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Results: Round 4, Samoëns EWS

Jul 13, 2015 at 5:02
by Pinkbike Staff  
Top Men
1. Richie Rude
2. Nicolas Vouilloz
3. Fabien Barel

Top Women
1. Tracy Moseley
2. Cecile Ravanel
3. Anneke Beerten

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 Nico still using his E-bike?
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 For supposedly nursing a shoulder injury, he's doing quite well.
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 or maybe he is just using his skills...
you know, the "10 times world champ' and 5 times wc winner" kind of skills Smile
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 @svenie YES ! haha
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 His E bike probably weighs the same as one of his old DH bikes. Return to GLORY!!!!! New sponser from Energizer batteries. Joking aside Nico stil rules!
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 Vouilloz kick ass !!! He is almost 40
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 Talent doesn't get old. You heard of that Rossi guy?
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 Congratulations Richie Rude!!! Well done.
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 Blenky in the top ten, badass! It'd be great to see Ritchie take the win here
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 Bet you're a happy man now!
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 And Lehikoinen 20. place! He's getting up to speed again!
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 It sure is great to see Matti climbing up the results list!
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 All I want for Matti is full seasons without any life threatening injuries.
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 Companies are doing a great job of introducing us to a number of exceptional riders. I look at the list and think, any of these guys can take it. No longer a race between a select few. Someone once said, it's not the time that matters in racing, it's how close it is! We love a good battle!
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 Got to ride the gondola with Ritchie, Jared, and JHK at the Aspen/Snowmass BME. I think it's pretty cool that amateurs get to hangout with some of the fastest people in the world at these enduro events.
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 Props for Jared - after such a injury he;s back in business!
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 So stoked to see Richie Rude win the event! Although Barel won three stages of six and got a 3rd in another stage. What a race for him!
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 Well, I don't think that anyone got the fantasy results right
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 New Sunn Kern LT seem to be great, considering Lapeyrie's awesome result!
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 its that 'new bike buzz' instantly makes you faster for a limited time only... hehe
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 No Anne-Caro?
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 I don't see her up there. Unless Tracey has some issues, I don't think anyone can touch her then.
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 According to ACC's Facebook, she abandoned after stage 1 for health reasons.
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 That sucks. I hope she's okay.
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 Yeah, that's what the EWS stated on their race feed. Withdrawn due to health.
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 crap i put her down on the fantasy thing
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 Me too
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flag tetonlarry FL (Jul 18, 2015 at 12:19) (Below Threshold)
 The women's field is extremely boring when no one can compete with the top rider. Tracey is clearly a sick rider, but I hope she retires soon so some other women can have a chance in hell at winning.
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 @tetonlarry I'd say its better to hope that the other women up they're game rather than wishing that a dominant rider retire! Besides which, I'd say that overall ACC is giving Moseley a pretty good run for her money across the seasons.
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 My honest opinion is that there is no chance of any other women upping their game to a Moseley level. Either she retires, or she get's injured, or she wins. I would rather see her retire than get hurt. She is clearly just too strong physically for any of the other women to compete. She win's races with minutes between her and 2nd place. The men's field is within seconds of each other always. I don't see any of these other women getting that much faster.
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 I'll grant you that then men's field is way more exciting and dynamic, but I would say that when she is healthy ACC can challenge Mosely and has come close to taking the series. Who knows, maybe Rachel Atherton will take a crack at enduro at some point in the future?
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 She'll have to greatly increase her fitness to challenge Moseley. Tracy has been racing XC races to prep for EWS the last few years.
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 @tetonlarry hoping that T-Mo should retire, ha ha ha. ha. For God's sake I can't believe anyone upvoted the 2nd rehash of that opinion. How do you know she's "...clearly just too strong physically...' ??? All we know is that Tracy M is damn fast at riding a bike, for a combination of reasons.

