Team Videos: DH World Championships 2015 Vallnord

Sep 7, 2015 at 15:08
by Pinkbike Staff  
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2015 DH World Championships Andorra - COMMENCAL VALLNORD DH TEAM

Race day for the team. See how it all went down!

Posted by Commen├žal / Vallnord DH Team by Riding Addiction on Monday, 7 September 2015



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 was there a live streaming of the race? can't find the replay link anywhere. was the only race of the year that i didn't see
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 I don't think I'm a sucker for marketing, well no more than the next guy right. But damn those syndicate videos have been awesome all season long and ill be damned if watching those guys on and off the track doesn't make me want a V10.
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 Everyone's a sucker for marketing done right and it's beautiful thing when it is. They give us some joy and we buy their stuff perfect.
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 This is a team video?
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 I mean.. da hell was this!?... they should have made a rocking video, gonne bad for miriam okay, but thirion was rocking the whole weekend! what about those lines he was doing on the mud!? theese commencal guys should think twice before making this "sad story" video
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 Yeah the commencal vid was kinda depressing
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 whats up with Minaar attracting naked mens ?
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 The commencal video was like when your parents used to say, 'we're not angry, we're just disappointed in you.'
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 fifth floor mens under ware sixth floor furniture. Now this music works!
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 Just need Mrs Slocum's Pussy.
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 Please, no,
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 Sooo happy for Bruni, finally it happened and it could not have been more deserved. Smile

Remi Thirion is a wild man and one of my favourites to watch. Bad luck this year with a puncture in Rd 1 and then the injury in Mt St Anne keeping him back, but otherwise top 5 pace! Still impressive to see him come back to the top 10 only a couple weeks after injury too. Good work Remi and best of luck for next year!
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 I love the interviews with the syndicate boys. They talk about bike set-ups and hoe the track is running and just gives you a good insight on what WC weekends are like. Love it
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 Where is the syndicate video at!? I need to hear the dulcet tones of the rat.
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 Just went live (posting this before it was added to this page):
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 Where's the after party footage?!
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 Josh on a Large frame vs Greg on an XXL...and they are close to the same height, with very similar body types. Interesting.
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 someone who knows the last song in the syndicate video?
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 Bravo Scott, that video was $
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 It seems like the "non trade team" pits have a lot more fun.
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 peaty is a fucking legend
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 what the fuck does pink bike automatically censor my comments
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 holy fuck
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 this is so fucking cool
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 Peaty is a dead set fucking legend
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 Dude, you gonna get a Belgium Passport... Classic for Peaty!
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 good to see Polygon UR had a good result for the last race after a pretty ordinary year - other than Tracey of course. Tracey with a Bronze and Mik in the top ten is a sick result to end on, cmon Aussies yeah!
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 Gutted for Pompon! Really going to miss these team videos! Keep the going in the off season!
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 I never understood what happened to her? It seemed like her seat was a bit twisted, but at World Championships and your home race I would think you would carry on pushing regardless.. So I guess it must have been some other problem?
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 I read somewhere else she crashed but don't have any more info than that
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 Her shorts are dirty - so looks like she crashed and Who the fu*% is MITCH? ;p
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 i always watch the syndicate team video last. saving the best for last...
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 Syndicate best crew ever
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 Man what a bad choice of music on that Commencal video... Dull video
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 Pants, wasn't it?
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 "keep on railing ruts"
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 So this is what Douge Fresh did after he left the Get Fresh Crew?!
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 Syndicate for the win again. World champion Team Videos!
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 My sister can do a better music choice, even with her 12 year playlist
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 santa cruz V10 made in china....
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 Subtitles for Ratboy, please!
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