Team Videos - Mont-Sainte-Anne DH World Cup 2016

Aug 8, 2016 at 6:28
by Pinkbike Staff  

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The Syndicate

Chain Reaction/Paypal

YT Mob

Trek Factory Racing - World Cup Dailies

ADH/Banshee Team

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Polygon UR

Propain Dirt Zelvy


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 "Next race someone punch me in the eye, so I have my lucky eyeball." Tracey is one tough and awesome rider!
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 T. Hannah is my absolute fave, but I'm worried about her continuing to ride after at least one (that I saw) bad head shot. I'm assuming she was "checked out" by some type of medical professional, but I certainly appreciate Wyn's point about needing a more formal concussion protocol in place. More times than not, the rider is the last person that needs to be making that judgement - I know I've blasted helmets and then jumped back on the bike after "taking it easy" for at least 45 minutes. Anyway, I'm glad she seems OK and netted a super impressive result on a rugged as hell track, albeit her and the rest of ladies are off the back compared to Rach.
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 Mick Hannah did the no hander again?! That is sick!
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 Well........ SICK MICK!!
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 i justed watched and thought he didnt just did that ... AGAIN
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 @Braddlie: ** SIK MIK
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 In honor of Steve Smith
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 Rachel Atherton is so freakin' rad! So dominant and yet so modest. I am a huge fan. On a side note that second song in the Polygon UR vid was a poor choice. I realize I'm probably in the minority here, but the lyrics and language were really offensive.
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 whatever floats your boat, in the end though it's just music and someone will almost always be pissed/offended no matter the song choice.
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 Switch "offensive" with, disappointing, and I agree
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 I thought the music in the Polygon video was a terrible choice. To pepper your promo video with gratuitous clips of scantily clad women and use a song about bitches and weed is a poor choice by any standard, but when the most competitive rider on your team is female it's downright rude. They should take a lesson from YT. Their video was really top quality, as has become the norm for them. Someone over there give their video guy a raise, he's excellent.
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 @shoprat: Yup. I always really enjoy YT's videos.
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 not so much offensive ( one cant be offended by an idiot ) its just so innane , and disapointing
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 I've been sitting here for two minutes trying to figure out how to respond to these comments, and I really don't know what to say. Mostly I'm just confused. Why is everything in this sport looked at as if it needs to be role model for the youth. Why can't there just be some aggressive music to go along with an aggressive track? I actually found it to be a refreshing choice because it broke the mold a bit... normally the music in these videos is awful by many other measures beyond just lyrics.
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 Rachael was faster than Danny through the speed trap!
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 I loved the I guess you don't listen to much hip hop if that offended you.
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 @xTwoSnakesx: I actually wasn't thinking about youth when I wrote that. I just don't want to hear it. I am by no means outraged and I will vigorously defend their right to chose whatever music they want. But I did stop watching. Ultimately these videos are marketing materials and the divisive nature of the music can be harmful to their objectives.
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 @xTwoSnakesx: thank you! My god people, it is just music. Hit mute if it's that bad for you! Just enjoy the edit that someone spent time on to show us
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 @humanpowered: Well I prefer when a brand tries to stay true to how their identity and put out what they want rather than going commercial and just trying to put out the lowest common denominator for the sole purpose of trying to make the most sales possible. Authenticity is key here.
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 @xTwoSnakesx: In all seriousness it's a bit naive to think there is anything authentic about their music choice. Authentic to what, this?

