Video: Josh Bryceland Goes Big On an EMTB

Dec 15, 2022 at 9:34
by Pinkbike Staff  

bigquotesJosh Bryceland is one-half talent, one-half insane. Taking his Moterra Neo LT to the biggest jumps he could find, he discovered how hard an LT can go.




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 Wasn't he all about the environment and stopped flying to DH races a couple of years ago ?
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flag yakimonti (Dec 15, 2022 at 9:52) (Below Threshold)
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 Stay in school, kids.
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 C'mon now. Traveling to a jump session is a far cry from jet setting multiple continents on the World Cup circuit with spare bikes, team staff, etc.
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 @trillwill: wonder if he knows about the lithium mining process for the battery on that bike?
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 If i remember correctly via an interview that he later gave, his retirement from racing to limit emissions was a misattribution of something he said and wasn't the reason.
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 @yakimonti: yeah stop digging in a specific place with a conservation effort. Not stop digging period l, cmon now
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 @yakimonti: disingenuous as he was talking about a specific spot, the UK is small and mostly privately owned. Working with land management is the smart play
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 @mariomtblt: Internet rule # 73: Don't let facts get in the way of the narrative.
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flag likeittacky (Dec 15, 2022 at 11:11) (Below Threshold)
 @aaronjb: Apparently you haven't been informed what schools and Universities teach today Frown

With that, Kids are better off outside of classrooms (IM NOT KIDDING, Pun intended!)
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 @DirtCrab: thought that was actually the only rule of the internet...
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 @ecd2004: Correct. I believe he was simply, and understandably, burnt out. Another UK racer retired around the same time (can't remember their name) for environmental based reasons so all those rumors just stuck onto Ratty because he looks like he fits the description.
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 I thought the reason he quit was because he missed ganja. Also, he'd already won the overall title so nothing else to prove.
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 @likeittacky: My bike taught me things school never could
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 @yakimonti: he asked people to stop digging there because he has taken the land on as a long-term re-wilding project. He has actually built some incredible trails there, only they are in logical locations, away from footpaths. He has done an incredible job, not that you understand or probably care.
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 double + here
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 The single biggest impact a person can have to reduce their carbon footprint is to go vegetarian or vegan.
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 @mkul7r4: ok now fckd up by saying that
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 @mkul7r4: I think suicide ranks higher.
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 @mkul7r4: As opposed to not having kids?
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 Uh-oh. Ultimate Pinkbike Bro icon Rat Boy on an eBike? Massive cognitive dissonance in 3, 2, 1…
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 It’s like the immovable object vs the unstoppable force!!
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 Used to be a fan of the guy. When he raced.
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 If an ebike is what it takes to keep this legend riding, then i guess i am all for it.
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 It’s not, it’s just what he’s getting paid for
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flag IntoTheEverflow (Dec 16, 2022 at 8:54) (Below Threshold)
 That is such a cynical take. I know he used to shred back in the day, but don't forget he is getting older.
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 @IntoTheEverflow: wth?? hes 32 years old you dipshit. not 72. I started riding at 39. now 49 & I will smash a lot of riders half my age. no shi#. also Josh is cruising for fun these days - so lazy rides in my opinion.
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 Long live the rat
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 Ratboy is a genuine talent... miss him in DH
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 I wish he put out more content. Him and Mitch Ropelato. Two riders that are so skilled, but never put any content out.
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 E-Bike but loading the shuttle?
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 "Video: Josh Bryceland Does What He Needs To Do , To Secure a Paycheque"

no fault to him, everyone needs to do what needs to be done to get paid sometimes.
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 Cool that Josh is back on Santa Cruz via PON bike/Cannondale
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 Subtle, but good.
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 Electric Rat !
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 A tractor for a shuttle, that has to be the slowest shuttle EVAR! On an E-Bike, he could pumped out 5 or 6 laps before it made it to the top.
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 I am glad that his riding is doing most of the talking
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 Pink Bike comments section last few years, you can't ride e-bike downhill, shredd, get air, do anything....Josh in one fell swoop makes all of the keyboard warriors look like losers. Ha Ha
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 oh I feel like SUCH a loser now.
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 Such a rad rider with effortless style, I'll always click on a rat vid.
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 Wow! Every "Bros" fav rider.... and ebike. Let me grab popcorn
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 today was the day I had to turn on closed captions for a fella speaking English. I swear he's getting harder to understand lol.
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 Interesting. I was able to understand him just fine.
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 I guess he doesn't care about the imminent global Lithium rape of the earth for batteries (especially in the Lithium Triangle in South America).

Nevertheless, God Save The Rat.
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 love rat boy! legend. always having fun. Smile
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 I like him, one of the best guys out there. Go JB!
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 I am undoubtedly heading to batteryland but fucking hell please make these things look better before I get there
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 its Rat---Man... cough cough.
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 e-mullet style
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 How come Ratboy has more gray hair than Peaty? Wink
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 Love ratboy. What a talented rider
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 Ebikes suck
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 Until you ride one and ride further and longer than ever before. In the same amount of time. Like it or not, E-bikes are going to keep the industry alive and thriving well into the future. Resistance is futile. Lol
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 @Longrider: It's so true.
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 @Longrider: like viagra? Until it stays flat forever
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 @Mirko91: both allow me to ride harder, longer with more laps than I did in my twenties.
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 You suck (apparently)
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 @Longrider: username checks out
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 @Longrider: give me convenience or give me death.
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 Josh on E? Psh.
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 Did you notice he was on a petrol bike too? And on an unassisted bike? And on a trailer of a tractor? And on his feet? Please be very specific with your disapproval. Hate this, that's ok, that too, that's wrong though, that's not...

Please go ahead, if that's what you came here for.
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 Probably not the first time

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