The Ultimate Guide to Red Bull Rampage 2017

Oct 30, 2017 at 12:57
by Pinkbike Staff  


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 Dont forget everyone's favorite "Double Backflip your way to 12th";
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 Prelude, The Build Up, Practice, Tech, Robbery Wink
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 The moment we realized the judges were treating this like a big mountain comp, not a slopestyle event. Thank god.
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 @scott-townes: So true. Unfortunately the biggest line didn’t win.
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 Haha, negged by a fan of flipping through the flats.
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 Where is all of the POV footy?? I've only been able to find Sorge's and I saw Straits once during live stream.
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 @scott-townes: Yeah you can totally get that vibe from the winning run when three backflips were thrown! It's downright disingenuous to act like tricks on these big bikes on features that size whether they be sculpted or cliffs or whatever aren't worthy of decent scores. The stakes are just so much higher doing them out here. Sorges run was just as groomed as the next guys, the only up I saw on Sorges run was the step down backflip, that was pretty big. But did it warrant that big of a disparity between say Bizets run and his? Nah. Seriously, just nah. Those were both groomed out backflip runs, and honestly Bizet paused a lot less before features he truly cruised down the mountain way faster then some of the other riders. No reward for backflipping and flying down a spine, but whatever. I get the anti slope circle jerk but it's pretty tired this year.
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 @anchoricex: You must have missed the gnarly double drop out of the gate or the fact that Sorge's backflip was one of the largest done in history, or that monstrous flip no-hander or that Bizet bypassed his original line due to a collapsed drop and took down an easier way (easier to go faster on an easier line down)... but yeah, flipping smaller jumps with comparatively a much less gnarly line at top deserves to be scored more because he like flipped a lot! It looked neat! Its Rampage, bud. Its a big mountain comp.
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 @scott-townes: it was smaller than zinks oakley sender flip from years ago and his multiple massive three drops.. sorges tire mark was the second highest on the landing when he flipped the step down in his run, so as far as amplitude goes he didnt even go the biggest off of that step down out of anyone to ride that line, he didnt even deserve top 8... tricks and style are FIFTY PERCENT of the judging criteria which is something completely ignored by the judges this year, you cant judge a competition if youre not willing to accept that mountainbikings progression has surpassed hucking meat over and over and over... mountainbiking has evolved, we need judges that accept that.

(just calling out sorges win, Nell and Zinks runs were both deserving of their spots)
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 @Keyboardkilla: "sorges tire mark was the second highest on the landing when he flipped the step down in his run, so as far as amplitude goes he didnt even go the biggest off of that step down out of anyone to ride that line, he didnt even deserve top 8."

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 @scott-townes: if all i rode was virgin utah at the stale age of 30 id think im the foremost authority too and id be laughing too hahaha, step in line bud
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 @Keyboardkilla: If all I did was make absurd opinions based on zero knowledge and ridiculous premises, I'd be making stupid responses as well.
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 mate im not the thirty year old at work bitching at kids
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 Where's the article about TVS base jumping with a bicycle instead of a parachute?
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 Flaming hoops, mandatory capes, freestyle mid run rap battles. That's all, then 10/10.
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 whoops, wrong rampage article
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 Great video, made the stuff look so much more gnarly than the live footage. Everyone had a winning run!
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 Brett Rheeder’s Performance Elite Fox 40 with orange lowers—sick.
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 So nice.
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 Who got best trick? Bizet won the people's choice right?
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 Can I see Bizet's run please?
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 I don't get why they always bring this stuff out afterwards. Kinda odd. A guide to soemthing that is over.
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 It should really be titled round-up, not guide
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 @clarky78, well, it'd be kind of hard to compile all the articles before the event happened, wouldn't it?
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 @mikekazimer: I think the term 'guide' is odd when used retrospectively in this sense. Round-up definitely makes more sense. A great round-up though! thx.
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 @mikekazimer: er... but this is a guide.. to an event... they always come out before so you can better understand the event. That argument is mute. It's not a 'round up' or some aryicle that would be obviously post-competition.
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