"...there is no chance of any other women upping their game..." Nah. There is a chance. That's what chance, and sport, is about, it's just at the moment there's a chance that someone who gets all their shit together can rule, 'physically' and otherwise, and T Mo is taking it. Long may she go as fast as she can!!!
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 The results speak for themselves. She won by 1 full minute and 33 seconds...Again. This is such a huge gap it's ridiculous and honestly embarrassing for the other women. Men's gap between first and second was 6 seconds with the top ten shortly behind. Which race was interesting and which one was boring? No woman has a chance of training harder and gaining 1.5 minutes by next year. It's like when Villopoto left super cross, the races became interesting again. It is not good for the sport when 1 female rider is guaranteed to win unless she has a mechanical. I still hope she retires. I maintain that she has an unfair physical advantage. Give the rest of the field a chance. Just like when ACC left downhill to give the other ladies a shot.
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 @tetonlarry I think everyone gets that the male races are in general way closer and more suspenseful. Probably because more of them are closer to the limit of what's humanly possible. That's why races in the Olympics tend to be closer than the neighbourhood 5k. Looking at the results it seems ACC and T-Mo are close to the human limit themselves, and just need (and probably want) more women to join them in exploring that zone. Your plan to remove the only women currently inhabiting that potentially nailbiting zone is ridiculous and wouldn't work. You'd just end up with a race between, I dunno, Pugin and Diefenthaler (6th and 7th). Oh look, the gap's about 1'30".

I've got to take issue with your language again. 'Unfair physical advantage'?? How are you measuring this? Do you do this with male athletes? Does Usain Bolt have an unfair physical advantage for being 6'5" and kinda quick at running? Michael Jordan for having a nice jump shot and excellent acceleration? How would you describe Tracy M's 'unfair physical advantage' without sounding absurd.... 'bit too strong'...'bit too good at corners'...'bit too brave'. It's a bike race. There's a bike, a person, a hill or two and a clock. That's it. And 'embarrassing for the other women'? It's not embarrassing, it just means people have work to do. Was Greg Callaghan embarrassed in 2013, 2'50" back in round 7, and 3'02" back in round 3? Probably not, and before braaapping himself into a tree this year his gaps were 1 minute, a victory (yes I know it was in his back garden) and 7 seconds. Nice one Greg, he figured something out and made his way towards the limit of human potential. There's someone making up minutes, and there's a CHANCE that someone else might do similar, even if they don't have a willy.
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 Really have to agree with @tb927. Not much else needs to be said, but If Tracy has 'an unfair physical advantage' its because she has trained harder, longer and smarter than the other women and has a depth of experience that they don't yet. The opportunity for someone else to discover the key to stepping up their game is always there and until then Mosely will be a dominant rider in her field.
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 That whole "pedaling" thing seems to be where TM wins out. The rest of her competitors simply can't or won't train as hard as she does in that particular aspect. ACC might have a bike handling advantage, and might do better in some terrain than TM, but when it's time to get on the gas, there is no contest.
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 @LeDuke exactly why I thought this stage would be good for ACC. Too bad she is ill.
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 Our Frenchies are like ... Brooaaaaapp
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 The top six is four frenchies and two yetis.
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 Yes but for number one? USA and GB. Go empire!
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 I'm ok with that, rude was the best that's all.
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 That whole top 30 is just stacked with top riders. I love how strong the whole field is at these races. Makes it hard to get the fantasy right but exciting for the races. Personally hoping for Rude and Graves to have good results tomorrow but jut overall excited at the quality of these. Really wish there was a way to televise them as I would be stoked to watch it or at least sections of it.
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 Does anybody knows who is the rider that got disqualified for practicing the track when it was closed?
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 It says it in the results - Jose Borges from Portugal...
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 Portuguese national champion. Not a nice way to represent a country,huh?
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 Leov mentioned that other riders were getting "sneaky practice" runs (which is not surprising) seems like he is the only one who got caught.
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 he was top 5 before being officially disqualified ... he should have been more discrete with that practice or his e-bike training...
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 Well I didn't want to bring that up...
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 Why the 5 min penalty for marco Osborne?
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 Looks like Sauser is coming back!!! haha anyway good to see him still racing for fun!
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 F-yeah Rude!!!!
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 Nico still pinning it....
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 and with 10 dh WC win in his back!!
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 without ACC nobody could win the contest
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 Blenky in the top 10 !!! That's awesome !!!!
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 Let's all admit it Richie won because of his 148x12 rear triangle had nothing to deal with the fact his an amazing rider
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 I see top 5 podiums next season... This margins are so insane....
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 Downhillers win
  • 1 0
 Finally Anneke got Podium!
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