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Tech Talks: In the Pits With Professional Mechanics

Sep 26, 2018 at 11:06
by Pinkbike Staff  
Tech Talks Presented by Park Tool

In this episode, Truman takes a walk around the pits at Interbike's Dirt Demo at North Star resort, and asks professional demo drivers what life on the road is like, the most bizarre repair they've ever done, what their favourite tool is, and more.

Tech Talks Presented by Park Tool is a monthly video series hosted by Park Tool's own wrench whisperers, Calvin Jones and Truman. The series covers the A to Zs of some of the most prevalent repair jobs, with the last highlighting how to bed in brakes.

In the Pits With Professional Mechanics

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Need more Calvin & Truman in your life?

Episode #1 - Tubeless tire installation and conversion
Episode #2 - Saving that bent disc rotor
Episode #3 - Derailleur hanger alignment
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Episode #5 - Trailside wheel repair
Episode #6 - Trailside chain repair
Episode #7 - Derailleur limits and cable tension
Episode #8 - Derailleur setup
Episode #9 - Fork wiper seal replacement
Episode #10 - Clipless pedal setup
Episode #11 - New cleat setup
Episode #12 - Top 5 next level shifting issues
Episode #13 - Fixing cassette play
Episode #14 - Gearing hacks
Episode #15 - Fixing sticky pistons
Episode #16 - Lubing fork seals
Episode #17 - A cleat's story
Episode #18 - Tricks of a mechanical mind
Episode #19 - Handlebar Trimming
Episode #20 - Chain Line
Episode #21 - Tools for a trip
Episode #22 - Bedding in brakes
Episode #23 - Direct Mount Chainring Install
Episode #24 - Wheel Balance 101
Episode #25 - Data Under Pressure, Part I
Episode #26 - Data Under Pressure, Part II

Stay tuned for more mechanical how-to videos with Calvin returning on the last Thursday of every month to show you the easiest way to get the job done. Want to know more? Park Tool's how-to section has you and your bike covered.

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 "Do the job for free long enough and someone might pay you."
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 but oh so true in this gig
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 True story, the struggle is real.
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flag Mothership-Rider (Sep 28, 2018 at 3:24) (Below Threshold)
 probably because working on bikes isn't difficult and doesn't require any qualifications. To even call yourself a mechanic when fixing a car is night and day different is bs.
  • 5 0
 I work in the bike trade and believe me it is ALWAYS the people with that attitude that have the most wrecked bikes and think that there is nothing wrong with them.
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 @Mothership-Rider: To be fair there is a special skill set when working on bikes vs. cars but my biggest gripe is seeing a bike mechanic put something back together without a torque wrench when a torque spec is etched right on the part!
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 @Mothership-Rider: It's true, working on bikes doesn't require any qualifications but fixing them requires a lot more than you apparently realize.
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 @fullfacemike: I have been paid to do both. It's an apples to oranges comparison, especially when it comes to prepping a pro's race bike. Knowing one doesn't qualify you to do the other. That said, being a skilled automobile mechanic takes 100 times the knowledge and tools over being a bike shop mechanic.
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 @drunknride: It would take a certain kind of arrogance for a bike mechanic to start ragging on auto mechanics and I haven't once done that. It takes a different kind of arrogance to get on a bicycle news site, rife with bicycle mechanics, and try to put them down. We're all well aware that working on cars is different than working on bikes and no one is trying to take that away but don't come here and discount an entire profession because you think another is more difficult. And remember: we're all shit next to the folks that fix the space station.
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 @fullfacemike: No put down, it's just a fact that it's more difficult to be a good auto mechanic vs a good bicycle mechanic. Obviously the world needs both, and there are far more bad mechanics in every field then there are good ones. I guess I was just pointing out that a reasonably intelligent person with internet access and knowledge of tools can fix their own bike. Not so beyond basic things with your car. Regardless, just internet mental masturbation, not trying to offend anyone that takes their job seriously.
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 Are we going to ignore the fact that ratboy left Santa Cruz today? @pinkbike
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 Huh ?
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 This is the first of there video's I have actually been able to watch in it's entirety without my ADD making me click back to the homepage. Maybe it was not having to stare at Calvin's mustache.
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 my favourite tool , is my unior taps
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 Favorite of a Canyon mechanic is tool to straighten disc brake mounts on wonky frames. Does that tell me something? Hmmm...
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 Only that you'll find nearly all mass produced frames could do with brake mount facing.
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 Ratboy leaves Scantacruz and all I see on PB are random videos feed to the page all day?
  • 11 2
 Wha-Wha-What??? Did he leave SC via HGWY 1 or did he take the 9 or 17? My bet is on 17 so he could check out The Mystery Spot (tourist trap) as he left SC.
  • 2 1
 The amount of bikes that guy sold they’d must have been mental to let him go.
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flag nickyp132 (Sep 27, 2018 at 8:46) (Below Threshold)
 Fake news. He's in Portland right now picking up a new Santa Cruz as we speak.
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 He says he wants to give back by helping new young riders by joining a new young team. Now that Ratboy is now a man at 30 years old my guess would be Middle Aged Talent oops, I mean YT.
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 @nickyp132: Severance package.
  • 3 0
 @Boardlife69: rumours are there may or may not be some shakeups at YT as well... so maybe making room for Josh?? Guess we'll just have to wait and see. Let the Silly Season begin!
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 this article reminds me of monk.
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 Holy cow, look how skinny Butch is! Good for that guy!
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 Tooling vibes
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 Why are these mechanics always in the pitts?
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 Bunch of tools at Park, but I'll keep buying mine from Harbor Freight!
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