Results: World Cup Round 4, Leogang - Timed Training

Jun 13, 2014 at 8:36
by Pinkbike Staff  
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 Glad to know Will Longden didn't break Manon's bike Smile
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 Was thinking the same thing :-) hahaha
Ohhh the guilt he would feel if it did some irreparable or hidden damage.
Best to all the racers come race day! But my bonus well wishes go to Bryceland... Go Ratboy!!! Slay it!!!
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 I know! It's timed training, it means pretty much nothing, but Steve Smith 2nd is still AWESOME!

Go Stevie "Chainsaw Massacre" Smith!
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flag foosfreak99 (Jun 13, 2014 at 9:09) (Below Threshold)
 we should start calling him Steve "PornStache" Smith
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flag ajax-ripper (Jun 13, 2014 at 9:10) (Below Threshold)
 Why not just pornhub smith?
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 The stache is back !!!
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 How about we just call both of you guys nutbars....
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 Look at the timed training vs finals for last WC race, lots of consistency within the top 10-20 riders. Seems race to race there has also been a lot more consistency this year as well, at least so far.
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 Anybody else wanna see an underdog like Eddie Masters win?
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 yeah hes called Ratboy! GO RATTY GO!!!!!!!
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 He's one of those rider that has plenty of style and speed but is constantly plagued by bad luck! I want to see him podium!!
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 He needs a good result!
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 One of the nicest guys ever and is more than deserving of a win. I curse my TV out when he gets a mechanical or something. It's clearly Toshiba's fault.
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 I hope he qualifies for this round. He comes across as the dark horse every round.
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 Not sure if anyone has said this before...but you know timed training doesn't mean anything right?
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 Shhhh, it is fun to speculate.
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 I think it is fun.
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 Watch your mouth sweetheart.
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 I know it's just timed practice, but Manon almost a minute clear of 2nd place??!!
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 It only took Gee 3 runs to get the fastest time.
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 Haha. Gwin took one run and is 4th fastest.
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 I wouldn't read too much into Smith being 2nd in timed trials. I doubt he will be up there in Qualies, as I bet he will be more conservative since his no longer a protected rider. Race day, that a different story!!!
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 why is he no longer protected?
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 This is his second race back so hes not in the top 20 overall. Only the top 20 overall riders are protected and have to qualify to race.
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flag vroomvroompartystarter (Jun 13, 2014 at 10:13) (Below Threshold)
 His result from the previous race makes him a protected rider.
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 looks like round 2 of the smith vs. atherton battle in leogang. Good to see gwin still up there, i really want to see him take another win, or the overall
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 well said!!!!!!!
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 I seen ur from's the ridin there?? I have friends in mammoth spring ar, was there in 09..couldnt find much to ride, plus was very humid an too many fu ticks hahahha
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 ticks are bad, humidity sucks, but things have changed since 2009, the riding community is growing pretty well around here, it is still dominated by spandex and lefty forks (not that i have a problem with that), but the freeride and downhill riders are also starting to show. if you get the chance, you should seize the opportunity and come down to see our trails again
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 right on man thanks...........might make a trip out in the fall!!!!
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 come on gwin........but lookout for that stache haha, manon smoked the women....but rach was fastest threw speed trap.....hmmmmmmm...
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 I know a lot of the riders stop to check out lines on timed training but some of those gaps in the women's field are massive
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 This is gonna be another barn burner. Everyones practice times are very close. Let's see what happens for qualifying. Also looks like the new top section slowed things down.
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 Anyone have a direct link? My work computer blocks the results when on pinkbike
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 Was half expecting to see Martin Maes at the top of Junior list again!
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 It's awesome to see Stevie up there again! Canadian Chainsaw Massacre FTW!!!
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 go Steve Smith. Killing it for Canada
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 let's not forget Casey and Micayla, the girls are kicking ass !!!...
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 werd. love those girls
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 Stevie is on the hunt!
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 What percentage of the pro DH riders are now on 650B bikes?
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 Pretty much everyone except Santa Cruz, Intense, Evil and Bergamont. (And FMD, because they run stock Devinci bikes)
I know the Commencal guys weren't too happy with the way their 650b bike behaved, so they went back to 26 but that was in April, don't know what's up with that.
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 At least 8 of the top 10 are on 27 - Im not sure about commencal? they may be as well
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 Santa Cruz for the win!!!!!
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 I think its 33.999987%, but I always jus got the answers (math) from the back of the book.
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 Myriam Nicole was riding a 650b in Fort William. Pretty sure Intense is also on a 650b version of the M9.
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 SC-Intense was running 650b on the M9 last season.
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 Smith is already mounting the comeback. Atherton setting the pace. Neethling makes a showing. Gwin probably holding back. No Brosnan or Mullaly in the top 20. Should be interesting to see what changes in qualifying.
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 Do you know what happend to Brosnan? I cant find him...
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 Timed training is optional
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 33rd. Probably just stopped to sign a few autographs on the way down.
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 Stoked to see Steve up there! Going to be a great weekend of racing, hopefully the Chainsaw Massacre can get the win!
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 Ohhh i see a Smith vs. Gee fight coming up!
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 Go gee!!!!!!!!!!!
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 Mike jones!!!!!!!!
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 Stevie 2nd and Mark 14th?! Stoked for em!
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 No Blenki?
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 Neil Stewart definitely deserves the win in the juniors!
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 NEEDLES though! Stoked for him, that guy never has any luck it seems.
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 The Brits !!!
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 Canada's #2! They must be so proud
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 And look who is #2- Stevie is going to Slay this thing.
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