Video: Track Preview - Leogang World Cup DH 2018

Jun 1, 2018 at 6:27
by Pinkbike Staff  

MENTIONS: @redbullbike


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 Andrew has always been a favorite. This course preview worked for me.
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 he killed it! great commentary on the lines and the track. enjoyed his enthusiasm
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 A little less "character" but super informational, I liked it!
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 one of the best commentary on a course run preview!
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 Can we get a Cathro course preview?
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 @Conor-J: ya that would be rad!
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flag thesharkman (Jun 8, 2018 at 12:15) (Below Threshold)
 Cathro is boring. Likeable, yes, but boring. I prefer entertaining. Claudio is perfect.
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 @thesharkman: You're durnk... go home.
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 Needles was more analytical but still miss the comedy factor Claudio brings. Heal up, head injuries aren't to be taken lightly as he is showing us.
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 NEEDLES!!! Big shoes to fill, well done son...
I’ve missed these course previews, and my goodness was that rapid!
Line choice for days. Finally.
Leogang... good job.
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 I hope he'll get into the booth with Rob. He was amazing as a Crankworx commentator
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 @WAKIdesigns: Dude yes. They should really follow the UFC style (one color commentator one technical), they already have an awesome color commentator in Rob Warner who is equivalent to Joe Rogan, but they always pair him with another color commentator like Claudio. What they really need is technical commentator and Needles would fill that roll perfectly, very well spoken as well!
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 @TightAF: agreed, a tech point of view is a great idea.
Even the little bits that Needles pointed out in the preview run were gold, things as an average Joe one would possibly never see...
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 I miss Claudio's reviews.
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 I honestly prefered this preview Wink
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 I do also but these are pretty awesome as well.
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flag doggparadox (Jun 8, 2018 at 10:21) (Below Threshold)
 I think Andrew talked a bit too much, criticized Loic a bit too much and repeated himself/used a few too many filler words in a few places but for his first course preview (I assume?) it was pretty decent. I assume they'll just get better from here!

Thought I read that Claudio won't be doing previews anymore. Any truth to that?
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 i miss you
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 Best course preview all year. Such a pleasure to see a technical expert like needles talking us through the course while still riding at an awesome pace. Only casuals prefer silly screaming all the way down, no disrespect, heal up soon Claudio! More needles course previews!!! Cathro is quite good too but needles could be the best his understanding is at such a high level.
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 @RedBurn: I agree, great job Needles! Claudio is quite the personality but if Claudio steps down I could listen to a Andrew all day (man-crushing on that South African accent)
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 I do too, but I have to admit it was nice seeing the course preview at a little closer to race speed this time around too.
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 What happened to Claudio's head anyway?
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 @stflood: He had a crash filming the course preview at the first world cup this season...same spot where Macdonald crashed in his race run, but he rang his bell pretty bad.
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 Claudio is great but it’s the same every time for the last few years, honestly I’m getting a bit over them. Time for a change.
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 Could have done without the rear facing handlebar cam.. I want to see the course, not Andrew
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 didn't want to show us Loic's lines...haha
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 Although Needles does not have Claudio's humor and crazy bag of colloquial expressions, I must say he did a great job there, and he brings his longtime WC experience and know-how to his commenting. Congrats! I still miss Claudio, but he is a fitting "substitute". Smile
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 I love the Claudio runs, but since they stopped him singing etc it did lose some charm - I actually learned something with this preview, and love the technical insight re lines, approaches. Happy to have Claudio back, but this was great!
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 Check out the alternative course preview with Vali Höll amazing!
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 didn't understand a word of it but it was great! She's some rider
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 @john260164: Total Jedi over that rock in the beginning
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 Can anyone find that video when Danny Hart goes full send and airs into the first wallride? Might have been last year. Not during the race but it was absolutely insane
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 Was it one of the vital RAW videos?
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 @AmericaOnline: Great find. Thanks man. God that's insane to me
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 @AmericaOnline: that is amazing
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 Claudios commentary got boring and was the same every preview... i got over the annoying yelling and slow speed and him telling the rider too slow down every 20 metres. I much preffered this.
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 With Claudio's big shoes to fill, still really enjoyed this. Even with Leogang as the "tame" course, it still ends up being so demanding...
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 I absolutely love Claudio and hope he's able to come back and do these, but I also need to commend Needles on this, as it was excellent! Keep it up Andrew!
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 Good video, not quite Claudio quality, but then again that's a high bar. The track looks amazing! I think this year all the "too flat" and "too park" comments should die.
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 Yea but to be fair that was pritty good too
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 Loic not on the Stumpy?
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 was a joke from the first moment i think
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 good job Andrew!
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 I did not have sexual connotations with a PRAWN,
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 He he Love that film
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 A lot of "Sam Hill" lines on this track
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 How the hell did gwin come down this with no rear tire???
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 "AHHH MAN THIS IS GOOD FUN" - Claudio voice
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 3:58 I wonder if you could go off the drop to the right... ????
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 Awesome Andrew!
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 That's not an enduro track
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 Awesome, leongang finally went legit after years of bandaid fixes. Cannot wait for race day!
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 “Here’s a new change for the course” so we’ll show you Needles instead of the track..... whish they would just stick with the helmet cam.
Top job though, they were some big boots to fill and you smashed it!
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 Track looks good! Fingers crossed the live feed will show the rooty sections and not the jumps and wall rides like years gone by.
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 Nice to see it being ridden at a speed closer to what the top guys will hit it at.
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 Great preview, really like the commentary! Can't wait to see Andrew on the next one!
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 A really good preview, but I haven't heard any "brap" , "bap, ay, woo-hoo and of course "I gonna die"
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 Loïc's line straight into the tape is exactly the one I would have taken. World Champ material right here.
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 Yeah Andrew. Informative and beats the hell out of whooping and yelling all the way down.
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 So Loic's camera view was smooth and stable where Andrew's camera view looked like he was in a washing machine.
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 fist to hi five,best ending........
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 Like I said the race isn't done yet.
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 My god that was a fast run.
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 looks rad, didn't expect to ever say that about leogang
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 A really good preview, but I haven't heard any "brap" , "bap-bap" , ay-ay-ay", woo-hoo and of course "I gonna die"
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 Cathro for preview! Redbull please make this happen.
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 Great job commentating by Needles!
But I'd love to see (hear) Wyn doing one of these.
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 well done preview but still missing Claudios commentary. . . .
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 awesome andrew!

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