Video: Troy Brosnan Crash at Windham

Aug 7, 2014 at 15:27
by Pinkbike Staff  


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 There's a special place in hell for people who film in portrait
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 VVS is a terrible affliction.
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flag Maverickdh00 (Aug 7, 2014 at 16:41) (Below Threshold)
 Agreed, not pro at all
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flag scary1 (Aug 7, 2014 at 17:08) (Below Threshold)
 And people tell me I'M uptight...
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 And that place is right next to 29ers.
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 to si Thompson that made me chuckle ,such and angel but such aggression ,good stuff
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 29es are sick
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 Troy Brosnan has lived a charmed life if he's got all the way to the top of the world and THAT is the biggest crash he's ever had...
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 Was thinking the exact same thing.
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 no doubt, I was thinking of bailing out of a 30ft drop/gap or something of that nature...I do that about every outing on a DH course...
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 he almost died in leogang and this one stands out somehow? didnt even look all that bad to be honest, crashing sucks, but this one wasnt anything stupidly major
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 He didn't say the hardest, he said one of the hardest. He probably isn't talking about how spectacular it looked, but more likely how hard he hit the ground. You know, the part we can't see because there are people stand in the way.
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 I guess in slo mo it may not look so bad but at full speed going OTBotb in a rock garden like that isn't gonna be fun
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 Was thinking the exact same thing - I consider myself lucky and conservative and have winded myself three times, cracked a fullface into a tree, rammed my shoulder into another one at over 40kph and am currently sitting out race season with my first broken collarbone - for me crashing is part of learning. Looks like that's not the case with talent as massive as Troy's :O !
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 "One of the biggest crashes"
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 Otb to chest?? Brutal.
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 Glad he is okay!!! Crashing over the bars is one thing. Crashing that fast and on rocks is something else. Glad he is okay!
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 How fast was he going? Slo-mo is slow Wink

