Video: Canadian Open DH - Crankworx 2014

Aug 12, 2014 at 12:59
by Pinkbike Staff  
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 Was my French accent way too sexy and alemost porn that Pinkbike cut the volume ? @scottsecco @GoldsteinProductions @jasperwesselman
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 This needs to go to the top. Remy, rest assured, your French accent is too sexy and PB has censored it to prevent me from blowing my load. Thank you, Pinkbike.
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 let's just say my cat just left my lap because he was hungry...
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 Was I the only one with no tippie volume?
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 Also where was Metailler? Was rooting for him.
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 Quietest I've ever heard him!
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 Remy got a red flag over the last jump on the course which lost him a lot of time and he decided not to do a re run so he ended up in 22nd which is a shame.
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 after watching him sprint into the finish line i find it pretty damn hard to believe he lost any time after getting flagged
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 i would clean the mud out of tracey hannahs tires all day long
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 Who was the person who ate it super hard and got strechured off on the finish jump
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 @ismillie that was nick grimm, a local racer from vancouver, ended up with a snapped collar bone and some broken ribs
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 Shit man I saw that go down it was rowdy af hot he's ok
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 takes a fake drink
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 Why did they fence the rock though?
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 some little kid fell off it last year or something and got hurt
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 Because the fun police (Read: Lawyers) decided to fence it in to prevent injury. Between this, and the unofficial whip off being canned on tuesday, Crankworx was tame this year. What happened to just some good dudes shredding jumps for whip offs?
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 they sort of ruined the point of the rock, its meant to be wild and crazy for riders and spectators. plus didn't the person fall off the back last year
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 Heckler's Rock gets a load of coverage too, so a sneaky way to get plenty of the SRAM Logo in all the pics.
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 they fenced the rock off to prevent another drunk guy from falling off like last year and the whip off didnt get canned they had it on thursday but it was stupid because it was invite only... defeats the purpose of who has the best whip... now its which pro has the best whip
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 The official whip offs went down, yes. Finn getting in was awesome, yes. But Whip offs used to be about a bunch of buddies getting together and riding. Anyone could drop in and give it a go. Riders in flip flops, and ape suits, it was rowdy, and a hell of a time. There wasn't much of that this year. Even the number of course bananas was 1/10 what it was last year.
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 Someone was organizing an unofficial whip off that anyone could ride in however Crankworx didn't like that so unless he canceled it they were gonna try to take his work visa away
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 Whistler resort has no ability to take away work visas. He can lose his job, which he thought he would anyway, and thats why it continued to spread via word of mouth.
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 Casey Brown just described my ex-girlfriend
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 Sound is fukd
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 Ya I can't hear tippie!
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 its safe to say I'm convinced to go next year!
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 It's worth it! I just got home after spending the week in whistler.
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 no heckle mayhem footage?
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 that comes later with a Just the Tip episode I think.
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 please buy a new microphone to Brett !!!!!
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He doesn't need to be your hero. Just keep doing your thing and try not to be so serious.
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 Audio post-production? Anyone?
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 Music is way too loud to hear the interviews.
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 It's the Stooges. It should be loud.
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 big wheels blah blah blah...26" for life !
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 Maestro Marcelo..!
Felicitaciones, sacando la cara por Sudamérica, campeón!
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 Yeah Marcelo!!! Way to go brother. Hopefully you can carry this momentum to the World Cup. Best of luck!
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 Was anybody who was streaming this of a device other than a computer get trouble with the sound, just wondering....
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 Dean Tennant with the mad rhymes ....
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 kinda embarrassing to watch... by myself
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 what is the song?
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 Stooges - Gimme Danger.
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 Thank´s axcooper
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 So harry.
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 what happened to Stevie Smith?
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 blew his ankle up during UCi World Cup
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 Always knew that UCI sucks. Now they even broke Stevie's ankle!!! Fcuck UCI!
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 He is a big fan of "ankle kracker"
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