Crash: Greg Minnaar Meribel UCI World Cup 2014

Aug 25, 2014 at 15:45
by Pinkbike Staff  


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 It's obvious from the live feed angle - went to do a nose wheelie, front wheel slipped out, knifed it, rode the rest on his head. Coupled with the previous week's car accident R. Warner said it best - "He's going to wake up feeling like his neck took a Viagra".
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flag ScaryGerry (Aug 25, 2014 at 20:20) (Below Threshold)
 Not so sure bought that muchacho... This guy can Nollie better than most of them... He needed to use all the front brake physics permitted him to try and avoid that fence... He was late on those brakes from the get go so he was heading for that fence regardless of him falling or not...

purposely bailed? traction gave way? brake failure? only he knows...
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 nollie is not a bicycle term. do you even ride bro? brett is right, it was painfully obvious in the live feed that the finish area was blown out, and maybe a tad on the small side. guys were going down left and right
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 He had an merible crash.
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 ^^ ha !
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 Saint brakes,they can do that with tired hands!
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 Nose manualing after crossing the finish line is classic Minnaar. The only difference here was that the finish area was far too short, he misjudged the distance/speed (he is human after all), and wiped out. How some of you are interpreting this any differently is beyond me. I just hope it didn't cause any more damage to his neck following the car accident.
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 Your interpretation is also beyond me acutally! Watching live feed ans slo-mo replay we see him clearly making a stoppie. On grass. I guess that was not enough grip and he actually blocked his front wheel which started to skid and he lost balance.

Now who's up for another explanation? Big Grin Best would be Minnaar to give his honest version of a quite embarrassing moment! (embarrassing for him, if I'd try I'd end up the same I guess but it most certainly would not be surprising at all...)
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flag ScaryGerry (Aug 26, 2014 at 5:53) (Below Threshold)
 One way or another, he was heading for that fence period. Nollies do exist on a bike although not frequently used and i was actually going for stoppie. I was tired sue me. @csermonet, I have been riding for longer than you were born actually. I was just saying there might be other reasons for that front wheel to have slid out from under him.
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 any one else think the finish areas are never large enough?
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 Reminded me of how Ratboy just barely cleared Gwin at Windham.
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 Yeah this finish area in particular seemed short to me. Noticed a few riders struggling to drop out of warp in time to avoid hitting the fence.
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 Yeah I've thought that too. You know their arms/hands are exhausted at the end of those runs so I'm sure that makes coming to a quick stop from Mach 10 even harder.

On the other I have never been in a situation where I was legitimately worried about stopping and decided I should try to ride a nose wheelie before I get serious about actually stopping. So maybe it isn't that big of a deal.
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 It always seems that the hardest braking on the course is done at the finish line
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 Most of Thema Manager to stoppen fine, Greg is just crazy haha! Especially thinking of a nose wheelie at 30mph, on a blown out grass field, with whiplash. He's a legend, because he's crazy and because he laughed at himself after the face plant.
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German auto correct!

***Most of them managed to stop fine***
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 All I can say is it wasn't as badass as Sam Dales finish in South Africa
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 haha that's right, that boy hit the deck!
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 spot on oscar, best finish I can recall and he didn't even care. It was as if he thought, well what do expect after all of that? haha
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 As if the UCI are now deleting fan videos from world cups! At what point does this become acceptable?
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 The new V10's most not do stoppies very well...
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 It's not meant to stop or slow down anyway.
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 blocked by UCI, surprise, surprise.
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 UCI -- utilizing complete interference
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 Looks like he knew he couldn't stop in time and decided to bail before he smacked the railing.
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 You nailed it
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 no he nailed it-- the fence
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 Looks like it from this angle, but mrbrett's got the scoop.
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 don't worry Greg, no one saw it.
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 Hey at least we have a new crash term

"Dude that kid just did a minnaar"
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 he got gregg'd
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 Chances are he had dreadful arm pump after the run and a combining this with maybe a bit of brake fade and a concentration lapse, it's very easy. He wasn't the only one struggling.
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 Def looked like brake fade was a factor
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 brake fade? are uou joking???
those brakes are perfect with prototype parts and stuf... do you think they will ride a brake that eventualy fade???
the finish area was to short kots of riders felt down braking with rear tire imagine with a nose wheely?
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 Of course they ride brakes with brake fade... that's why they're so damn fast...
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 load of rubbish, when you come off that jump and land in that steep bit you are going at some pretty serious speed. Plus they don't want to brake before the finish line ( Wink ). The finishing area isn't big enough.
It does look like he did however leave his braking a little late. But he wasn't the only rider hitting the barrier...
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 Looks like he was running Avids, typical Avid performance Razz
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 so true
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 Those look like Shaimno's at least the rotors look like Icetech.
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 No he wasn't running Avids. The Syndicate all run Shimano
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 Well then it is obviously due to the shimanos being too close to avids and absorbing some of avids bad mojo...
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 He just wanted to make sure he'd get a fresh frame, etc. for worlds. Not that he isn't going to anyway! Wink

In all honesty, I think he gauged his speed wrong to attempt a nose-wheelie...there was barely enough time to just plain stop in that finish area with the mach-70 run-in provided.
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 F*ck the UCI
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 Amazing he rode the course and did fairly decent with that auto accident he was in the week before in California. He endures a lot of pain. Hope Greg gets a great win before he retires, which I feel is coming soon from him - his contract with Santa Cruz is up at the end of the year - his choice.
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 You can see that he tried to brake straight after the line as you see the dust kick up, it looks like there was a split second of no breaking as the bike is rolling without kicking up dust then he breaks again and the front just washes out. cant see much more to it than that.
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 now thats a finish!
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 It looks to me that he didn't use his brakes till the last second, then either the rear brake was gone or it was too late so he put it down. He was trying to avoid the fence and crowd so he laid it down, but with the front brake was locked. I've never tried that move and pray I never have to. I wish him a speedy recovery from his crashes of late.
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 "Coming in hot!"
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 What a good guy, taking a fall to crash into the fence instead of hurting spectators by trying to stay on the bike and going over the fence. A true sportsman!
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 If you watch Josh Bryceland's helmet cam footage, you'll see just how fast the riders are coming into the finish area, and the run-out isn't long enough.....
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 i see what you guys tried to do there, but if you were going to make a title pun it should've of been merrible, you guys just missed an r
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 Might have tried slowing down and lost the wheel on the slippery grass. Especially at that speed...
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 This exactly what happened. You can see the front wheel lock up and the rear is also locked. Front just washed out on the grass
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 He went minnhaard into that barrier!
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 0:14 - "Oooh, fahkin' 'ell".
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 Did the similar at the bottom of Chavannes Red, right next to chairlift, couldn't dig a hole fast enough.
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 cant see the video in my country fucck uci!
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 Does the UCI ever do anything constructive? Seems mostly they just get in the way... in this case, blocking the video. Lame.
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 This makes me feel not so bad about the times I've wipes out.
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 Overcooked that one a bit!
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 Hes was smashing around Morzine Yesterday, the boys fine!!
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 The truth cannot be uttered on Pinkbike. Go back to your...wait...Morzine? Arrrgghhhh!!!
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 UCI removed video due to copyright grounds? The bastards
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 the grass
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 Somebody in the know needs to give it please!
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