Too easy to get hurt bad going OTB...Glad he's alright too
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flag chyu (Aug 7, 2014 at 15:57) (Below Threshold)
 coz the frame is not balance, single point flex.
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 you have no idea about bike geometry do you?
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 Single point flex, not balance. England good.
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 it probably was a joke..... jeez
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 The new rear end layout is too light, can't stick it to the ground
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 Maybe right side heavy..hehe.
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 He even crashes like a champ!
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 I wish I could ride as well as he crashes...
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 coz 1 side frame, single side omg DH probably.
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 Maybe they should install a lefty for better Balance
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 Not sure if I'm more sorry for Troy for having crashed like that, or having been filmed vertically.
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 Wow. After reading all your comments it made me think of a quote attributed to Mark Twain. " The more I get to know people the more I like my dog.
Really glad Troy is ok, was wondering why I didn't see him on the timed practice results.
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 Ha ha. Woof
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 It was clearly a crash caused by an asymmetrical frame designed around 27.5 wheels.........
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 that wasn't frame flex, u can see his rear wheel being deflected by the root & u can see his fork bottoms out also
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 left pedal mate
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 Hummmmm, pretty sure that the rear wheel pinged of a rock and the whole frame rotated! It wasn't flex, I'm fairly certain the headset caused this. Maybe if we took the bearings out of our headsets this wouldn't happen so easily!
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 Didn't Bulldog go down right in that same spot two seasons ago?
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 My thoughts exactly when I say Troy's crash. A few years ago during the Race Run, Bulldog went down at around the exact spot and he crashed very hard but got right back on his bike to finish his run. I thought he would easily end up in the hospital.
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 Yes that was a spectacular crash from Bulldog, unbelievable to roll on and finish his run unscathed "that's why hes got his name !"
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 What? Brook?
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 @kirellis he got his name as BULLDOG because he is tough as hell !!!
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 I love the analysing of this crash. He has the best gear, perfectly tuned bike for him. He just got it wrong, simple! How the heck can that be his biggest crash!! Troy u need to try harder!!
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 VVS - Vertical Video Syndrome This video didn't have to look like this way it could be prevented. Say no to vertical videos.
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 I like how everyone pointed down to take pictures of the event besides that one photographer.. You go guy!
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 Damn that looked bad! Lucky he walked away from it. His rear wheel just got hung up and hit from one side to the other and tossed him
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 The bike just flexed from it slipping on a rock and bucked him off, what is that about?
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 I actually agree. 0:02 to 0:03 there was something pretty big going on. Looks like the rear wheel was deflected or slipped from one side then flexed down into a small angled pit which essentially caused him to lose a bit of traction and foward momentum then going Otb. I just wonder if other frames rear swingarms/axles would of faired better or just a unlucky situation. Hopefully he's in good shape to ride.
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 The bike didnt flex. I honestly dont know how some people come to these conclusions sometimes. When bike companies talk about flex they are referring to an amount of flex that can not really be seen by the human eye. There is nothing unusual at all about how the bike behaves here. He simply goes OTB
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flag graham454 (Aug 7, 2014 at 16:21) (Below Threshold)
 The bike flexed man, you can clearly see it. Slipped off the rock on his left, flexes that much it hits the large off camber slab on his right, by this time he is trying to correct himself but it has already bucked him over the bars. I'm not saying its the bikes fault as is could be down to loose spokes or anything. something flexed there for sure.
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 Holly flex batman! Yeah, that looked like a serious 3 to 4 inch flex/deflection. They need to slow down the side to side rebound
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 It's not flex, you can see the frame pivot at the head tube, it's just the front-wheel stayed straight, the rest of the bike turned. Opposite to regular steering.
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 I remember this spot from the last time a WC was at this venue, it's an awkward spot that threw a lot top riders to the ground hard. Brook MacDonald went down very similarly to Brosnan, I think it might just be that spot....and the flexy rear end of his Spesh Smile
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 Pretty sure his body position getting to far forward traveling at a very high speed on a steep rocky trail caused the crash.. If your body position is too far back you fall off the back. Not the bike or wheel size.
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 Looks like the fork was completely bottomed out too and just rebounded so quickly it pushed his weight over center... Stupid fork!
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 Abrupt side-to-side "fishtail" of the rear end between rocks, combined with a hard hit on the front end, caused the bike to hang up under him, and his body's momentum sent him too far forward.
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 Okay maybe I was wrong but it looked flexy to me ok. calm the fuck down americans.
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 Mobile cameras can do odd things to fastmoving objects warping them out of shape. It is software induced in an effort to reduce camera shake, slowmos can look weird sometimes. This over massive amounts of frame flex..
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 It looks to me like the bottom of his left pedal snagged a rock. Not completely snagged, but enough to slow the bike down while his body continued forward. That's why he went over the bars. The bike got hung up from a pedal strike.
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 Or actually it looks like first his left pedal catches, knocking his pedal into another rock. Between the two strikes, it slowed the bike down enough that his body's momentum went over the bars.
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 You can clearly see that's what happened as well if you study it closely, glad he's all gravy though Razz
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 Isn't that new bike supposed to prevent situations like this? Wink
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 He's lucky he was on 27.5 bike. His front wheel fell in that hole, slowed a lot, but kept rolling. If it was a 26in wheel it would have come to a complete stop.
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 Token comment about how 29" wheels would've allowed him to roll outta that one...
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 Bet all DH bikes will go to the 29" Wheel now....
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 Just a mistake, too much attacking from the front of his bike for this spot...
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 blah blah blah I've seen fire roads more technical than this course blah blah etc
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 Sore what?
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 Thats the worst he's ever crashed?? ...

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 He said one of the biggest. Not his worst by a long shot. A quote from Brosnan after his 2012 crash in Leogang: “I knew I could have died, I only just got to the hospital in time because I was losing so much blood from my spleen,”
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 doesnt look half as bad as his crash in indonesia, when he ruptured his spleen
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 We don't see what he landed on. Going OTB in a rock garden at world cup speed is really dangerous. One sharp rock can completely destroy any part of your body.
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 what size wheels?
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 this happens when your bikes turns light weight so much
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 looks just like the link someone just posted in the timed training
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 If he was riding tye KHS 29" dh bike he wouldn t have crash like that there
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