Their identity is part of a carefully considered marketing strategy. I've actually worked in advertising, I was Senior Vice President of Marketing Science at one of the largest and most influential ad agencies in North America and I can tell you "Authentic" is contrived. It is ALWAYS about getting the most sales possible. Do you really think they wouldn't have changed the song if they thought it would lead to one additional bike sale? Or there is some moral code guiding their music choice?
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 @humanpowered: Your linkedin credentials don't mean anything to me. No wonder you don't like hip hop. Not a big deal.
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 Also to everyone upvoting in support of the music in that edit, make sure you check their Leogang edit:
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 @xTwoSnakesx: It was just a crap dumb pop song with even dumber lyrics masquerading as rap music.
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 @fartymarty: Haha yeah, not gonna deny that. Catchy though.
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 Phil's mechanic- "Rachel went 7 k quicker than you. The brakes work! I got that worked out." hahaha
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 Ben Reid, team manager.
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 @mtnbykr05: Ahh, thanks!
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 I really don't get why everyone is all over Gee for not being a chill dude... I just like him! No homo. It's too bad that Dan is so reclusive since is neck injury. Earlier they were this sick team of three siblings. Also YT great vid as always.
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 This has got to be one of the best episodes by the Syndicate ever! Nearly understood everything too!
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 Nobody knows why Ratboy has so difficulties ? It is look like he is not anymore on the mood to race or something like that. Any transfer to an other team plan for him?
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 Sessy is awesome, she has got so much love for her boys!
What a great "Team" (Family) though, I'd love to be part of that.
This episode was such a great insight into how the team really functions outside of the tapes.
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 Syndicate teams shows you can perform at high level even taking things sometimes more easy plus having a such great mom (and cook) as team manager... TREK guys should think about it :-)
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 Cmon Syndicate wake up and post it already!!
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 Brayton needs to get a factory ride he is so much better than a lot of riders in these videos with half the support.
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 YT Mob always puts out dope this crew
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 Ratboy has lost a little of his mojo since the injury. He was untouchable in 2014. Hopefully he'll get it back, he brings a lot of character to the sport.
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 What the heck? I can't play the UR video because of some GEMA shit
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 Click on youtube Button an install Proxflow Plugin. Works for me.
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 How did she get the black eye?? haha
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 she crashed in practice
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 @leopaul: she has it in the the track walk so don't think so
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 @mfoga: oh. So she might actually had a bar fight ...
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 Why not show Luca in the Syndicate video? I know he's not technically a team member but he's the best that Santa Cruz had last weekend.
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 The Syndicate team vid might possibly be one of the best team vids of all-time.
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 Song is dope - Anyone know who it is?
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 2nd song in the Polygon vid
  • 1 2
 The Chemical Brothers - Battle Scars
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 i hope someone know it too
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 Su Bviley feat Lou The Humvn Young Rebel prod by Su Bviley
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 @diablo911: thank you man
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 Nice videos. Shows the reality of race days
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 Thanks for the beer Phil ! Awesome dude.
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 props to gstaad-scott for uploading the video on pinkbike.
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 Can someone explain what the whistles are for?
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 It's a safety feature. Rider's can hear if they are catching up with someone on the course and the marshalls will know if a rider has gone down...since the next whistle won't sound. It's basically a way of keeping track of where riders are on course. I think it's a great help and should be a standard procedure for all races.
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 @CJSelig: So, if a rider passes by a marshal, a whistle is blown?
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 @CJSelig: Right and marshals need to know that they should blow there whistles toward the next marshal ! and NOT at the riders as we pass
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 @es7ebanlv: Yes, exactly.
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 Can't wait for the Syndicate team vid', always a good laugh!
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 THe only problem with the syndicate video is you can only understand 2/3 of the speaking. I think most of us know this. Regardless the syndicate videos are great and extremely well done
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 @abbfan2: Subtitles should be mandatory. Still love the vids though!
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 @abbfan2: It took me a few tries to get "work your magic on Greg's fork".
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 Phil Atwill, the music from Polygon's edit and Phil Atwill
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 why didn't peaty race?
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 He's only racing selected rounds this season. He was off doing some stuff with Ken Block instead.
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 what the heck is a dirt zelvy?
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 Your mother is a dirt zelvy. Or so i'm told.
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 @murfio: since she sponsors mtn bike racing and phil atwill that must make her pretty cool then aye?
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 Propain bikes, DIRT magazine, and Zelvy carbon rims
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 Stop being Reginas.

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