can debate who should have ultimately won, but the best part was a contest that came down to the final run - no victory lap here! Rogatkin steps up with the pressure on and delivers Rheeder's smile disappears, he re-focuses and lays down a run that could easily have won the day, but wasn't to be. Bring on Whistler!
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 Huge props to Emil Johansson to going huge even after that small "mistake" on that 3 triple bar to downwhip!
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 Symon Godziek is the man! He went huge even after a good first run, and tried a totally new trick in sloptsyle seen at the end.
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 This was absolutely nuts. I wouldn't have been able to call who should have won that so hats off to the guys who did. I don't think judging can be that objective, there's at least three judges either judging the whole run individually or each person takes a section of the course, and the head judge would cumulate those scores into the final number. Either way the riders gave them one hell of a days work!
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 Rheeder had more variety. His capability to do every trick both ways is just mental, rogatkins bangers were just crazy, but he did way too many regular whips, the one triple whip would have been enough imo with something different on both step downs, insane final but i think Rheeder should have taken it (by a small margine)
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 Epic contest- would have had Emil in third tho. I spat out my beer when they gave him an 84!!
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 rogatKING president ! he we build a slopestyle course above the wall between US and Mexico
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 What a freak show slope style is now. Shit that was insane.
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 Rheeder and Nicholi are both top notch and MTB heroes. Slope judges got it right this time too. Hell Yeah !! So exciting to see.
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 Can someone tell me why Semenuk isn't riding?
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 For me Rheeder is the winner because of his oppositely rotated 360 combos.
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 No one apreciates how ambidextrous he is
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